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Chromium (Developer-Build) Portable Enhanced

Chromium: (Entwickler-Build 25xxx)
WebKit: 532.0
V8: 1.3.9

DL Builds:;O=D
List of switches:

Portable Launcher:

Add in portable launcher, monitor clipboard about: {pages} to open by startup

Add option to clear Cookies by Browser Startup to the PortableChromium.ini settings

Clean localStorage folder and debug.log if ClearCacheOnStartup=True in PortableChromium.ini


changed the URL scheme of the text from about:net-internal to view-net-internal

Add an auto-update 'update extensions now' button to chrome://extensions page

Show extensions on top with toolbar.

Add a button to chrome://extensions/ that allows easy packing of extensions into crx files.
TEST=Create a sample extension, pack it, then try to install it. Update packaging and getting started pages to feature new Extensions page buttons (rather than the command line).

Add skeleton for an about:net-internal page. This page contains low-level debug information that is of interest to power users, and bug investigators. The output can be filtered by using special sub-URLs. The sub-URLs themselves are listed when visiting about:net-internal, but to give an idea: about:net-internal -- everything about:net-internal/proxyservice -- all things proxy about:net-internal/proxyservice.config -- current settings about:net-internal/hostresolver.hostcache -- dns cache

Create the download folder if it doesn't exist.

Update V8 to version 1.3.9.
This version contains: API optimizations, Object creation optimizations, Enabling of missing optimizations on 64-bit port, Bug fix for forceful JS execution termination


portable with UserScripts {made with autohotkey}:
DownloadBuild 253xx


file syncapi.dll replaced with Google Chrome's syncapi.dll to make sync work with Google Accounts. Add Youtube userscript, Changed Deutsch Language to match in option menu, add some missing translations. hide-js-popups.user.js set timer show up higher user input request button 'unblock popup'.
(adjust it 2 ur needs 4 selection time i.e. AutoPagerize menu/youtube menu.
Edit hide-js-popups.user.js in line var timeout = )

chrome.dll anonymizer patch
removes the creation and reading of local state in chrome.dll file where the user id and time stamp are stored. removes usage of rlz.dll tracking if present.

or only anonymizer patch [let chrome create local state w/o unique user id and timestamp]
in entry section: user_experience_metrics in the file 'local state'
remover client_id and client_id_timestamp:
"user_experience_metrics": {
- "client_id": "x",
- "client_id_timestamp": "x",
- rlz tracking rt

45.00 KB

[sample] Extensions:

How to make a portable Chrome (Google Chrome - Chromium)

1. Download so called 'offline' installer, by chromium take the .zip package
2. unpack/extract the content (it's 7zip kind of) with uniextract
3. unpack/extract if there is any packed .7z inside as well till you get the files.
4. select the files to replace in the portable version exactly the same folder tree

rem1: overwrite syncapi.dll from google chrome with chromium (see smaller filesize) loose google bookmark sync, so use google chrome's syncapi.dll (check for valid file signature)
rem2: crash-service.exe, rlz.dll you may not need
rem3: if u care about file size don't overwrite \resources\inspector\Images
the png's in portable are optimized to less than the half filesize using optipng -

you do not need any profile files (no files in profile folder), chrome creates them by self by a fresh run except the files in \User Scripts if you want to keep user scripts. In a short faq: Q: my portable chrome comes with files in profile folder why? A: the creator want to give u his bookmarks, homepage and settings.

The important main thing in portable launcher is a user customizable launcher support in a ini all upcoming switches and is capable to clean browser catch database + files (local storage folder by chrome dependent on switch), cookies. As this one above updated.

If you fear about user privacy concern by chrome, before using one of the popular anonymity tools (in detail its all about one file called 'local state'), I advice to have a look into chrome.dll with a hexviewer. It's easier and better to remove user id, rlz, timestamp and co inside there once as running another tool required to run again and again. You can do a file compare with every search replace pattern patcher and build an universal patcher. Another way will be to compile it without, or extend launcher to erase/replace 'local state' file and delete maybe rlz.dll, if present as well.
In fact all browsers have something like that user experience metrics, feedback feature inside.
Chrome has a very low memory consume compared with others, a big part of mem usage is on plugins such as flash by 20 and more mb.

