Monday, June 30, 2008

WinASO Registry Optimizer v4.0 Deutsch + WinASO Registry Optimizer 3.2 Deutsch

WinASO Registry Optimizer ist ein erweiterter Registry Optimizer Cleaner für Windows der Ihnen erlaubt sicher zu reinigen und Registrierung Probleme mit ein paar einfachen Mausklicks zu reparieren. Durch die Überprüfung nach veralteten Informationen und Anpassung der Parameter in der Windows-Registry kann Ihr System deutlich beschleunigt werden. WinASO Registry Optimierer ist gut konzipiert um gemeinsame Probleme zu beheben wie der Zugang zu fehlenden Laufwerke und Festplatten und illegal veränderter Internet Explorer-Seiten. Diese Software wurde erhebliche Tests unterzogen, um die Sicherheit Ihres Systems zu gewärleisten. Unterdessen bietet WinASO Registry Optimizer die leistungsfähige Funktion der Erhaltung der Privatsphäre. Effektiv Scannen und Clearing des Verlaufes der Nutzung von Programmen und Anwendungen in Ihrem System. Version 4,0 kommt mit einen verstärkten Scanning-Algorithmus, einer neue Benutzeroberfläche und neu hinzugefügte System-Info-Funktion, so dass Sie alles über Ihre Computer-Hardware sofort wissen.

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

Changes in Version 4.0:
- provides several scanning improvements to safely and quickly identify more registry errors and enhance PC performance.
- With the newly added System Information function in WinASO, you can know all about your computer hardware instantly.

Programm in Version 4 hat ein Auto "update check" integriert.

This is the German Version

Deutsche Version 4.0 mit RegDefrag 1.5 Deutsch, WinASO Registry Optimizer 3.2 mit RegDefrag 1.25 Deutsch wurde zudem hinzugefugt. Eine Aktiwirung mit Schlussel ist nicht erforderlich!

Download: regopt40-32de.exe6.32 MB

Sunday, June 29, 2008

eMule 0.48a Mephisto v1.1 Leecher Optimized

eMule 0.48a Mephisto v1.1 Leecher Optimized
eMule v0.48a [Mephisto v1.1] Leecher - based on eMule 0.48a Xtreme

ModIcons resized / color depht optimizated, unused or internal resized icons sorted in emule.exe
ModIcon Client Gui ICONS
The Program is without oversized Icons in a ordinary emule.exe size of 5,73 MB (6.012.928 bytes) under 6 MB! Original 6,44 MB (6.758.400 bytes)

More than 700kb is a lot of size by programs below 7 MB!
I guess the icon chaos is a glitch in some eMule Mods.

It will use less resources if the "overweight" is away which bloated the emule up.
Changelog the same as this link here

Client Mod Icons resized to 16x16 from 48x48 and other mixed sizes.
8, 16, 32 bit color Icons should be enough for all environment.
24bit depth will use 16

Splash BMP optimized (if it will be in jpg: minus 50k - 70k), all JPG's optimized = ~ 250 kb

Other Icons in Options fit to 16x16 such as RELEASEBONUS.ico in 8bit (256 colors) 16 x 16

emule.exe size: 5,73 MB (6.012.928 bytes)
File Hashes:
MD5: fd0d87ab2124e58f212262aabb3b55af
SHA-1: bb1e66822772924c1154b5f8a9ace85053cc050f

Messages and Comments Menu resize

Full Screen Screenshot: click here

Download: emule_v0.48a_mephisto_v1.1_leecher.rar 1.88 MB | Mirror

Saturday, June 28, 2008

eMule 0.48a Mephisto v1.1 Leecher

eMule 0.48a - Mephisto v1.1 Leecher

developed by ghc


add: dynamic kick Nnp,lowID,QueueFull etc. and for good source try fullchunk
add: fake rank
add: no kick for friend
add: share only incomplete files + check box (Page Connection)
change: credit system idea (sonoro pt)
change: global sourcelimit
change: max connections
change: reasktime kad and server
remove: code part DownloadQueue.cpp
remove: ratio
remove: search result limit
thanks: for motherfu... sascha

Download: eMule_0_48a_-_Mephisto_v1_1_leecher.rar 2.16 MB | Mirror | Mirror


Icons needs to sort out (GUI takes no use of it or resize it internal small)

EMF: 64 x 64 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 853
XTREME: 48 x 48 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 845, 48 x 48 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 841, 32 x 32 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 840, 24 x 24 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 843, 32 x 32 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 844, 24 x 24 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 839
XRAY: 72 x 72 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 858
64 x 64 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 859
48 x 48 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 860
32 x 32 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 861
24 x 24 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 862
72 x 72 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 864
64 x 64 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 865
48 x 48 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 866
32 x 32 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 867
24 x 24 (16.8mil colors) - Ordinal name: 868
STULLE: 48 x 48 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 850 . resize 16x16
TRAYNOTCONNECTED: 48 x 48 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 188 > resize 16x16
TRAYLOWID: 48 x 48 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 189 > resize 16x16
TRAYCONNECTED: 48 x 48 (256 colors) - Ordinal name: 187 > resize 16x16
TRANSFER, TOOLS, STOPCONNECTION ICON lib... many more .... all together ~1MB to much in eMule.exe 6,44 MB (6.758.400 bytes) Mephisto Mod (Original too), most are overbig wrong sized!!! Download Graphics uncompressed 1,80 MB (1.890.778 bytes): 1.04 MB

Download: eMule 0.48a - Mephisto v1.1 leecher (BMP, JPG, and icons little bit sorted in size) emule.exe: 6,02 MB (6.321.664 bytes) ~700kb less

FlashGet EN NoAds *FIXED*

FlashGet EN
FlashGet English v2.11.0.1186 without Ads FIXED: auto take download links by click.

