Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vagaa V2.6.5.10 Build 2008-06-02

下载Vagaa V2.6.5.10 2008-06-02 发布最新版本
Vagaa(哇嘎) is a peer-to-peer (P2P) program originating from Mainland China. The software is compatible with eDonkey network and BitTorrent and is often used for downloading large files such as movies, games and drama series. Also users share their files in Vagaa network. The software is being developed by users from Mainland China and the most fit tools for complicated network, like NAT, NAPT users.

Vagaa has some special soft router algorithms library, which speed downloading and uploading, even between the NAT users. Also the famous distributed search system. The search function is quick and full of multi-language content from users.

Use of this software is often frowned upon by server operators for its overly-aggressive and almost faulty stress exerted on the respective server and sometimes result in the banning of Chinese users.

old changelog:
download site (net setup only):
Vagaa哇嘎"画"时代 V2.6.5.10 Build 2008-06-02
Download Bin (installer extracted): vagaa bin.7z 2.01 MB
Application is under folder {app}

Download extras Player installer (inno setup): - extracted installer: vagaa JiaFilmPlayer.7z 3.13 MB

Language Chinese

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