Friday, November 30, 2007

Mozilla Firefox Final Released - BonEcho Build from 29.11.2007 got Final

Official Firefox Final Build

Release Download Folder (all Languages for Win32):
Update, Linux, Mac and others:
Firefox Setup
Firefox Setup
Firefox Setup
Firefox Setup
Firefox Setup
Chinese (simplified):
Firefox Setup

All Firefox Versions:                  02-Jan-2007 22:07    - 26-Nov-2007 13:49 - 29-Nov-2007 16:29 - 23-Feb-2007 05:54 - 20-Mar-2007 03:59 - 26-Jun-2007 17:15 - 17-Jul-2007 19:53 - 06-Sep-2007 17:54 - 04-Nov-2007 05:27 - 04-Nov-2007 05:28 - 01-Nov-2007 17:06 -
2.0/ 23-Oct-2006 20:48 -
3.0b1/ 21-Nov-2007 11:43 -
README 04-Oct-2007 11:19 509
granparadiso/ 20-Sep-2007 05:07 -
latest-2.0/ 29-Nov-2007 16:29 -
latest/ 29-Nov-2007 16:29 -

Always Latest Build:

Fixed in Firefox
Firefox fixed a bug introduced by the update in the <> feature that affected some web pages and extensions.

Fixed in Firefox
MFSA 2007-39 Referer-spoofing via window.location race condition
MFSA 2007-38 Memory corruption vulnerabilities (rv:
MFSA 2007-37 jar: URI scheme XSS hazard

Mozilla Security Bugfix Site


Avanquest Classic PhoneTools v9.0

Avanquest Classic PhoneTools v9.0Classic PhoneTools is an easy way to turn your PC into a complete communication tool. Our PhoneTools software package provides advanced communication features that easily integrate with your current Windows based system. Classic PhoneTools makes it possible for you to email, fax, telephone and receive voice messages on your PC from a single, efficient interface. This new version of Classic PhoneTools is ideal for professional or personal use and offers rich features including powerful fax capabilities, customizable voice mail and email, phone from PC, and automatic modem detection.


ware8 Download Server1

ware8 Download Server2

ware8 Download Server3

ware8 Download Server4

ware8 Download Server5

Avanquest.Classic.PhoneTools.v9.0.Incl.Keymaker-CORE.rar DOWNLOAD Page

BitDefender Internet Security 2008 Build 11.0.14 NEW

BitDefender™ provides security solutions to satisfy the protection requirements of today's computing environment, delivering effective threat management to over 41 million home and corporate users in more than 200 countries. Features antivirus, firewall, antispyware, antispam and parental control for corporate and home users. The BitDefender 2008 product line, which includes BitDefender Antivirus 2008, Internet Security 2008 and Total Security 2008, is designed to protect a wide variety of computer usage scenarios ranging from individual PC users and multi-PC families to SoHo businesses.

BitDefender Internet Security 2008 provides all the security your Internet-connected family or small business needs. It provides comprehensive proactive protection from viruses, hackers, spyware, spam and phishing emails, and it also protects children from inappropriate websites.

BitDefender Internet Security 2008 is designed for users who want complete protection from malware and other common Internet Security threats. Internet Security includes all of the benefits of Antivirus 2008 as well as:
• Firewall protection – controlling access to the Internet while “hiding” the computer from hackers
• E-mail anti-phishing and anti-spam – preventing different types of spam and scam e-mails from being delivered
• Parental controls – to block access to inappropriate websites and e-mails
• Web time limiter – which allows or blocks access to the web during specified time periods
• Application control – which allows users to limit access to specified applications

Other benefits include Wi-Fi wireless protection that alerts users to unauthorized access to their Wi-Fi network, and the use of new adaptive engines which offer greater protection by speeding response times to new spamming techniques.

* Protects your PC in real time from known viruses, spyware and other malware with hourly updates
* Blocks unknown viruses using advanced proactive detection techniques
* Monitors and prevents spyware threats in real-time
* Detects and removes the newest breed of hidden threats known as rootkits
* Provides a smooth gaming experience by reducing the system load to a minimum

* Protects against phishing attacks by filtering all accessed web pages for fraud attempts
* Reduces the risk of identity theft by preventing personal information leaks via e-mail or web.

* Controls applications’ access to the Internet while “hiding” your computer from hackers
* Helps prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network by notifying you when computers log in to the network.

* Prevents different types of spam and scam e-mails from reaching your Inbox
* Now responds faster to new spamming techniques with new adaptive engines

* Blocks access to inappropriate websites and e-mail
* Allows or blocks web access during specified time periods

System Requirements:
* Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4
* Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32/64 bit)
* Windows Vista (32/64 bit)

To get Daily Updates on a Desktop PC with internet access you need a Genuine subscription Key!
Computer without internet connection can be updated using the manual instruction on bitdefender'w website with weekly update pack or daliy using a boot cd or second os!
Latest AV Testreports read: - - - based on publishing source PC Welt Magazine

Download 32bit:
German: English:

Download 64bit:
German: English:

PC Welt Edition:
bitdefender_totalsecurity_2008_32b.exe 11-Sep-2007 12:37   43M
bitdefender_totalsecurity_2008_64b.exe 11-Sep-2007 12:37 46M
All Languages - All Versions:

Rescue Boot CD:
bitdefender_2008_RescueCD_v2.iso 03-Sep-2007 04:43  488M

CrystalCPUID v4.14.0.403 Alpha

Main Features:
- Support AMD64/EM64T
- Intel SpeedStep Control (AT YOUR OWN RISK)
- AMD K6/K7/K8 Multiplier/Voltage Change (AT YOUR OWN RISK)
- VIA CyrixIII/C3 Multiplier Change (AT YOUR OWN RISK)
- Multiplier Management
- MSR Editor/MSR Walker (AT YOUR OWN RISK)
- Clock, Cache, System Clock, Multiplier
- Feature Flags
- Process Rule
- Code Name
- Multi Processor
- PCI Device List
- Chipset/VGA information
- BIOS Information
- Change Dialog Font
- Change Wallpaper
- Automatic startup with activation of multiplier management.

Key Features:
Sequential reads/writes
Random 4KB/512KB reads/writes
Text copy
Change dialog design
internationalization (i18n)

System Requirements:
x86 : Vista/2003/XP/2000/NT4/Me/98
x64 : Vista/2003/XP

Download v4.14.0.403 Alpha 32 & 64bit: - Mirror

Webroot Window Washer v6.5.5.155 Retail

Window Washer is the definitive choice to safely and completely increase system performance and completely wash away your on and off line activities. It's an Internet washer, system cleaner, registry cleaner and privacy protector all in one!

This utility automatically cleans your cache, cookies, history and recent documents list to protect your privacy and improve system performance. Completely overwrite files with random characters making them unrecoverable by undelete or un-erase utilities. Built-in safety features prevent you from accidentally removing important files. You can save valuable cookies to maintain your preferred Internet settings and logins. You can automatically discover and install free plug-ins for your favorite programs such as Real Player or Adobe Acrobat. This utility automatically cleans your cache, cookies, history and recent documents list to protect your privacy and improve system performance. Completely overwrite files with random characters making them unrecoverable by undelete or un-erase utilities. Built-in safety features prevent you from accidentally removing important files. You can save valuable cookies to maintain your preferred Internet settings and logins. You can automatically discover and install free plug-ins for your favorite programs such as Real Player or Adobe Acrobat.