How to update portable

Video Tutorial Download 14.43 MiB;O=D

Tutorial avi (use working builds) 5.26 MiB

Chrome XP builds from 2563x to 258?x crash on XP

Portable Features read more

Chrome, Google Chrome, Chromium Portable Launcher with support for all switches -- stored in a 'PortableChromium.ini'. Extended with some features such as: - delete cookies - delete browser cache by browser start.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Google Chrome Allow Right-Click - "Allow right mouse click" menu and selection - Extension - UserScript - Bookmarklet v0.0.1

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eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE- Build 31.08.09

eMule Xtreme LPE Mod is the smallest eMule 0.49c with 2,72 MB (2.855.424 bytes) eMule.exe filesize, 941 KB (963.584 bytes) UPX'ed

eMule0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE-


+ Fixed Search Tabs close
+ Auto Friendslot
+ Remove all Friendslots
+ Friendslot blue
- Removed Friendslot Overlay Icon
- Removed again Options Icons to get smaller

without UPX:


Filesharehost | DDL1 | DDL2



Filesharehost | DDL1 | DDL2


eMule 0.49c UltiMatiX V4.5

eMule 0.49c UltiMatiX V4.5

Changelog for eMule v.49c [UltiMatiX v4.5 (old Name UltiMatic)] based on Magic Angel 3.5
MERGED: to MorphXT v11.3
Changes 29.09.09 - [engo3k]
+ADDED: PowerShare via Webinterface
+ADDED: More Creditsystems(SIVKA/XTREME/SWAT/TK4/ZZUL) [Stulle]
+ADDED: Show sources on title - [Stulle]
+ADDED: Show overhead on title - [Stulle]
+ADDED: High resulution speedmeter on toolbar [Stulle]
+ADDED: Advanced Transfer Window Layout [Stulle]
+ADDED: Aktive Share Permission - Hide/Community/Friend=remove clients from Upload & Waiting queue after Permission change
+ADDED: Unlimited Slot *Adjust max client upload time
+ADDED: Adjust max client upload time (for blocked clients 5-300 Minutes Standard 60')
+ADDED: Clear Banlist [pP] - in UploadList/QueueList/DownloadClient
+ADDED: Unban Leecher
+ADDED: Don't Ban Friends [KTS]
+ADDED: Manual Ask SRV & XS for new Sources [LSD]
+ADDED: Maximum Segment Size (MSS 1300-1480) [KTS]
+ADDED: Multiple Chunks Transfer (1-10) [mL]
+ADDED: Old AppleJuice Community Detection [Xman]
+ADDED: See onuploadqueue & feedback
+ADDED: AntiPunish for QueueFull Clients (faktor 1=aus, 2=50%, 3 1/3 reduze score, 100=0 Score+waitingtime), Upload Bann
+ADDED: Kick from Upload
+ADDED: Cleint-BAN All List
+ADDED: Upload kick for anti-mod, anti-comm, qr-full, ist score 0 for this enabled
+ADDED: Kick All Upload Slots
+ADDED: Auto Unban when Friend to add is a banned client
+ADDED: Show IP (ClientDetailDialog) [kts]
+ADDED: Don't remove spare trickle slots in UploadList
+ADDED: Limit PowerShare by amount of data uploaded - per File/Global [Stulle]
+ADDED: Anti-Mod Punish
+ADDED: Anti-Comm Punish
+ADDED: 0 Score for Anti-Community Clients + Auto Kick + No PS
+ADDED: 0 Score for Anti-Mod Clients + Auto Kick + No PS
+ADDED: 0 Score for QR-Full Clients + Auto Kick + No PS
+ADDED: 0 Score for non SUI Clients
+ADDED: Clients Share Visiblity (Pink)
+ADDED: Kick and add to Morph Temporery IP-Filter
+ADDED: Client Ban-Time [0-24H]
+ADDED: Emulate Nick Addon
+ADDED: Colored Clients LowID=yellow, Community=Green, Friend=Blue, Anticom/Mod/Leecher/QR-Full=lightgrey
+ADDED: Sivka File Settings - Source limit/drop adjustable per File [Sivka/Stulle]
+ADDED: Customized source dropping with auto drop immunity [Sivka/Stulle]
+ADDED: Show of dropped sources per file in DownloadList [Stulle]
+ADDED: Automatic shared files updater (ASFU v3.2) - [MoNKi]
+ADDED: TBH Mini-Mule with SendModname on Title
+ADDED: Color lightgrey for Anticom/Mod QR-full Clients & Disable PS for Anticom/Mod/Leecher
+ADDED: More Infos in Copy stats (Avarage Cpu Usage/Compression/OS-Vista recognition...)
+ADDED: Copy Stats - extended
+ADDED: Switchable Releaseboost ->(2-40)
+ADDED: Custom Prioritys
+ADDED: Push part files [Spe64]
+ADDED: Push finished files [Spe64]
+ADDED: Switchable Friendboost ->(1-500)
+ADDED: Switchable Community-boost ->(1-500)
+ADDED: Show CUR-AVG CPU/MEM usage in Stats
+ADDED: Switchable CPU/Ram Infos (eMule/Global) [Stulle/Sicks]
+ADDED: Choosable modstring with ModaddOnNick [Spe64] + feedback with SendModname
+ADDED: Send modname on Title/Systray&prefs/MyniMule&prefs/WebServer
+ADDED: Upload priority from Transfer Wimdows
+ADDED: Upload only to eMule Clients
+ADDED: Reask single Clients in Transfer Windows
+ADDED: Push to Upload from downloadClientList & queuelist
+ADDED: Drop Client in Transfer Windows (to another File)
+ADDED: Whois-Client Provider Info all Lists
+ADDED: GeoIP-IP Location Finder-Karte all Lists
+CHANGE: Reask Time ->(20-57)
+CHANGE: PBF for partfiles
+CHANGE: New eMule icons
+CHANGE: Push Rare Files ->(4-40)
+CHANGE: Push by Radio Files ->(2-40)
+CHANGE: If permision HIDE and PBF enabled upload only for this clients
+CHANGE: PowerShare restrictions for partfile or finished files to 800 src.
+CHANGE: Slot Limiter ->(1-255)
+CHANGE: Disable PS for Anticom/Mod /QR-Full is Score=0 for this enabled
+CHANGE: New Feedback format (DE)
+CHANGE: English feedback format Changed to Ultimativ-Mod Format
+CHANGE: Remove PoweShare restrictions
+CHANGE: Remove Friends restrictions
+CHANGE: New Leecher icon
+CHANGE: AntiCommunityName from [256] to [512]
+CHANGE: Xman & MA DLPs added more Applejuice Based Mods, removed some Release/Bad Mods
+UPDATED:German language file
--->>> Code Parts from MA v3.8 Alpha2
ADDED: Don't accept too short filters - unfair![WiZaRd]
ADDED: First Start Maximized[WiZaRd]
ADDED: Faster Upload Timer[WiZaRd]
IMPROVED: Moved some Functions inline[netfinity]
IMPROVED: Some Optimations and Fixes[WiZaRd]
IMPROVED: Code (CPU load)[Maella]
IMPROVED: Optimized speedBarShader[netfinity]
IMPROVED: FillSolidRect[Xray]
IMPROVED: Banncheck[sivka]
IMPROVED: Quick fix/possible crashfix[XMan]
IMPROVED: Save converting dwIP from uint32 to a CStringT to ASCII then back to uint32[bluesonicboy]
IMPROVED: Save some cycles with an empty Queue[pP]
IMPROVED: Optimations ,Fixes[WiZaRd/Xman/JvA
FIXED: ReAskSourcesAfterIpChange: if we receive a LowID we do a recheck[XMan]
<<< --- Code Parts from MA v3.8 Alpha2


