Saturday, June 30, 2007

KLCP update - FFDShow rev1320 20070625 Beta

K-Lite Codec Pack Update Packs

Update for:

K-Lite Codec Pack 3.2.0
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 2.2.0


  • Updated ffdshow to revision 1283
  • Fix MPEG TS splitt
Download: Mirror 1 ED2K: eMule

K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool 2.0.0

The Codec Tweak Tool has the ability to scan for broken filters and remove them. If the tool detects something that is broken, it will prompt you with the details and you will be given the option to remove the broken item.

With this tool you can do things like:

* Scan the registry to detect and remove broken references to codecs and filters.
* Generate a detailed log of all installed codecs and filters.
* Enable/disable over 150 codecs and filters (if they are installed)
* Reset FFDShow to the recommended settings
* Fix non working system sound and more...

Install instruction for integration:
- Rename klcodectt200.exe to: fixcodecs.exe and Copy/Overwrite to: Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\tools\

Latest FFDShow rev1320 20070625 Beta
Fixes after Beta 2
ffdshow rev1325 20070701 xxl updated!
older build:
FFDShow rev1320 20070625 xxl

AVI ReComp 1.3.0
The program allows you to recompress your AVI files. The application supports not only files containing audio streams but AVIs without any audio as well. For the time being the program uses only XviD codec for the recompression process (versions: 1.0.3 or newer). The installation pack contains all required components (the newest versions of: VirtualDubMod, AviSynth and XviD). AVI ReComp can be very useful for users who want to clear their AVIs out of GMC or Qpel functions to prepare their clips for standalone DVD players. The program contains the feature of embedding subtitles into video. So if you want burnt in subtitles, you can use this software. Additionally the newest versions allow you to add black borders to your movie and place your subtitles on them. You can also adjust all settings for ssa and ass subtitles (style, colour, position). AVI ReComp enables batch encoding, getting detailed information about AVI files and adding own logo to the movie. You can also change a resolution and aspect ratio of your video clip. It is also possible to convert all audio streams of your movie choosing one of available encoding modes (VBR, ABR, CBR) and bitrates. AVI ReComp supports AVIs with the following audio formats: mp3, wav, ac3, dts, ogg. Supported subtitle formats: TMPlayer (.txt), MicroDVD (.txt / .sub), SubViewer2 (.sub), SubRip (.srt), Advanced SubStation Alpha (.ass), SubStation Alpha (.ssa). The program includes multilingual interface (for the time being: British, Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Slovenian and Spanish). In the future I'm going to create many new and very useful features.



ReGet Deluxe 5.1 Build 304 RC1

ReGet is based on the original idea of Vladimir Romanov

Changes in ReGet Deluxe 5.1 Build 304
29 June 2007 :
- Cosmetic user interface bug fixes (bugs 181, 187, 189, 192, 198, 199, 200, 201)
- Setup wizard integration settings fixed. (bug 188)
- Browser integration settings tab is removed if during setup process integration wasn't installed for it.
- Opera integration fixed for single user Opera installations. (bug 191)
- Connection profiles was adapted for 3-level limit modes (bug 202)

Download incl. Plugins and Languagepack (3,37 MB): ReGetDx.5.1.304RC1.rar - (Mirror1) - (Mirror2) - (Mirror3) - (Mirror4)

LimeWire 4.13.10 Beta for Windows

1. NO BUNDLED SOFTWARE OF ANY KIND! No spyware. No adware. Guaranteed.
2. Firewall to Firewall Transfers. Since about 60% of users are currently firewalled, this feature greatly increases the amount of content on the network.
3. Faster network connections. Using new "UDP Host Caches", LimeWire starts up and connects faster then ever before!
4. Universal Plug 'N Play. UPnP support allows LimeWire to find more search results and have faster downloads.
5. iTunes Integration. Windows users can now take advantage of LimeWire's iTunes integration.
6. Creative Commons Integration. LimeWire now recognizes OGGs and MP3s licensed under a Creative Commons License.
7. "What's New?" feature. Users can browse the network for the most recent content additions.
8. Search drill down results. Searches in LimeWire now immediately display the artists, albums and other information that fully describes files.
9. Proxy support. Users can now use web proxies to route their to protect their identity.
10. Support for International searches and International groups. Users can now search in any language, and LimeWire ensures that a user will be connected to other users with their own language to aide international users to receive search results in their native language and to find content from sources that are close to home.

LimeWire still has the following great features:
- Ease of use - just install, run, and search
- Ability to search by artist, title, genre, or other metainformation
- Elegant multiple search tabbed interface
- "Swarm" downloads from multiple hosts help you get files faster
- iTunes integration for Mac and Windows users
- Unique "ultrapeer" technology reduces bandwidth requirements for most users
- Integrated chat
- Directly connect to a computer
- Browse host feature--even works through firewalls
- Added Bitzi metadata lookup
- International versions: Now available in many new languages
- Connects to the network using GWebCache, a distributed connection system
- Automatic local network searches for lightning-fast downloads
- Support for MAGNET links that allow you to click on web page links that access Gnutella

Release History

Download site

Downloads and Mirrors:
LimeWire 4.13.10 Beta for Windows

LimeWire 4.12.14 for Windows

LimeWire Turbo Accelerator 4.2
LimeWire Turbo Accelerator is a tool for LimeWire file sharing application, created to solve problems like: slow downloads and disconnections, traffic congestion, improving download speed and reliability, doing so by several methods to achieve 200% to 400% faster downloads, according to our tests, user and website reviews.

Download site

µtorrent 1.7.0 RC2 Build 2999 Leecher Pack

utorrent 1.7.0 RC2 Build 2999 Leecher Pack


utorrent-1.7.0-rc2-x10-leecher.exe (x10 upload modifiactor, shown as Leecher)
utorrent-1.7.0-rc2-x10-seeder.exe (x10 upload modifiactor, shown as Seeder)
utorrent-1.7.0-rc2-noreport.exe (No Report)
utorrent-1.7.0-rc2-report.exe (Report)
utorrent-1.7.0-rc2.exe (Original)

*All Mods with no complete feature except Original uTorrent.

All µTorrent Mods are based on the real Micor (µ) Torrent.exe v1.7 RC2 Build 2999
Each Mod are below > 239 KB as it's original and not blown up with unwanted stuff!
We get it > 238 KB without strip, ripping anythink from it!
All .exe CRC's corrected!

µtorrent 1.7.RC2 Build 2999 Leecher Pack.7z (692 KB) - (Mirror1) - (Mirror2) - (Mirror3) - (Mirror4) - (Mirror5) - (Mirror6) - (DDL)

Friday, June 29, 2007

eMule0.48a ZZUltimativ 1.6Beta fix incl. SRC fix for 1.6 SRC

eMule0.48a ZZUltimativ 1.6Beta fixeMule v0.48a [ZZULtimativ v1.6]

Modder nfo:
Compile Date/Time stamp: 31.05.2007 at 14:19:29 on i386(R)
File size: 5816320 bytes
Real Checksum: 0059032Ch

eMule0.48a-ZZUltimativ1.6Beta_fix_incl.SRC_fix_for_1.6SRC.7z (1.72 MB) - (Mirror)

It's a update exe only with src changes.
Here the Modicon for ZZULtimativ: ModIconDLL.dll (492 KB)

µTorrent 1.7 Build 2999 Release Candidate 2

Here is the 1.7 release candidate build. Assuming no further bugs are found, this will become the stable build as-is.

For 1.7, the biggest changes were full Vista support (including a new 256x256 icon) and the removal of the 65,536 piece limit for torrents. Also added was support for finding local peers (peers on the same LAN) and optionally not having any upload restrictions for them.

RC1 turned off updating for betas. Turn it back on if you'd like to get future automatic updates for betas.

2007-06-29: Version 1.7 (build 2999)
- Change: I18N a couple more strings
- Change: Consider all filesystem which don't supports ACL writable (which "fixes" an access issue with Wine)
- Change: More aggressive wine detection
- Fix: Windows 95 compatability due to a missing export

2007-06-28: Version 1.7 (build 2991)
- Change: Icon is tweaked to look better on black backgrounds and to be less grainy
- Change: Popup menu from toolbar when collapsed is now native with icons and text, and has a border


Achtung! In der RC2 wurde versehentlich die autom. Updatefunktion für Betaversionen deaktiviert!
Wer weiterhin die Betaupdates erhalten will, muss diese Funktion wieder einschalten! (Einstellungen > Sonstiges)

Attention in RC2 the automatic update function for Betaversions got deactivated!
If you want Betaupdates, enable it under Settings > Others

Deutsche Sprachdatei (German Language file) for µTorrent 1.7 RC2 (Build 2999) No others updated yet for RC2 Build 2999

µTorrent 1.7 Build 2991 Release Candidate 1

Here is the 1.7 release candidate build. Assuming no further bugs are found, this will become the stable build as-is.

For 1.7, the biggest changes were full Vista support (including a new 256x256 icon) and the removal of the 65,536 piece limit for torrents. Also added was support for finding local peers (peers on the same LAN) and optionally not having any upload restrictions for them.

Changes in µTorrent Version 1.7 (build 2991)

- Change: Icon is tweaked to look better on black backgrounds and to be less grainy.
- Change: Popup menu from toolbar when collapsed is now native with icons and text, and has a border.

2007-06-26: Version 1.7 (build 2951)
- Change: improvements to auto uplink management on very high bandwidth connections.
- Change: bt.auto_ul_max has been removed.
- Change: For messages boxes with checkboxes on pre-vista systems add the checkbox to the tab order and reduce the size between the checkbox and bottom buttons a bit.


