Monday, July 28, 2008

emule 0.49b beta1 OFF+ 4.1

emule 0.49b beta1 OFF+ 4.1
eMule v0.49b / OFF+ v4.1 [Community eMul€€cheR]

emule 0.49b beta1 - OFF+ 4.1

(by NoXZ)

Changelog 4.1:

-update to emule 0.49b_beta1

Changelog 3.1:

-Remove Official UPNP
-Remove Spam Message for the banned users
-Update Spammer list
-Fix bug in SLS
-Update NickThief Community
-change Kick After 2.1Mo
-Update Drop Auto
-Anonym Mod (or Random Modstring)
-Change ClientPercentages // MorphXT
-Download from Banned Clients
-Directory vista official fix (godlaugh2007)

Download: eMule.7z 1.46 MB - Mirror DDL

Thank you, Merci

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Anonymous said...

Hallo, kann mir jemand sagen welche version ist die bessere, die Final oder die 4.1. Danke...

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