Link Catcher (Browser Helper Object - BHO) for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE all Versions) activated:
Download Links on Websites up to your config, start FlashGet and catch them to download. Catch on Weblink, Catch all files on site. Filter can be set what file types (extensions) should be downloaded.
Send custom refferer to Download URL can be set in Download Menu which open per file in => Advanced Options

BHO entry:

{1F364306-AA45-47B5-9F9D-39A8B94E7EF1} (flashget2 urlcatch)
location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\
BHO name: flashget2 urlcatch
CLSID name: FG2CatchUrl
Path: C:\Program Files\FlashGet v2.11.0.1186\ComDlls\
Long name: bhoCATCH.dll
Short name:
Date (created): 28.06.2008 19:22:38
Date (last access): 28.06.2008 19:22:38
Date (last write): 16.06.2008 15:20:38
Filesize: 104000
Attributes: archive
MD5: EEF6B30EB12645398043BEB0DB121FC6
CRC32: 3D6AB964

FlashGet EN

Future more, the Firefox extension to download is included and can be installed from FlashGet Settings GUI. Tool > Browser Plugins > Add Firefox Plugins

Uninstall fixed:
Delete by uninstall if Webbrowser is running FlashGet BHOCatch (bhoCATCH.dll) on restart.

FlashGet EN

Portable mode: Install/extract outside Program dir enabled
Silence mode: switches for unattendend setup added/enabled

Works great with FlashGet Site Explorer:
Can download single files or batch all files, download website templates, scripts and Designs and all content include Download Links Files:

FlashGet Site Explorer


Version with 'Security' AV Module: run your AV scanner each time a file is downloaded
FlashGet-EN-v2.11.0.1186AV-BHO.exe 2.14 MB | Mirror | Mirror

Version without 'Security' Module: Your AV scanner run in realtime mode. Monitoring new files is not necessary.
FlashGet-EN-v2.11.0.1186-BHO.exe 2.07 MB | Mirror | Mirror

Quick FAQ:
Q: Why an installer version?
A: because FlashGet needs regserver to register the bho and set the needed registry keys. The installer is also needed to complete remove the application. FlashGet.exe set by self some registry keys into the Windows Registry which the installer by running uninstall removes.

Q: Does it install any Ads, popups or embedded Toolbars as in the Original FlashGet Setup?
A: No 3th party Addons, Toolbars and Advertising Modules are include! FlashGet.exe is modificated to send no stats and receive no Ads (Related links etc... frames around the GUI), upload video preview feature removed in flashget.exe, the Option settings enable/disable upload video get ignored.

u.a.: removed is:
- Bug Reporter
- flashget ed2kwrap. FlashGet in Version 2 does not support emule (edonkey)
- Modules: SnapShot, Downstat, garage, SearchTop, SoBar include the Skin extras for SoBar, Chinese Language Files.

Q: I did install FlashGet Original setup and I still see Ads
A: FlashGet is on many websites promoted, each version have different "addons" - 3th party Banner and Ads in them setup. Remove Flashget using the original installer from that version you did install it. Check in add/remove programes under system control panel for Toolbars, uninstall them. Run regcleaner (CCleaner or simulary). Check with regedit a search for keyword: flashget, remove all founded entries. Delete after uninstall and regclean Flashget's program dir include sub directories. Install this clean Version.

Q: How to download with FlashGet from other Browsers: Opera, Safari,...?
A: Start FlashGet, right click on the download link in Browser, select in menu copy link. The link will be taken to Flashget from clipboard.

Friday, June 27, 2008

eMule 0.48a VeryCD 080627

* Accelerate the exchange of access to sources within the Lowid the efficiency of network penetration
* Changes to the default upload limit, to avoid open-upload speed on the impact of network users
* Updated list of servers and Kad default initial connections

BHO entries by running emule.exe still present (
emule.exe adds to Windows Registry after execute these key and entry:
with all sub:
AppID {BCEADC2F-0C89-43F5-8DE9-068B5BC265E2}
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{48618374-565F-4CA0-B8CD-6F496C997FAF}\Implemented Categories

IE2EMUrlTaker Class

IE2EMUrlTaker Class


Default Name: [CHN][VeryCD]yourname

Discussion Board:


Installation package:

Green package:

Source code package:

English + Multilanguage:

eMule 0.48a VeryCD 080627 English - Multilang
Browser Menu Font Letter set to System Lang / Western Letters default

Default eMule About jpg optimized - ~100k
IP-To-Country.cvs updated from February to June

Download BIN: emule_0.48a_verycd080627.rar 2.61 MB Mirror

Last version without Web Browser:

VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 without Webbrowser
Mod by ayanamist English + Multilang:
Download: VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 No Webbrowser 2.99 MB
eMule-diy.rar - Mirror - eMule-VeryCD-NO Webbrowser-diy.rar

Thursday, June 26, 2008

eMule 0.48a AeOnFlux 0.8.3 Final - Graphics optimized

please post original version thanks

eMule v0.48a AeOnFlux 0.8.3

please post original version thanks

µTorrent 1.8 build 11140 Blue

2008-06-25: µTorrent Version 1.8 beta (build 11140)
- Fix: Enable/Disable toggle on RSS menu
- Fix: Bug where the rebar/toolbar was not displaying correctly on XP+

2008-06-23: µTorrent Version 1.8 beta (build 11086)
- Feature: send stop event to tracker on third announce interval after torrent is paused
- Feature: add "Open RSS Favorites..." to RSS category context menu
- Change: with XP UPnP, log that we are not remapping when a mapping exists
- Fix: preserve command line flags in run on startup string, if the path/exe is the same
- Fix: do not show a balloon when RSS adds a torrent that is already loaded
- Fix: allow a different filename selection if the save fails after creating a torrent, without re-hashing the data

2008-06-13: µTorrent Version 1.8 beta (build 10853)
- Fix: re-enable installer dialog
- Fix: save "run on startup" across installs