Webroot Window Washer protects your privacy and improves PC performance:
- Simply, safely and easily wipe clean your online and offline tracks for complete privacy
- Wash away excess useless files that clog your PC's hard drive
- Shred function includes bleach to completely wipe out data
- Free plug-ins instantly detect and clean up more than 60 popular programs
- Custom wash cycles put you in control
- Automatic cleaning saves you time

• Windows Vista™ Compatible. Webroot Window Washer now supports Microsoft's Windows Vista Operating System.
• Extensive Wash Areas. Window Washer scrubs hundreds of areas on your PC to remove unnecessary files to ensure your privacy and free up valuable disk space.
• Browser Activity Eraser. Window Washer cleans all aspects of your browser activity, including Internet history, address bar, cache, cookies, and more. Firefox users now enjoy the same online privacy protection that users of Internet Explorer, AOL and Netscape already enjoy.
• Permanent Bleaching. Bleach, an encryption feature, completely overwrites files with random characters to make them unrecoverable. This feature is so powerful it exceeds the tough standards of the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency.
• Free Space Cleaner. Free space on your computer contains portions of old and previously deleted files and documents. Window Washer now cleans this area making the files you deleted earlier permanently unrecoverable.
• One-click Shredder. Window Washer lets you simply and conveniently shred a folder and all of its contents, or just a single file, in one step. Just a simple right-click will permanently overwrites these files, making them unrecoverable.
• Critical File Protection. Window Washer includes built-in safety features to help prevent you from accidentally removing important files. Alerts prompt you to confirm your request to delete special folders, like system folders, My Documents, My Photos, and others, so they remain safe from unintentional deletions.
• Smart Cookie Saver. Window Washer deletes the cookies you don't want and lets you keep and save those you do. That way you maintain your preferred Internet settings and log-ins for all your favorite sites.
• Flexible Washes. During a wash, Window Washer automatically cleans the latest versions of your favorite programs such as Microsoft Office, Google Search Toolbar, iTunes, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat and hundreds more, to keep these programs running smoothly.
• Automatic Wash Cycles. You can set Window Washer to automatically clean your system at specified intervals, like at shut down or start up. For added security, we recommend setting Window Washer to wash when you close your Internet browser.
• Total System Erase. Window Washer can be set to fully erase your hard drive, files, programs and operating system for easy re-formatting. Consider using this feature if you're donating or selling your PC and you don't want your files to be seen by strangers.

What's New in Version 6.5:
* Windows Vista Compatible
* Expanded application cleaning for over 180 3rd party programs
* Updated interface makes it faster and easier to keep your privacy
* Erases tracks of sites you've visited
* Removes thousands of unnecessary files
* Increases computer performance
* Securely removes files using government standards
* Highly rated by independent reviews
* Can be set to clean your computer on a regular schedule

Download Retail Links:


Paint.NET v3.20 Beta 2

Paint.NET 3.20 Beta 2Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins.

It started development as an undergraduate college senior design project mentored by Microsoft, and is currently being maintained by some of the alumni that originally worked on it. Originally intended as a free replacement for the Microsoft Paint software that comes with Windows, it has grown into a powerful yet simple image and photo editor tool. It has been compared to other digital photo editing software packages such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Corel® Paint Shop Pro®, Microsoft Photo Editor, and The GIMP.
The programming language used to create Paint.NET is C#, with a small amount of C++ for installation and shell-integration related functionality. The source code is available under the terms of the MIT License.
System Requirements:
* Windows XP (SP2 or later),
or Windows Vista,
or Windows Server 2003 (SP1 or later)
* .NET Framework 2.0
* 500 MHz processor (Recommended: 800 MHz or faster)
* 256 MB of RAM (Recommended: 512 MB or more)
* 1024 x 768 screen resolution
* 200+ MB hard drive space
* 64-bit support requires a 64-bit CPU that is running a 64-bit version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2003, and an additional 128 MB of RAM

Beta 2 released, November 30th, 2007:
Note: New features will be displayed in English through the Alpha and Beta release(s). The final release will include full translations for the other supported languages.
Fixed: Drawing a “Fixed Size” selection was resulting in a rectangle that was 1 pixel too wide, and 1 pixel too tall
Fixed: A small layout glitch in the toolbar that was hiding the “Fixed Size” units selector
Fixed: A layout glitch in the Red Eye Removal dialog that caused it to show a scroll bar when it wasn’t necessary
Fixed: Header’s etched line control rendering in XP with the Luna visual style
Fixed: A few rare crash bugs
Fixed: Some corner-case glitches and crashes in the new IndirectUI and property system

Paint.NET v3.20 Beta 2
1.5 MB, English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish
Released on November 30th, 2007

Download : Paint.NET v3.20 Beta 2

RoadMap to v4.00
Get Paint.NET!

Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1 - Bugfix Release!!!

Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1What's new in Version Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1 since Version 8.0.0

Release date: November 30th, 2007

-Fixed hotfix issue, no more workaround trick required to avoid that
-Ability to save transforming information for later uses and unattended transformation
-Ability to detect the targeted machine and give suggested setup configuration
-Some transformation procedures refinements you should look at like pre-configure on first run, removed obsolete dialogs and msn skin, etc.
-New 3rd-party apps and new version of existing apps

It's freeware still without paying few hundreds for some certain stuff you like in Vista.

For detailed changes and download , please a look below.

Una pack para Windows XP, que permite dotar a este del aspecto y algunas funcionalidades de la nueva versión del sistema operativo de Microsoft.
La nueva versión incorpora numerosas e interesantes novedades.
Destacando sobre la correción de algunos problemas existentes en la versión anterior, y también algunas actualizaciones en el Vista Sidebar, ViStart y ViOrb entre otros.
Mejoras en Aero Glass e incorpora WinFlip, el clon de Flip3D de Vista.

Changes in Version 8.0.1
-Fixed pre-configuration specifications to improve performance (Removed unstable applications from list)
-Fixed TrueTransparency's stability (some settings in skin causing input hook problems)
-Fixed Visualtooltip configuration when user accidently deletes the configuration files in there
-Removed backup files' status and put CPU model instead (obsolete checking)
-Updated system files' status report to "Out of sync" and repairing system files information
-Updated user account configuration system for more subtle performance

untested with latest Windows Service Pack 3 RC 1, patch uxtheme.dll in SP3 Betas and above with nlite, extract uxthme.dl_ with extract32.exe or download Patched SP3 RC 1 Files and replace with replacer

Download Vista Transformation Pack 8.0.1:
Installer exe: VTP801.exe
as Rar pack: VTP801.rar
Direct Link
more direct DL mirrors
MD5 Hash (of RAR): 83901B0AD64E783F4FE7A8FFC335B52E
MD5 Hash (of EXE): E1D58F098C87D826253187830FEC04B6

Download Vista Transformation Pack from Version 8.0 to 8.0.1 Patch
MD5 Hash (of RAR): B8F49A08DB3DFA0491C5C569B9E623D8
MD5 Hash (of EXE): 9E35BA09F670A21023EDB9F1E5DB738C

Program Author: Windows X, Thailand

Reference: VistaMizer
* - Vista look for Windows XP, and MCE Server 2003
* Modification of their own system files
* - multilingual (works with Windows in every Language)
* - Choice of modifying files
* - Examination on compatibility of the files during installation
* Backup of the original system files
* Updating of the files to Windows Updates
* Restore the original system files by uninstalling

many unattended parameters, works with WinXP SP3! nLite supported.

