Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FlashGetMini Final Version Ads Free

Flashget Mini - a "just for downloading" excellent download software. Ultra-fast, ultra-small features allow you to experience the fun easy to download.

Official Changelog:

Version: FlashGetMini official version v1.3 (1046) 2008-10-23

Some Fixes in dll modules and program exe

Mini Express 1.3 Revision ( update log is as follows:
+ fixes an issue of the interface
+ optimizes the installation package size
+ modify other details

Version: FlashGetMini official version v1.3 (1045) 2008-10-15

Add: supporting detailed information window displays the function of mission.
Add: right through the menu to rename the name of mission functions.
Add: duplicate download tasks, suggesting that "re-download" or "View" function of the operation.
Fix: Repair under Vista can not drag files and link BT seed to the mini-window interface and suspended window download bug.
Fix: Repair press the boss key after auxiliary window is not closed bug.
Fix: Repair can not call Kaspersky antivirus 7.0 bug. Download mission is complete, call in Backgrounds Kaspersky antivirus scanning. Kaspersky scan to see the Record....and so on
Amend: modify the suspension onto the edge of the window and then restart the mini-train, then show the window when a suspension, suspended window sometimes invisible bug.
Amend: change the amended resolution, the suspension may be disappearing window bug.

Flashget-Mini Ver 1.3 (1045)


Original Source code was Installer extracted, content file by file edited ( , )

Ads Free Changes:

English Language File a little bit fixed ( Spell Errors may remain ).

- Removed All Ads/Call Homes/Stats etc.. -> see Details
- Changed Integrated Search to use Google Search
- Some Gui Fixes in FlashGetMini.exe
- Changed TCPIP.sys Patcher to a better one
- Remove Info.exe call from program flashgetmini.exe
- Antivirus suggestion to the direct International Link:
- C# v8 program exe, C#7.1 dll's compiled PE Files Clean up by the modificated files: FlashGetMini.exe, libStatistics.dll, core_stat.dll, P2PCore.dll, p2snetio.dll, btcore.dll

( no worries IDM - Internet Download Manager have much mor callhomes and is not freeware )

The BitTorrent Module from FlashGet-Mini

In FlashGet .exe/dll's are still remaining some old obsolete registry keys which get added into the windows registry by running flashget. ( Clean up will be done in a later Ads free Build )


Download Test Build 1 Ads Free (2.03 MiB): flashgetmini_v13_red_Ads_Free.7z | Mirror

run regsvr.bat to register the BHO Browser integration
to uninstall the Webbrowser integration run regsvr-u.bat

German Language File (Outdated needs to be updated)
Rename and overwrite Language-eng.xml with Language-deu.xml

Big Skin Pack Download Themes:


Themes/Skins (all-In-One): Skin Pack v1.3 for FlashGetMini.7z 754.85 KB

FlashGet-Mini is a beautiful fast Download Manager for http/ftp. The BT Core engine need some optimizations and more options such as max. connections at once, IPfilter.dat, protocol encrytion support. On BT, FlashGet run after a while only slight slower as utorrent. The Gui Detail Window can be set to the right or left site to show real time stats/info about the current jobs and downloaded jobs. The RAM memory consume by BitTorrent Downloads is very good with 30 - 45 MiB


FireFox Extension Addon English Translated for FlashGet-Mini

Works with all Fileshare hoster now such as Rapidshare, Mediafire,...
nfo: FlashGetMini extension 1.0.0 Crash Bug Fixed and Translated + Done compatible for latest Firefox 3.1 Beta

Install English FIXED: flashgetmini-1.1.0-en-fx-win.xpi - Download

For Firefox 2.0 - 3.2a compatible (max version = 3.6a1pre)
Install - Download

Install Chinese: Please use the Addon which is include

( Updated FireFoX Addon with 4 Languages in one coming soon )

run regsvr.bat to register the BHO Browser integration first!
Please reinstall/update the Addon. The Crash Bug for Firefox 3.1 beta 3 is fixed now!

Alternative use drag'n drop to flashget window by dl links instead.

Another FF Extension for FlashGet:
Special Link Decoder & Encoder 1.0
A tool for you to convert links between normal protocols (file, ftp, http, mms, rstp and https) and special protocols (thunder, flashget and qqdl). Homepage

Todo: add a option to import and remove the IE context menu with get Flashgetmini exe path on disk.

- Download with FlashGet
- Download All with FlashGet
- Download flv Video
- Add Flashget special file extionsions by url's

The Registry keys // remarks placed here :

ADD [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt]

ADD [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\ʹÓÃÃÔÄã¿ì³µÏÂÔØ] // Download with FlashGet
ADD @="C:\\Program Files\\FlashGet Network\\FlashGet Mini\\GetUrl.htm"
ADD contexts=dword:00000022

ADD [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\ʹÓÃÃÔÄã¿ì³µÏÂÔظÃÍøÒ³FLV] // Download FLV Video with FlashGet
ADD @="C:\\Program Files\\FlashGet Network\\FlashGet Mini\\FlashGetFlvdetector.htm"
ADD contexts=dword:00000001

ADD [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\ʹÓÃÃÔÄã¿ì³µÏÂÔØÈ«²¿Á´½Ó] // Download all with FlashGet
ADD @="C:\\Program Files\\FlashGet Network\\FlashGet Mini\\GetAllUrl.htm"
ADD contexts=dword:000000f3

ADD @="fb!"

