Sunday, July 20, 2008

eMule 0.49a DreaMule 3.2

The version 3.2 of DreaMule is on the way bringing several innovations. Currently the staff has already received a beta (I say one more Release Candidate is therefore completely stable), and very soon we will launch!

Moreover the DreaMule is becoming as important and increasingly used internationally as in Spain that its creator is becoming celebrity

Look at the interview Bruno Cabral for Softonic, one of the largest sites for downloads of Spain or something like Baixaki Superdownloads from there:
eMule 0.49a DreaMule 3.2


Tuxman said...

I wonder if WiZaRd is still involved there :) ... v3.1, at least, was a quite strange update with an obfuscated source code, wtf...

Anonymous said...

It can be codeded much more compact smaller in size. Optimizations needed here. All graphics wrong saved. Open the graphics include icons and save it with better graphic editor without loosing quality reduce the size by some graphics 20 - 52 %.
After all exe size can be 1 mb smaller. PE relocations can be stripped, Debug res from vc++ can be removed (it is not with emule debugger code combinated).

Anonymous said...

This Mod can Low to Low!
Thank you, was searching for this

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