Download VistaMizer_2.1.1.0.exe

Program Author:
M. Hoefs, Germany

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Azureus v3.0.3.5 Beta 22

To use, rename the downloaded AzureusXxxx-Bxx.jar file to Azureus2.jar to replace your old jar in the Azureus program dir: ChangeTheAzureusTwoJarFile
Azureus v2 vs. v3 (Vuze) FAQ
Snapshot RSS Feed
Beta Site:

Azureus3035-B22.jar - 30 Nov 2007 01:50:19 AM [10035375 bytes]

eMule v0.48a SharkX v0.5d

SharkX 0.5d 27/11/07


SharkX v0.5d 27/11/07
  • fix : SharkXprefs.ini problem
  • add : EastShare Credit System from Stulle 5.3 (Stulle)
  • remove : stand alone Fine Credit System
  • add : optional (additional) Fine Credit System from Stulle 5.3 (Stulle) - 10'x aSceT
  • change : SharkX new logo - 10'x Typo
SharkX 0.5c 20/11/07
  • updated : FakeAnalyzer from Warp 0.3a11 (Netfinity)
  • remove : Auto clean bad KAD keyword characters
  • add : Optimize KAD search from TK4 v2.1d (BSB) -
  • change : Red IDS_ERR_PARTCORRUPT (taz) - 10'x Typo
  • change : Green IDS_AICH_WORKED (taz) - 10'x Typo
  • fix : eMule currently send BSOBs where it should use UINT64 @ KademliaUDPListener - files >4GB in KAD (netfinity)
  • add : reveal HighResTimer from MorphXT 10.4 (leuk_he) - 10'x cellax
  • add : open Incoming folder from systray (taz) - 10'x cellax
  • add : reveal of RTLWINDOWSLAYOUT for HE_IL only (taz) - 10'x aSceT
  • fix : more uncompressed file types @ UploadClient.cpp (leuk_he) - 10'x aSceT
  • add : full Safe Hash implementation and some optimization from MorphXT 10.4 (mostly SLUGFILLER)
  • add : Flush Thread from MorphXT 10.4 (mostly SiRoB)
  • add : SafeHash compatibility fix from Xtreme 6.1 (Xman)

Download: eMule v0.48a SharkX v0.5d Binary
eMule v0.48a SharkX v0.5d Source

Azureus v3.0.3.5 Beta 21 - Build 29 Nov 2007

To use, rename the downloaded AzureusXxxx-Bxx.jar file to Azureus2.jar to replace your old jar in the Azureus program dir: ChangeTheAzureusTwoJarFile
Azureus v2 vs. v3 (Vuze) FAQ
Snapshot RSS Feed
Beta Site:

Azureus3035-B21.jar - 29 Nov 2007 07:32:34 AM [10005118 bytes]

ACDSee Pro German


Import Effortlessly
- Stay ahead of the volume from day one with powerful tools that automatically import, rename and categorize your new photos whenever your cameras and storage devices are connected.

Quickly view and browse your collection
- View, sort, cull and compare your photos in a fully customizable interface with the speed required by professional photographers.
- Get instant full screen viewing, and fast thumbnail browsing for more than 100 different file formats including JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD, PNG, TIFF, TGA, RAW NEF, CRW, and much more. View your RAW files as quickly as your JPEGs.
- Sift through thousands of shots and identify the ones you want to keep using one-click Visual Tagging. Select your best shots using Image Compare to view up to four images at once in greater detail.
- Quickly retrieve photos using keywords, captions, file or folder names, or IPTC data, or find that one photo out of thousands using the Quick Search bar.

RAW Viewing and Editing
View your RAW images with lightning-fast image previews and support for most RAW formats from DSLR cameras including Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, FujiFilm, Leica, Leaf, Panasonic and Kodak. View the full list of supported RAW formats. For the complete list of RAW formats supported by ACDSee software, visit

Catalog your photos effectively
- Manage your digital assets with powerful and flexible cataloguing options. Organize and find your photos by Windows® file folder, IPTC/EXIF/XMP metadata, custom virtual categories, keywords, ratings and more.
- NEW! Read, write and create sidecar files for your RAW files that keep your images and data connected across systems and software.

Develop and perfect your images
- Perfect your images with state of the art RAW processing and advanced pixel-level editing. Take total control of every aspect - from white balance to sharpness.
- NEW! Experience the superior image quality and detail of ACDSee Pro 2��s RAW process. And, with background processing, continue your workflow while ACDSee Pro completes your non-destructive adjustments.
- Expose hidden details in dark and light areas with ACDSee Pro 2��s patent pending Shadow/Highlights feature C you ll see beautiful results. Fix common photo defects such as blemishes, flares, lens scratches, and other imperfections with the Photo Repair tool. NEW! Use a selection tool to apply adjustments including blur, saturation and color to defined areas of your photos.

Present your photos in the best light
- Share selected shots effortlessly through e-mail, web galleries, slide shows and prints.
- Use ACDSee Pro 2 s e-mail tool to optimize your images for delivery. Easily create contact sheets and high-quality prints with optimized print templates.
- Create stunning slide shows with transition effects and multiple audio tracks. Add watermarks to your photographs to reflect your copyright.

Protect and archive your work
- Easily archive your collection to .zip folders, CD or DVD, and synchronize with your external harddrives. You can even synchronize multiple folders and schedule when the synchronizations occur.
- NEW! Protect and preserve your metadata by embedding it in industry-standard portable digital negative format (DNGs).


ACDSee.Pro.2.v2.0.219.Incl.Keymaker-CORE.rar - Mirror - Mirror - Mirror

Vista Transformation Pack 8.0

This program will transform your Windows user interface to ultimate Windows Vista alike looks that everyone will never notice it’s the same old Windows XP (or 2003)。

Vista Transformation Pack will replace many of the resources in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003. It can change such things as:

Boot screen
Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
New msstyles files (visual styles)
New desktop and file icons
New toolbar icons
Progress Dialogs
Sounds scheme
System Tray icons
New Wallpapers
Windows Media Player Skins
And much more

Sadly that I couldn't bundle a user guide of this release together with the product since Maeroris doesn't have much time to work on it and I already promised to release it in middle of this month (which seems to be late already). To be frank, this version is mainly the same to previous ones except "Aero Glass without WindowBlinds" and "WinFlip" featured with overall improvements such as:

-Fixed hotfix issue, no more workaround trick required to avoid that
-Ability to save transforming information for later uses and unattended transformation
-Ability to detect the targeted machine and give suggested setup configuration
-Some transformation procedures refinements you should look at like pre-configure on first run, removed obsolete dialogs and msn skin, etc.
-New 3rd-party apps and new version of existing apps

And yes, it's free still without paying few hundreds for some certain stuff you like in Vista.

For detailed changes and download , please a look below

Changes in Version 8.0:
-Added CPU Speed information in Welcome Center
-Added saving setup information file to save setup configuration for later uses with unattended transformation support
-Added installation background
-Added “System optimized” in Setup Configuration to configure the user account corresponding to machine’s spec
-Added TrueTransparency 0.8.5 (Glass border with ported AeroStyle skin)
-Added WinFlip 0.42 (Vista 3DFlip)
-Fixed KB925902 hotfix issues with file processing animation
-Fixed Media Center program execution error
-Fixed rebuilding icon cache bug on non-current users during the processes
-Fixed Styler’s installation checking bug (always set toolbar to styler mode when possible)
-Fixed failing to apply Vista screensaver
-Fixed program name in Add/Remove Programs
-Fixed subscribing Windows X’s shrine to be default homepage bug in Welcome Center
-Fixed visualtooltip’s advanced configuration bug
-Fixed WindowBlinds 6 skin installation compatibility
-Moved hotfix warning to user guide file to prevent confusion
-Re-arranged welcome dialog for richer information
-Replaced Extras in Welcome Center with Community link to forum
-Removed configuring user account’s status report
-Removed obsolete dialogs (WindowBlinds warning, Before transformation, Donation, FAQ and Q&A)
-Removed Vista Live Messenger 8.1 skin
-Updated Setup Configuration in Welcome Center to cover on everything
-Updated setup transformation to pre-configure current user account before finishing the transformation
-Updated theming engine configuration
-Updated Vista Sidebar to version 2.3 Lite
-Updated Vista Sidebar user account configuration in Welcome Center
-Updated ViStart to build 2661
-Updated ViOrb to version 2.0
-Updated VisualTooltip to version 2.2
-Updated Welcome Center to pre-configure user account with system optimized option on the first run in that user account

MD5 Hash (of RAR): BAE9BE5A5A6ABC5DBE477530F9734E7E
MD5 Hash (of EXE): 3FBD59F37BDFEC3CBC0C4776EE9B520F
If it doesn't match with your downloaded file, it might an version that contains bugs or it may be infected with malware.