DDL1 | DDL2 | Filesharehost

Herzlichen Dank

Google Chrome Portable extended

Google Chrome (Offizieller Build 24690)
WebKit: 532.0
V8: 1.3.8
User Agent (dependence on PortableChromium.ini settings): Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/531.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.3 Safari/531.9.1


Portable Launcher
Switches to start chrome can be saved in a ini file [ PortableChromium.ini ]
ClearCacheOnStartup + ClearProfileOnStartup can be enabled / see PortableChromium.ahk in PortableChromium\Src folder

optimizedb.bat [run when chrome is not running]
vacuum / optimize all sqlite3 databases in Chrome portable profile folder such as 'Safe Browsing Bloom' and the subdir files such as history, thumbs,... for faster startup, better performance.

DefaultBrowser (v1.8)
More information at

Switches: [add -- in front of a command switch, ie.: --wininet-ftp]

enabled: Cached Theme Images, localStorage, HTML5 DB support, syncing bookmarks, fastback page cache, support for cached byte-ranges, ThumbnailStore,...
ImageBanana - Unbenannt.png
Added userscripts:
AutoPagerize ( - -*[oAutoPagerize] -
google Enhanced BLACK
Super Linkifier (like Linkification by Firefox)
Multi Engine Searcher
Hide js-popups 1.0.6 (can cause incompatibility with AutoPagerize Menu)
AdBlock+ 1.1.1 (see homepage for settings)
GMail Professional skin 3
Gmail Air Skin 2 (with ads-block)
FlashBlock 1.2.10 (see homepage for settings)
Mouse over password (like unhide passwords for Firefox)
Skip Redirect Slim
Skip redirect waiting time // by linkbucks it's frame id 2
Display original image

New for Google Chrome as userscript - Allow Right-click - Google Chrome Anti Right click menu and selection disabler
Some pages stupidly disallow right-clicks, usually in a vain attempt to prevent you from viewing the html source or copying the images. Use this bookmarklet or userscript to restore that ability. Also restores the ability to select text on the page.
Anti right mouse click disabler - (page content selection and context menus without --disable-javascript) as bookmarklet: Allow Right-click
download/install userscript: AllowRight-click.user.js | Mirror

As Extension: AllowRight-Click.crx | Mirror: AllowRight-Click.crx

(all credits for the testpage to

ImageBanana - Unbenannt.png

other usefully things:

looking for:
Chrome compatible TinyURL Decoder script

Unique User-ID, Timestamp, RLZ Tracking,
Error Reporting, Google Updater,...
as mentioned here: does not exist in portable and/or have been removed in the program.