No more unpacked builds. They were only for testing purposes, and the test is done!

µTorrent 1.7 RC1 (Build 2991)
Language Pack for µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2951) Update
Helpfile for µtorrent (englisch, Update for 1.7 Beta Build 2951)


The biggest joke of this year as very first Question: "May I download uncompressed version ?"

uTorrent Release is done with the best compression, most compatible to all OS and "sub special versions" should have the same.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

uTraitor Version June 28th 2007

µTraitor - The Complete µTorrent Modification Package!
Version (June 28th 2007)


uStealth (Not shown in peerlist - 0x Download and 0x Upload)
- you are not shown on tracker during filetransfer (no peerlist entry)
- Caution: works not on all tracker !!!

uTorrent (Shown as normal in peerlist - 1x Download and 1x Upload)
- The "near original" utorrent (non mod - alias uTorrent start) just with changed about dialog

uTraitor Settings
= uTraitor.Settings.exe
automatically overwrite your uTorrent settings!

µTorrent 1.6.1 Build 490 - Stealth.exe (327.5 KB) - (Mirror)
Get µTorrent 1.6.1 Standalone (170 kB) Original from

eMule 0.48a ShadowMule Mod v1.1 by Tr0nYx

[+]Kick Release Files after normal sessionmaxtrans
[+]Global Hardlimit
[+]ARGOS Antileech Class
[+]Update fakes, Ipfilter & antileech files @ StartUp
[+]undetectable _Europe community (Tr0nYx/NightSky10, thxAugenzwinkern )
[+]New Systray Icon from Neomule
[+]Toolbar, statusbar+speedgraph from X-Ray Mod
[+]Funny Nick
[+]Chunk Dots
[+]Uploading + Downloading Chunk Detail
[+]Show Compression
[+]Wizards extented Statistics

Changelog v1.1:

RelaxOnStartUp (X-Ray)
CriticalPacketFix (X-Ray)
Fadeout on Exit (Doesn´t work on Win Vista) (X-Ray)
show splash on exit (X-Ray)
BetterPassiveSourceFinding (X-Ray)
CPU-Optimizer(not for Dualcore-CPU´s)
Enhanced Client Recognization (Spike2)
MaellaCodeFix @ ClientReqSocket(X-Ray)
complete source fix(Wizard)
new community(Nightsky10)

Fixed Many Bugs(Ip2Country is now shown correctly)

thx to NightSky10 for help and fixing the Src
thx to jva and David Xanatos for Releasing their src from X-Ray and Neomule mod

Homepage: ShadowMule v1.1

Shadowmule-Mod v1.1.rar (2.6 MB) - (Mirror) NEW
shadowmule mod v1.rar (2.36 MB) - (Mirror)
eMule 0.48a Shadowmule v1 reloaded 27052007.rar (1.85 MB)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

7-Zip 4.48 beta

HISTORY of the 7-Zip

Version 4.48 beta 2007-06-26
- Encryption strength for .7z format was increased.
Now it uses random initialization vectors.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 4.47 beta 2007-05-27
- Bugs of 7-Zip 4.46 beta were fixed: BZip2 could work incorrectly.

Version 4.46 beta 2007-05-25
- New fast compression mode for Deflate method in Zip and GZip.
- New "Compress shared files" option in GUI and -ssw switch.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localization: Norwegian Nynorsk.

7-Zip for 32-bit Windows:

7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64:

7-Zip for 64-bit Windows IA64:

Please use 7-Zip forums for all common questions:

Igor Pavlov
Compression Software

DVDFab Platinum

Changes in DVDFab Platinum

- New: Reduced time to open DVD (like SAW III) up to 50 percent.
- Fix: A/V sync problem for "DVD to Mobile", as found on "Alien" and "Aliens".
- Fix: A crash problem when choosing "sub/idx" subtitle for "DVD to Mobile".
- Fix: A problem in dgp file created for Nintendo DS.

DVDFabPlatinum3140.exe (5.7 MB)

µTorrent 1.7 beta 2951


2007-06-26: Version 1.7 (build 2951)
- Change: improvements to auto uplink management on very high bandwidth connections
- Change: bt.auto_ul_max has been removed
- Change: For messages boxes with checkboxes on pre-vista systems add the checkbox to the tab order and reduce the size between the checkbox and bottom buttons a bit

2007-06-26: Version 1.7 (build 2936)
- Fix: Always consider drives formatted with the FAT and FAT32 file systems writable/accessible
- Fix: crash bug with Files tab
2007-06-25: Version 1.7 (build 2922)
- Fix: crash bug with allow_same_ip


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eMule 0.48a Tyranus 1.3


TYRANUS 1.3 v0.48a
+ Statusbar with CPU & Mem usage
+ Fadeout on exit

TYRANUS 1.2 v0.48a
+ client percentage
+ download files & client in Bold
+ minimule background
+ small visual changes

TYRANUS 1.1 v0.48a
+ splash screen
+ toolbar icon (change)
+ only one upload slot
+ kick&ban

TYRANUS 1.0 v0.48a
.: Copy DaZZle code to emule 0.48a

eMule.0.48a.TYRANUS 1.3.rar (1.62 MB)


eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA2

Statement : China accused the CN MOD official version of the TAG [CHN] Our version is not tied to any third-party software, please official from the Chinese donkey download version.
EMule - CN is the eMule (second generation of P2P software) basis, the network of domestic reform turn to. Optimization of the cohort system, adjusted the transmission parameters, rapid and stable, Anyone who has access to high-speed download speed and download priority, as long as the positive upload your shared resources, harvest more pay more. Use of the language completely finished document for ease of understanding and use of user-network initiative unique in terms of system integration, record your contribution (users can decide whether or not to participate in), upload up to a certain amount of time and online, automatically awarded a "certificate", made the possession of the certificate exchange of resources between users more quickly. KADL unique pioneering systems, optimizing the Buddy system, support network within the Internet. support all Windows platforms UPNP, significantly enhancing the users within the network download speed, made within the network users not to download and resource constraints confused, simple and convenient, with no setup, automatic detection, VNN official recommended. IP2Country built-in functions, support for the banner, you can make you know and friends from the exchange where the use of the eMule - CN version of the world will make you 300 0000 eMule users more convenient to exchange resources, it has the capability to develop sustainability, in the future to offer you a more convenient and more exciting by adding functional ~ Anti-Leech's Theory function, All shielding vampire MOD. Additional technical support, please visit our home page at: with domestic resources in the production of dozens of organizations issued maintain long-term stability relations of cooperation, to offer you a more full resources, the core set of perfect release, provide high-speed and long-term effective rich resource.


CN mod tag独特的驴榜显示

* 中国驴榜
* 好友功能
* 去除官方upnp,加入cn版UPNP
* 修改搜索部分
* ip对应功能
* 更新IP2Country对应最新数据
* 修正IP2Country以前判断空格出错,支持Unicode数据
* 加入dlp功能
* 突出显示lowid.....
* modTag,up/down直接在客户端软件部分查看(传输界面和客户详情)
* ClientDetailDialog调用IP2Country以及美化界面
* 修正好友的一个bug
* 修正dlp的一个bug
* 若干测试组发现的问题修正


ed2k stats - eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA2.rar

Download: eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA2.rar (5.37 MB) - (Mirror)
ed2k link: eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 BETA2.rar

RapGet 1.36

RapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as,, and others.

It has support for 65 free share services, multilingual support, and is free.

Changes in v1.36 from 24.06.2007:
[*] Updated

Requirements: You need to have SSL libraries installed for correct working with Rapidshare. Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.6m.exe

Homepage -

Download and Mirrors: RapGet v.1.36 24.06.2007 (~ 200 Kb) - (Mirror1 - Mirror2 incl. SSL libaries)

DVDFab Platinum Beta

Changes in DVDFab Platinum Beta

- New: Reduced time to open DVD (like SAW III) up to 50 percent.
- Fix: A/V sync problem for "DVD to Mobile", as found on "Alien" and "Aliens".
- Fix: A crash problem when choosing "sub/idx" subtitle for "DVD to Mobile".
- Fix: A problem in dgp file created for Nintendo DS.

Download: DVDFabPlatinum3136Beta.exe (5.7 MB) - (Mirror)

µTorrent 1.7 Build 2922 Beta

Changes in µTorrent Version 1.7 (build 2922)
- Fix: crash bug with allow_same_ip

Changes in µTorrent Version 1.7 (build 2899)
- Change: Tracker list rotates in UI with rate defined by gui.update_rate
- Fix: Search button is now hidden again if there are no search engines set in the options
- Fix: Toolbar is now hides properly again if the option is unchecked
- Fix: Crashes when minimized to tray and trying to close
- Fix: Low color icon no longer displays when not running in 32-bit color, instead 256 color icon is used always
- Fix: uTorrent now always runs as the launching user, even after it does UAC work, so opening .torrent files from explorer will now work correctly
- Fix: Memory leak in files tab
Full Changelog

utorrent-1.7-beta-2922.upx.exe (UPX packed should be more compatible as PE compressed)
utorrent-1.7-beta-2922.exe (PECompact compressed)
utorrent-1.7-beta-2922.uncompressed.exe (uncompressed)

Extras for Build 2922:
Language pack
new ipfilter.dat from ozzy (updated 25. June 2007) can be downloaded here

Universal Share Downloader v1.3.4.6

Universal Share Downloader v


History version of Universal Share Downloader

[+] - Added new
[*] - Fixed

[+] To options added new param - time show hint. Work with all hints (into
program and into tray)
[+] To web server added some new infos to infos panel
[+] To ini file (only for advanced user) to section WebServer added new params
for set size of add/change link form
[+] In update added feature not always download all languages (update only
[*] Fixed some little bugs