Download (27.41 MB): vtp8.rar - DDL

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

After Mozilla Firefox Final, Firefox Release Candidate 1 ready to Download

Firefox Release Candidate 1Firefox RC1 is available in all Languages/OS on Mozilla FTP sites and mirrors, while Firefox Final was follow by 4 later Version Builds branded as Bonecho just one week ago.
The newer nightly builds includes many bugfixes and improvements as the already as public published final release, see Mozilla Developer Bulletin site for change list.

As by all Final Branded Versions before, Mozilla release 4 to 5 more days long after the Final release, Nightly Builds which includes bugfixes and other improvements as the public Final Version. The so called Final spreed fast all over the net and it seems up to impossible to fix later changes cause not only the Release Date of the Final Version and many on other sites hosted Downloads will be needed to replace.

What's New in Firefox

Release Date:
November 26, 2007
Security Update:
The following security issues were fixed.
Earlier Changes:
For information about previous changes, please see the Firefox Release Notes.
Firefox 2 Features:
For an overview, please see Firefox 2 Features.

Last Firefox from 27. Nov. 2007 branded as BonEcho:
Localized Builds: latest-mozilla1.8-l10n/
[   ]firefox- 04:16 8.6M
[   ]firefox- 04:16 9.2M
[   ]firefox- 08:17 15M
[   ]firefox- 08:16 17M
[   ]firefox- 04:55 7.1M
[   ]firefox- 04:52 5.6M
[   ]firefox- 04:53 7.7M

Firefox RC1 Branded as Firefox
Download Folder / all Languages / OS: 18:17

eMule 0.48a VeryCD 071128 Final - Stable release

eMule 0.48a VeryCD 071128 Final
VeryCD eMule v0.48a Build 071128 stability Edition [2007-11-28] ===============================================

changelog: 28. Nov. 2007

This update marginally, detailed as follows:
* Suggested that no amendments to offload
* half-open connections that judgment errors

Azureus v3.0.3.5 Beta 20

To use, rename the downloaded AzureusXxxx-Bxx.jar file to Azureus2.jar to replace your old jar in the Azureus program dir: ChangeTheAzureusTwoJarFile
Azureus v2 vs. v3 (Vuze) FAQ
Snapshot RSS Feed
Beta Site:

Azureus3035-B20.jar - 28 Nov 2007 08:00:28 AM [10004537 bytes]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE

eMule 0.48a CN 6 Build 189 SE

EMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE version (version of the National Day, Chinese donkey wish more powerful and prosperous motherland) Statement: The Chinese donkey CN MOD official version of the TAG is [CHN]. In our version is not any third-party software bundle! Please download from the official China donkey Site this version.

Sockets.cpp may lead to a collapse
Statistics inside joined the eMule Compat client statistics
The velocity of some minor amendments
The crash bug has been found.

Upload selection algorithm perfect
- LowID clients in the waiting will be chosen repeatedly to resolve the issue of fairness LowID
- Repeatedly chosen by the client in the back LowID even with greater access to upload queue may
- Queue will be waiting in the queue and upload client as a Pool (Pool) to random distribution of credit
- Upload concept of virtual waiting at the same time and for the client to upload queue
EMule all Mersenne Twister random number by a Random Number Generator
Amendment Funny Nick non-functional issues
Amendments to the remote client completion percentages of errors
An official amendment to the wrong address kad read the configuration file compatibility issues Vista
A small amendment to the official error
Joining Advanced Client Identification (Enhanced Client Recognition [Spike2])
Join Connection Collision correction (from MorphXT)
Code cleared
Join BetterClientAttaching (from Neo mod)
Many small Performance Optimization
Double-click download files that the collapse of bug
The velocity of subsystems that all the bug
Further optimization of the ability to upload
Join AICH security checks (from eMuleFuture)
Only in the absence of effective AICH hash of circumstances AICH hash request (from eMuleFuture)

Amendment dlp unable to set up the issue of preservation
Amendments known interface bug
Judge amended version of the bug,
CN mod tag unique donkey list shows
Join algorithm options and the expansion of the largest number of upload options
Amendments to open the closed firewall port bug, joined the windows2003 system support.
Join the minimum amount upload

* China donkey Bang
* Friends function
* Excluding official upnp, joined cn version UPNP
* Amending Part Search
* Ip corresponding function
* Update IP2Country counterparts latest data
* Amendment IP2Country previous judgment spaces mistakes, Unicode support for data
* Dlp function
* Highlighted lowid .....
* ModTag, up / down directly in the client software part View (transmission interface and customer details)
* ClientDetailDialog call IP2Country and landscaped interface
* A bug with friends list
* A bug with dlp
* Test team found a number of issues


Download: eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE.rar (5.38 MB)
Mirror: eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE.rar (5.38 MB)

ed2k link:
eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE.rar
eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE src.rar

Azureus v3.0.3.5 Beta 19

To use, rename the downloaded AzureusXxxx-Bxx.jar file to Azureus2.jar to replace your old jar in the Azureus program dir: ChangeTheAzureusTwoJarFile
Azureus v2 vs. v3 (Vuze) FAQ
Snapshot RSS Feed
Beta Site:


Monday, November 26, 2007

Xunlei Thunderbolt (Thunder) v5.7.4.404 rabbit [TuZi Thunder Mod] optimized version

Thunder v5.7.4.404 Ads FreeRabbit [TuZiThunder] Mod version modifications to the Original Thunder

* All advertising removed from official procedures
* Interface cleaner, no dogs search
* Non any third-party software bundle
* Solve some of the wrong antivirus software

Update Message: super rabbit is doing more products, although it may be amended version only, but all is the beginning, we will be adding their own content, with no guarantee that all rogues, and provide convenience for Netizen is the rabbit's purpose.

Thunder (2007.11.20) Update:
* Search box classification increased video search
* Enhanced Virus warning function, multi-engine scan result of feedback
* Amended the security components may lead to Thunderbolt automatic withdrawal -BUG
* Amended to delete emule task may collapse -BUG

Download: TuZiThunder5.rar (6.16 MB) - TuZiThunder5.exe (6.22 MB)

Thunder Config only:AYU Config Thunder v5.7.4.401
Thunder + Config files: (Thunder) + Ayu Config

English Translation Language File and FAQ's visit:
Xunlei Translation Pack V2.0B edited by Linkinpark

I am using Xunlei Thunder English Translation

BitTorrent 6.0 Build 5535 optimized Edition uTorrent Mod - µBitTorrent - The Lightweight and Efficient BitTorrent Client

- Icon ressources replaced with uTorrent 1.8
- Commercial Website URL links replaced with usefull public free Torrent Portals
- Call homes removed, update check disabled
- Forum and Homepage to uTorrent
- internal default search engine changed
- US Speedtest side replaced with international speedtest site
- crc corrected

no Leecher Functions added to play fair!!!