- Changed DSLReports to (Global test server)
- Green Icon (Connection OK) replaced with Blue 'High Voltage' Icon
- Main Icon set green replaced with Blue Icon set
- Weblinks
made in Sweden, same as Original


uncompressed Builds (make use of Windows swap file):
utorrent-1.8-beta-11140.uncompressed.exe 517.00 KB
utorrent-1.8-beta-11086.uncompressed.exe 517.00 KB

UPX compressed Builds:
utorrent-1.8-beta-11140.upx.exe 255.50 KB
utorrent-1.8-beta-11086.upx.exe 255.50 KB

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

eMule v0.48a PlayMule Build 080606 with Webbrowser and MediaPlayer - VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 No Webbrowser

Last 'Clean Mods' on VeryCD community w/o garbage

eMule v0.48a PlayMule Build 080606
Last "Clean Mod" without BHO and Windows Registry Entries for BHO !!!
eMule never was need a BHO to catch ed2k links from Websites.

Unlike it set a Windows Registry Key by default config under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
eMuleAutoStart emule.exe -AutoStart

eMule v0.48a PlayMule Build 080606 = eMule v0.48a [VeryCD 080606] MOD

English without BHO !
player.EXE v1.0.0.0 by (c)2002-2008 PlayMule = Gabest Media Player Classic player.exe v1.0.0.0

Download BIN old:
PlayMule_Build_080606.rar 4.23 MB
Chinese Installer: | Mirror | Websites Mirrors Search

Download eMule v0.48a PlayMule Build 080606 Bin new updated 26. June 2008:
with Gabest Media Player Classic player.exe v1.0.10.0
ip-to-country.csv (16-June-2008)
playmule_build_080606.rar 4.35 MB | Mirror


VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 without Webbrowser
Mod by ayanamist English + Multilang:
Download: VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 080313 No Webbrowser 2.99 MB
eMule-diy.rar - Mirror - eMule-VeryCD-NO Webbrowser-diy.rar

Other eMule v0.48a Mods with Media Player: DreaMule v3.1

Source Homepage Verycd 20080606 MOD:

USDownloader v1.3.5.1

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

eMule 0.48a PlayMule Build 080624

eMule 0.48a PlayMule Build 080624
eMule PlayMule(电驴) 0.48a Build 080624

Based on eMule VeryCD latest Version with Webbrowser set to
PlayMule use VeryCD Community and mod string like: eMule v0.48a [VeryCD 080606] MID=Tag0x55=VeryCD 080606 Tag0xEE=(Int32)344582412

Caution: executing emule.exe adds a lot of Registry Keys for BHO and Autorun!!!
Run CCleaner v2.09.600 - Slim or any strong regcleaner after moving this mod in another folder or rar it back to an archive!!!

Check with SIW (System Information for Windows Build 2008-06-04 Freeware Version): siw-upx.exe 1.51 MB PEC2UPXv2.86/3.03

eMule v0.48a PlayMule Build 080624 edition is based on the original development of the open-source software. This version designed specifically for domestic users to download directly after the completion of the installation can be useed. Bid farewell to the past complicated settings. PlayMule the latest version of the built-in support VNN (allows users to each other transmission), shows that under the IP, UPnP automatic port mapping, and other functions, optimized for the actual use of a number of transmission parameters and use the most impartial of subsystems. Let uploaded to get the maximum opportunity to download.

PlayMule and other P2P software compared to the advantages and characteristics:
Under the Preview functions (support RMVB / RM, MKV format), provide the clearest and most fluent of the network movie. Just buffer 2-5 minutes can be fluent to watch on-line.
P2P networks crawling support functions, automatic access to popular P2P network resources, a great convenience to users to download.
Optimization of network users to download, thereby greatly increasing the speed of network users to download.
It has a advanced Network Search ed2k, kad and verycd web.

Updated list:
optimizing media players, to increase the player to display the progress of the download function.
eMule 0.48a PlayMule Build 080624
Comes with:
- Gabest Media Player Classic player.exe v1.0.10.0
- eMule BHO IE2EM.dll ( v1.0.0.1 / Fear not, the BHO is external and the dll can be deleted to prohibit the installtion event if do not run the installer as usually use the binary zip/rar.

Download Installer: | Mirror

Download Bin: PlayMule_Build_080624_bin.rar 4.27 MB
Folder $PLUGINSDIR can be deleted its from unpacking rest of the NSIS (7zip based) Installer.To set other Language such as English delete file in folder /lang/zh_CN.dll or use settings.

Search other Builds

Version check:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BitSpirit Ads Free Edition

BitSpirit Ads Free

BitSpirit v3.3.2.252 No Ads:

This Mod does not have any "Leecher" features! It can be used on all Trackers

Changes in BitSpirit.exe
- Community Function removed: Torrent Market exchange,....
- A Collection of your torrents will not be send and created "Your Goods Market". It will not create nor offer such a list to peers and others.
- Suggested Search closed, removed
- All tracing removed
- Ads removed
- Hot News, bsupdate, banner and others as txt and bmp will not created nor downloaded
- Update Url to Download directory
- Donats URL = Changelog English
- .manifest for Vista and XP,... added and correct to program exe (no external .manifest file required)
- 2 Releases: Original Design Styles and HotTeam Forever Style (HT)
- No needed features/files removed from installer
- Uninstaller will properly work and left no BitSpirit config files and Registry Entries
- Multilanguage
- Your config does not matter to the "features" which have been removed.
NEW : 25-06-2008
- Updated latest German, Polnish and Chinese Language File added
- About: Help Site to Lanspirit English fixed

NEW Update to Tango EdiTion:
- Tango Skin bsres.dll fixed: Relocation Table was "obsolete" 0000, Id String was missing. Most updated Language Files included, German, Chinese, Polnish
- Torrent Builder Application ( Torrent Builder v3.2.2 ): Missing Version Info and .manifest have been added in file Builder.exe
- Fix: Media Preview does not work with newer (v 10+) RealMedia (rmv, rmvb,..) Movies updated Gabest from Version (Build Year 2006) to version (Build 18-09-2007) Real 8, 9, 10, 1x,...