(со всеми плагинами)
(include all plugins)

Download + Mirrors (4.85 MB): Server1 - Server2 - Server3 - Mirror1 - Mirror2

Monday, June 25, 2007

eMule 0.48a XDP 0.6

Changelog v0.6:
add AntiNickthief (Wizard)
add Checkbox for Antinickthief
add Anti-XS-Exploiter (Xman)
add Checkbox for Anti-XS-Exploiter
add LeecherSecure (Spike2)
add Checkbox for Leechersecure
add Checkbox for Clientbantime
add Checkbox for Log Banevents
add New Emulations Code for non-Emule clients
add Checkbox for Emulate non-Emule clients
add Checkbox for Log Emulations
add Dropsystem (X-Ray/Sivka)
add New Prefssite for Dropsystem
add Log Drops
add Dropimmunity (Stulle)
add Upkick to QR
add Checkbox for Upkick
add Log UpKick
add QReta (Slugfiller)
add Correct AppIcons (JVA)
add EnhancedClientRecognization (Spike2)
add Safe Kad (netfinity)
add KAD Speed Optimation [netfinity]
add CorruptionBlackbox Fix (Xanatos)
add Fix for Offi Bug when checking for empty Userhash
fixed Bug in Software Column
changed XDP-Prefssite 1
changed/Optimize Reasktimes
change/Optimize ClientcleanUptime
changed/remove some Banstrings from Leechersecure
removed some Dazzlefeautures
removed unused Offi Code in Uploadqueue

Changelog v0.5:
add UDPreasksecuritycheck (netfinity)
add Fakealyzer (netfinity)
add QrDIFF (X-Ray)
add DynamicBlockRequest (netfinity/Xman)
add see all sources (Xman)
add Better passive Source finding (Xman)
add Own Credits (X-Ray)
add Modname
add Extendedprotokolcheck (Sirob)
add ModID (Slugfiller)
add Fakerank (Nightsky10)
add Checkbox for Fakerank
add Logline for Fakerank
add Checkbox for Up4Up
add Download in bold
add Ban Spammer
add Sourcesaver(SLS) (Xman)
fix Disable/Enable Clientlist/Queuelist (Xman)
fix for Corrupt Preferenceskad.dat (netfinity)
changed Splashscreen
changed Prefssite
changed Icons Toolbar (Xman)
changed Upmanagement
remove Webinterface

Download: emule 0.48a XDP v0.6.rar (1.65 MB) - (Mirror)
many other eMule Mod - Strings and Comms are blocked in XDP. Won't be a communication rich mod =:)

eMule 0.48a BlackStar v0.8 by 3vil3y3

BlAcKsTaR v 0.8 by 3vil3y3

-Updated to 48a, mod sub up to emulefuture v0.5, compiled with VS2005
(tested with MS XP & MS VISTA)
-Removed : ban4ban (not usefull idea)
-Removed : SpreadReask time
-Removed : no ban just block option in antil33cher (now I worked for new algo)
-Removed : min upload (3k) for unlimited download , now NO limit (with a valid key :)
-Removed : ban after NNC
-Removed : community vis. in upload list
-Removed : RB3 Hack (R.I.P)
-Added : kick NNC
-Added : Download sharing
-Changed & Added : client percentage now switchable
-Added : client percentage (obtained parts) in upload list
-Added : client percentage (obtained parts) in queue list
-Added : Remote status in queue list
-Added : Up/Down status in queue list
-Added : adjustable kick HQR client option (> 800 - 5000 >>)
-Added : Stop download (for single client)
-Fix : visual bug fixed in download list
-Fix : visual bug fixed , with banned clients in download list
-Fix : (official) bug banned ip
-Fix : (official) some other bugs
-Activated : z3r0 upload :)
-Toolbar now black
-3vil3y3 SuPM algo enhanced , works better now
-3vil3y3 reverse booster now switchable
-fakerank enhanced + works for all mods
-antileecher functions a little bit enhanced , antileecher now more efective....

SuPm, booster & reverse booster highly recommended !!!
Dont use payback first (useless and harmful with reverse creditsystem)
Thanks to traxori for beta testing ideas/comments;)

eMule 0.48a BlackStar v0.8.7z (1.97 MB) - Mirror: eMule 0.48a BlackStar v0.8.7z (1.97 Мб)
eMule 0.47c BlackStar V 0.5 by 3vil3y3

Autkey bypass open in hex edit these 5 or 6 bits, return give back, athkey is present. See some older Smashers mods with Authkey system.

eMule v0.48a Uni A Team v2.6

eMule v0.48a UniATeam Mod based on Xtreme Mod

- Added multiple kick and ban from upload queue (highly requested)
- Added single client upload start from queue list
- Added option to disable upload to webcache
- Changed splash behaviour, now it's not topmost so less invasive
- Changed splash and sidebanner
- Changed some default options
- Fixed bug in log reset button
- Updated to emule 0.48a
- Updated to Xtreme 6.0

- Added option for starting in invisible mode
- Added new version of Design settings [Stulle]
- Added new column in uploadlist for remote queue status
- Added new column in uploadlist for displayng current uploading chunk [morphxt]
- Rewritten UniATeam toolbar code to look better with design settings
- Rewritten serverwnd additional buttons code for design settings
- Changed: minor optimizations around invisible mode
- Changed: Spooky mode button is displayed in serverwnd only if it's enabled in options
- Fixed columns with wrong background in DlClients and QueueList
- Fixed bug in connection checker state
- Updated small part around some emulations
- Updated small part around enhanced client recognization
- Updated Webcache [morphxt]
Updated to Xtreme 5.4.2

- Added Advanced Server Filter [emule+]
- Added Spooky Mode (slightly modified)
- Added Connection Checker
- Added option to disable deadsourceslist
- Added Control download priority [tommy_gun]
- Added Limit PS by amount of data uploaded [Stulle]
- Added Design Settings [eWombat/Stulle]
- Added logging for emulations
- Fixed gui bug in options order
- Fixed bug in powershare column in shared files list
- Fixed bug in multi-friendslots when added from upload list
- Small changes around chunk detail display
- Removed uni active ratio
- Minor fixes and changes
Updated to Xtreme 5.4.1

read more

eMule 0.48a UniATeam v2.6 bin.rar - (Mirror1) - (Mirror2) - (DDL)
Mirrors: eMule0.48a_UniATeam_v2.6-bin.rar (9.36 MB)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

LimeWire Pro 4.12.14 Final

What's new:

4.13.7 (06.13.2007)
- Brand new upload code, much more efficient
- Files containing foreign characters can be properly launched, deleted, etc.
- LimeWire works properly when installed outside of Program Files on
international windows versions
- Make LimeWire does not need Admin privileges on Vista to work properly
- Fix for downloads sometimes stalling

4.13.6 (05.25.2007)
- Fix a crash when the audio player wasn't visible

4.13.5 (05.24.2007)
- Fixed broken BinaryHeap data structure.
- Fix various DHT-related deadlocks
- Make the DHT more resilient to attacks
- Fix few crashes when pausing/resuming torrents
- Make OOB results a little harder to spoof
- Fixes that should decrease traffic to ultrapeers
- Network-level filter for hostile hosts
- Changes that would make F2F transfers more reliable
- Fix for rare cases where we default to MetalUI FileChooser
- Ability to change the font sizes

4.13.4 (05.09.2007)
- Fixed storing Mojito DHT routing tables between session.
- Updated Mojito DHT to be more resilient in the face of hostile nodes in a
- Workaround freezing network activity in earlier versions of Java.
- Fixed BitTorrent to again work with HTTP/SOCKS proxies.
- Fixed FW-FW transfers to work with old BearShare clients.
- Updated hostile detection for connecting to hosts.
- Fixed potential problem with requesting invalid files from malicious
query replies.

4.13.3 (05.01.2007)
- Fixed collections that expire to work reliably using nanoseconds.
- Fixed generating unique random sequences to not go over a maximum value.
- Added ability to inspect LimeWire for usage statistics.
- Added ability to change what algorithm is used to determine if a file is rare.
- Fixed counting the number of bytes read in a stream to work correctly when
EOF is reached.
- Updated many network-related checks to work with IPv6.
- Fixed checking if an IP address is "this computer" to work on computers
with multiple interfaces and/or addresses.
- Added the ability for Mojito DHT to publish certain Gnutella-specific values.
- Fixed deadlocks associated with the Mojito DHT.
- Fixed the Mojito DHT to use threads that will record when errors occur.
- Fixed exception with sending chats occasionally.
- Fixed reading old downloads.dat files.
- Fixed errors sending query replies occasionally.
- Fixed 'Explore' button launching the the file instead of displaying it.
- Fixed upload bandwidth display to be more accurate.
- Reduced the number of digits shown for MB, TB, GB, etc..
- Fixed upload progress from halting at 99%.
- Updated run.bat to always work.
- Hide the license dialog when viewing a secure search result.
- Fixed stripping numbers and lowercasing the search when doing an XML search.
- Updated using HTTP/SOCKS proxies to use non-blocking I/O (and not require
additional threads).
- Added the client-side of using secure OOB queries / replies.
- Validate the URI used for BitTorrent trackers.
- Fixed timing issues associated with saving BT data to disk and closing or
cancelling a torrent.
- Fix the "key" parameter sent to trackers in BitTorrent.
- Fix spam checking to look at XML data in replies too.
- Updated connecting to avoid hostile hosts and subnets.
- Added the ability to run LimeWire from a temporary settings directory if
the expected directory can't be written to.
- Update the GUID used for BitTorrent to have different LW BT versions.
- Loosened the requirements for boostrapping into the Mojito DHT.
- Fix updating of FW-FW alternate locations when using a non-FW-FW transfer to
not update the location with an incorrect port.
- Fix cleaning up a temporarily stalled download (busy, out of sources, etc..)
to ensure that all pending disk writes are processed.
- Updated the adult keyword filter.
- Fixed the adult filter for "What's New" searches to work when more than one
search is happening at once.
- Updated keyword filters to look inside XML data.
- Updated deadlock reporting to report errors within the I/O system.
- Send more session information when a bug is reported.
- Updated deadlock reports to contain more detailed information about what
methods have locked what objects.
- Updated the default GUI error handling to not ignore errors from within
the new LimeWire component hierarchy.
- Fixed an error associated with displaying errors before the splash screen
is constructed.
- Workaround LimeWire freezing due to Swing deadlocks whne starting up.
- Update the progressbar on the splashscreen to display percentages.
- Added warnings for Windows Vista when setting directories to unsafe locations.
- Center the chat window on the screen if the middle of the visible window is
outside of the viewable area.
- Enable inactive downloads to be explored.

