Thursday, July 3, 2008

7-Zip 4.59 alpha 3 | WinRAR 3.80 beta 2

7-Zip 4.59 alpha 3 was released.

7-Zip for 32-bit Windows:

7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64:

What's new after 7-Zip 4.59 alpha 2:
- 7-Zip now can unpack UDF and XAR archives.
- It's allowed to use -t switch for "list" and "extract" commands.
- Some bugs were fixed.


WinRAR Version 3.80 beta 2

1. Bugs fixed:

a) beta 1 could display random garbage characters in context menu
in Windows x64;

b) beta 1 could display only a part of files in tar.gz archives;

c) beta 1 could fail to set timestamps for files extracted
from ZIP archives;

d) beta 1 could issue a rename error message and abort
when creating RAR volumes with Unicode characters in archive name.

Download Dev. (editing locked archives enabled etc...: wrar38b2.exe 1.18 MB

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