For older Chrome exist custom compiled chrome.dll's: ChromePlus

Customizable Adblock + Flashblock are added.
User-Agent can be set in PortableChromium.ini

No 3th party Links or Bookmarks added

PortableChromium- 10.48 MB | Mirror 下載文件 PortableChromium- (10.48 MB) | DDL1 | DDL2

more nfo and older build

Hide js-popups 1.0.6


can cause problem with AutoPagerize menu on top right side and others:

ImageBanana - 1pop.pngImageBanana - 3pop.pngImageBanana - 2pop.png

to disable if the delay time is to short, move this user script to another folder \bak from default \Profile\Default\User Scripts or erase hide-js-popups.user.js

The Launcher I used is the most customizable. Support all startup parameter, can clean cache (temp) by each startup. Userscripts I enabled by default, I prefer to use userscripts instead of visiting many sites and install by a new setup all extensions again. Userscripts stay sorted in a folder and much more compact (portable) for usage without the needs for relative config paths as by addons/extensions required.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chrome Privacy Save Universal Patcher

Chrome Sterilizer - Anonymizer universal castrator

How to use:

browse to chrome folder where chrome.dll is located on your disk or copy the patcher into this folder. Close Chrome, apply the patch.

Based on Instruction from:

Search and removes in a compiled chrome.dll the following:

- Removes the creation of the entries User-ID and Timestamp in Chrome.dll [test in this build: undock the usage of Local State in addition]
- Removes RLZ Tracking via rlz link libary in chrome.exe

- All the rest can be done in the configuration of Chrome.

To remove the updater and Error Reporting, erase this files in chrome install folder [app data] or in portable versions.


2 different packer used, up 2 ur AV

vmprotect1.9 + asp:
chrome-patch.exe 45.00 KB
chrome-patch-.vmp.exe 163.50 KB

Done with dUP, cause of file changer (change a few bytes) the possibility of showing a False Positive such as file injector, by using a patcher is high.

YTK Enhanced beta for YIM v8 - v10 (Yahoo! Messenger support)

Developed Exclusively for Yahoo! Messenger

YTK Enhanced : feature rich version for hardcore chatters!


* Kills Spam & Adverts and says "Goodbye" to annoying Voice Chat abusers
* YTK Pro stops ALL client-side boots and the majority of server-side boots with Gawd Mode! lol @ Booters Everywhere!
* YTK Enhanced provides the very best Anti-Boot protection with U-Mode - so chat isn't interrupted!
* YTK Enhanced covers ALL the bases; Booting, Locking, Spam, VC Lag/Beep & 100+ Enhancements!
* YTK Enhanced supports both 32-Bit & 64-Bit systems! YTK Pro & VC Sync 64-Bit support soon!

YTK Enhanced Reference:


Launch YTK Enhanced at startup - Loads YTK when Windows is started.
Show Event Logger - Opens a logger window that keeps track of detailed events as they take place.
Enable YTK Enhanced Alert Bar - Displays a top-most orange bar across your screen as events occur and notifications are available.
Set Alert Bar Color - Specifies the background color of the YTK Enhanced Alert Bar.
Create YTK Enhanced content tab - Creates a content tab inside of Messenger's buddy list window for loading web content/news from the official website.
Enable audible alerts - Turns YTK's sound alerts on so you can be alerted of events that happen during the session through your speakers.
Show Mouse-Over Hints on Options - Provides helpful popups explaining an option's purpose.
Show Splash Screen - Displays a graphic on the center screen upon opening of YTK Enhanced.
Enable Auto Update - Automatically check for and download YTK Enhanced application updates. (Not yet complete.)

[Chat Room Settings]