Compressed with UPX (same as uTorrent = 222 KB)

µBitTorrent - The Lightweight and Efficient BitTorrent Client

with new uTorrent 1.8 Icon Set:
Download: uBittorrent.exe (222.30 KB) - Mirror
MD5: 4f0d8efc9981dd50a94d1f05b4c91548
uBittorrent-unpacked.exe (481.30 KB)
German Language File: uBittorrent.exe.lang.txt

with Traditional uTorrent 1.7 Icon Set:
Download: bittorrent.exe (221.80 KB) - Mirror
German Language File for BitTorrent v6: bittorrent.exe.lang.txt

Helpfile: Help.chm
IP Filter and flags Updater: BitTorrent 6 IP Filter Updater
Based on latest BitTorrent.exe (;O=D)
Short URL:

Screenshots previews Version
Discussion @

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shareaza 2.3 Build 20071122 (22. Nov. 2007)

Shareaza 2.3 final coming soon, but help is needed. We are going to release the version and as usual we need to have all translations up to date. To help, go here If you find any bugs then report them in the Bugs & Beta Testing Forum. Installer - This is the full installer and the normal way Shareaza is distributed. Standalone - This is just the Shareaza.exe and can be placed directly into an existing Shareaza installation. Most of the time this one can be used just fine but sometimes changes are made to the installer and Shareaza.exe won't function correctly until the installer is run. It is recommended that Installer be used instead of Standalone.



Installer: Shareaza_20071122.exe(10.02 MB)
Zip: MB)

The Shareaza Daily Updater Script can be used to update to the latest daily without user interaction. Old builds are available from the archive page to aid in tracking down when a particular bug started.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


NEW updated Europe Satellite Television Premiere TV

Latest keys updated 25.11.07 - all receiver/cards incl. premiere 2nd change today:
Download: all updated
Mirrors - Mirror
Google Search

old keys:

501 Key 01 : E7 9D BE 03 01 45 10 9C FC 19 EC BF F7 2F 4E 53
DEC: 231 157 190 003 001 069 016 156 252 025 236 191 247 047 078 083

Sat TV Receiver:
Smart MX 04 via Remote Control Unit Instruction: code_with_Remote Controll.pdf
Opticum 4000c - Key input instruction

more info, source and other Keys: KEY-SAT Upload Center

Outside Europe you may need a Satellite Dash with 3 Meter or more with one of the below written required digital receiver brand to receive Astra via DX from oversees. In combination with low noise high gain digital LNB.
Premiere hacking are prohibition in them authority aerials inside Europe. This includes all countries where Premiere is with standard (no DX) equipment official available.

Broken and invalid Download Links

Some links from older Posts on our site can be down due inactivity. Please write a comment to this post with url link and name of the program with version number and filename if you found any "broken" download links so we can replace them.


TT-Net. Asia S-W

BitSpirit v3.3.2.100

- Clean interface
- Multiple simultaneous downloads
- Disk cache mechanism
- Fast job resume
- File selecting support
- Powerful file manager
- UPnP portmapping
- Instant Messaging support
- Gzip Data compression
- Flexible speed control
- Scheduled downloading
- Integrated with IE
- Shutdown computer when done
- HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support
- High speed
- Very low CPU & Mem usage

v3.3.2.100 official version of BitSpirit
Amendment: Amendments to the v3.3.1 in the mission when not adjusted documents priority (never downloaded to download) in certain circumstances handling cross-data block incorrect;
Amendment: Add task Form disk cache too small cap issues (procedural default automatic disk cache not the problem);
Amendment: in the course of frequent adjustments download documents priority (download / no download), in certain circumstances may lead to failure to complete the task (to complete halt after the start);
Improvements: the final stages of perfecting download download strategies, and because the wrong data or other problems caused by the long delay in completing tasks;
Improvement: At the same time a number of task order paper checks;
Improvement: A new version of the blacklist system can be set up to the blacklist time (10 minutes, 1 hour, tasks such as running during Prohibition);
Improvements: view of the current instability in certain client frequent data transmission errors, intelligent positioning error of their sources and automatically join one hour blacklist;
Improvement: increase "Remember automatic shutdown option" option, when not selected, the next procedure after commencement of proceedings automatically canceled automatically shutdown;
Improvement: Other user experience and procedures of the Stability minor improvement;
V3.3.2.100 official version of the Download link:
Chinese version:
Multi-language version:
IP database (English):
IP database (Traditional):
Note: IP database will be downloaded extracting bits Wizard QQWry.dat copy to the plugin installed subdirectory under the directory. Users can also use, downloaded other updated version of the IP database.


MD5 (WinMD5)
The main program (BitSpirit.exe 2.93MB): 34E157944F631B8F9BE34D32B6597B1E
Chinese version (SetupCN.exe 2.41MB): F62312179F65A0DF34B677F75BAB6784
The international version (SetupEN.exe 2.52MB): 9C5EA1F80C94B45D38D8B4E8BD6DFFE6
Size: 2.55 MB



BitSpirit exe update from 23.11.2007

FIX: CPU freez, high cpu load, some minor bugfixes
BitSpirit Developer FAQ and BBS:

Download updated BitSpirit exe: (1.3 MB) - Mirror

Friday, November 23, 2007

µTorrent 1.8 alpha 6415

Changelog uTorrent 1.8 Build 6415:
2007-11-21: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6415)
- Change: add resource version info properly, so Explorer tooltip works
- Change: turn banned dlls in to vebose log messages and notes on the crashdump dialog
- Change: Local peer discovery can now be controlled per-torrent through torrent properties
- Change: Various changes to file retargetting feature based on user feedback
- Change: Various changes to transfer tab text layout based on user feedback
- Change: Added ability to autosize first column in the new add torrent listview by double-clicking the header divider
- Change: Hide path column by default for now in add torrent listview
- Change: The add torrent listview now remembers the column state (which columns are visible etc.)
- Fix: crash bugs in selecting RSS feed from category view, and sorting RSS items
- Fix: some minor memory leaks/size issues
- Fix: remove noisy logging
- Fix: crash bug with SOCKS5 proxies, and a problem with SOCKS4 proxies not connecting
- Fix: Loading of single file torrents from custom-set complete directory
- Fix: minor DHT improvement, prevents early termination of queries
- Fix: Loading of torrents from certain directories (alpha-specific)
- Fix: Total size refereshing in add torrent dialog when path is changed (alpha-specific)
- Fix: Correct initial values of second tab of the torrent properties dialog (alpha-specific)
- Fix: Various issues of reloading HTTP seeds when changed from torrent properties
- Fix: HTTP seeds of torrents editing through torrent properties is now remembered between sessions
- Fix: Loading of single file torrents from custom-set complete directory (very old bug, existed back to 1.6 and possibly before then)
- Fix: Fix a bug where the value in the filename box would get appended to the folder name in the new vista open dialog
- Fix: allow WebUI port and BT port to be the same without error (same as not setting the WebUI port)

--- 2007-11-15: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6171)
- Change: Adding trackers via RSS autodownload does not override original label
- Change: Help option in Help menu now downloads and displays utorrent .chm manual instead of launching online FAQ
- Fix: extremely rare and extremely old crash bug with timing out disk jobs