ADD @="jc"

ADD @="jccfg"

ADD @="BitTorrent" // Optional

... a clean inno setup installer with this options will be done

iMule v1.3.5 the anonymous eMule | I2P 0.7.1

IMule is based on the I2P Anonymity Network which is a Router or Mixer-Network.
*I*Mule is the anonymous filesharing of *E*Mule, the worlds most famous filesharing software next to gnutella and torrent.
Download and Share Files without revealing your IP-Adress or our Identity. Safe and Secure, just Anonymous Filesharing. Based on the Anonymity Network I2P (Invisible Internet Project) Imule is protecting you while Downloading and Sharing Files.
Your IP-Adress is not shown to the requester or owner of the file.

Last version : 1.3.5

* bug corrected: 1kB/s upload limit removed

BBS + other os builds:


Download the compiled versions for Windows above, or download also the sources for compiling yourself on Linux. Try downloading by pasting the ed2k-link in IMule (or - if available - Emule). It should be more reliable (if not faster) than a http-download via i2p.

Download for Windows:

Debian Package |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: bcce53b3a9b0a3f2b917055916b589b9|

Linux Nomad Binaries |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: 4567c6700f3831870d4a26efd3cde5db|

Windows Binaries |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: b1d9b3cdc631993ce3b52254b7fdffdf|

Source-Code / Linux |Emule-Link| - |Http| - |MD5: 690971a0e9186a615e24a3d63697d1dd|


You can access the last sources via the SVN sources repository.

Latest I2P Anonymous Network Software:
2009-03-29 - I2P 0.7.1 - Announcement - Download

Sunday, March 29, 2009

eMule 0.49b Fincan v7.2

Fincan v7.2 (0.49b)
- 28. Mart, 2009 -
Fix: Anonymous Mod
Add: NickStyler - nice tool to style your nickname
Add: AvailablePartsScore for downloading files, max ratio 2.0
Fix: WebServer Memleak
Add: VideoFormatName H.264 and 3vid
Fix: official bugfix - Client Ban
Fix: barshaderinfo - Fafner
Fix: fix minor official draw bug around SharedFiles Filter on Language change
Add: SharedView Ed2kType
Add: Morph Upload Splitting - seperate datarate adjustment for friends and powershare
Add: Morph Socket Buffering
Add: Morph USS
Add: Slot Focus
Add: Read Block From File Thread
Fix: Better Upload rate calcul
Fix: Better datarate measurement for low and high speed
Mod: Redraw ListControl items from Thread
add: MemCPU info
Mod: reduce a little CPU usage for ratio count
Mod: SharedStatusBar CPU Optimisation
Add: Source cache [Xman]
Mod: some extra infos on QuickInfo
Add: Automatic reload of shared files
Mod: AntiLeech DLP - separate handling of hard and soft leecher
Add: Emulate Community Nick Addons


Download: eMule0.49b-Fincan-v7.2.rar 4.96 MB

One of the best Comm Mods. Fincan makes upload to all eMules in the ed2k network!

<| Esipa Fincan mod is not a Leecher mod! |>

Ratio Faker 0.9.10 by Matías

A New Version of Ratio Faker 0.9.10 have been released!


* FIX: RF is now a single instance app, you can't launch more than one instance. This should lower the number of people asking for the error "socket in use" :)
* FIX: auto checking for updates might display the new version message even if there's none.
* CHANGE: Some language updates.
* CHANGE: your real upload will be appended when you use "report my upload as x.x times my download". The final result then will be downloaded x multiplier + uploaded. That way, even if your download has been completed, you can continue seeding.

Download/Homepage visit:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2 Privat Edition by morph4u

eMule 0.49c MorphXT 11.2 by morph4u

eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2 Privat Edition by morph4u
eMule 0.49c MorphXT 11.2 Private Edition by morph4u



+ Random Modstring
+ Friendboost
+ Commboost
+ Unlimited Slot
+ Force Uploadslot
+ Single Reask
+ Copy eD2K link [/URL]
+ Select all in menu
+ UpPrio in downloadlist
+ Only Upload to eMule
+ Emulate Others
+ Enhanced Client Recognization
+ Auto Drop Immunity
+ Shutdown Options
+ Custom Prio
+ Variable bantime
+ Kick
+ Ban
+ Push
+ Changed Queuesize settings
+ Powershare in WebInterface (use eMule.tmpl in package)
+ Some colors in lists
+ Changed some icons

- Removed all restrictions
- Removed/Changed many features i dont need ;-)


http DDL: Mirror1 | Mirror2 | Mirror3 | Mirror4
Fileshare host: 3.72 MB - Mirror

MorphXT Private Edition lite is the best eMule 0.49c MorphXT Mod ever!

Thanks a lot

This Mod is also compatible with Windows 2000 + Windows XP SP1 and later:

see click on picture for fullscreen

May contain some code parts from Stulle at Highschool(The King of eMule MoDs).

NeoKwinto AntiTrial

Program NeoKwinto służy do resetowania i odblokowywania programów w wersji trial (shareware) . Triale, są to programy, które działają przez pewien, określony przez producenta danego programu czas, np. przez 30 dni, albo np. 40 uruchomień, itp. Gdy skończy się trial (ang. czas próby), blokada zawarta w programie, tzw. "timebomb" zablokuje program i użytkowanie go stanie się niemożliwe (albo bardzo ograniczone) bez wykupienia licencji. NeoKwinto odblokowuje triale i resetuje ich liczniki do początkowego stanu. Nie jest potrzebna reinstalacja odblokowanych programów i można z nich natychmiast korzystać. Wszystkie ustawienia, projekty, itp. pozostaną bez zmian.