Enable automatic font resizing - Forces user's chat room message and PM text to 10-point or other specified size for ease of readability and to conserve chat room screen space.
Enable automatic font effect stripping - Filters out faded and alternating text from users in the chat room and in PMs.
Enable smart font face adjustments - Converts vague, exotic or otherwise unsual font faces to a legible font face.
Enable Recently joined rooms list in the chat room list window - Creates a list of rooms that you have previously joined for faster re-entry at a later time.
Enable Tiny Activity Logger - Creates an embedded activity logger in the main chat room window for ease of event viewing. The amount of lines that the logger uses can be specified in the range of 3-8.
Disable auto-voicing when I join a chat room - Prevents Messenger from establishing a voice connection on your behalf automatically each time you join or change rooms.
Show Friend's status changes in chat rooms - Prints buddy status messages to your chat room screen when your friends change them.
Alert me when buddies or safe list users join/leave the chat room - Notifies you in the chat room when your buddies or users on your safe list join or leave the chat room you're currently in.
Enable Blocked URL Catcher for Chat - Captures blocked URL content from the chat room for later viewing. (Block Valid URLs must be enabled.)
Window Filters - Applies chat screen visual effects.
Font Weight - Applies the bold style to all text on your chat screen.
Font Variation - Applies the small-caps style to all text on your chat screen.
Chat screen background color - Allows you to change the default white color of your chat screen to any other by selecting from the color palette or through your own custom hexadecimal color code.
Remove advertisements in chat room windows - Removes the ads that are found in Messenger's chat window when you're in a room.
Enable Mic Lock - Adds mic locking/holding support to Messenger and replaces the default "Hands Free" voice option so you can hold the mic down while you're away from the computer even when you're not playing music or talking.
Clear chat screen hotkey - Allows you to set a hotkey for quickly and accessibly clearing your chat screen regardless of whether or not the chat room window is the active window/has focus.
Auto-Ignore Voice "Bots" - When set automatically voice ignores bots that are connected to voice in the room but aren't in the chat room with a chat connection.
Block URLs, IP and E-mail addresses - Blocks chat room messages from users that contain web addresses, IP addresses and e-mail addresses.
Broadcast ignore messages in chat - Sends a chat room message to the room each time you ignore somebody.

[Additional Settings]

Enable username auto-complete in chat rooms - When typing a user's id or nickname in chat you can automatically complete the rest of their id/nickname by typing out a few characters of their name and pressing the "Tab" key on your keyboard. Name must be the first text entered on the line for auto-completion to work.
Enlarge chat room text input area - Enlarges your chat room text entry space for typing messages to the room.
Enlarge chat room user list - Widens Messenger's chat room user list window so you can read chat names that aren't all truncated to fit a small default size.
Room "Knocker" - Automatically retries joining chat rooms on your behalf that are "full".
Enable Voice Refresh Toolbar Button - Adds a button to the toolbar to refresh your connection to the RTCP server. (Repeated use may cause Messenger to hang and / or crash.)
Allow for Quick Voice Ignoring of Voiced Users - Creates a cross-hair cursor when the mouse is moved over the current user of voice. A double click places that user on Voice Ignore. (Users can optionally be addded to the Global Ignore Bin as well.)
Broadcast LAUNCHcase, WinAmp, iTunes, and Windows Media Player songs in chat - Sends your currently played artist and song names to the room for users to see what you are listening to. (This information can optionally be displayed only locally.)

[Anti-Boot | Settings & Security]

Enable Alias "Cloaking" - An anti-boot option that can be used to prevent malicious chatters from disconnecting you with most "boots" known and unknown. This option requires that you have at least one alias/profile name on your main Yahoo! account for it to work.
Enable YMSG Protocol Reversion - Forces Yahoo! Messenger to log in using a previous login version of your choosing.
Use TCP for voice instead of UDP - Forces Yahoo! Messenger to make a more reliable voice connection for streaming voice audio data.
Enable Filtering for Yahoo! Messenger-related "crash links" found in e-mails, PMs and web pages - If a "crash link" is invoked through your browser, e-mail client or from Messenger it will cease to operate with the default Yahoo! Messenger "ymsgr:" url handler functionality.
Enable File Transfer Type Screening - Prevents Yahoo! Messenger from receiving file transfer requests in which the file extension matches one of the known dangerous and/or user specified types.
Packet Profiling - A built-in proprietary packet handling system designed by Torseq Technologies for adding in increased protection to Yahoo! Messenger against "boots" and malicious exploits.
YMSG Server Selector - Allows you to select the YMSG server to connect to for your chat session.
Enable Flood Cap Control - Allows YTK Enhanced to make a Windows networking adjustment providing connection specific traffic-control optimization. (It is recommended that only users with 1Mbps and up utilize the full Flood Cap Control.)

[Global Ignore Bin]

Add - Adds a username to YTK's global ignore bin.
Remove - Removes a username from YTK's global ignore bin.
Mark Safe - Flags a user as 'safe', removes them from the global ignore bin and adds them to your safe list.
View Profile - Allows you to select a user from your global ignore bin and view their profile.
Settings - Ignore Bin Cleaning/Pruning. Allows you to clean your bin of names that have been on ignore for 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 full month.
Filter Rules - Allows you to create Regular Expression wildcard rules for auto-ignoring users in chat rooms. Options include auto-ignoring based on string patterns found in user's IDs/names, nicknames, location info and user's chat room message content. Wildcards can be applied to string content found at the beginning of each of these fields, anywhere within them or at the end of them.
Export - Allows users to save their Global Ignore Bin entries in a back-up file which may be replaced in future installations of YTK Enhanced.
Clear All - Erases all ignore bin entries from your list.
Search - Allows you to search through your global ignore bin for usernames that match your search query.

