Wednesday, July 2, 2008

eMule 0.49a TK4 Mod 2.2a

eMule 0.49a TK4 Mod 2.2a
The eMule TK4 Mod is a set of modifications to the eMule P2P client. Including Virus Scan, Forceshare, Additional Credit Systems, Simple Compressibility Evaluation, Filename Disparity Check, 1 to 3 block request conversion and Netfinity's Dynamic Block Reques

eMule TK4 Mod Version 2.2a
Base on eMule 49a


Merged: to 49a eMule base code
Added: Verbose log entries for unknown hello tags
Added: Left in the Obfuscation field in TK4 client details
Removed: Did not merge the old Safe Kad with the latest Kad
Fixed: Old style graphs checkbox init - found and fixed by Gomez82
Fixed: 32bit TK4 icons, they were distored with a black background.

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