Download Site
Last Beta: LimeWire Pro 4.13.8
LimeWire 4.13.8 Beta for Windows

LimeWire 4.12.14 for Windows

eMule 0.48a ROCKFORCE Mod v1.0

eMule v0.48a [ROCKFORCE Mod v1.0] - [ROCKFORCE-onmediav2]

eMule ROCKFORCE Mod Main Features:

- Slot Control: chose how many upload slots you want to open and Slotfocus
- Release-Features like Powershare, Share Only the Need, Active Spreading and Download Permission
- Applejuice Community Modes: select normal, reduced (50% Upload) or disabled Community Mode
- manual add to Upload, remove from Upload and Friend handling in every List on Transfer Window
- Applejuice Community with many Community Clients advanced Community Features
- Applejuice Creditsystem: you can "buy" download Slots from other Community Clients with Applejuice you get for your Upload
- Community Topfile List: Search and Find the Files with most Community Clients

Changelog eMule v0.48a ROCKFORCE Mod v1.0:

June, 22. 2007
based on eMule Fireball v2.0

Rockforce Community:
- Releaser Community is default enabled
- Releaser Community default string is [ROCKFORCE-onmediav2]
- set default Releaser Community Boost to Upload Level

- changed default IRC Channel address to
- perform string on IRC connect: /join #ROCKFORCE-LAMORADADELPERROVERDE|/join #buencine

- changed Forum link

- changed toolbar Icons [dragonlord]
- changed Splash Screen [dragonlord]
- changed Preferences Sidebanner [dragonlord]

An Applejuice Based Community Mods by Snakemods

Download: eMule v0.48a ROCKFORCE Mod v1.0 (4.14 MB) - (Mirror) - (DDL)

eMule 0.48a X-Cite Alpha v0.2

eMule v0.48a X-Cite Alpha v0.2


Alpha v0.2
- new overword European Community v2 (THX!)
- New Icons in Toolbar & Options
- Connected Server are bold and Green
- Filtered servers or Dead servers are grey out
- IP to Country
- Delete Server After 999 Retries
- FIX in Unlimited Search Results (THX!)
- inc. IP2Country files, IP Filter, server.met & nodes.dat

Alpha v0.1
- Don't Send Shared Files To Server
- Requiere Obfuskadet Server Connection
- Mod Log
- Undetecteble European Community
- Unlimited Search Results
- Higher Upload Data Rate [4 kb/sec]
- Faster Reask for new sources (KAD network)
- Faster Client CleanUp Time
- Higher Ban Time [3 hours]
- Some Icons from Xtreme eMule MOD

eMule 0.48a X-Cite Alpha v0.2.rar (4.29 MB) eMule 0.48a X-Cite Alpha v0.2.rar (4.29 Мб)

eMule v0.48a Xtreme 6.0 Leecher

eMule v0.48a Xtreme 6.0 Leecher
Based on v0.48a Xtreme 6.0 Final Gockhun's Leecher Mod

[+] Server rotation
[+[ Unlimited searchresults
[+] Fix for random crush while shutdown [Xanatos]
[+] Invalid client filter
[+] Upload Start Sense [gatchmule]

Fixed : Queuesize Problem
[-] Stupid Cartoon graphics (Anabolica Creature) removed and Original added
[fixed] Phrase (Cryptoglyphe Language $ etc...) in all Dialogues, Menu and Options to original (Translation Language Files, Keyboard shortcuts work again)
[+] Other clean up's

known issues:
Main Dialog Header Message not fixed yet (Fu.. LW).
One phrase (Files = Fil$) in Main footer info not fixed yet.

Download: emule0.48a-Xtreme6.0 Leecher.7z (5.49 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

Nakido Flag Windows 1.33 - MAC 0.98 - Linux 0.98

Nakido plugin allows you to share your files to anyone over the Internet. With the plugin installed, you can share your files in just a few clicks. Unlike other file sharing services, there are no limits on the size of the files you share, and unlimited uploads and downloads. Your files are available for download 24/7 and you can share your files anywhere you want such as e-mail, icq, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, using the Nakido download links.

- It's FREE!
- No registration required
- Share any file in any size you want
- Unlimited download of your files
- No more email attachments

System Requirements:
- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
- Internet Connection

Homepage -

Size: 193 KB


Linux and MAC Version

our users share folders are:

Saturday, June 23, 2007

NetMeter 1.1.1 (stable) released


Totals Reports
Projected bandwith use
Daily Reports
Weekly Reports
Monthly Reports
Custon Graphs and Fonts
Traffic Volume Notification

The .ini file will be reset with this version, because some values have a different meaning now.


+ Added config options for autosave feature
+ Added duplicate check for PPP-adapters
- Fixed identification problems with manually selected network interfaces
- Fixed problem with custom bandwidth setting in options menu
- Popup messages are now always on top and no longer modal
- Empty icon is no longer displayed on startup
- Removed "All interfaces" option because it is no longer needed
- Fixed minimizing/restoring on systems with multiple monitors
- Fixed "display average values" calculation (it was broken in version 1.1.0 beta)
- Graph will no longer be drawn while window is minimized (saves a bit of CPU time)
- The dynamic tray icon will now show average UL / DL values if the option "display average values" is active
- The buffer for the graph history has been enlarged from 20 to 30 minutes.

Thanks to the user community for general input, bug reports and suggestions!


Downloads + Mirrors:
NetMeter 1.1.1 (stable) Mirror
Mirror1 - Mirror2

Friday, June 22, 2007

DVDFab Platinum Beta

What's New: Beta (06/21/2007):
- New: Added support for Nintendo DS. You can find the device "nds" in "Generic" mode, and you can create a new option for it in "Settings -> General -> Customize UI".
- New: Added VOB passthrough extraction. You can find the device "vob" in "Generic" mode.
- New: Added profile for PVP iAudio X5 and Cellphone LG VX9400.
- New: Updated language files.
- Fix: Error 400(39...) when copying DVD in certain cases.
- Fix: Corrupted DVD data problem when copying "24 Season 5". Beta (06/15/2007):
- Fix: Audio fast playback problem for "DVD to Mobile", as found on "Friends".
- Fix: A/V sync problem for "DVD to Mobile", as found on "An Evening With Kevin Smith 2".
- Fix: A crash problem when converting to PSP for "DVD to Mobile", as found on "24".
- Fix: Subpicture may appear even if it's unselected for "DVD to Mobile".

Download: DVDFabPlatinum3135Beta.exe (5.69 MB)

BitComet 0.90 Leecher Pack


- no upload and download report to tracker
- you will shown as leecher
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

REPORT Version
- only download will be not reported to tracker
- you will shown as seeder
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)

NOREPORT Version + Emu
- no upload and download report to tracker
- you will shown as leecher
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)
- emulates Bitcomet 0.57

REPORT Version + Emu
- only download will be not reported to tracker
- you will shown as seeder
- complete flag not send to tracker (no snatchlist entry)
- emulates Bitcomet 0.57

- no changes

Hompage and Discussion:
Download: BitComet 0.90 LP.exe (16.07 MB)

All credits to Seba14

eMule 0.48a Xtreme Leecher Beta 2 by peacemaker

eMule v0.48a Testversion [Xtreme 6.0]

Real Checksum: 00204F7Fh
Orig Date/Time Stamp: 05/06/2007 - 15:23:35 on i386(R)

Homepage and Support: read emule faq + xtreme mod faq.

we not gona publish splashscreen messenger:

Forumuela: LW + Forum poster = spam (gime a downloadable link) PLEACE!!!

Download: emule v0.48a Xtreme Leecher Beta 2 Testversion.7z (1.92 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

- upx 2.00 /LZMA /9 + scramble plugin = emule.exe 1,98 MB (2.079.744 bytes)
- Nasty Splashscreen (sorry in the code is only as second alternativ picture this "Anabolica Creature") - This emule mod is not impotent!