--- 2007-11-13: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6104)
- Feature: Support for file:// URLs
- Feature: Use RSS feed title as alias if available
- Feature: Last Active column
- Feature: Use RSS feed TTL value if available
- Feature: RSS title parsing available for all torrents in main window
- Feature: Codec parsing from title
- Feature: Smart episode filter will download repack for most recent episode with rss.smart_repack_filter
- Feature: More support for http web seeds including support for torrents with multiple files, torrent creation with web seeds, and changing web seeds on the fly via torrent properties
- Feature: Elapsed time column
- Feature: Program start time in statistics window
- Feature: Improved hashfail banning system (special thanks to the Azureus devs for describing their method)
- Feature: Faster resume after a crash (does not re-check finished or flushed files)
- Feature: Support FAST extensions
- Feature: Basic auto-download setup available while adding RSS feeds
- Feature: Metadata extension
- Feature: Support %s (search term) and %v (version identifier) in search engine list
- Feature: Support .btsearch files to add to search engine list
- Feature: support for relative paths with .torrent files
- Feature: Improved uTorrent UPnP mechanism. Should map correctly on routers that only send NOTIFY packets, uses XP API where functional, and maps UDP port now too
- Change: User-Agent for web usage is now "BTWebClient/" plus uT version
- Change: Added a tracker and transfers tab to help spread out the information a bit
- Change: uTorrent now fetches paths using shfolder.dll so that it can get the correct APPDATA path for Windows 95. If you are on a similar system you will need to download shfolder.dll from Microsoft if you do not have a later version of Internet Explorer installed.
- Change: Change addtorrent dialog treeview into a listview so it can be sorted + have a selection rectangle et al.
- Change: uTorrent now uses the user's download folder on Vista by default, rather than the custom %HOMEPATH%\Downloads
- Change: utorrent.exe now has version, company, and product metadata
- Change: prio_first_last_piece now prioritizes first and last megabyte of file instead of only the piece on the edge
- Change: diskio.sparse_files is now enabled by default
- Change: RSS feeds listed in category view, items in main window
- Change: Removed now-redundant feeds and releases tabs from RSS Downloader window
- Change: RSS button on toolbar now brings up Add Feed dialog
- Change: rss.filters_use_default_dir determines if default download folder is used for filter matches when filter or settings do not specify a download path
- Change: do not use adapter subnets to detect local peers. seems to result in many false-positives
- Change: Add torrent uses .torrent storage path as default search path
- Change: allow a manual reannounce every max(60 seconds, min_interval) where min_interval is from the tracker
- Change: remove non-US supporting site from search list
- Change: queue RSS feed updates
- Change: ";" no longer separates skip files in Create Torrent since it is a valid filename character in Windows
- Change: no more blank white screen when the WebUI is not installed, instead an informative message and a link (also 404s for other resource requests)
- Fix: Implement ability to change trackers for a torrent from webui
- Fix: When creating a .torrent file, all files are now sorted regardless of file system
- Fix: Logic error where it would not copy the .torrent to the storage path if only part of the path was matched
- Fix: Bug where BT backend didn't take into account alt .torrent storage path
- Fix: "&" characters in label names within the main download list context menu no longer become accelerators and display normally
- Fix: Last line of ipfilter.dat is loaded if it does not end with a carriage return
- Fix: Close file handles during hashchecking, instead of all at the end
- Fix: Properly open RSS releases with quotes in title
- Fix: Fixed several cases where UPnP would not unmap the portmapping on exit
- Fix: when a modal dialog is active other windows that are not its parent can recieve input - Mirror: utorrent-1.8-alpha-6415.upx.exe

Anyone experiencing crashes please run the uncompressed version: - Mirror: utorrent-1.8-alpha-6415.uncompressed.exe




+ Problem with the takeover of the sounds, wallpapers, etc. resolved
+ Errors in the De-Installationsroutine resolved

??? nlite slipstream into winxp sp3 rc1 and bitdefender controll panel screen visable ???
??? NVIDIA Graphic driver controll panel left frame letters visable ???


MD5 checksum: D73CE2DC03B06C7331CF6CE153D93B1E
Download: VistaMizer_2.1.1.0.exe

TuoTu v3.0.106

TuoTu 3.0.106 TuoTu v3.0.106 English/Chinese

CHANGELOG (v3.0.106) (November 23, 2007)

3.0.106 version download address:
Installation version: - Mirror
Green Edition: - Mirror

106 version CHANGELOG 2007-11-23
* A cross-core improve the stability agreement Download
* Download the core of BT improved network performance
* Amended the BT core sequence download obvious than slow download speeds chaotic sequence of a bug
* BT core reduce duplication Download
* Improved built-core players
* Core improved peer-to-peer strategy
* Improved core DHT reduce 0 nodes situation
* Interface that the seed market in switching tasks without refresh bug
* Interface that task may be manually prompted the suspension of inadequate health bug
* Interface that the new mandate of the panel that no refresh bug
* Interface that after the completion of tasks may be dead bug cards
* Interface can remember the last open bottom panel
* Interface that eDonkey cancel the mandate can no longer re-download bug
* Interface that produced BT seeds, some documents can not be produced or collapse into the bug
* Interface that automatically connect the bug KAD
* Other amendments to some of the details

105 version CHANGELOG 2007-9-29
* Designing an inter-agreement kernel, reducing the wrong data, repeat the download, and support inter-edge The above release agreement
* Increased under while watching the built-in edge player (beta), the document lists panels can be seen in the right menu
* BT that the percentage of the documents bug (sometimes 99 percent has actually completed)
* BT that the first task would be to stop the problem card
* BT to improve the network transmission performance, were uploaded to do single IP LAN will not only reach dozens K
* Emule with other clients improve compatibility between
* Emule increase choice, "Link server, update the list server"
* List of servers emule amendment to delete the bug Batch
* HTTP amended the case 100 percent progress of the bug is not completed
* UPnP routers increased by the support of THOMSON
* Interface that the preservation of historical and other bug Contents
* Improved interface with a number of other issues that
older Version
Installation version:
Green Edition:


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Azureus v3.0.3.5 Beta 18

To use, rename the downloaded AzureusXxxx-Bxx.jar file to Azureus2.jar to replace your old jar in the Azureus program dir: ChangeTheAzureusTwoJarFile
Azureus v2 vs. v3 (Vuze) FAQ
Snapshot RSS Feed
Beta Site:

Azureus3035-B18.jar - 22 Nov 2007 08:03:48 AM [10008061 bytes>

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RSS Submit v2.36 and 2.32 Pro *FIXED*

RSS Submit v2.36 Full

RSS Submit is the most powerful RSS feed management and promotion tool available. The first of its kind for automatically submitting RSS feeds, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the RSS search engines.
Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
RSS Submit uses a combined method of automatic submissions and auto-filling web page submit forms to automate the process of submitting your RSS feeds, publishing your content, and getting more traffic with proven results.
RSS Submit is extremely easy to use. Automatic RSS feed detection allows you to enter the domain of your web site and let RSS Submit find the locations of your feeds. Integration with FeedBurner and Technorati statistics lets you track hits to your RSS feeds right from within the software. RSS Preview and keyword analysis lets you manage your feeds in real-time.
The following RSS search engines are supported:
MSN Search
Fyber Search
Bulk Feeds
Truth Laid Bear
Blog Street
Feeds Farm
News Knowledge
Blog Wise
News Trove
Every Feed
Blog SE
Boing Boing
RSS Clipping
Blog Digger
Day Pop
Sarthak Blog
News Is Free
Rocket Info
Easy RSS
Headline Spot
Feed Directory
Pub Sub
Blog Tree
Blog Catalog
Step Newz
News Goblin
News Feeds
Read A Blog
Blog Pulse
Press Radar
Rub Hub
Feed 24
Blog Map
Weblogs *
Feed Burner * *
BlogRolling *
Technorati *
NewsGator *
Pingomatic *
RSS Network
Feed Cat
Feed Miner
Ice Rocket
Moz Dex
Uncle Feed
RSS Locator
News Net Plus
Focus Look
Blog Bunch
Explore Blogs
Feed Pub
RSS Directory
House Of Blogs
Blog Resource
Feed Burner
All Feeds
Content Desk
Feed See
Blog Watch
Golden Feed
RSS Junky
Feed Fury
News on Feeds
Blog Census
Ultimate Search
Strategic Board

After submitting your RSS feed automatically with one click, you may perform additional manual submissions through your web browser to those directories which require more detailed information about your feed. RSS Submit can auto-fill most web page submit forms with information about your feed, providing a much quicker and easier submit experience.
For users who host their feed with FeedBurner or are listed in Technorati, RSS Submit contains integrated support for their RSS traffic statistics. Easily view up-to-date traffic hits for your RSS feeds directly from within RSS Submit. Be sureto activate this feature in your FeedBurner account in order to view stats in the software.
Preview your RSS feed in real-time just by selecting a URL. RSS Submit also provides you with the top 3 most popular keywords used in each feed article and a complete word count. Managing your RSS feeds has never been easier.