[Global Safe List]

Add - Adds a username to YTK's Global Safe List.
Remove - Removes a username from YTK's Global Safe List.
Clear All - Erases all entries from your Global Safe List.
Search - Allows you to search through your Global Safe List for usernames that match your search query.

[Chat Room Filtering]

Block duplicate chat room messages - Blocks chat room messages sent from users that are identical to their previous message. Sensitivity levels range from low to high where high requires a 100% match to the previous message for the message to be blocked.
Auto-Ignore "Bots" with similar names - Automatically ignores bots in the room with names that are similarly related to each other. Similarity levels range from low to high where high requires nearly a perfect match for similar names.
Auto-Ignore users who flood the chat room - Automatically ignores chat users that attempt to flood the room with messages.
Enable chat room message inspection - Analyzes chat room messages that could potentially contain "boot codes", rainbow lags, excessive smilies/emoticons, long repetitive character sequences, YELLING/SHOUTING, blank messages and messages that are too large.
Enable Bounce Bot Protection - Prevents "bounce bots" from flooding your chat screen and causing it to violently jump up and down in attempts to "lag" you or boot you from the room. This option will automatically ignore bots that are found to be bouncing in the chat room.
Automatically ignore chat names which exceed 'x' amount of characters - Automatically ignores chat names that are over a specific length that you can optionally set.
Block ignore message broadcasts sent by other YTK users - Blocks ignore messages sent by other YTK users that have their "Broadcast ignore messages in chat" option turned on.
Block "now playing" winamp song broadcasts sent by other YTK users - Blocks song broadcasts from other YTK users that have their "Broadcast winamp songs in chat" option turned on.
Show the contents of blocked chat room messages in the activity logger - Displays chat messages that were blocked in your activity logger for your review.


Log Yahoo! Server Connection Events - Logs server-related events to your activity logger as they occur.
Log YTK Events - Logs events that occur pertaining to YTK and its functions to your activity logger as they occur. Such as the User Identification Challenges, Aliases and Buddy List Processing.
Log Chat Room Events - Logs chat room-related events to your activity logger as they occur.
Log Voice Events - Logs RTCP related information and events to your activity logger as they occur.
Log PC-2-PC Call Events - Logs SIP related information and events to your activity logger as they occur.
Log Unhandled Events - Logs critical application error and conflict events to your activity logger as they occur.
Enable UPV (Unknown Packet Variant) logging - Logs unknown and incorrectly formatted packet structures to a text file located in your Application Data folder as they are received.

[PM Zone]

Private Messages

*Friends Zone*

Allow private messages from this type of user - Allows private messages.
Block private messages from this type of user - Blocks all private messages.
Block private messages but save them for later viewing - Blocks private messages but saves them for you to review at a later time.
Strip IMVironment content from PMs - Removes Private Message content that contains embedded IMVironments.
Block "Buzz" PMs - Blocks privates messages that contain "buzzes" or "dings".
Block PMs containing web searches - Blocks private messages that contain web search queries which return search results in your PM window.

*Safe Users Zone*
(same as Friends Zone)

*Chat Users Zone*
(same as Friends Zone with additional options below)

Allow only users that I have contacted to PM me - Only allows users that you have privately messaged to private message you, all other private messages that are received falling into this group will be blocked.
Block A/S/L in PMs - Blocks private messages that contain Age/Sex/Location acronym inquiries.
Enable PM Challenge Integrity Check (magic word verification) - Blocks private messages until the user is able to correctly answer the "challenge" in the form of a randomly-generated alphanumeric code. The user has 3 attempts to answer correctly. If answered 3 times incorrectly all PMs from the user during the session (provided that this option isn't turned off later) will be blocked.

*Unknown Users Zone*
(same as Chat Users Zone)

[Invitations Zone]

Invitations/Requests Zones

*Friends Zone*

By default the friends group can send you the following invitations and requests:

- Add Buddy Requests
- Voice chat PM Requests
- Webcam Invitations
- Game Invitations
- Chat Room Invitations
- Conference Invitations
- File Transfer Requests
- Send Contact Details Requests
- Contact Details Requests
- Buddy List Send Requests
- Photosharing Invitations
- Audibles
- IMVironments
- Plug-ins

*Safe Users Zone*
(same as Friends Zone only they can't send you Add Buddy Requests)

*Chat Users Zone*

By default the chat users group can only send you Webcam Invitations

*Unknown Users Zone*

By default the unknown users group can't send you any invitations or requests.