(Links updated!)

Gabest RelaMedia Splitter updated from to version
Last Version in:
Fantasy Codec Pack 4.19 Build (2008.06.10)
Homepage: Download Website Fantasy Codec Pack 4.19 - Download Link: FantasyCodecs.exe 54.50 MB

Download Version
place updated file to \Codec\

Official Changelog:
Bitspirit v3.3.2.252 official version

Fixed: download files were the result of garbled there can download but can not browse through the normal procedures, move, delete the downloaded files;
Fixed: network traffic in the larger case may be frequent Add / Remove UPnP port;
Fixed: that in the Win2000 some special resolution under the initial interface shows that the issue of bias;
Improved: increase in "suspicious refused to link" function, in most cases can effectively avoid the large selection of the wrong data;
When it detects suspicious connection task, the task of downloading from the green icon will be downloaded into a lock icon on the icon.
Improved: increase "mandatory written into the cache," the functions of task force will write data to the disk cache;
Improved: increase, "the document read picture" function, when the mandate of the picture, but did not write the download is complete text of the disk, they can see through the process;
Improved: improve the DHT network initialization process for new users to join the DHT more reliable network;
Improvement: the adjustment of the other download speeds judgement algorithm to avoid certain client's special act of misjudgment;
Improvement: IP plug-in integrated into the main program, no longer distributed IPDesc.dll (users need to download and copy the QQWry.dat to plugin directory);
Improved: adjusted to avoid linking the efficiency of processing module for connecting a large number of low-efficiency and lead to download speeds can not upgrade, inefficient connection will automatically [10 minutes to prohibit linking];
Improvement: "disconnect" - "prohibited link" from the original [task during the effective operation] to the duration of effective procedures;
Improved: [when "Caps Lock" (capital) keys to open (lights), the list does not connect users to update blacklist, and other operations;
Improvement: Connecting the list, was elected in one or more connected, according to Delete (deleted) bond can be connected directly added to the blacklist;
Improvement: Refinement IPFilter.dat related functions, in "functional" - "reload IP filtering table," can be specified level of security, such as 127, L1, L2, and so on;
Improvement: IPFilter.dat whole logs show that the relevant information, such as: Number of entries, the number of IP filter;
Improved: task pop-up menu to increase the "mobile download the document" feature, a user-friendly through the process to move downloaded files;
Improved: agreement to increase encryption [all] the options that can create and receive encrypted connection (do not have any non-encrypted connections);
Improvement: no longer with the earlier version (such as version 2.0) seed market share, the next version of a mandatory 3. X series of codes to reduce the seed market garbled;
Improved: simplify and improve the seed market-related features (some function into a pop-up menu), provide a "filter" function to facilitate the filtering or screening of goods;
Improvement: seed market each other's cargo capacity to change (to withdraw from the process, edit config \user.ini files MaxTotalTorrents, default 2048);
Improved: "personal settings" - "agreement to expand" increasing "exit procedures at the preservation of the other cargo" option;


Changelog URL:

bsv3.3.2.252.EN-NoAds.exe | Mirror 2.22 MB ( Standard Skin - eico design : | Splash RLE BMP Comp. 1/4 size )
MD5: d925b7a126d9d220cbd824f9e1af63f3
SHA-1: b09db0e0134131aa84fc92daf2b76d694b62d02d
bsv3.3.2.252.EN-NoAds-UPX.exe | Mirror 2.23 MB (Standard Skin - upx compressed)
MD5: 382bf259eebb7566781c003174ea4410
SHA-1: af134dcf5d63eefd64f5c99f0c66186bb84e32e7

NEW Updated!
bsv3.3.2.252.EN-NoAds-Tango.exe | Mirror | Mirror | 2.21 MB (with Tango Skin by HotTeamForever)
BitSpirit Deutsch BRDBitSpirit ChineseBitSpirit EnglishBitSpirit Polish
MD5: f473ab4d00d2def408ac02999f6471e2
SHA-1: eea422da27948c9cbd94f7a3abbe5c3eb3c01414

UPX compressed 899 KB (920.576 bytes)
MD5: 972b637ee541682451d31660d34497ce
SHA-1: cd2d7754ddf5e725147057c7745f877d1ed4b301

AntiVirus Test:
File bsv3.3.2.252.EN-NoAds.exe Result: 0/33 (0%)
File size: 2328908 bytes
MD5...: d925b7a126d9d220cbd824f9e1af63f3
SHA1..: b09db0e0134131aa84fc92daf2b76d694b62d02d
SHA256: 16c3940f63fa59cd72bba589cc10b8db1310217e2f365e6d2b6dc4867665267d
SHA512: c2804c248f57cb566e06d2d1e4eeeb3c5e61cff859ced8c2eac6beeb8fffb929
Result Site:

BitSpirit Deutsch BRDas single update file German/Deutsch:
Updated German / Deutsch Sprach Datei Language File BitSpirit Versions 3.x -
Screenshot BitSpirit Deutsch / German: Click here

Download: deutsch(de).2ng | Mirror 25.41 KB
(incomplete at this time. Translated via Google Polski to German and the Help with corrections from a German Forum Moderator).

replace with the old one in folder \language

BitSpirit's Language Files have not been updated since ages (Version 2 from year 2006!!!)
If you can invest a little bit time, please translate it into your Language and send it to support eMail or onsite contact!

Full Tranlated is Chinese and Polska only (English is menu Language). All other Lang files needs update to v3!

New Language Translator Schema (Lang Code list) included. Phrase strings see Polnish Lang file from the Version above.

