Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bitspirit v3.3.2.255 Ads Free

BitSpirit Ads Free
BitSpirit v3.3.2.255 No Ads:

Changes in BitSpirit.exe
- Community Function removed: Torrent Market exchange,....
- A Collection of your torrents will not be send and created "Your Goods Market". It will not create nor offer such a list to peers and others.
- Suggested Search closed, removed
- All tracing removed
- Ads removed
- Hot News, bsupdate, bsspecial, banner... and others as txt and bmp will not created nor downloaded form the urls in BitSpirit.exe
- Update Url to Download directory
- Donats URL = Changelog English
- .manifest for Vista and XP,... added and correct to program exe (no external .manifest file required)
- 2 Releases: Original Design Styles and Tango Style (HTF)
- No needed features/files removed from installer
- Uninstaller will properly work and left no BitSpirit config files and Registry Entries
- Multilanguage
- Your config does not matter to the "features" which have been removed.
- Updated latest German, Polnish and Chinese Language Files
- About: Help Site to Lanspirit English fixed
- Tango Skin bsres.dll fixed: Relocation Table was "obsolete" 0000, Id String was missing. Most updated Language Files included, German, Chinese, Polnish
- Torrent Builder Application ( Torrent Builder v3.2.2 ): Missing Version Info and .manifest have been added in file Builder.exe
- Fix: Media Preview does not work with newer (v 10+) RealMedia (rmv, rmvb,..) Movies updated Gabest from Version (Build Year 2006) to version (Build 18-09-2007) Real 8, 9, 10, 1x,...

Official Changelog:
Fixed: download files were the result of garbled there can download but can not browse through the normal procedures, move, delete the downloaded files;
Fixed: network traffic in the larger case may be frequent Add / Remove UPnP port;
Fixed: that in the Win2000 some special resolution under the initial interface shows that the issue of bias;
Improved: increase in "suspicious refused to link" function, in most cases can effectively avoid the large selection of the wrong data;
When it detects suspicious connection task, the task of downloading from the green icon will be downloaded into a lock icon on the icon.
Improved: increase "mandatory written into the cache," the functions of task force will write data to the disk cache;
Improved: increase, "the document read picture" function, when the mandate of the picture, but did not write the download is complete text of the disk, they can see through the process;
Improved: improve the DHT network initialization process for new users to join the DHT more reliable network;
Improvement: the adjustment of the other download speeds judgement algorithm to avoid certain client's special act of misjudgment;
Improvement: IP plug-in integrated into the main program, no longer distributed IPDesc.dll (users need to download and copy the QQWry.dat to plugin directory);
Improved: adjusted to avoid linking the efficiency of processing module for connecting a large number of low-efficiency and lead to download speeds can not upgrade, inefficient connection will automatically [10 minutes to prohibit linking];
Improvement: "disconnect" - "prohibited link" from the original [task during the effective operation] to [the duration of effective procedures];
Improved: when "Caps Lock" (capital) keys to open (lights), the list does not connect users to update blacklist, and other operations;
Improvement: Connecting the list, was elected in one or more connected, according to Delete (deleted) bond can be connected directly added to the blacklist;
Improvement: refinement of the relevant IPFilter.dat functions, in "functional" - "reload IP filtering table," can be specified level of security, such as 127, L1, L2 and so on;
Improvement: IPFilter.dat whole logs show that the relevant information, such as: Number of entries, the number of IP filter;
Improved: task pop-up menu to increase the "mobile download the document" feature, a user-friendly through the process to move downloaded files;
Improved: agreement to increase encryption [all] the options that can create and receive encrypted connection (do not have any non-encrypted connections);
Improvement: no longer with the earlier version (such as version 2.0) seed market share, the next version of a mandatory 3. X series of codes to reduce the seed market garbled;
Improved: simplify and improve the seed market-related features (some function into a pop-up menu), provide a "filter" function to facilitate the filtering or screening of goods;
Improvement: seed market each other's cargo capacity to change (to withdraw from the process, edit config \ user.ini files MaxTotalTorrents, default 2048);
Improved: "personal settings" - "agreement to expand" increasing "exit procedures at the preservation of the other cargo" option;
v3.3.2.255 relative to the improvement of v3.3.2.252 "refused to link suspicious," the slight improvement, v3.3.2.252 version is free to choose to upgrade.

Changelog URL:

Multilanguage Version
BitSpirit Deutsch BRDBitSpirit ChineseBitSpirit EnglishBitSpirit Polish

Download Bitspirit v3.3.2.255 Ads Free with Standard Skin - eico design : | Splash RLE BMP Comp. 1/4 size

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds.exe | Mirror | Mirror 2.23 MB (not compressed)
MD5: 8db0dc7fdcbf597bd11a412bda8b8cae
SHA-1: 18e171c21fbc5d10a114044b7afc9e046cc8e686
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-upx.exe | Mirror | Mirror 2.24 MB (upx compressed)
MD5: b6177797a8196883cfc6e5edc8733007
SHA-1: 02bdea217784c5704fa31b9a825f06fe797d5e0d

Download Bitspirit v3.3.2.255 Ads Free with Tango Skin by HotTeamForever

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-Tango.exe | Mirror | Mirror 2.20 MB (not compressed)
MD5: f69c318c91f66e493c47c515a1c8b5c2
SHA-1: 97f84fb57093f9218ad743234099cd8df37f70ec
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-Tango-upx.exe | Mirror | Mirror 2.21 MB (UPX compressed)
MD5: e7a4cfc0a0e5c37769b907e50ab53098
SHA-1: c7a9cafddabe1c58b7f1b329444138a7a1c555da

BitSpirit.exe not compressed
MD5: cb7ae48a321d6793a4887e4ace3bc101
SHA-1: b53d3c72fd9cc0f307e0c59905455b1faffd2373

BitSpirit Deutsch BRDas single update file German/Deutsch:
Updated German / Deutsch Sprach Datei Language File BitSpirit Versions 3.x -
Screenshot BitSpirit Deutsch / German: Click here

Download: deutsch(de).2ng | Mirror 25.41 KB

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