Support forum for bodybuilder mops and flops (pimp my bodymule to a powerhorse):

eMule 0.48a Crying Blood 2.4.1

eMule v0.48a Crying Blood v2.4.1
Crying Blood v2.4.1
Base on emule 0.48a


-Upload only to emule
-Share Level (from Dazzle)
-Kick & Ban
-Emulate others
-Drop Sources
-(TEST)European Community (Tr0nYx/Nightsky)

small bugs fixed
- error with too many bans is repaired, now should ban less
- downlods in bold
- client percentage (from xtreme)

Crying Blood v2.3

-Base on emule 0.47c
-Antileecher function extended
-some other small changes

Crying Blood v2.2

-other credit systems
-auto dropp from sources
-man. Kick & Ban
-faster Endgame
-upload only to Emule
-Emulate others

Download: eMule 0.48a Crying Blood v2.4.1.rar (1.6 MB) - (Mirror)
Disable Sharing edit preferences.ini -> settings are the same, see DaZZle Share Level in other mods.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

eMule 0.48a PRO Ultra2

eMule PRO Ultra2 v0.48a
Based on emule v0.48a

Merged to eMule 0.48a
New Icons/Toolbar
No Download: (2.16 MB)



About Hypermule eMule 0.48a PRO Ultra2 , Ultra3

eMule 0.48a Zzul Bastard 1.9.0

Same as 1.8.3 functionality but with 0.48a core
Mostly bug fix

  • [ADD]PowerRelease: works only for complete files and gives a 100x boost to a file. Files in this status are colored in pink.
  • [ADD]FastWeb public IP address ranges added for check agaist illegal clients
  • [ADD]Advantages provided to regular clients (including, but not limited to poweshare, small file push and SUQWT) are removed for illegal clients
  • [ADD]Postit-like area for adding notes to friends. Will be automatically saved and reloaded at each start-up.
  • [ADD]Few shortcuts in Shared Files window for modifing file priorities (works on a multiselection as well)
    - [CTRL]+[+] increases priority (till the max = 10)
    - [CTRL]+[-] decrease priority (till the minimum = 1)
    - [CTRL]+[X] enable autopriority
    - [CTRL]+[S] enable PowerShare
    - [CTRL]+[R] enable PowerRelease (applied only of the file is complete)
  • [ADD]Minimum QR value shown next to number of available sources
  • [ADD]NiceMove from Ionix
  • [ADD]Reason for score reduction, in order of importance:
    - [G] 0.0x - client is GPL breaker
    - [V] 0.5x - client version (older than v0.25)
    - [I] 0.1x - client is recognized as illegal
    - [F] 0.1x - client belongs to Fastweb and has a U:D ratio <>
  • [ADD]New columns:
    - in Client Upload List : upload contitions [file priority/rating/U-D diff]
    - in Known Client List : [rating/U-D diff]
    - in Waiting Queue List : U-D diff info added in rating column
    - in Shared Files List : For each file amount of completed data or "Complete" description
  • [CNG]New list of filtered fake and unsecure servers
  • [FIX]Chat log files are now created even though the remote user has unprintable chars in his/her nickname
  • Probably some other minor things I have not traced

Download: eMule 0.48a Zzul Bastard 1.9.0 Bin.rar (1.62 MB)



utorrent 1.7 Beta Leecher Pack - WinALL

uTorrent 1.7 Beta Leecher Pack
OS: Windows all, Wine and compatible
Contains all latest Leecher Mods include uninstall

Download: uTorrent 1.7 Beta Leecher Pack setup.exe (2.95 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

NEW Reloaded NEW

- Installer screen green, latest Changelog with build description incl.
- Shortcut names clean up

- IP Filter Updater installer (shortcut on desktop + Programs)
- latest flags.bmp, flags.conf
- Language File
- Toolbar, Toolbarstatus, Main, Tray Iconsets
- µTorrent User Manual
- Changelog
- Original Client +

µTorrent 1.7 Beta Leecher Pack.exe (4.72 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

BitComet 0.90

Changes in version 0.90
2007.06.19 :
GUI Improved: add search for eDonkey download source option in BT task properties dialog
GUI Improved: add ED download plugin configuration page in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: display download rate from HTTP/FTP sources and ED sources in BT task summary pane
GUI Improved: shotsnap info for each item in task list and torrent share list changed to a clickable icon
GUI Improved: tasks remain selected after sort task list
GUI Improved: new context menu for my shared torrent and peer shared torrent in fav list
GUI Improved: decrease CPU usage for shared torrent list refresh
GUI Improved: new search icon for each item in shared torrent list
GUI Improved: prompt infomation will be displayed when shared torrent list is empty
GUI Improved: add "copy BC link" to context menu of shared torrent list, with hotkey Ctrl+C
GUI Improved: add "clear all" to context menu of peer shared torrent list
GUI Improved: new option in View menu to show search box in toolbar
GUI Improved: shutdown computer after download finish works for HTTP task now
GUI Improved: text in info bar and status bar of review window change to multi-language string
GUI Improved: the last task will be selected when BitComet startup
GUI Improved: minimize to system tray by close button or minimize button can be configured in preferences dialog
GUI Improved: a prompt window will popup if BitComet detected that the TCP half-open limit of windows is too small at startup
GUI Improved: new state of "detecting" for WAN/LAN ip detector in status bar
GUI Improved: HTTP task connection list move to the up of task log
GUI Improved: the auto-start order for queued task keeps the same to display order of sorted task list
GUI Bugfix: preview window fail to refresh when swtich UI language
GUI Bugfix: "pause all active task" in context menu of floating window does not work
GUI Bugfix: program exit confirm when task running do not count up uploading tasks
GUI Bugfix: unable to click task comment, snapshot and voting for items of 10001th and below in shared torrent list
GUI Bugfix: redownload HTTP task will lose task list sort order
Core Improved: BT task support downloading from eDonkey network (ED plugin for BitComet is required)
Core Improved: BT task support uploading to eDonkey network
Core Improved: add eDonkey network listen port to Windows Firewall and UPNP NAT device when program startup
Core Improved: disable NAT Traversal via UDP automatically for WAN IP user, to improve TCP transfer efficiency
Core Bugfix: auto stop running BT task using a invalid condition dismatch to user settings
Core Bugfix: program will lose respond for a while to flush disk cache when downloading huge HTTP/FTP file under Win2003 64bit

Homepage -
Download 4.45 MB

µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2740)

2007-06-18: µTorrent 1.7 Beta Build 2740
- Fix: Escape-style handling on the exit confirmation and a create torrent dialog

2007-06-18: Version 1.7 (build 2733)
- Feature: Now requires or asks for elevation on Vista if needed. Currently this includes installation, uninstallation, autoupdate, and if settings files are in the same directory.
- Feature: Several of the messageboxes now can be turned off from the messagebox itself, and some have radio buttons instead of yes/no/cancel etc.
- Feature: Several of the messageboxes are now taskdialogs on Vista; a couple use commandlinks instead of yes/no/cancel etc.
- Feature: uTorrent now has a 256x256 compressed png icon for Vista
- Feature: Torrents in download listview are now filtered based on what is typed into the search box, and it updates as you type into the searchbox
- Feature: The top toolbar in the main window is now a rebar and will collapse the left portion as the window size decreases
- Change: (technical) When launching uTorrent from another process, it should obey the showwindow flags passed through the STARTUPINFO
- Change: changed binding of ctrl+shift+v in torrent list
- Change: bt.auto_ul_min no longer specifies smallest speed sample, but the lowest auto rate
- Change: The search icon is now to the right of the searchbox
- Change: detect Wine only for TCP socket repair
- Fix: Refresh issues with listviews on pre-XP systems
- Fix: The rest of the webui preferences page is grayed out when it is disabled

2007-06-11: Version 1.7 (build 2585)
- Fix: tickling of Wine bug with TCP sockets
Full Changelog

utorrent-1.7-beta-2740.exe - PECompact compressed (normal)
utorrent-1.7-beta-2740.upx.exe - UPX packed
utorrent-1.7-beta-2740.uncompressed.exe - unpacked

Changelog µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2740)
Language Pack für µTorrent 1.7 Beta (Build 2740)

'ipfilter.dat' from 'ozzy' can be downloaded here .

'ipfilter.dat' and 'ipfilter_full.dat' from, 'ipfilter_full.dat' must be renamed to.

Mods w/o installer:
Sarmin Mod Package (2585).rar (1.71 MB)
Sarmin Mod Package (2740).rar (1.41 MB)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

eMule 0.48a Arabella Third Generation v8.52 17.06.2007 Hotfix

Changelog Arabella Mod
Version v8.52 [ 17.02.2007 ] HotFix:
Basis ist die 48 A .

- fixed Nachrichtenfenster Buttonfunktion
Button SENDEN und SCHLIEßEN [ Arabella ]
- fixed Nachrichtenfenster Userinfo
Berechnung ist jetzt korrekt [ Arabella ]
- added SearchCatch [ Tuxman from Beba / Arabella ]
- added Code Improvments [ Xman / Arabella ]
- Deutsche Dll erweitert und neu erstellt [Arabella]

Download: eMule 0.48a Arabella Third Generation v8.52 17.06.2007.rar (3.31 MB)

ED2K Link: Arabella_Third_Generation_48A_17.06.2007.rar

Azureus Hacked Shu Mod


build 195
Change: Updated some languages files
Add: New splash
Change: Allowed 0 kb/sec speed for fake upload speed ratio mode++ (to allow a new option (stop torrent after ratio is reached without fake upload)(mix of several option))

build 194
fix: always enable update button
fix: Show you as a seeder(100% done and no download report) first announce bug
fix: can’t use show as seeder with download reduction mix
fix: can’t use show as a seeder with start fake upload when x% done

build 193
fix: per torrent : show as a seed wasn’t saved correctly

build 192
removed fake seeding mode (up & dl)
removed fake upload multi mixed with seeding mode
added : show me as a seed for Fake Upload Speed Ratio ++
change: console log now show under the “plug” checkbox so you are no longer annoyed by the spam in the console log ^^
fixed: completed flag was sent all the time when showing as a seed using no report

build 191
probably bugfix : I fixed the real received value

Homepage and Discussion:

Download incl. uTorrent 1.6.1 spoof: Hacked Shu Mod ( (8.31 MB) - (Mirror)
All credits to seba14

Azureus 2.5 Release []

MD5: 2cedd2c5b3fcb92a182564ff55ca6bc3

All-in-one simple 1click Setup with uninstaller + clientspoof:
Azureus_2.5.0.4a_hacked_shumod_Win32setup.exe (10.57 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror w/o uninstaller)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

eMule 0.48a BiGBanG Edition



  • Several bugfixes (preview, high cpu load when sharing many files, wrong serverport, low id crash, misplaced serverwindow, GDI Leaks and some minor bugs)
  • Small patch to the static servers. No longer over written with autoupdate and you can use a "," or a ":".
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed a problem with dropping sources after downloading from them
  • Fixed a bug that caused emule to get a low id (under some circumstances), when reconnecting to a server
  • Fixed a bug wich caused problems when downloading und uploading from the same client
  • Fixed problems with connection peaks, which ignored the max_connection setting.
  • Fixed some bugs with source exchanges
  • Some minor changes / bugfixes
  • Files with duplicate names are now saved correctly after download
  • Some server were deleted even when the option was unchecked
  • Low ID sources are no longer exchanged
  • Preview now works with extensions longer than 3 characters, fixed other minor issues related to extension length.
  • Fixed bug where previewed file was not deleted when unable to spawn associated program.
  • Several optimizations [Insh_Allah]
  • Irc: Removed SendLink and AddFriend popup menus to put in security mesures for next release
  • Fixed shifted columnheaders in the searchlist
  • The HyperTextCtrl buffer wasn't able to handle the large amount of text caused by busy IRC channels which cause the channel's text to become unreadable.. Fixed
  • Fixed bug concerning column-handling at save&restoring
  • Fixed function and enabled slider in the stats-preferences to change the duration of the average graphs
  • Changed tranfered data in shared files to support 4GB+..
  • Fixed the bug which caused upload slots to cycle way too fast sometimes
  • The Win9x Bluescreen/Freeze issue should be fixed (hopefully)
  • Fixed bug when adding files to download from the search results and the temp directory is inexistent
  • Fixed issue with multiple instances
  • Fixed the disabled Speedselector on Systemmenue
  • Fixed a bug that prevent source sharing from working until you had at least one complete part of the file
  • Fixed bug that caused column order to be loaded incorrectly
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash if invalid table values were manually written to the ini
  • Fixed bug that prevented source sharing packets from being compressed
  • Clients with complete files can now also share sources; a source list is built from their upload queue
  • Statistic graphs will be resized if needed after using the connection wizard
  • A LowIP problem after first connect is corrected
  • Irc-Channel Tabs got confused when leaving channels - fixed
  • Fixed bug that caused program to leak some resources (GDI Objects)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause eMule to ask the same person for sources instead of a new person after a set time
  • Fixed a bug that allowed eMule to respond too often (as often as asked) to source sharing requests, rather than according to our preset limits
  • Fixed a bug that prevented people who use UDP from getting sources from those with complete files
  • Changing max source per file bug fixed
  • Highest and Release priority bug fixed
  • Search results added to a search list with no tab fixed
  • Some of the connection statistics wasn't updated while not in the statistic window.. Fixed
  • Fixed crash due to stopped/canceled file corrupting the download list controller and the shared file list
  • Partial fix for preventing ourselves from being readded to a sourcelist when someone sends us back as a source. (some code by Lord KiRon)
  • Fixed crash that can occur from a corrupted part.met file
  • Accepted fix for possible garbage displayed in labels when run with multibyte character set. (by pooz)
  • Filedetails now closeable by ESC and Titlebar-Closebutton
  • Corrected display of '&' on some places
  • Fix for sources being left behind when a file completes causing crashes.
  • Fix hash warning when a file is less then one chunk.
  • Fixed a sort issue in the upload queue when the file a client wanted wasn't known yet.
  • Dont ask for sources from clients that don't support it.
  • Source asked count was nonfunctional. Fixed.
  • Changed priority order for parts of archives & movies
  • Fixed bug that caused corrupt preview file if part wrote to disk during preview file copy
  • Fixed bug that did not tell remote client to stop sending file when it was cancelled
  • Don't run the normal timer processing if the app is shutting down - can cause unhandled exceptions
  • merged fix for better handling of loading corrupt partfiles (gaplist) [from SlugFiller]
  • Fixed finding yourself as source bug (at last)
  • Fixed sorting by percent complete bug which caused the list to stay unsorted until all status bars had been drawn
  • Small gui preference gui fix. General is no longer defaulted as the title in the preference window
  • Small gui fix in download list. QR is now adjusted when you begin to download from that source
  • File completion is working ! (thx to all users helping&testing with us)
  • fixed AutoConnect on startup
  • fixed wrong colormapping on the selector
  • fixed reset serverlog crash
  • Fixed security hole. (beef2k)
  • Irc: Fixed another bug that could cause a crash when you close a channel.
  • Fixed protocol to allow eMule to stay in the Hybrid's queue.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed eDonkey & eMule versions incorrectly.
  • Fixed crash when trying to access statusbar before it was created (AddLogLine)
  • IRC:Reconnect crash should be fixed.
  • fixed Toolbarbuttons always growing when changing languages [pooz]
  • little fix restoring systraycolor & display the color
  • Fixed start webservices in searchview
  • Fixed secutity hole. (bluecow/zegzav)
  • Fixed running preview [jicxicmic]
  • little GUI- and other fixes
  • Bug fixes, help from ZegZav, Bluecow, Ese Juani, jicxicmic
  • It seemed that some uploads tended to be extremely long in Chunk mode. There is now a check to make sure this doesn't happen.
  • Fix: webservices in sharedfileslist works again
  • a number of little fixes, GUI & functional [some from JonnyB]
  • Auto saving serverlist & friendlist list fixed.
  • Small gui fixes
  • Fix some more possible secuity issues and memory managments. (Some by beef2k &amp;amp;amp;amp; bluecow & Juanjo)
  • Small fix to maxconnection preference.
  • Pausing and Priority now saved again
  • Bugfix; ed2k links is now correctly generated by emule for files larger than 2GB...
  • Fixed GUI-issue in commentslistingdialog when resizing the window
  • Fixed save&restore columnorder of downloadlist
  • Fix queue rotation bug. (Some clients were instantly kicked from upload)
  • Minimize to tray gui button bug fixed. (zegzav)
  • Splitter bar position is now saved correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the wizard.
  • Fixed a bug that caused eMule to crash if you got disconnect from your ISP.
  • Fix: saving alltime transferred size for files not limited to 4GB anymore
  • Fixed bug that didnt allowed previews of movies with capital extention
  • Commenticon should be more uptodate [Moosetea]
  • Radio button bug in wizard fixed.
  • Fixed: sourceexchange was more seldom under certain circumstances
  • Fix bug that allowed a upload to upload for more then one chunk in Full Chunk Mode.
  • fixed auto-versioncheck [thx bluecow]
  • Fixed issue with limiting the downloadspeed at runtime and via commandline
  • Fixed possible crash with Comment packet.
  • Fixed seek-failures on large files [gabest]
  • Trafficcounter in credits save>4GB now
  • Double update in Known Client List fixed. (JustusJonas)
  • Disabling queue list bug.
  • Fixed client Details bug.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't update last seen if a client in your queue only used UDP.
  • Added localization to the Known Client List.
  • Fixed a bug where a source could get stuck in the Asking state forever.
  • Adding same ed2k-file multiple times via weblink was possible when eMule was not running - fixed now
  • Fix: Versionstats for the Hybridversion now visible
  • Foldercount fixed when sending package SHAREDDIRS
  • Fixed: decision about zipping a package was made case sensitive - not anymore
  • Download-Tooltip corrected (one info was gone)
  • Fixed: Sending commands to categories handles "show all unassigned" now
  • Patch to enable folderselection when no C: is on system
  • Fixed security bug which could cause eMule be crashed (new settings in security preferences)
  • Webserver: Fixed display if files>2GB
  • Webserver: disable guestlogin reacts immediately
  • Webservertemplate: set file-settings are saved now
  • Webserver: Dont allow guests to clear the logs
  • Webserver: fixed sorting transferlist by progress
  • Fixed deadlock when canceling an HTTP download of server.met
  • Fixed bug with message box "An attempt was made to access an unnamed file". Instead of that message box the log entry "Invalid or corrupted packet received" is created.
  • Fixed credit score ratio computation for clients which have transfered >4GB to an other individual client. (thx le_fred+Harvey56)
  • Hotfix for partfiles getting too large
  • Fixed bug when requesting hashset and remote client does not answer immediatly with the hashset.
  • Implementation of eDonkey protol message OP_END_OF_DOWNLOAD
  • Fixed bug in source exchange where client gets no sources as long as it does not have at least one complete part.
  • Fixed bug where client changed from HighID to LowID and receives still the old HighID of itself via source exchange and wanted to connect to itself.
  • Fixed bug where unwanted client could become a friend
  • Server list was not updated when a server description was received.
  • prevent multiple checks of directories when hashing (khaos)
  • Fixed bug with log messages not shown at startup
  • Fixed bug with non existing shared directories which could not be unshared in preferences/directories
  • Fixed bug in preferences/directory control which was deleting the system's icon image list
  • Scheduler: fixed saving settings
  • Fixed resizing bug in log list controls
  • Scheduler Fixes
  • Fixed bug with new meta tags used by Hybrid 0.48+
  • Fixed major memory leak with compressed packets
  • Added passive source finding for files in download queue which were just started and not already in shared file list