; Bis v2.0, BS erkennt die Sprache automatisch. Setzen Sie ab v3.0 die BSLANG auf Ihre Sprach-ID
; Sprache für Multi-Datei trennen Sie die Sprach-ID wie folgt wie zum Beispiel: 0x0401 0x0801 0x0c01
; Die folgende ist die Sprach-ID Liste (keine Notwendigkeit zu übersetzen):
; 0x0401 Arabic, 0x0402 Bulgarian, 0x0403 Catalan, 0x0404 Traditional Chinese, 0x0405 Czech, 0x0406 Danish,
; 0x0407 German, 0x0408 Greek, 0x0409 U.S. English, 0x040A Castilian Spanish, 0x040B Finnish, 0x040C French,
; 0x040D Hebrew,0x040E Hungarian, 0x040F Icelandic, 0x0410 Italian, 0x0411 Japanese, 0x0412 Korean,
; 0x0413 Dutch, 0x0414 Norwegian - Bokmal, 0x0415 Polish, 0x0416 Brazilian Portuguese, 0x0417 Rhaeto-Romanic,
; 0x0418 Romanian, 0x0419 Russian, 0x041A Croato-Serbian (Latin), 0x041B Slovak, 0x041C Albanian,
; 0x041D Swedish, 0x041E Thai, 0x041F Turkish, 0x0420 Urdu, 0x0421 Bahasa, 0x0804 SimplifiedChinese,
; 0x0807 Swiss German, 0x0809 U.K. English, 0x080A Mexican Spanish, 0x080C Belgian French,
; 0x0810 Swiss Italian, 0x0813 Belgian Dutch, 0x0814 Norwegian - Nynorsk, 0x0816 Portuguese,
; 0x081A Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic), 0x0C0C Canadian French, 0x100C Swiss French

HTF Tango Skin Theme Credits to:
The older Version Chinese Mod Version by: HTF Tango
Here Tango Mod by HTF (not fully Ads Free): | Mirror

Sunday, June 22, 2008

FlashGet v2.11.0.1186 English Ads Free Version

FlashGet v2 is the one of the most popular Download Manager on the Internet.
FlashGet formerly known as FlashGet(JetCar) support downloading from BitTorrent and HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP at the same time. FlashGet is a multi-functional protocol downloader tool with enhanced multi-threaded features.

FlashGet v2.11.0.1186 English Ads Free Version

- 10 Downloads parallel each file can be downloaded in 10 pieces at once / setting enabled to unlimited
- Multi Downloading at the same time from BT, HTTP, HTTPS , FTP,...
- In Version 2 is no support for eMule
- Comes with VBScript BHO from Vladimir Romanov (Author of ReGet Pro), a Browser Helper Object as Link Catcher for IE. It can be installed and disabled from the the settings dialog. A Firefox Addon and other Browser Plugins can be installed from ComDlls subfolder. By Firefox open Extension Manager and drag 'n drop flashget.xpi into the addons, the Mozilla extension manager will install it automaticaly.
ComDlls.ini for Modules Flashget Frame FlashGet.exe port for BHO instruction not included! If you want to integrate the BHOCatch.dll as Browser Helper class read here

NOTE: The automatic Link catcher (takes links from IE over to Flashget by click) have been disabled in this build. A BHO will not be installed! Download link will be captured in the clipboard and can be taken on this way.

To Download File links: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Opera / Safari,... right mouse click => Copy shortcut!

- Default Browser integration via Script and context menu can be set as Default Download Manager for Weblinks and BitTorrent using the Configuration/Settings Menu.
- FlashGet Portal Community Features for registered Members at the Downloader Community such as the Module "Garage" ( garage.dll ) are not included! Its known that some dislike it and misstaken it as Advertising.
- Online Preview Features Module "SnapShot" and Community Member Stats: Module "Downstat" ( Downstat.dll ) SoBar Search ( SoBar.dll ), SearchTop ( SearchTop.dll ) for FlashGet's Downloader Community Members are not included!!!
- This Mod have been done for NON FlashGet Kuaiche Members to enjoy FlashGet without the Community Features in the advantage and GUI ( Graphical User Interface ). It shows up as a nice clean and simply to operate Multi Download Manager.
- The Program and Installer is English. Info for advanced user: "Setup logging" is enabled by default that you can see in the temp folder the log file what have been installed placed in drive:\Documents and Settings\YOUR ACCOUNT\Local Settings\Temp\Setup Log Year-Month-Day #LogNumber.txt. The Bug Reporter have been removed.
- There are no 3th party addons. If in the Chinese Version are toolbars included, it have been removed to keep the size space as small as possible and wont install uneeded stuff more as the program needs by self to run.
- 2 Build Versions with and without Download Security Module ( Security.dll ) - A Module to scan downloaded files with your Antivirus.
- A great Web Site Explorer allow browsing websites and downloading whole websites and content with user filter settings.
- Default Skin is included - Screenshot without Skin
- Browser Intergration in Internet Explorer disabled by Default!
- Downloading Links: using Drag 'n drop link to FlashGet Icon or using watch clipboard and start FlashGet manually ( + NEW TASK ) in Menu Bar!
- All Weblinks to Help Sites links to English translated FlashGet Websites
As Version Changelog see here:
whatsnew.htm also future info here:
about.htm On another place is written that older English (international) official Version is with Ads and or not free but the Chinese Version is free therefore the Language Files have been removed and so its English without ads from the original installer.

read more Wikipedia

FlashGet *Fixed* NEW 28-June-2008

FlashGet EN NoAds *FIXED* - Click here

Outdated Version without BHO:
Without AV Download Security Module:
FlashGet-EN-v2.11.0.1186.exe 2.07 MB | Mirror | Mirror

With AV Download Security Module:

FlashGet-EN-v2.11.0.1186AV.exe 2.15 MB | Mirror | Mirror

Virus Free Checked:
File FlashGet-EN-v2.11.0.1186.exe Result: 0/33 (0.00%)
File size: 2171498 bytes
MD5...: 140d8cc68a8b164f34b9cad9cfae9e97
SHA1..: 3356bb235750a673969c26d63f1383bf34007879
SHA256: dd519195ace1af1dcf59ef1380c9cf3cb9c7fc89d22ef3a1dfa5c0604d469171
SHA512: afe06a2aacd2770c3eb2e4a4d73f6f4914d348aa02d129dcb15e100a36eb32fa

Result site:

File: FlashGet-EN-v2.11.0.1186AV.exe Result: 0/33 (0.00%)
File size: 2258429 bytes
MD5...: 238ab91c758865105f72412344ee209c
SHA1..: 12bc67f5f4d4b834e28f197d9cf6ef8999701a1f
SHA256: 6163851ce3c9e82fe4b52b7d85f9c7ea7118bf5ba3eec76e89f1d3317dc2e261
SHA512: d549c6f24fed7fdf15ab2f95c339695c810719d5edb1aea69335ac4f0beff6ab
Result site:

Installer/Uninstaller Fixes: uninstaller feature / Original FlashGet installer and the FlashGet.exe produce some config and ini files and these Registry Keys:

Root: HKCR; Subkey: ".jcd"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "Flashget"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "FlashGet.Document"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCR; Subkey: "FlashgetX"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCU; Subkey: "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\&Download All with FlashGet"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCU; Subkey: "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\&Download with FlashGet"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCU; Subkey: "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\UseFlashGet"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCU; Subkey: "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\UseFlashGetDownloadAllLink"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKCU; Subkey: "Software\JetCar"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKLM; Subkey: "Software\Flashget Network"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKLM; Subkey: "Software\Classes\.jcd"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKLM; Subkey: "Software\Classes\Flashget"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKLM; Subkey: "Software\Classes\FlashGet.Document"; Flags: uninsdeletekey
Root: HKLM; Subkey: "Software\Classes\FlashgetX"; Flags: uninsdeletekey

Forced uninstaller to delete rest files (Config, ini's) in FlashGet Program Direcotory and finally the directory folder by self:
Name: {app}\fgoption.ini; Type: files
Name: {app}\P2PCfg.ini; Type: files
Name: {app}\ComDlls\Bhocfg.ini; Type: files
Name: {app}\profiles\tasks.dat; Type: files
Name: {app}\profiles\config.dat; Type: files
Name: {pf}\{#MyAppName}; Type: filesandordirs

It have been set now to delete by uninstall these registry keys and config files that FlashGet can be clean removed without left some unwanted entries in the Windows Registry and FlashGet Program files on harddisk.

If you did run ever before or install FlashGet, install this Version and uninstall it with the uninstaller to make a fresh install after the uninstaller have delete the registry keys!!!

Program must be closed during uninstall!

Please download it again. Links have been updated @GMT 10:10 AM on 23. June 2008


Screenshot FlashGet BitTorrent Module:

FlashGet is also very fast on BitTorrent during Downloading and Uploading!

Toolbar Button Menu Lang var file FGXL_ENG, New FlashGet v2 Skins: Modern, DeepBlue, Red Vista, SkyBlue, SpringGreen, SeeGreen, RoyalBlue, PowderBlue, Light...
follow soon!
Included skin is ShadowBlue
Flashget.exe Mutex switches are: /Crash /max /Debug /min /quit /uninstall /install

Saturday, June 21, 2008

eMule 0.49a Alliance Mod 0.1 Beta by Tr0nYx

eMule v0.49a Alliance Mod v0.1 Beta by Tr0nYx

eMule v0.49a Alliance Mod v0.1 Beta


ADDED: New UploadState: Only Community[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Clientanalyzer[Wizard]
ADDED: See on UploadQueue[Xman]
ADDED: Better Passive Sourcefinding[X-Ray]
ADDED: QRDiff[X-Ray]
ADDED: Enhanced Client Recognation[X-Ray]
ADDED: Better Client Attaching[X-Ray]
ADDED: Uploading Problem Client[X-Ray]
ADDED: Fix for Startupload[Xman]
ADDED: Power Release[Xman]
ADDED: Client Percentage[Xman]
ADDED: Background color is blue if client is Community[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: UL-FeedBack[Xman]
ADDED: ModIconMapper[Wizard]
ADDED: Give clients with small ETA a boost[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Show own Hash@my Network info[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: T-DSL 16000 to Wizard[Xman]
ADDED: Show ModVersion everywhere[Wizard]
ADDED: European Community[Tr0nYx/Nightsky10]
ADDED: Send Mod-Version to Community[Tr0nYx]

Download: Alliance Mod v0.1 Beta.rar 1.71 MB | DDL Mirror

ed2K: Alliance Mod v0.1 Beta.rar

Links fixed 20.12.2008

Bonjour dear site Visitors, Some site performance optimizations have been done....

From the hugh collection of terrific ~ 1MB page size almost the widgets are hammer weight elements in blog systems...

41 external Javascript files
11 external stylesheet
15 CSS background images

is to reduce...

- Main site (Front site posts from 10 -> 5 reduced)
- JavaScripts from ~50 to 10 reduced. 68.7kb less if there will be a way to reduce/remove 3444992414-widgets.js GoogleBlog system own scripts include!!!
urchinTracker ( too, the size was simple to big (~22KB) and I guess many have blocked most of these website counters.
- snapshot feature script: (java script + cookie)
- Some Pictures in size reduced vs. Quality.
- RSS Flash Reader from frontsite to About :) site placed
- Short url redirected urls removed. The server seems to be slow in some continents
- Map Globe of visitors
- Search This Blog Google Widget (to many CSS defination overwrite attrib) comes with lot stylesheet 2 CSS (~20 KB)
- widgets Technorati, a 27,6 KB hammer, removed
- many features Icons/Graphics etc.. removed
- moved to > about site
- Comment Feed script to show comments on frontsite from feed

remains w/o a known solution how to reduce this:
- comments on frontsite: (shows from rss comment feed output comments left here on site) slow and big script
- Whats that: This script is by all blogger2 sites automaticaly added after close /body tag Size: 68.7 KB, the biggest element from all!
- The picture eMule face "not my stuff" transparent as png: ~31kb in gif it lost quality extreem (how to reduce the size?)
- Site navigation on button > next site etc.. show only post header, *Bug* should show content from posts. Solution how to fix???