Obsługa programu jest bardzo prosta i intuicyjna. Program skanuje system i wyszukuje blokady triali. Następnie wyświetla listę znalezionych blokad, a użytkownik wybiera te, które chce zresetować. Cała operacja trwa (zależy od szybkości procesora) zaledwie kilka - kilkadziesiąt sekund.



PROTECTiON iD v6.2.2 *Updated to v6.2.3*

PROTECTiON iD v6.2.2
(c) CDKiLLER & TippeX [02/2003 - 03/2009]


- detection of every major PC ISO Game / App protection
- sector scanning CDs / DVDs for Copy Protections
- covers more than 430 (different!) protections including exe protectors, .net protectors, packers, dongles, licenses & installers
- files / folders can simply be drag & droped into pid (link files will re resolved too)
- strong scanning routines allowing it to detect multiple protections in one file
- easy scanning via shell context menu
- usefully misc tools included
- coded 100% in Win32 assembly language
- fully 32bit & 64bit compliant
- working on every Windows OS from Win9x to windows Vista
- no additional files are required (like VB Runtimes, MSVC dlls or ASPI drivers)

More info visit Homepage:

Mirror: | Mirror: ProtectionID_v6.2.3.rar 438.09 KB

Friday, March 27, 2009

eMule MorphXT+ by Franky5

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick



BIN: eMule 0.49b [MorphXT+ 11.1]
SRC: eMule 0.49b [MorphXT+ 11.1]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.49a [MorphXT+ 11.0]

SRC: eMule 0.49a [MorphXT+ 11.0]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.5]
SRC: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.5]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.4]
SRC: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.4]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.3]
SRC: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.3]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.2]
SRC: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.2]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.1]
SRC: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.1]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.0]
SRC: eMule 0.48a [MorphXT+ 10.0]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.6]

eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.6]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick

eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.5]

eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.5]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.4]

eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.4]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.3]

eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.3]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.2]

eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.2]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: emulev0.47c-MorphXT+v9.1-bin
eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.1]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick

eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.0]

eMule 0.47c [MorphXT+ 9.0]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.14]
SRC: eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.14]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.13]
SRC: eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.13]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
BIN: eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.10]
SRC: eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.10]

Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick
eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.9]

eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.9]

eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.5]

eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.5]

eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.1]

eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.1]

eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.0]

eMule 0.47a [MorphXT+ 8.0]

eMule 0.46c [MorphXT+ 7.8]

eMule 0.46c [MorphXT+ 7.8]

eMule 0.46c [MorphXT+ 7.6]

eMule 0.46c [MorphXT+ 7.6]

eMule 0.46c [MorphXT+ 7.3]

eMule 0.46c [MorphXT+ 7.3]

eMule 0.46a [MorphXT+ 7.1]

eMule 0.46a [MorphXT+ 7.1]

eMule 0.46a [MorphXT+ 7.0]

eMule 0.46a [MorphXT+ 7.0]

eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.7]

eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.7]

BIN: eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.6]
SRC: eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.6]

BIN: eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.5]
SRC: eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.5]

BIN: eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.4]
SRC: eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.4]

BIN: eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.1]
SRC: eMule 0.45b [MorphXT+ 6.1]


Thursday, March 26, 2009

dUP 2.19 Beta 14 diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher

dup 2.19 beta 14:
- now with multiline textpatch support
- now with environment variable support



TuoTu 3.5.113 by Benbear

TuoTu 3.5.113

TuoTu 3.5.113

Rabbit (TuoTu) Download/Filesharing software Introduction:

HTTP, BT, Emule, Flashget all in one Multiprotocol Rabbit (TuoTu) is a filesharing Software which support all major protocols. It uses P2SP Hyper-Threading Technology. TuoTu support English and Chinese Gui Language which can be switched.

Supported HTTP, BT, Emule, Flashget resources such as cross-download protocol.
TuoTu v3.5.113

Key Features include:

Low resource occupancy: from rabbit (TuoTu) occupying less system resources while downloading and uploading. Download speed controllable and will not affect the use of other software.
- No plug-in bundles, no ads
- BitTorrent download Optimize network interconnection
- Built-in browser, support multi-tabbed browsing
- Supporting user sorted download priorities

TuoTu V3.5.113 update

* Adjust the interface to increase the website features many tags
* Update eMule module to 0.49b
* Update Express (Flashget) download engine
* Add UPnP is automatically set eMule UDP port function
* The amendment of certain controls exist table showing wrong order bug
* Fixed some URL after the deal with the problem of garbled


Mirror: TuoTu_3.5.113.exe 4.25 MB
No Installer: TuoTu_3.5.113.rar 2.93 MB
Without Integration into Internet Explorer as stand alone: TuoTu_3.5.113.rar 2.89 MB

Country Flags extension copy to tuotu's directory.

All other settings such as set startpage, searchpage can be done in the .ini file for fine adjustment.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

µRemote test build March 23 2009

Here's a new test build with some changes to "upload torrent" method. When you're loading torrents, µRemote will not update file list and torrent list, so you won't receive a timeout.. that's because WebUI API doesn't support those two actions together.


* CHANGE: Sorting by queue order now acts like in uTorrent.
* CHANGE: Loading torrents now occurs synchronously but in a background thread.
* ADD: Loading torrent status.

Homepage + Download visit Friends Blog

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SWIG 1.3.39

Connects programs written in C and C++ with scripting languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl.
SWIG was designed to be an interface compiler that will connect programs written in C and C++ with scripting languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. It works by taking the declarations found in C/C++ header files and using them to generate the wrapper code that scripting languages need to access the underlying C/C++ code. In addition, SWIG provides a variety of customization features that let you tailor the wrapping process to suit your application.