  • Fixed another bug where an unwanted client could become a friend
  • Fixed loading of part.met file list: Corrupted part.met files do no longer stop the loading of other part.met files
  • Fixed LowID bug which was cause due to corrupted part.met files
  • fixed Scheduler bug
  • irc: Liquid updated their ircd. It broke eMules IRC.. It is now updated
  • fixed win9x-crash when the view-filter popupmenu of the category-tab was accessed
  • Fixed 0-size part.met backup file bug
  • Fixed problems with duplicate sources due to source exchange packets with wrong version
  • Fixed some problems with part.met/part files which could be to long or to small (potential file-completion bug) [SlugFiller]
  • fixed Win9x incompatibility (instable OS)
  • Dragstart of category-tabs not hypersensible anymore
  • Fixed a bug in the server ping time delays.
  • Fixed a small bug in the stats
  • Speedmeasurement tweaked [zz]
  • Fixed bug with an deleted client instance which was used for the A4AF statistics value
  • Fixed known.met to be handled correctly in the config-folder
  • Fixed several issues in dealing with uninitialized memory contents [donq]
  • Fixed problem with wrong file IDs received from clients
  • Workaround for strange socket deletion crashs which were experienced by WinXP users
  • Fixed several potential heap corruptions
  • Fixed problems with download data rate meassurement which may cause crashs on slower/Win98 systems
  • Fixed problem with processing an invalid OP_HELLO packet from a client
  • Fixed bug in server message handler for OP_SERVERIDENT
  • saving location for own comments corrected (config-path)
  • Webinterface: Categorysupport corrected for order by columns
  • Fixed a potential problem with system tray icon on Win98 systems [Special thx to Ergol/donq]
  • Fix, preventing crashes after IRC disconnection
  • little GUI fixes
  • Couple of changes for more stable code and less potential mem leaks
  • Optimized source exchange for clients which are asked for sources for the first time in the current session
  • Fixed minor bug in search query with file extension
  • Fixed bug with previewing of files with spaces in the path [mediterranean]
  • Fixed problem with completing file which was concurrently uploaded.
  • Fixed a bug which caused source to have wrong information and filecomments/names
  • Added some SecureHash security fixes, also SecreHash is now enabled by default
  • Fixed flaw in IPFilter
  • Several small bug fixes and code improvements [Maella, dpr, rayita]
  • Fixed bug with downloading of files with a size greater thean 2 GB [thx Maella]
  • Fix of a typo in the webinterface, which could have led to instability on some systems
  • Fixed bug with downloading of files with a size of 9728000 bytes
  • Fixed count of failed upload sessions [Maella]
  • Fixed a rare problem where a client could receive properly compressed blocks but was though not capable of decompressing the entire compressed stream.
  • Fixed Drag&Drop-image of downloadfiles
  • Disabled sharing (by accident) of eMule installation folders (config, lang, webserver) and several files from the temporary directory
  • little GUI fixes/updates
  • Source-swapping cares for download priorities now and is more safe against useless handing over sources back and forth
  • More safety in checking shareable files in temporary directory
  • Fixed some minor focus problems in search window
  • Fixed some security bugs concerning log messages [thx i0nic]
  • ED2K protocol: fixed handling of OP_FILESTATUS for files with a size of PARTSIZE*N
  • Fixed crash at exit bug which occurred when flushing internal file data buffers to part files
  • Fixed crash bug with clients sending more than one OP_HELLO packet.
  • Fixed handling of hashsets for files with a size of PARTSIZE*N
  • corrected saving position for the scheduler-ini-file (-> \config\ )
  • Fixed bug with invalid client objects in upload list after a file was unshared/reshared [zegzav]
  • Fixed several format string errors [mandrag0re]
  • Server UDP socket handles blocking socket state which could happen for larger UDP packets
  • Server UDP socket handles blocking socket state which could happen for larger UDP packets
  • Fixed bug in client UDP socket which did not handled the blocking state correctly
  • Fixed crash bug in host name resolution
  • Fixed bug with eD2K link control in search window which did not accept more than 3 or 4 links
  • bugfix in webserver socket code, [Jan B.]
  • fixed some statistics, like count of banned sources, A4AF-sources
  • fixed search via webinterface
  • fixed some not updated labels when changing language [itsonlyme]
  • Fixed multi threading problem with a completing file which was concurrently uploaded
  • Fixed potential exploit due to memory corruption in webserver [MoNKi]
  • Fixed bug with friends where a client without an IP or hash could be added as a friend
  • Fixed bug with ed2k URL registry key where path contains special characters
  • Fixed GDI resource leaks in video preview dialog
  • Fixed bug with upload list control which was not refreshed automatically [Xman1+KuSh]
  • Fixed mouse/keyboard acces bug in HyperText control [MoNKi]
  • Fixed bug with check diskspace
  • Fixed problem with lost read-only settings in pref.ini after version change
  • Fixed server TCP overhead statistics
  • Fixed HTTP download dialog string resources
  • We no longer send sources to Paused or Stopped files
  • Fixed a bug where an NTFS compressed file could not be created because there was not enough free disk space to hold the uncompressed file
  • Fixed memory leaks and flushing of buffered data to HD of paused files when file was canceled
  • Fixed minor issue with queued local server source requests after new server connect
  • Fixed problem with too frequently occuring server connection attempts with very short server lists
  • Fixed very rare occuring bug with decompressing of high compressable blocks
  • Improved error handling for decompressing corrupted blocks
  • Already received but not processed packets are discarded after a client was disconnected.
  • Fixed sorting problems in shared files list control.
  • Fixed bug server connection duration statistics [Gnaddelwarz]
  • Fixed several flaws in client and server overhead computation. (Note: You will see somehow increased overhead).
  • Some changes for more proper Winsock initialisation and termination.
  • Fixed several flaws in context menus, shortcuts and usage of middle mouse button.
  • Fixed Kad UDP socket usage to avoid loss of packets to send.
  • Fixed bug in viewing shared files from remote client - shared part files were not shown.
  • Fix: Handling of deleting files, which are currently into diskspace allocation
  • NNP sources was allowed to do a UDP reask which does not update our chunk info.. So, this was a wasted packet..
  • Clients even without a valid file request could still get on the queue.
  • There was a bug the allowed the client to send a UDP and TCP file reask at the same time.
  • Fixed statistics bug with ICH in download session category.
  • Fixed problem with empty file data packets which could corrupt the gap list.
  • Fixed timing issue in PerfLog module.
  • Fixed bug with wrong category directory shown for new created downloads.
  • Fixed a few issues that occured when a partfile became a complete file.
  • Fixed a bug in the UDP port that resent UDP packets to dead clients.
  • Fixed bug in Kad search with implicit ANDed search expressions.
  • Fixed bug with downloads added from search result in paused mode which dropped possible found sources.
  • Fixed bug with Kad keyword publishing list due to renaming a shared file which was completed in current session.
  • Fixed multi threading issue with file completion.
  • Fixed some problems with duplicate entries in known file list and shared file list.
  • Several minor corrections on the GUI
  • Fixed a potential client deletion crash bug related to IP filter.
  • Fixed bug with first runtime wizard and enabled startup minimized option.
  • Added a lot of exception catching to Kad and SMIRC.
  • Fixed several memleaks with the Kad client
  • Fixed problem with servers with IP which could be added to the server list.
  • Fixed a bug with rechecking firewall.
  • Fixed mem leak and possible stall in server UDP socket related to failed DNS queries.
  • IRC: Small tweak to add friend.
  • Fix of auto resume next file of same category
  • Removed automatically resuming of files with state Insufficient diskspace.
  • Fixed rehashing on change of Daylight Saving Time (DST) [MightyKnife]. To disable this patch, add AdjustNTFSDaylightFileTime=0 in [eMule] section in preferences.ini file.
  • Fixed bug with colors and known-type in searchlist control after files were canceled and/or added/removed from share.
  • Fixed bug with sorting by category in download listview.
  • Fixed bug in UDP socket with ReaskFilePing which was not answered for files in most cases
  • Fixed bug in IP filter; adjacent ranges with different levels were merged.
  • Fix KadID bug which created some clusters and reported bad user counts..
  • Packets for the UDP socket send queue now have a lifetime now to keep from creating a backlog of packets.
  • fixed a bug, that resumed 2 (instead of 1) files for the function "start next paused file, when a files completes"
  • correction in the statistics for source-type passive - and several minor GUI fixes
  • fixed invoking the comment page
  • fixed Chicane webinterface template, to be able to start downloads from searchresults
  • Fixed a IRC crash bug thanks to reports from several irc ops..
  • Fixed the IRC Accept links from friends only option.
  • Fixed flaw in exception handling which did not immediatly disconnect a client which sends invalid file data packets.
  • Fixed bug in UDP socket with processing of a received file status.
  • Fixed several flaws in Kad window with connect and bootstrap function/buttons.
  • Fixed bug which caused eMule to crash when there was too much load on the UDP Socket
  • fixed security risk in the webserver [thx4hint2 MKThunderStorm]
  • on category creation, if the edit dialog is canceled, no category will be created
  • Fixed crash bug with selectively deleting of expanded search results.
  • Fixed security exploit in IRC module and Web server [thx DonDiego]
  • Fixed memory leak in Kad packet parsing [thx bzubzu.]
  • Fixed some minor bugs in ed2k searches related to comparison operators.
  • Fixed crash bug with downloading of already downloaded files which were already in known file list.
  • Fixed bug with recovering block requests of compressed packets after a zstream error occured.
  • Fixed bug with reloading of shared files where just completed and externaly removed/renamed files still showed up.