Full Version Enhancements
1. Unlimited time usage of software.
2. Activates all available RSS search engines for submission.
3. Allows support for expansion pack plug-ins.
4. Unlimited number of RSS feeds may be submitted.

Download (1.03 MB): RSS.Submit2.36.Fullsetup-upx.exe - Enter any #number, Self unregistering/inactivation with callhome fixed. This Version can not switch back into trial mode!!! - Mirror
Download (995.84 KB): RSS.Submit232setup.exe

NEW Enhanced Version
Hidden Preview Dialog activated, Retail Branded.
Download: RSS.Submit2.36.Fullsetup.exe (981.69 KB)

UPX Optimized (installed size exe only 482 KB - w/o upx 1,54 MB)
Download: RSS.Submit2.36.Fullsetup-upx.exe (1.02 MB)

Windows XP SP3 RC1 5.1.2600.3244

XP Service Pack 3 Build 3244 RC1 English
File Info:
windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe 336 MB (352.395.816 bytes)
352395816 11:17.04 2007-10-18 windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe
MD5: 7a958dd2bb1f4d80867c8d16eed9707b *windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe

Ms Cab File info (Self-Extracting Cabinet): 6.2.0029.0 (SRV03_QFE.031113-0918)
© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Lang: English (United States)
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Digital Signature:
Signer Name: Microsoft Corporation
E-mail: Not available
Signing Time: Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007 06:49:53
No: ‎61 0f 78 4d 00 00 00 00 00 03
Issuer: CN = Microsoft Code Signing PCA
O = Microsoft Corporation
L = Redmond
S = Washington
C = US
Valid from: Donnerstag, 23. August 2007 07:23:13
Valid to: Montag, 23. Februar 2009 07:33:13
[1]Authority Info Access
Access Method=Certification Authority Issuer (
Alternative Name:
Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation (c0)
Counter Sign:

30 82 02 08 02 01 01 30 0......0
81 87 30 79 31 0b 30 09 ..0y1.0.
06 03 55 04 06 13 02 55 ..U....U
53 31 13 30 11 06 03 55 S1.0...U
04 08 13 0a 57 61 73 68 ....Wash
69 6e 67 74 6f 6e 31 10 ington1.
30 0e 06 03 55 04 07 13 0...U...
07 52 65 64 6d 6f 6e 64 .Redmond
31 1e 30 1c 06 03 55 04 1.0...U.
0a 13 15 4d 69 63 72 6f ...Micro
73 6f 66 74 20 43 6f 72 soft Cor
70 6f 72 61 74 69 6f 6e poration
31 23 30 21 06 03 55 04 1#0!..U.
03 13 1a 4d 69 63 72 6f ...Micro
73 6f 66 74 20 54 69 6d soft Tim
65 73 74 61 6d 70 69 6e estampin
67 20 50 43 41 02 0a 61 g PCA..a
49 7c ed 00 00 00 00 00 I......
05 30 07 06 05 2b 0e 03 .0...+..
02 1a a0 5d 30 18 06 09 ...]0...
2a 86 48 86 f7 0d 01 09 *.H.....
03 31 0b 06 09 2a 86 48 .1...*.H
86 f7 0d 01 07 01 30 1c ......0.
06 09 2a 86 48 86 f7 0d ..*.H...
01 09 05 31 0f 17 0d 30 ...1...0
37 31 30 33 30 32 33 34 71030234
39 35 33 5a 30 23 06 09 953Z0#..
2a 86 48 86 f7 0d 01 09 *.H.....
04 31 16 04 14 ed 67 d7 .1....g.
5e ca 3a 39 88 ed 58 ec ^.:9..X.
5d 19 df f8 4c 2c 42 30 ]...L,B0
c7 30 0d 06 09 2a 86 48 .0...*.H
86 f7 0d 01 01 05 05 00 ........
04 82 01 00 53 25 86 74 ....S%.t
9e 94 da 2e 90 90 bc 23 .......#
47 0f 61 bb 91 fe c9 b2 G.a.....
03 a8 e2 51 17 69 9d 9e ...Q.i..
15 cf c3 14 2f d0 69 3d ..../.i=
db 6e eb aa fb 5e d2 6b .n...^.k
a0 99 e6 eb 75 79 8a 27'
a3 87 c3 2c 2f ec 51 e7 ...,/.Q.
d4 0b 4d 88 8a 6e 4d d1 ..M..nM.
81 9f 9d 81 c7 eb 17 fb ........
3b 6e 22 05 f6 bc 01 1d ;n".....
f7 2b a5 f0 dc 8f 12 9b .+......
e1 d7 bb 6d 1d a0 c7 7d ...m...}
23 49 5d 9f 5e fb 3f 97 #I].^.?.
d9 33 47 20 49 56 4b fb .3G IVK.
90 30 1c 17 08 4c a6 2c .0...L.,
6b 5d c8 17 2d 61 14 b1 k]..-a..
02 51 89 9a 4a a4 f7 d0 .Q..J...
af 6e b8 28 47 65 18 74 .n.(Ge.t
77 a2 9d 94 b1 8a 35 74 w.....5t
6e 5f 0f 04 bd 2f d4 76 n_.../.v
8a 41 27 3d 44 c6 ef 10 .A'=D...
46 6b 33 21 78 10 28 4f Fk3!x.(O
d2 f0 f6 21 a3 a4 eb c0 ...!....
08 3a 93 b7 3c e8 33 71 .:..<.3q

30 5a a0 34 80 32 00 57 0Z.4.2.W
00 69 00 6e 00 64 00 6f .i.n.d.o
00 77 00 73 00 20 00 58 .w.s. .X
00 50 00 20 00 53 00 65 .P. .S.e
00 72 00 76 00 69 00 63 .r.v.i.c
00 65 00 20 00 50 00 61 .e. .P.a
00 63 00 6b 00 20 00 33 .c.k. .3
a1 22 80 20 68 74 74 70 .". http
3a 2f 2f 77 77 77 2e 6d ://www.m
69 63 72 6f 73 6f 66 74 icrosoft
2e 63 6f 6d 2f 77 69 6e .com/win
64 6f 77 73 dows

This certificate is OK.
Torrent: XP_Service_Pack_3_Build_3244_RC1_English
XP_SP3_RC1_5.1.2600.3244.7z (328 MB)
7zip extracted content:
windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe 336 MB (352.395.816 bytes)
windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.md5 237 bytes (237 bytes)
Same Version just Labeled "Standalone installer" :)) here on this Blog: in 4 parts (rar).

Enabled update.inf to allow (run update.exe) updating by same Service Pack Version present. For example to fix Tablet PC SP 3 edition on Desktop PC's
1. Unpack / extract windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe (last RC Build v.3264) using universal extractor or other methods
2. run update.exe /? or -? (-h or /h are used by ms) see the command screen options

Thanks and all Credits to someone from Poland!

