Tuesday, July 29, 2008

eMule 0.49b Beta2 Ratio Remover Patch

eMule v0.49b Beta2 Ratio Patch
Removes the required upload speed settings: 1kb/s with unlimited download speed from 1kb/s by limited 3 kb/s download speed. (Ratio restriction remove)

    RAW Offset   | Old Byte | New Byte
00095018 73 EB
00095019 10 3A
00161B65 75 E9
00161B66 71 42
00161B67 8B 01
00161B68 1D 00
00161B69 7C 00
00161B6A 57 90
00161B6B 7B 90
00161B6C 00 90


enable for example:

removes the 1:3 limitation (1 kb/s upload by 3kb/s download speed) Usefull for example for 1 kb/s up and 6 kb/s down @ 56kb/s modem

Download: emule.0.49b.beta.2.ratio.patch.exe 15.00 KB - Mirror - DDL

no upx (because some AV scanner mean Diabolo's Patch engine is whatever): emule.0.49b.beta.2.ratio.patch 25.50 KB
Results different even if use ASPack, but 0/00 if use older Armadillo Packer, thats strange. Hell why should I use a protector like ASProtect or ACProtect and co only because a few AV's are crazy?!

Download emule v0.49 Beta2 no ratio 1 kb/s Upload limit by no Download speed limit:
eMule0.49b_BETA2-noratio.rar 1.71 MB

Based on wyx dissamble (OllyDbg) instruction for emule.exe binary changes without the need to using the source code to remove in src and compile the exe new (long way solution) alternative. If anyone can do it in .asm even better and smaller it will be. Also some stupid AV's will not show any False Positive.

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IlLusioN said...

Depence on your AV Product if you use one of these with high FALSE Positive such as Ikarus, VBA32, TrendMicro, Sophos, Prevx1, Avira, Webwasher-Gateway,... some more. You may pack the small Patcher with ASProtect or silly but real, Armadillo, try older versions. These AV's do not analyse the file and don't like patcher at all.
All major AV's such as NOD, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Microsoft AV,... analyse it undependend what packer have been used or non packer at all. Diabolo Patch Engine seems to be in some AV's unwanted thous AV's dont make any analyse at all and have listed all ever with this patcher created patches as a Virus which is false positive. If you are unsure use winhex or any hex editor and change the 10 bytes by self.

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