Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some random eMule 0.49 Mods

eMule OFF+ 49b Beta1: emule 0.49b.Beta1 - Off+ 4.1.rar 1.59 MB

-> <- eMule v0.48a [-XdP- beta1 v1.4]
-- developed by umeK --
Please check this mod very well, does some strange system access to drives as soon you start this mod you will recognize that your floppy frive get a request command.
Reverse Engineered in or for France on original exe basic coded in Germany
No guarantee, AV scan show 0/00:
Download: 2.36 MB

eMule 0.49a Applejuice v3.0
Changelog eMule v0.49a Applejuice v3.0:
July, 16. 2008
based on eMule v0.49a with all Xtreme Features
- updated Community Network (mainly used for saving Applejuice Credits and Community Topfiles) with Kad Obfuscation
- start loading Applejuice Credits after Kad UDP Firewallcheck is finished
- old Community Topfiles have now a very low priority
- some other upadtes and changes on Community Network
- fixed Create New Kad Hash setting has been ignored
- removed button to update nodes.dat manually in kademlia window (because official eMule now has it too)
- set Futuremods nodes.dat update URL to default in Kademlia window
- TitanMule Web Search available in search window
- changed default username to
- changed Razorback 3 connection order: first server we try is now Razorback 3.1 and second 3.2
- changed Server for Usenext search
- VDSL 25mbit/s and 50mbit/s available in connection wizard
- fixed minor bug deleting session Applejuice Credits after loading Applejuice Credits
- set emulated Modstring to ScarAngel
- some minor changes and fixes
- new Titandonkey Client Icon [backpacker]

Homepage: - - ... :)

Download: 5.38 MB

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