SWIG is used in a number of ways:

Building more powerful C/C++ programs. Using SWIG, you can replace the main() function of a C program with a scripting interpreter from which you can control the application. This adds quite a lot of flexibility and makes the program "programmable." That is, the scripting interface allows users and developers to easily modifiy the behavior of the program without having to modify low-level C/C++ code. The benefits of this are numerous. In fact think of all of the large software packages that you use every day - nearly all of them include special a macro language, configuration language, or even a scripting engine that allows users to make customizations.

Rapid prototyping and debugging. SWIG allows C/C++ programs to be placed in a scripting environment that can be used for testing and debugging. For example, you might test a library with a collection of scripts or use the scripting interpreter as an interactive debugger. Since SWIG requires no modifications to the underlying C/C++ code, it can be used even if the final product does not rely upon scripting.

Systems integration. Scripting languages work fairly well for controlling and gluing loosely-coupled software components together. With SWIG, different C/C++ programs can be turned into scripting language extension modules. These modules can then be combined together to create new and interesting applications.

Construction of scripting language extension modules. SWIG can be used to turn common C/C++ libraries into components for use in popular scripting languages. Of course, you will still want to make sure that no-one else has already created a module before doing this.

SWIG is sometimes compared to interface definition language (IDL) compilers such as those you find with systems such as CORBA and COM. Although there are a few similarities, the whole point of SWIG is to make it so you don't have to add an extra layer of IDL specifications to your application.

Here are some key features of "SWIG":

· Code Generation
· ANSI C++
· Preprocessing
· Customizated type conversion/marshaling.
· Exception handling.
· Class/structure extension.
· Memory management.
· Ambiguity resolution.
· Template instantiation.
· File import and cross-module linking.
· Code inclusion, helper function support.
· Extensive diagnostics (error/warning messages including fine grained warning suppression).
· Extended SWIG macro handling.

Source @fixdown
Download page

Sunday, March 22, 2009

VeryCD easyMule 1.1.4 2009-03-18 Release L33CH3R - EdiTioN

Thanks for coming to this project. easyMule Xtended is another modification of eMule easymule. Written for advanced newbie users it has brand new user interface. By VeryCD team from China and equiped with more features.
Changelog official:

VeryCD easyMule 1.1.4 release [2009-03-18]
* Fixed bug: easyMule crash and hang often after merge with 0.49b code

VeryCD easyMule 1.1.3 release [2009-02-11]
* Fixed bug: easyMule hang or exit automatically somehow
* Fixed bug: lost s=http://*/* url info of ed2k link sometimes

VeryCD easyMule 1.1.2 release [2009-02-04]
* Fixed bug: some defect of share, enhance upload ability
* Fixed bug: ftp download failure because of metalnk return duplicate result
* Optimize HTTP/FTP rawdata processing, http/ftp download more successfully
* support for more antivirus software

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.11 release [2008-12-18]
* Optimized interaction of file block's state between peers
* Optimized data-processing of ftp downloading
* fixed bug: Hash value of the file that larger than 4G woubld be hash again in some cases

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.10 release [2008-12-05]
* Optimized display efficiency of uploading information in download and share pages
* Optimized performance of built-in browser and some other users experiences
* fixed bug: unable to add download task when the opinion 'check diskspace' was selected
* fixed bug:unable to submit comment about resources


Source code now is nearly perfect:

after fixing the bug (missing code part in provided source code) saying:
.\WorkLayer\SharedFileList.cpp(1560) : error C2039: 'm_pAsynLoadSharedFilesEvent' : is not a member of 'CFileMgr'
c:\easymule-verycd-src03\easymule\src\worklayer\FileMgr.h(152) : see declaration of 'CFileMgr'

in source code missing:

CEvent *m_pAsynLoadSharedFilesEvent;

in FileMgr.h add on the end

CEvent *m_pAsynLoadSharedFilesEvent;
bool m_bSaveAfterLoad;
can not be the matching source code from whitch the official build is compiled, however if the official easymule is compiled with this error it will produce a bug. Her it is fixed, bug found and works to compile after this fix with Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0.

tested with vc 2008 sp1, all libs changed to more updated one. Compressor setting changed. should be more compatible and run on all pc's since atl no depences outside.

- remove integrated max tcpip half open patcher [betterSP2] which reduce a patched tcpip.sys on winxp to 9 connections only every time starting emule.exe
- remove bho call [IE2EM.dll]
- proper remove of server ads [from serverwnd.cpp servermsgbox->Reset(); to emuledlg.cpp //serverwnd->servermsgbox->AppendText(strMsgLine)
- remove context menue entries in IE by emule.exe start [remove iemonitor.cpp/.h] call to IE2EM.htm which adds: regkey:
HKCU@S-1-5-21-220523388-1343024091-725345543-1003\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\Download by easyMule

HKCU@S-1-5-21-220523388-1343024091-725345543-1003\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\Download by easyMule

- remove autostart by default by executing emule.exe which adds without user interrupt:

Hi... I am the Code Cleaner Assistant. Please tell me all suggestions to improve it. Thank you!
- Change: to international Rising Antivirus 2009 Free Edition @ -
- ....
- remove differneces between local and international version [all get the same features]
+ manual features taken from debug (GetDebugUpQueue always enable to show upload queue, show uploading (upload list), MP_REMOVECLIENT = 'Kick from upload' enabled for all...)
+ manuall add for now by AV's Kaspersky, Nod, Avira,... to scann incomming files with command line
eg.: eset NOD: In the input field "Run" add to C:\Program files\Eset\NOD32.exe (default path) the folder or disk you want to scan - for example "C:\my documents". So the whole input field "Run" should look like:
"c:\program files\eset\nod32.exe" "c:\my documents"
newer nod32 C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\ecls.exe by Arguments: /adv-heur /heur /rtp /quarantine /action=clean
+ Set a default Server.met url + Nodes dat
+ print/show full clientsoftware version (emule version and mod) in all lists [IDS_CD_CSOFT] from client->GetClientSoftVer() to DbgGetFullClientSoftVer()
calls: return GetClientSoftVer() + _T(" [") + GetClientModVer() + _T(']');
+ Add web services [Webservice.dat] from Foreign Version
+ Show client IP in ClientDetail Dialog taken from #ifdef _SHOW_SOURCE_IP
+ Change Dialog Fonts from FONT 9, "ËÎÌå", to FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg"
+ Add Refresh Client = UPD ReAsk for Download
+ Enhance Remove Client to all Lists / Downloadlist Queue,...
+ Remove all active uploads [please use only for testing]
+ Re added Open Incoming folder to the easymule Tools Menu Bar
+ Re added IP Filter to easymule tools menu / update and unrar,unzip need to integrate into options menu. Quick solution: Download any ipfilter.rar/.zip,.., open Tools > Ipfilter > select Append.. browse to the downloaded file, hit open and save. Now its imported.
+ Add Alternative max Half-Open Patcher
- vc update check [changed to look changelog]
- Ratio restrictions include session ratio
- Download sharing / changes to share completed can be done in the prefs

> internal option to change build numbers back and forward to valid one [release dates + switch matching emule version to 48/49b backward if needed]

known bugs caused by easymule GUI Design: If switch show uploadqueue and show uploadlist, the upper Gui window doesnt refresh well.

will try to remove ftp/http downloader + do some improvements and a final code clean up.


If you have started easymule original ever before, please check your maximal tcp/ip half-open connection limit tcpip.sys in windows xp and patch it back to original state or higher. Unregister the BHO IE2EM.dll, apply nirsoft tool to remove redunant IE explorer context menu entries!

2009-03-23 1st Edition Test mod of VC easymule 1.1.4 build 20090318 base [not finished yet - NFY]
easyMule v1.1.4 Xtra
Download New (wrong countryflag.dll versions in the older download) FIXED now: easyMule v1.1.4 Xtra.rar 5.87 MB | Mirror

ipfilter, show countryflag stuff and things for \config are include

please test it if it works for all stabile/without crashes and report possible issues/suggestions here as comment or here in the bbs
Memory consume is xtreme by easymule might be cause of kadboost, meta.... features.
It can reach about Firefox/IE size of memory load (110 - 140 MB memory load). 3 to 6 times more as other mods. Will try to reduce it.

To load dlp of your choice please put antileech.dll in folder

for example official antileech.dll from:

rename to antiLeech.dll
close emule.exe
copy to subfolder \modules

Happy Birthday umeK

Happy BirthDay umeK!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

eMule 0.49c Apace V1.2 Beta 1

Apace V1.2 Beta 1

+ Merged to eMule 0.49c
+ Spamming Server column in Searchlist
+ Color for client share visibility
+ Color for file ready to preview
+ FriendsNote
+ Changed Client Detail Window
+ Custom Prio
+ Shutdown after x complete sources
+ Some colors changed and added
+ Changed: seperate column for compressed

- Removed Blockratio Kick
- Removed LowID score reduce
- Removed FirstStartWizzard

http: eMule.0.49c.Apace.V1.2.Beta.1.rar 2.61 MB

Best equipped Feature rich emule mod!

Thanks a lot!!!


eMule 0.49c X-Mod 1.5.0 and eMule Lite by dolphinx - Not a Leecher Mod!

eMule X Mod, based on eMule Xtreme

X Mod have removed code for Win9x compatibility. It will be only running on Windows 2000 or higher, and will as far as possible to support Wine.

X Mod is not a Mod with many unique features. The project is to improve all aspects of eMule's details and to enhance the user experience.
In addition to the possession of all the features of Xtreme 6.1, there are some features from other Mods.

X Mod has an sub-project eMule Lite. If you care about the memory usage, you can try it.

X Mod mainly enhanced the following features of eMule Xtreme:
download cache settings
file type recongition
text and type filter in download history
shared files control
speed up eMule's loading

More in Features and Changelog.

March 10, 2009

- add: skin - purple Xmas(toolbar only) (thanks Xtreme test team, Yangge)
- add: ipfilter.dat (thanks AUG)

0.49c X-Mod 1.5.0
issue in DoSwap
Statistics issues in old X-Mod
Often reload sharedfiles when file not found
Scroll bar context menu issues of mulelist
Wrong Folder Icon in directory tree ctrl

Improved ClientCreditsList and ACAT optimization
Improved CDownloadListCtrl::AddSource
skip downloading source when A4AF to other
Don't remember AICH when it is not referenced by knownfile
Improved Add and Remove UPNP
Don't force to share files in Incoming or Cat Incoming when it is not known

0.49b X-Mod 1.4.6
Localize "OK" "Temporary" "Countries" in chinese
check partfile status after createpartfile in PartFileConvert.cpp
get rid of display issues like X:\\001.part
urldecode Clients' Filename

