Saturday, July 12, 2008

eMule 0.48a eXcalibur 1.8 Multilanguage

eMule 0.48a eXcalibur 1.8 for example in Deutsch/German

Multilanguage Menu added to selection

Language dll diles required in Version info of the dll file:

14 Languages include: Deutsch, Polski, Espanol, France, Italia, Portuguese, Brazilia, Russia, Czesko, Dutch, Turkey, Hebrew, Japan, Korean,...

Store Language, not for seassion only using preference.ini

Select in Menu

Option Menu Translation var fixed:
- all fixed see here

+ A patch will be done to patch future Versions all Language Ressources to there Default English and add Multilanguage Support to eMule eXcalibur if them programmers to lazzy.

Download see here

-upx version same as original using upx compression (header not ripped)

Download see here
- not compressed

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