[PC-2-PC Call Settings]
#Caller Group Management Zones#

*Friends Zone*

By default the friends group can call your pc.
Only accept calls from users in this group whom you've called - Allows call from users that are from your friends group that you have made a call to. If this option is selected over the default option then all calls will be rejected until you've made calls to specific users where they're able to call you back.

*Safe Users Zone*

By default the safe users group can call your pc.
Only accept calls from users in this group whom you've called - Allows call from users that are from your safe users group that you have made a call to. If this option is selected over the default option then all calls will be rejected until you've made calls to specific users where they're able to call you back.

*Chat Users Zone*

By default the chat users group can't call your pc unless you've called users from this group.

*Unknown Users Zone*

By default the unknown users group can't call your pc.

[Offlines Zone]

*Friends Zone*

By default the friends group can send you the following offline communications:

- Private Messages
- Add Buddy Requests
- Send Contact Details Requests
- Contact Details Requests
- Buddy List Send Requests

*Safe Users Zone*
(same as Friends Zone only they can't send you Add Buddy Requests)

*Unknown Users Zone*

By default the unknown users group can't send you any offline communications.

[Advanced Options]

File Transfer & Peer-to-Peer Configuration - Allows you to enter your IP address or a domain name that points to your IP address along with specifying a port for direct filesharing establishment. This option should only be used if you're behind a NAT router and would like to transfer files to users directly rather than uploading them indirectly through Yahoo!'s filexfer HTTP servers.
Enable SOCKS Proxying - Allows you to use a SOCKS proxy for your chat connection, chat room voice connections and cam connection. SOCKS4/SOCKS4a and SOCKS5/SOCKS5a are supported. If you are using a SOCKS server that requires Authentication then check the checkbox labeled "Authentication", select your SOCKS protocol version, enter the server's IP and port and then your username and password.
Flush DNS Resolver Cache Entries - Clears your local DNS cache so DNS Lookup requests are made each time you sign into Yahoo! Messenger. Enabling this option ensures that each time you connect to Yahoo! you'll have the newest/most current server addresses for cam, voice and chat.
Send Frequent Keep-Alive Packets to Improve Client Uptime - Increases the rate at which connection Keep-Alive packets are delivered to the server in order to obtain a stable and longetive connection.

[Privacy Settings]

Do not advertize my webcam status as "ON" when I join chat rooms - This option allows you to broadcast your cam and not allow other users in the chat rooms you join to see you as broadcasting your cam in their room list.
Enable webcam "fix" - If you're using a webcam that isn't supported well in Yahoo! Messenger (ieg: Aiptek webcams) and you're seeing a black screen when you broadcast then using this option may fix the issue. This option forces "Video For Windows", a documented Yahoo! adjustment, in an attempt to get these types of cams working again.
Block P2P connectivity - Blocks Peer-to-Peer PM direct connections and Peer-to-Peer super webcam sessions from being established.
Hide my PM "Typing" notifications - Hides your "Typing" status messages in PM windows so contacted users will not see you typing PMs to them.
Enable "idle" status message spoofing - "Spoofs" your pager status as "idle" so users that have you on their buddy lists will always see you as away from the computer.
Deny-a-Buddy - This feature allows you to remove your name(s) off of a user's buddy list. Type in the id to deny, select the user's chat network (Yahoo!, LCS or WLM) and type in the user's ID. A deny message is optional.
Disable local log file - Checks for and prevents a privacy vulnerability in Messenger that can be used to record all traffic passed bi-directionally over your chat connection including but not limited to: PMs, chat room messages, mobile text messages, conferences messages, your personal status messages, your buddy list, your cookies, your aliases, permanent ignore list, your buddy's status messages and all other session data from login to logout.

[P2P Scanning]

Buddy List Scan - This feature allows you to check if you are on a user's buddy list. It'll tell you if they're online (even if they're invisible) and whether you're on the user's list.
Webcam Scan - This feature allows you to check the cam servers to see if a user is broadcasting their webcam. This feature can be used even if you're not signed into Messenger (you can be offline).

[Recent Rooms]

Recent Rooms - This feature allows you to individually select rooms to remove from your Recent Rooms List in Yahoo! Messenger's "Join Chat" window (if you have this YTK Enhanced option enabled). You also have the option to clear all of the stored rooms.

[Message Archive Decoder/Viewer]

Archive Decoder/Viewer - This feature allows you to decode and view ANY PM conversations archived on your computer from past Yahoo! Messenger conversations (if logging in Messenger is/was enabled). It allows you to choose the names you have on your computer in the archives and will list the users that exist in the conversations stored. Simply select the logfile(s) and you can immediately view them inside the built-in decoder window. Available archive options allow for exporting of the archives once they're decoded, clearing the decoder window's content and deleting individual archive logs that are found on your computer.