Option menu in system menu
Banned column in queuelist

Index Temporary Filter and use binary search to insert and delete
DLP V36 Integerated
Don't Upload to Leecher and ban leecher menu in upload queue clientlist
Auto Save Nodes.dat
View emulecollection menu
Preview Links in Direct Download Dialog
support long country name like "Country[Location]" in IP2Country
country column in downloadlist and clientlist
don't load ipfilters' description, will save much memory

recover X version check
change modstring: X-Mod to make it same with Mod name
show Direct Download Dialog when there's ed2k file link in clipboard
show server's dyn ip and country flag
improve servers' ipfilter
change auto-complete button in cat dialog
change default cat 0's Title
show content after it loaded in Network dialog
improve the client part of the statistic tree and fix a bug
Import lots of code fixes found and proofed by Enig123
show upload speed in trayicon
improve old features

0.49b Mexter 1.4.5
Remove Useless Localize

X version check
Debug Log code
compatible code in preference.cpp
Lite [FV]
Ord option in Xtreme Page

Additional Localize
shared file extension filter(don't share them)
prompt before a file is gong to be hashed
Resume Download, TrustHash
Paste Links menu in cat menu
faster end game: drop stalled downloads (netfinity)

make client progress more accuracy
Speed Up Loading ipfilter,don't sort if it was sorted
Speed Up Loading ip2country,don't sort if it was sorted,use std::map
don't create skin folder if not need
create logs folder if need
no context menu for SDI_ALL and SDI_DIRECTORY
ip2country code from CN Mod Enig123::Reduce GDI handles

code from Xtreme 7.1
- fixed: official bug around userhash initialization (Enig123)
- improved: make source add action thread safe (Enig123)
- fixed: Special case when socket is closing but data still in buffer (netfinity)
- fixed: avoid userhash collision (DreaMule)
- add: Friend Links (MorphXT) and fixed a memleak
- improved: free unused memory when a download is completed/cancelled (Enig123)
- improved: optimized Upload Bandwidth Throttler
- improved: use a prime table to initiate ClientCreditsList
- change: let nick name and location controls resize together with the source detail dialog
- change: support 24k send buffer

0.49b Mexter 1.4.4
show ? after change one cat's filter setting
don't show server count after change language
disable preallocate while eMule allocating

Xtreme version check
Don't Draw Hidden Rect

file type filter for search list
X version check
64bit version compilation

use non Unicode way to read ip2country,speed up loading
improve effect when change list in Transfer dialog
try create cat incomming folder if not exist rather than use default incomming one after complete
prefer autocat's temp folder
change version number and modstring: Mexter
Speed Up Loading ipfilter
Show IP Filter Hits
Show More Splash Info
change DLP default preference to ban
Don't Draw Hidden Column
always show cachebar, don't show cachebar if show more controls not checked
html features in statistic dialog

code from Xtreme 7.0
- updated UPnP (thanks CN_Mod Team and ACAT)
- add: show UPnP status in network info dialog (idea from ScarAngel)
- add: rebind UPnP on IP-change (idea from X-RAY)
-- add: safehash: installation dir unsharing (MorphXT)
- change: UPnP Internal Search: send more request
- remove: Fix Connection Collision (no more needed in .49b codebase)
code from ScarAngel 3.1
TK4 CreditSystem
ZZUL CreditSystem
Threaded Known Files Saving
code from X-Ray 1.6

0.49a X 0.1.3
home page link
option ReadOnly(make Preference ReadOnly)

show supported language
show average download speed

code from ScarAngel 3.0
Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer
relax on startup
Source Counts Are Cached derivated from Khaos
code from X-Ray 1.5
IP2Country (for KAD)
code from Xtreme 7.0
- fixed: stop rehashing of files with foreign language name (Borschtsch)
- fixed: avoid deadlock when disable network adapter
- add: Fake Shareaza detection

0.49a X 0.1.2
- updated to 0.49a codebase
Memleak in Crypto++ typeid(T).name() may cause Memleak
massrename Modeless dialog may crash eMule

show LBM status
Temp folder settings for cat and CollectionView
chunck choose method menu
Flush Buffer menu
drop 0 KB client
file extension filter(upload without compress)
File Verify, Fileformat.csv

auto change Search wnd's cat tab(follow the transfer wnd's)
Paste Links will add file in current cat
show head compeletion percent
dynamic change file buffer size limitation
improve Order chunck choose method
recover tray menu(dialog)
TreeOptionCtrl display style
recognize ip:port when add server
code from 0.49b

code from Neo4.5
Multi Temp Directories in ppgDirectory
Modeless Dialogs
sharefileswnd toolbar
Stop after file completion
Quick Start
code from ScarAngel 3.0
Enhanced Client Recognition
Invisible Mode

0.48a Xtreme 6.1
Wrong cat tab position if last selected list is not download list

64bit compile compatibility(zlib from internet, md4 sha from Shareaza
show cache bar in progress
use 64bit time
Order chunck choose method
auto set high priority, clear slow client when near compeletion and even restart it if necessary
don't accept upload if download speed is higher than an exact value(only for auto priority file)
Time limitation option for flush buffer
historylist text filter

change CastItoXByte to show X.X KB
show KAD distance in hex
show file size in Byte in ArchivePreview dialog
show progress in X.XX%
lower default process priority to Normal
increase file buffer size limitation
aloow all file types to download preview part

Fileformat.csv format details
t stands for text file in serveral Encodings
limits:offset always equals to 0

Header format(real size=32)
1.ascii char, e.g. [PK]
2.hex value, e.g. 3031, equals to [01]
3.single hex value char with extension code
FF*F, e.g. 00*3, equals to 000000
FF/EE, e.g. 00/01, stands for 00 or 01
FF&EE, e.g. 07&0F, stands for value&0F equals to 07
4.spesial option %
%sFF, e.g. %s04, stands for compare value with file size - 4
5.helper code
~F, e.g. ~7, stands for skip next 7byte

based on emule 0.48a Xtreme 6.1
compiled with:
libpng 1.2.31
zlib 1.2.3
Crypto++ 5.5.2
CxImage version 6.00