Reboot computer after 12h and got;s=371;c=416/1;d=16;w=1024;h=768
means, any offsite service widget (Global Stats Flash) / plugin have this script inside so that it show up when people visit sites where the Widget is installed...

some more have been removed/optimizated to:


Total loading time: 7.1 seconds
Total objects: 125 (520.8 KB)
with External objects: 124 (370.3 KB)
(X)HTML: 4 (152.4KB) / template need finetuning
CSS: 4 (3.9KB)
Scripts: 8 (76KB) / 2 more can reduce, comment on frontsite I will place it back using low weight flash or other rss reader widget to show comment feed on front
Images: 109 (288.4KB) / more optimization follow by the permanent site pictures, future post content screenshots will be optimized
Plugins: 0
Other: 0 (0KB)
Redirected: 3 (Translator Live, Country Visitor Flag, SiteLogo url shorten)

Every suggestion to make it faster, how to fix the next page navigation to show full page content not only the post header topic names or improve are very welcome!

Many thanks

Soon LeecherMods V2 :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

eMule p2p 2008 v1.0

eMule p2p 2008 v1.0
Mod Name: eMule p2p 2008 v1.0.48a
Same as eMule PRO 1.7 (0.49a) [ Advertising Mod] without extra mod features, based on 0.48a src + usenext code

Browser, startpage set to a / Ads frame site
emule search on / tracing code
transfer windows "HighSpeed Downloads" / trace all download links to payment downloads

edit: HOSTS
add entrys:

or add in Adsblocker/Firewall:
goes to:


Filenames in ed2k net (Version name in file 0.49a is wrong to gain downloads, real is 0.48a):

for example:



Emule 0.49A Pro (Ono)

Mods with name at the end: *, *, * are usually Ads emule Mods

Download: 2.29 MB

eMule 0.46a RIP v0.1

eMule v0.46a ED2K RIP0.1
Changelog v0.1

[Add] Credit System [Spe64 from Antares]
[Change] Splashscreen [Spe64]
[Improved] Values Buffer max to 9.50Mo [Spe64]
[Add] Button to ED2K RIP and Spe64/Hardstyle board [Spe64]
[Add] Family Filter [Spe64 from Enos]
[Add] Save Load Sources [Spe64 from Nextevolution]
[Add] Automatic Friend Slot [Spe64 from NextEvolution]
[Add] Boost Friend [Spe64 from NextEvolution]
[Add] Ip Filter [Spe64 from Morph]
[Add] Ip To Country [Spe64 from Iberica]
[Add] Fakecheck [Spe64 from Morph]
[Add] Winsock 2 [Spe64]
[Add] Optmizer [Spe64]

Merged on Emule 0.46a NewMagicSeb v1.1 by Miles(Pastagua and NewMagicSeb dev) [Spe64]:
-REPLACE :Dynamic Block Requests BY Dazzle's Faster Endgame
-ADD: relax on startup
-ADD : Incompleted Files in shareFileList in Red
-FIX :French language and Icone
-REMOVE :filled-0
-ADD :download in bold

Based on Emule 0.45b VipeR 2.2 by Telperion(Viper's dev):
-[Add]:Disable Slot Focus
-[Add]:Slot control
-[Add]:Direct Upload
-[Add]:Quick Start
-[Add]:Super release
-[Add]:Control SLot [Miles] avec possibilité de le désactiver
-[Add]:Pay back First
-[Add]:AntiNickThief V2
-Add: Push Small files
-Add: Push Rare Files
-ADD:Updated Bad MODSTRING list [SiRoB]
-ADD: Anti mod Faker

[] Votre pseudo ici

Not one of the "latest" eMule mod versions but comes with nice Toolbars Graphics:
Simpsons eMule skin, 80 Toolbars & More, eMulix skin,...

BIN: eMule 0.46a ED2K RIP v0.1 bin + Simpsons eMule skin +80 Toolbars & More.rar
SRC: eMule 0.46a ED2K RIP v0.1 src.rar

eMule 0.46a NewMagicSeb 1.1

REPLACE:Dynamic Block Requests BY Dazzle's Faster Endgame
ADD :relax on startup
ADD :Incompleted Files in shareFileList in Red
Fix :French language and Icone
REMOVE :filled-0
ADD :download in bold

eMule 0.46a NewMagicSeb 1.0 Ported To 0.46a
3a :
- Ported to 0.45a (Base : Magic Lite 2)
- Fixed a bug in copy feedback : Now you can make multiple feedbacks
- Updated anti leech
Ported to 0.45b

- Powershare (Morph Based)
- HideOS/SpreadBars
- Intelligent Chunk Selection
- Share Only The Need
- Slot Focus
- Copy Feedbacks
- Download in blue
- Anti Leech
- Community visualization (no boost)

Download: 0.46a_NewMagicSeb_1.1_bin.rar 1.36 MB

Thursday, June 19, 2008

FlashGet v2.11.0.1186 English Ads Free - No Ads

FlashGet v2.11.0.1186 English
Express (FlashGet) is the most popular Downloadmanager on the Internet, used for the largest number of a software download. Multi-server Hyper-Threading technology, fully supported a variety of protocols with outstanding file management capabilities. Express (FlashGet) software is green, no advertising - when dont use the installer, the 3th party Google Toolbar will not integrate in system and its free.