[YTK Enhanced Command-line Support]

YTK Enhanced Command-line support is available for use in chat rooms. To obtain a list of all chat-related slash commands for viewing while in chat, simply type /help or /?.

Yahoo! Messenger Chat Command Help
/cls - Clears the history.
/help - Displays this message.
/join roomname - Joins room "roomname", an additional appended colon and number (:#) can be used to specify the room.
/think xxx - Displays "thinking" text with the following format: . o O (xxx)
/invite username - Invites "username" to join the room you are currently in.
: emotion - Displays user defined emotion string.

YTK Chat Command Help
/cls - Clears the chat screen. This should be done regularly to free up memory if you are experiencing low-performance.
/i username - Ignores the specified username (accepts IDs only).
/unig username - Unignores the specified username (accepts IDs only).
/s username - Marks a user(username) as safe (accepts IDs only).
/unsafe username - Removes the specified user(username) from the Safe List (accepts IDs only).
/ver - Displays YTK version information to the chat room.
/about - Opens a window detailing YTK.
/die - Closes YTK and Yahoo! Messenger.
/sysinf - Displays your PC specifications to the chat room.
/uptime - Shows your system uptime to the chat room.
/filters - Opens the ignore filter rules dialog.
/fontsz - Forces chat messages to be resized to the specified font size (10 - 72).
/stripfonteffect - Removes fades and alternate fades from chat messages.
/wantfonteffect - Fades and alternate fades may appear in chat messages.
/logger - Opens the external event logger.
/bgcolor - Applies the specified bgcolor to the chat window (accepts hex only).
/snap - Takes a screen shot of the desktop, specify the -a paramter to capture the active window only.
/trans % - Chat room and buddy list become transparent (10 - 50).
/notrans - Undo transparencies.
/showignores - Shows a list of ignored chatters.
/gawd - Become Unbootable (You will see no chat room text).
/ungawd - Disables Gawd Mode (You will see chat room text again).
/help or /? - Displays this list inside of the chat window.

DownloadYTKE_2. 2.87 MB

eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE- Build 29.08.09

Update Build 29.08.09

eMule0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE-


- More control and information in clientlist -

+ File column in Clientlist
+ PowerRelease color in Clientlist
+ Score column in clientlist (clients on queue)
+ Changed "Kick" in Clientlist
(now you can kick waiting and uploading clients from Clientlist)
+ Some code cleanings


without UPX:


Filesharehost | DDL



Filesharehost | DDL

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Version 1.0.1501.0 - Official Release Download Links

Free-to-download security suite due for release later this year.

Microsoft has made available the beta version of its forthcoming Security Essentials tool, designed to protect consumers against malware and other threats.

Previously codenamed Morro, Microsoft Security Essentials will eventually replace the Windows Live OneCare subscription service.

The beta version is available only to a limited number of testers in the US, Brazil, Israel and China, and the full product is due for release before the end of 2009.

Security Essentials is designed to offer protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software, according to Microsoft, including the ability to detect and remove rootkits.

Security Essentials is designed to run on a Windows XP PC with a minimum 500MHz processor and 256MB of memory, while Vista and Windows 7 PCs must have a 1GHz processor and 1GB of memory.



1.0.1501.0 Builds:

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1501.0 for XP (
Download Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1501.0 for Vista & 7 (


Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1501.0 for Windows XP (32-bit)


Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1501.0 for Windows Vista & 7 (32-bit)


Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1501.0 for Windows Vista & 7 (64-bit)


merci softvnn!


1.0.1500.0 Builds:

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit)




Microsoft Security Essentials Beta for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (64-bit)




Microsoft Security Essentials Beta for Windows XP (32-bit)




Português (BR):

old Beta 1.0.1407.00 Builds (July 09):

more AntiVirus Software Promotions:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Opera 10 RC2 Build 1750

Opera 10.0 Release Candidate 2

star Highlights:

* A couple of possible fixes for pages that never stop loading (NSL)
* Stability fixes
* Native skin fixes
* Widgets should work when upgrading from 9.64
* Icon fixes for Windows and Unix

Download Opera 10.0 Release Candidate 2

I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code!

eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE- Build 28-09-2009

eMule0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE-


+ Fixed Bug in Upload Prio + Advanced Auto Up-Prio
(because Up-Prio in Downloadlist work not correct and make wrong settings)

...I wonder that this never was reported :-) But now all ok!

Full Changelog is in the Downloads!

without UPX:







Yahoo! Messenger Beta

Yahoo! Messenger Beta

Whats new since Alpha:
Localized single builds again
- Multilanguage Gui
- Yahoo Launchcast known as 'Yahoo Musik' plugin support is removed in non US builds

internal build info taken from binary:


older version patched program exe Ads Free (build Alpha) 2.15 MB (replace YahooMessenger.exe in install folder)

Flash Replacer tools for v 10.x