Monday, July 21, 2008

DreaMule v3.2 VeryCD Mod Patch

DreaMule v3.2 VeryCD Mod Patch
- Webbrowser url changed
- Modstring and hello tag + hello answer = Changed / ModTag
- Prior comm to VeryCD codebase
- uneeded res removed slim use less cpu load / memory
- Default username comm changed to: [CHN][VeryCD]yourname
- send right eMule Version to VeryCD clients

Screenshot click on picture for full screen
DreaMule v3.2 VeryCD Mod Patch

Download with VeryCD Comm and right eMule Version string: DreaMule_3.2_VeryCD Patch show version 0.48 6.05 MB

send eXcalibur 1.8 to VeryCD Clients: DreaMule_3.2_bin-eXcalibur 1.8 Mod Patch 6.05 MB

Download with VeryCD Comm: Caution shows Version 0.49
DreaMule_3.2_bin-VeryCD Mod Patch.7z 6.04 MB

Download without VeryCD Comm: DreaMule_3.2_bin-icon-opt-mini.7z 6.04 MB

may show invalide client on some servers

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