Some of the features in 2.0, you may need to register to use. We call these functions to the garage. Garage owner account, can enjoy release resources, resource classification, resource collection, shows that download information, and other fun features.

Express (FlashGet) 2 main features:
1, in-depth optimization core, the higher the efficiency.
2, multi-protocol add, to help users to add all kinds of links.
3, support for HTTP, BT download, not to support Emule function.
4, a variety of skin support, Office-style menu, simple fashion.
5, the new definition of the express train to download the list.
6, can use IE agent.
7, civilized language me with a simple restore.

Existing features:
1. Support download protocols: HTTP / FTP / HTTPS / MMS / RTSP / BT. eMule is not yet supported in Version 2. A maximum of simultanouse downloads is 10 parts at the same time and can be set up to eight download task. Through multi-threaded, breakpoint Xu Chuan, mirror and other technology to increase the maximum download speed.
3. Mirroring support (more than address download) - usually on the site you want to download the document will set out a number of addresses (that is, distribution of documents in different sites), as long as the size of the same document, the software can also connect multiple Site and choose the site faster to download the document. Is to ensure that the benefits of faster download speeds, even if a site disconnected or wrong, are not affected. A mandate to support the mirror sites is not limited number of addresses, and can automatically find Ftp Search mirror.
4. Can create different categories, to download the software category of storage. Strong management features include support for drag and drop, rename, add descriptions, find, file names can be repeated automatically rename and so on.
5. Managed before downloading files.
6. Check whether the documents to update or re-download.
7. Supports automatic dial-up, downloaded automatically hang up and shutdown.
8. Full support for proxy servers.
9. Customizable toolbar and download information is displayed.
10. Download the task can be sorted ahead of an important document can be downloaded.
11. Multilingual interface, support for security, including more than 10 Chinese language interface, and can switch at any time.
12. Download plan, avoiding the use of peak time network or the network costs are cheaper at the end of the download.
13. Capture the browser clicks, fully supports IE and Netscape.
14. Speed limit function to facilitate the visit.
15. Compatible with Vista system.

Official Download chinese with Ads: (including plug-in, installation attention to the selection):

Use universal Extractor to extract installer and take the content only. No need to run installation/setup.

Without 3th party Toolbars and No Ads in English (some plugins removed) - no installer just extract and run:

subfolder name: Other modules - here possible ads inside or is it the for the registered user the Garage features? I don't speak one single word Chinese! - rename and sort it out to foldername modules
This folder contents some modules which displays ads or other features, If you need any of this modules, copy these modules to the modules folder.

Folder: installerObsolete$TEMP can be deleted (logos and installer trash inside)

All Callback Ads in flashget exe have been removed! (I think it is a Chinese Download Portal not really Ads but for International user maybe useless)
I cleaned it from the Interface not just hidding optical as some does by BitSpirit and Comet. I remove it inside the file cleaned the website out which produce the Ads and traffic in/out to these sites that it will not shown or make any connections. You can use Application Connection Monitoring tools to watch the application by self if it create connections to somewhere else as to the File urls you downloading.

TaskNotifier Translated dll too! - I use the trick by set Windows Language for unicode to Chinese PRC, that it shows the Letters on my screen and drag n drop translate with Google from Resource editor to replace the words in the dll into english:
TaskNotifier English
Immadiate should be Open File and Open should be Open Folder
(English Words are to long it doesnt match inside the lengh)
Download FlashGet v2.11.0.1186 English No Ads:
BHO's may automatical added to captcher Download links from the web browser but can be configurated in the settings menu.
It's a unbelievable fast Downloader, cfosspeed is already by the limit of connections to handle. It fits the full speed of the internet to download!

FlashGet *Fixed* NEW 28-June-2008

FlashGet EN NoAds *FIXED* - Click here

Outdated Version without BHO:
Light EdiTion No installer w/o redunand "extras":
Download (2.43 MB): FlashGet.en-AdsFree v2.11.0.1186-re.rar DDL1

eMule.exe file size over 5MB and growing...

eMule 5MB Mega sized
Graphics / oversized Icons the mainpart of the filesize in emule.exe -5MB-

There are still [obsolete] icon graphics [*.ico] icons in libaries by eMule in size with:
48x48, 64x64, 72x72 in the multi Icon sets, color depth 4, 8, 16, 24, 32

The icons are a big part more than > 1 MB of the end file size (emule.exe) of more than > 5 MB.

Sorting the unneeded, unused color depth icons out and reducing [resize] the oversized > 64 + 72 icons plus the small icons surounding the GUI eg.: to it's > 16x16 from 32x32 and higher to the matching size, may reduce the emule.exe file size smaller [less] than 5 MB (can save ~250 - 380 kb) by optimization!

Here some unsorted (incomplete sorted) samples extracted from a mod: (579.51 KB)

Using PE Tools to strip from the Binary exe, C++ [the obsolete] debug code output (not the feature related debug function) and correct the internal CRC checksum from the compiler output may finalize the result.

Only trimm:


Rebuilder functionality
- strip debug data
- strip relocations
- strip export information

...maybe not with this tool [only set to zero w/o remove the debug code]:

Q. What does it mean when I see the Do You Trust This Site? security report? A. Internet Explorer displays Do You Trust This Site? when a suspicious website has some of the typical characteristics of phishing websites...Do not exe compress or protect FileShare Client software, eMule mods, BitTorrent clients with Armadillo, PEC and others. Browser safety filter can give attention warning if enter domains with difficult or possible embedded nasty things in site download content to AV scan.
I just seen by a domain: the Microsoft Internet Explorer safety filter shown up a warning. >> Report Site as a safe website if no phishing or threats found! <<
By the way Uni-Leech Tool ( for BitTorrent Ratio etc.. ) have a backdoor trojan inside according to Kaspersky Labs.