0.49c Lite 1.5.0-test
- updated to 0.49b X-Mod 1.5.0 code
Show Shareable File

Slugfiller: modid
Show active downloads bold

0.49b Lite 1.4.6-test
- updated to 0.49b X-Mod 1.4.6 code
recover version check

0.49b Lite 1.4.4-test
- updated to 0.49b Mexter 1.4.4 code

filter button in Transfer wnd
recover historylist

Change modstring:Lite

don't show compeleted file in download list
hits and desc in ip filter

0.49b X-Lite 0.2.2-test
- updated to 0.49b X 0.2.2 code
text filter for download list
recover Add server

UI:Server, Transfer, PPgDirectories, splash


0.48a X-Lite
based on 0.48a Xtreme 6.1
UI:Server, always shiw Tray icon, Tray menu£¬system Menu

UI:About dialog, MiniMule, ipfilter dialog, First runtime wizard dialog
toolbar: connect, IRC, Messages
Preference: Web Interface, IRC
some of PPgGeneral, PPgDisplay, PPgServer, PPgNotify, PPgMessages, PPgSecurity, XtremeI, XtremeII
CTitleMenu, skin
CListViewSearchDlg, CREATECOLLECTION, WebServer, MMServer, IP2Country, WebService
sound Notification, version check, Auto update Server.met and ipfilter
Add server, mail Notification, preview, OnlineSig, auto compeletion, historylist

remove Lib dependency: id3lib, CxImage, libpng



emule0.49c X-Mod 32位版可执行文件压缩包(2.25 MB) 32 Bit
emule0.49c X-Mod 64位版可执行文件压缩包(2.55 MB) 64 Bit
emule0.49b X-Mod 其他文件压缩包(ipfilter,ip2country,server.met...)(20090124)(3.95 MB)

All Builds:;O=D

emule0.49c X-Mod 源代码压缩包(2.61 MB) Source Code

eMule Lite

Released: March 21, 2009

src: eMule0.49c-Lite1.5.0.0-sources.7z

all files:

eMule Lite project purposes are not used to remove eMule function, so that the main program eMule smaller to reduce the memory occupancy, but to maintain the functional integrity eMule. To target the development of μTorrent.
Compiled with settings using smallest possible output size and upx'd
emule-upx.exe 950.50 KB = smallest eMule ever on the planet!
to decompress use upx.exe with parameter like as by uTorrent upx -d emule.exe

<| Not a Leecher Mod!!! eMule X Mod and eMule Lite Mod is a official eMule Mod. Probably One of the Best from all Official Mods and also available for 64 bit OS! |>

eMule 0.49c X-Mod is the better Xtreme mod and comes in a up to date Version of the base emule 0.49c!

eMule 0.49c eChanblard v16.0

Bonjour à tous!

L'équipe est fière de vous annoncer, après une semaine de beta officielle, la sortie de eChanblard v16.0.

Au menu de cette nouvelle version :

-migration sur eMule 0.49c
-compatibilité avec Windows Vista accrue
-fonction d'augmentation de l'upload lorsque l'écran est en veille
-correction de bugs

Rendez-vous donc dans la section "téléchargements" pour vous mettre à jour!

N'hésitez pas à donner votre avis sur les forums!
Remerciements à tout ceux qui ont aidé au beta test.

Hello everyone!

The team is proud to announce, after a week of official beta, the release of v16.0 eChanblard.

On the menu of this new version:

migration on eMule 0.49c
compatibility with Windows Vista more
function to increase the upload when the screen is in standby
-bug fixes

Rendez-vous dans la section "Download" to update you!

Feel free to give your opinion on the forums!
Thanks to everyone who helped beta test.

<| Popup Reklama WebSite running in this mod _-_ Annonces ouverte dans ce mod |>

Friday, March 20, 2009

eMule 0.49c M0rphXT 11.2 vs2008 Beta - Final eNLarGE-D JeT


based Partially on TrollWatchers public Beta CVS

vc 9

compiled by Helium & StigmaϞ

All Credits to: The forgotten compiled Alpha-Beta Source

about Stulle <| kommentariev net, mi ne vosprinimaem etogo soplyaka seriozno, nezavisimo ot togo chto on naychilsya govorit po Angliyski. On voryet samie populyarnie emule modiy i peredelivaet na svoy lad i potom podpisivaet na svoe imya.
Zametka: eti emule moiy bydyt jit i obnovlyatsya tak kak polojeno. |>

Nouvelle version Download + lang: eMule MoreXTream 3.33 Mo
( ene fix , thx XtraCream + eNLarGE-D 4 additions Активированный )

eMule v0.49c [MoreXT v11.2] 5.86 MiB
3876 Downloads up to March 24, 2009

nakonecto zaarhivirovalos bez oshibok posle mnogih popitok korrectirovat vse c +++ shtychki v moem bloknote. hahaha


ed2k: eMule-0.49c-MorphXT-v11.2-{NEW(09.03.21)}[Windows,WINEonLinux!-FastOnLinux!].exe

#define ET_MOD_ // eMule v0.49c [MorphXT a10 v11.2] 0_0 )// o>|< o

ALL NEW ALL FRESH - eMule 0.49c MorphXT 11.2 Development test

rec. via a irc channel
Some lies circulating in the German language now in English too:
1. a public source code hosted in the internet cvs/svn can not get stolen/robbed, how wanna thieving/robbed a published public cvs source which is for everyone downloadable? Maybe downloaded is the matching word (leaked can not be, leaking is for commercial and not accessible soft). Zer0 Time limits for betas 2 wait 4all can do testing and share also emule. Public beta testst should be a must rule in the entried projects no matter if some coders don't like to hear feedbacks with bug and or error reports.
2. here are no spyware or kinds of!
3. small display bug in Beta+Final, Messages(Friendlist) window > Icon + string width

