Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bitspirit v3.3.2.263 Ads Free - English - Chinese - Polish - German

Bitspirit v3.3.2.263 official version


Bitspirit v3.3.2.263
Fixed: the use of shortcuts (ALT + up or down arrows) mobile task to list the top / bottom when the performance of tasks for the replacement of two rather than the location of mobile tasks;
Fixed: "direct mandate to add (not displayed task dialog)," added the adoption of the clipboard copy the performance of its mandate not correct the problem;
Improvement: seed market to increase the list of goods in order to sort of ID;

Bitspirit v3.3.2.255

Skin in Blue Style, All Advertising removed, Links to english Translation site, Installer customated to select your Language Chinese, Deutsch, English, Polska
UPnP Tool Optional, BHO Optional,..

Upx Compressed: bsv3.3.2.263.EN-CHN-PL-DE-NoAds-NoBHO-upx.exe 2.68 MB

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