To install via Windows update website copy the following code in notepad and save as .cmd or .bat
@echo off
reg delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\XPSP3 /f 2> NUL
reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\XPSP3 /v RCPreview /t REG_SZ /d 1c667073-b87f-4f52-a479-98c85711d869 /f
echo XPSP3 registry key has been set. Please check for updates in Windows Update.

Without this changed entries in registry you will get error code 0x80242006 by install Windows Xp SP1 RC1 from online update:

and English:

Send Refferer in Firefox Ref Control Extension or in Download Manager:
to Download filename by request!!!
Server have Hotlink Protection and Ref Check on!!!

XP - Vista Style updates

FastAero System build 0751 (20070709)
A free tool for you to customize your Win2000/XP system

Let you experience Glass Forms with blur effect on Windows XP
*Works without any other tools , such as WindowBlinds , StyleXP ...
*It is portable. You don't need to install any thing or uninstall anything.
*Visit : for any new updates.

Build 0751:
*The blur effect can be enabled now on every machine.
*If the length of the titlebar caption is too long , it will be replace with "...".
*Improved the lighting effect performance.
*Fixed some small bugs.
*The blur is turned off in the default setting. (You can run FastAeroConfig.exe to turn on it)
Build 0750:
*Use new fast blur algorithm. (Use software emulation , but use low cpu resource)
*Support 32-bit PNG images.
*Fixed button glow problems.
*Fixed some problems in the window message filter.
+ It may fixed the access violation problem.
*Fixed some problems with Opera browser ,...etc.
*Fixed min/max/close buttons error.
*Add titlebar text glow
*Add edge transparency without blur. (Use hardware acceleration , depend on displaycard)
+ Just like WindowBlinds 5
*Add Dynamic lighting effect.
*Use high quality glass skin.

Build 0700:
*Some performance&stability improvement
*Fixed some access violation problems.
*Fixed the window edge error problem.
*Add TrayIcon. Now you can minimized FastAero into the system tray.


Download: FastAero Build 0751
Mirrors: FastAero Build 0751 Mirror

Old Version

Universal UXTheme Patcher 2.1

The Universal UXTheme Patcher patches the uxtheme.dll file, which will allow you to use 3rd party (non-Microsoft created) visual styles in Windows.
This utility supports all Windows XP+ based Operating Systems. This includes Media Center Edition, Tablet PC Edition, Server 2003 (all variations), XP Home and Pro and has full 64-bit (x64) support. The tool is only 66.5kb, takes about 1 second to patch the system, avoids Windows File Protection and only requires a restart for the patched file to go into effect.

Patched uxtheme.dll's:

WinFlip 0.421 Debug


Do you have problems with Paint.NET or Outlook 2007 while using WinFlip 0.42?

Then please go ahead and download: - Mirror
Replace your WinFlip.exe with the one included in the zip file.
This should solve your problems for now and the bug will be fixed in the next release.

TrueTransparency v9 Latest Build from Nov 15. 2007

TrueTransparency v9 Latest Build from Nov 15. 2007
TrueTransparency is freeware that changes the windows border and add png support true transparency
Download (299.39 KB):
old Version:

Vista Welcome Center for XP

A Vista styled welcome center, for xp.
Download (1.74 MB):

Visual Tooltip

Visual Tooltip for Windows XP
Visual Tooltip makes it possible to post a miniature of the windows by putting the cursor of the mouse on the buttons of the bar of the tasks:
The miniatures can be to move anywhere on the desk:
It is possible to make ravel the contents of the window with the caster of the mouse
And also to type directly with the keyboard, on the miniature.

Download Version 1.22 (391.28 KB):

VSE Vista Start menu Emulator for WinXP v3.1.1.2

VSE Vista Start menu Emulator for WinXP v3.1.1.2VSE intends to emulate a Vista-like Start menu on your XP machine. To run VSE you'll need .net framework 2.0 or higher. Download it, unzipp and run the exe

Download (308.92 KB):

Vista Drive Status for XP

Vista Drive Status for XP
A well-known application in the customization scene, that will change your status drive. The "Vista Drive Status for XP" has been added to many customization packs, as it brings you closer to the real Windows Vista look.
Download (437.14 KB): Drive_Status.rar

Glass Toasts 1.1

GlassToasts 1.1
GlassToasts replaces the "ugly" WindowsXP/Vista style balloon notifications with the Beta 1 style glassy toasts.
Launch the application and use Start to start its functionality and Stop to stop its functionality. You can use Hide to hide the dialog.
The application knows a couple of commandline switches:
"-auto" will start the glass toasts directly without showing a dialog.
"-show" will show the dialog of a previously started GlassToast.exe
"-stop" will stop a previously started GlassToast.exe procedure. The application remains active
"-kill" will stop all previously started GlassToast.exe and unload them from memory.

Read More

Download (349.84 KB):

QT TabBar

QT TabBar
1) Extract zip file and execute 'QTTabBar.exe'.
* Required to have more than Power User authority to install.
* You can do the same even if you have an older version installed.
* When you failed to install...
On XP, make sure Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or 3.0 is properly installed on your machine.
You can get Microsoft .NET framework 3.0 from Windows Update or download from here( ) and install.

2) After relogon to Windows, open folder, and right click on toolbar. Check 'QT TabBar'. 'QT Tab Standard Buttons' if you like.
* Uncheck 'Lock The Toolbars' in the right-click menu on the toolbar of explorer, to move QTTabBar.
* First time you'll see an empty tab. Close explorer window once, and from next time QTTabBar will work properly.
* On Vista...
Click 'Organize' - 'Layout' - check 'Menu bar' to show menu bar of explorer.
After enabled QT TabBar, you can show or hide the menu bar by pressing Alt + M.

3) To use 'QT Tab Desktop Tool'
Right click on Task bar, check 'QT Tab Desktop Tool' in 'Toolbar' menu.
Launcher menu will be shown when double-clicked on Desktop and Taskbar.
and offers some functions ( 'Subfolder tip', 'Thumbnail tip' ) on the Desktop.

System Requirements
-Windows XP, Vista
-Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Website with further details
Download (647.79 KB):

VISTA Blue Taskmanager for Windows XP

VISTA Blue Taskmanager
To Replace TaskManager you will need to Take Ownership of the file, and give
yourself full permissions of it.

It is Located here:
Root Drive:\Windows\System32

To do so Right Click on the file (taskmgr) and go to "Properties", then once in the properties window
Go to the "Security" Tab. At the Bottom you will see "Advanced" click that and a new window
will open. In it Go to the "Owner" tab, Once in that window click "Edit" at the Bottom.
A new window will open, Select YOUR NAME OR USER in the Bottom Area titled "Change Owner To"
Hit Ok and Ok to get out of those Windows.
You should now be back in the "Properties" window, in the "security" tab. Towards the top
you will see "To change Permissions, click Edit" Click on that, Select YOUR NAME OR USER
and at the bottom check "Full Control". Then click Ok and Ok again to close the "Properties"
window. You now are the "Owner" with Full "Permissions" of that file.
Right Click the file again and choose "Rename", Rename it to whatever you like. I always use
For example "Taskmgr.old.exe" And then copy the new Blue taskmanger file right into that
folder. You may keep or delete the old one, I have included a original incase you do delete
it and decide you do want it back.
Homepage: AeroXP
Download (1.14 MB): images.rar

Vista Start 1.3

Vista Start Button 1.3
This little tool makes your start-button look like the in Vista. The screenshot is self-explanatory.
Download (394.36 KB):

...more: - Mirror