Maybe, could B da FiX in emule.rc:

IDD_CHAT DIALOGEX 0, 35, 511, 289
FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg", 0, 0, 0x0
CONTROL "",IDC_CHATSEL,"SysTabControl32",WS_TABSTOP,140,16,367,
DEFPUSHBUTTON "Send",IDC_CSEND,405,272,50,14
PUSHBUTTON "Close",IDC_CCLOSE,456,272,50,14
WS_BORDER | WS_TABSTOP,4,17,132,127

4. another small bug which have always been in morph and based mods. Sharedfiles window, show downloaded history on, icon sorting move wrong on -1 /+1 position sort
all icons wrong like music = video,... icons in shareddirstree incorrect / is now known to the wide public see this

somewhere maybe: #ifdef NO_HISTORY

#ifndef NO_HISTORY
pEd2kType->m_htItem = InsertItem(TVIF_TEXT | TVIF_PARAM | TVIF_IMAGE | TVIF_SELECTEDIMAGE, GetResString(_aEd2kTypeView[i].uStringId), i+6, i+6, 0, 0, (LPARAM)pEd2kType, pCurrent->m_htItem, TVI_LAST);
pEd2kType->m_htItem = InsertItem(TVIF_TEXT | TVIF_PARAM | TVIF_IMAGE | TVIF_SELECTEDIMAGE, GetResString(_aEd2kTypeView[i].uStringId), i+7, i+7, 0, 0, (LPARAM)pEd2kType, pCurrent->m_htItem, TVI_LAST);

Not a big Deal

5. 4improvment , by first start, server window - svr nfo size + \n\n distance
6. hihih better never ever search or find bugs /|\ suggestions in some coders work or calculate with dirty words feedbacks by some ....

Yet this release is better, No Server Ads with Sex adversiments in svr window (looks terrible) No dydndns! No trouble by 8 MB/s download and 325 kb/s upload lines when zzratio stop all of ur downloadings (up/down limit Ratio 1:3 is not removed, just session) !!! DON'T DOWNGRADE!!!!

No offence but the result with VS 2008 SP1 is better (The Future, Windows 7 is coded with C# v9)
eMule 0.49c MorphXT 11.2
ALL FRESH ALL NEW 23/03/2009:

From official: use of credit system enabled/disable //hidDEn Prefs
Pre Settings/config //optimized
Min Queue 100 - 10 000
Update ChecK: 1 Month - 3 Month // a day to 7 days is to short
FileBufferSize Limit to max: 40 mb
FileBufferTime Limit maximum to: 30 minutes = 18000 sec
- Powershare Limits, powershare is always available

Code according to c++9 compiler warnings corrected the codes eg.: uuid.c,...

Final Version: eMule 0.49c MorphXT v11.2 Stulles Merge
DOWNLOAD/DESCARGAS 26-March-2009: eMulev0.49c.-MorphXTv11.2_VS2008.rar 3.58 MiB

PE Compiled with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 vc9
/SSE2; -no embedded debug code; -no relocation table. add macros, use precompiled headers
includos: All Langs, latest flags, changelogs

SRC: // Permision guaranted for user anonymous

read leuk_he post
The sources of morph can also be browsed by cvs:


by using a cvs client see here

morph download mirrors: TOPIC

but you better try our sourceforge mirrors before anything else Everything is there!

To be sure from some Moderators there the Post Cached URL :

Short Cached URL :
Wayback index
Webarchiver1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Creative Commons License by some compiled Source codes wrong information in Italian Language!

Creative Commons License by some compiled Source codes wrong published information about us in Italian Language!

The xml is tagged by all entries since 2007. If it don't show up on xml it can be caused by changes by Google from Feedburner.


Here the backup with source as captchured:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

eMule 0.49c rapcom mod 1.6 Beta

rapcom mod 1.6 Beta

added: + ClientAnalyzer
removed: - No upload

1000x Thanks to ksa 2000

Best mod ever

ed2k link:

emule 049c_rapcom_1.6.rar

Bitsum PECompact v2.98.5

Bitsum PECompact v2.98.5
Executable compressors work by compressing selected portions of executables. At runtime, compressed executables are decompressed and reconstructed directly into their virtual image (memory) so that no data is ever written to the disk. The executable can therefore be run exactly as it was before without the user even knowing it was compressed.

PECompact2 is a next generation win32 executable/module compressor. Commonly termed an 'executable packer', such utilities compress executables and modules (i.e. *.EXE, *.DLL, *.OCX, *.SCR). At runtime the compressed modules are rapidly decompressed in memory.

Bitsum PECompact 2.98.5.rar 1.00 MB

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TCP-Z V2.6.0.68 Build 20090318 0700

TCP-Z V2.6.0.66 known bug list

1) graph can show the number of incoming connections wrong. V2.6.0.67 have been rectified.
2) on the machine shows LAN speed error. V2.6.0.67 have been rectified.
3) LAN traffic over 4GB display zero. In V2.6.0.68 fixed


2009.03.18 07:00
Attempt to correct the flow of more than 4GB card display zero.

2009.03.17 18:38
Attempt to correct the number of incoming connections graph shows an error.
Attempt to correct some of the speed of the machine shows LAN error.



Download: - Mirror - Mirror