  • Fixed possible mem leak with OP_REQUESTPARTS message. [thx eklmn]
  • Fixed bug with processing of remote preview answer.
  • Fixed bug in IRC property page; 'Load channel list on connect' option was missing.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a too fast queue rotation when not using the option "try to upload full chunks" for uploading
  • Fixed bug in Kad tag name string compare which was dependent to locales with multi byte character pages. [thx Big Mamma]
  • Fixed bug with general string compares which were dependent on locale. (Note: Depending on your locale, you may experience somewhat different sorting orders for strings.)
  • Fixed issue of jumping category tooltips
  • If you reconnect to a server, all your shares would not get published unless something in your share list changed..(fixed) (thanks lugdunummaster)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to do a more command in search to the wrong search window.
  • Fixed another crash bug with renaming of completed files in transfere window.
  • Fixed bug in global server searches which could send endless name queries in some rare situations. [thx lugdunum]
  • Fixed bugs with "Last Reception Time" and DST fix.
  • Fixed small bug with AutoTakeEd2kLinks.
  • Fixed a window resizing crash bug in Message window.
  • Disabled extracting meta data from OGM/OGG files due to many bug reports about problems with according DirectShow filters.
  • Fixed bug with error message boxes which could show up due to a remote search invocation.
  • some minor GUI addons & corrections
  • Proper parsing of unused eD2K meta data tag types.
  • Fixed memory leak with known files entries and invalid hashsets in general [thx bzubzu.]
  • Fixed sorting bugs in Known Client listview control.
  • fixed search for webinterface
  • Fixed a bug which let eMule crash on some system when viewing the transfer screen [thanks donq]
  • Dont show 'new message' loginfo for filtered messages
  • Possible fix to the reported cases when eMule doesn't reach the upload limit.
  • Reworked the 'charset' selection for emule web interface to use proper codepage value in returned HTML code.
  • Many small fixes for changing language during runtime.
  • Fixed a bug which caused that some known contacts were never deleted, even if not needed anymore
  • SMIRC will now get available user modes from the server on connect to allow it to use servers that use non standard usermodes.
  • Fixed bug with inaccurate completed size for part files.
  • Couple of minor bug fixes and optimisations in bar shader related usage for part files and downloading/uploading clients.
  • Fixed bug which sometimes draws randomly yellow blocks for sources.
  • Category-wide resume will now also care for out-of-diskspace-paused downloads
  • Fixed bug with specifying empty directories for incoming and temp folders.
  • Fixed potential crash bug under Win98 with helper icon in search parameters window.
  • Fixed bug with wrong part count for very large files. [thx Pichuein]
  • Fixed bug in Directory preferences dialog which changed the active directory.
  • Fixed a bug in the toolbar button code, when all buttons were removed
  • Fixed webinterface exploit (content length misuse)
  • Fixed data rate control for rates > 80kb [thx zz]
  • Properly completing and sharing of files when no hashset is available.
  • Rewrote most of the core of SMIRC to make it more stable and faster..
  • I now read the entire receive buffer in SMIRC's socket on each receive. Messages were getting left in the buffer and backlog'd..
  • SMIRC connection status could get a little messed up and not tell the user it failed to connect. (fix)
  • Fixed crash with downloading of several files with same filename and reloading the shared files list.
  • Fixed bug with duplicate scrollbars in search window.
  • Fixed bug with receiving of new ed2k meta tags which used a too large tag type range for string types.
  • Fixed a bug which let eMule reject most available PeerCaches
  • Statistics (requests,accepted requests,transfered) of partfiles are now saved and restored too (like for shared files)
  • Opens less slots if UploadSpeedSense lowers upload limit
  • Kad now remembers Kad's last open/firewall state during the recheck process to prevent temporary false reports.
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to a wrong status of obtained parts for downloading clients
  • Update ligpng to 1.2.6 to fix security issues (which however had only minor influence on eMule)
  • IP Filter is now also used to ignore filtered incoming UDP packets
  • Fixed potential memleak in a upload client.
  • Fixed a bug that sends many Kad Bootstrap packets when not needed.
  • Fixed a bug in TryToConnect that at times could check the wrong IP/ID with the IP filter..
  • Fixed possible memleak if an incoming Kad publish failed.
  • Fixed client version statistics.
  • Fix a upload bug that caused uploads to stop sending after a complete chunk with a small queue. This should fix some issues with lost Friend Slots.
  • fixed a bug on processing the downloadlist in the webinterface
  • Fixed some minor bugs in file comments/ratings processing and GUI.
  • Fixed bug with servers which when added via ed2k link were set to low priority.
  • Fixed USS bug to make it survive rare occasions when no earlier ttls is pingable than the differing ttl is found.
  • Fixed bug that didn't resume/pause/stop all files in a category when context message for a category is used.
  • Small fix to make eMule request sources for files in the same order as the a4af priority (a4af auto, cat prio, file prio, alpha).
  • Fixed an priority bug that cause lower priority files overseed high priority files. Also hopefully lowered some cpu cycles with this change.
  • Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with wrong displayed free disk space.
  • Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with not working shared directories control.
  • Fixed Unicode bug with missing UTF8 conversion in web interface.
  • Fixed Unicode bug in main toolbar initialiation which could cause not working shortcuts.
  • Fixed Unicode (Win9x) issue with copying ed2k links to clipboard.
  • Workaround for an obvious bug in Windows DNS library which returned invalid data.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause resumed files (due to less disk space) get paused again immediatly.
  • Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with empty IP filter listview control.
  • Fixed Unicode (Win9x) bug with missing tooltips in download listview control.
  • Fixed the 'Run As Secure User' function
  • Fixed a 'Runtime Error'-crash which could appear when Kad is enabled
  • Fixed handling of corrupt known2.met files
  • Fixed a bug which let eMule temporary assume a wrong AICH hash for a partfile which was rehashed after startup
  • Fixed some potential problems with reading media info from files
  • Fixed divide by zero bug in Kad contact histogram
  • Fixed UploadSpeedSense UDP pinger.
  • Fixed alphabetical sortorder for resume next file.
  • The delay in creating upload slots can cause the credit system upload method to remove too many upload slots.. (fixed)
  • Fixed bugs in Video Preview and Archive Preview threads related to wrong file pointer usage which could create wrong temporary files for previewing (in rare situations).
  • Fixed Unicode bug with manually saved log files.
  • Fixed Unicode bug with '?' character in file comments dialog.
  • Fixed Unicode bug with ANSI log files which were continued in Unicode.
  • Fixed counter overflows for some cumulative statistics. [thx BinGordon]
  • Fixed bug with max. download rate. [thx ChrisV]
  • Fixed bug with 'Needed Spaced for Downloads' stats for NTFS compressed and sparse files.
  • Fixed a unicode bug in the MobileMule server
  • Fixed memory leaks, exception handling and tag list reading of Kad tags.
  • Fixed bug in some log panes which were not obeying the max. log buffer limit.
  • Fixed bug in client download data rate computation [thx Aw3]
  • Fixed default font selection for some GUI elements for locales with multibyte character fonts.
  • Fixed duplicate scroll bar problem in search dialog for low screen resolutions.
  • Fixed bug with queued thread log messages which could lead to a crash in some cases.
  • Fixed Unicode bug in Statistics HTML file export function.
  • Icons in contextmenus have been disabled for Win98/ME due to reported problems
  • Minor bugfix in the new corruption detector
  • Corrected a issue where the keyword or source index was not restored.
  • Fixed bug with wrong user-id/IP for http sources [thx SiRoB]
  • Fix a possible situation that may cause kad to not store sources.
  • Fixed Download List sort bug where sources could be displayed with the wrong file. (Fix by KinkyJohn)
  • Fixed bug with Unicode passwords in Web-interface and MobileMule-interface. Note: Your need to specify new passwords for those interfaces.
  • Fixed sorting bug in upload list control.
  • Fixed bug in client statistics for banned and IP-filtered clients.
  • Fixed crash with sending a message to an new added friend [thx Libbnor]
  • Fixed bug with wrong hashset creation in case file could not successfully read
  • Fixed bug with files of too large size when added via search results.
  • Fixed a bug in SMIRC if CHANMODES was missing from the welcome message.
  • Fixed a couple bugs in the hello packets for buddy information.
  • Fixed some GUI glitches [thx apph]
  • Fixed some bugs with statistics colors in Options/Statistics page.
  • Fixed bug with status.log file which truncated filenames to 50 chars.
  • Fixed Unicode bug with ed2k links added via web interface.
  • Fixed bug with file priority in web interface [thx CML]
  • Fixed a bug that could access a NULL kad buddy pointer.
  • Fixed crash with system tray context menu, opened preferences dialog and restored main window.
  • Fixed bug: Shared directory names with Unicode characters were ignored at startup.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented lowID clients from publishing as a source into the Kad network.
  • Fixed sorting bug in download list with 'Time Remaining'.
  • Fixed bug with vertical oriented fonts in Statistics window.
  • Fixed GUI glitches with context menus in Log-, Message- and IRC panes.
  • Fixed not working buttons in Message window
  • Fixed a bug related to the new kad-filecomments which would cause eMule to freeze [thx gcostanza]
  • Fixed a bug related to the udp-server protocol which could emule let drop packets or if malicious crafted freeze [kry]
  • A displaybug in the uploadwindow has been fixed
  • A problem which caused eMule to call the onlinehelp even if an appropriate helpfile was available has been fixed[cml]
  • Fixed lowercased path entries in the shared files list
  • Fixed issue with autoresum after file completion
  • Fixed secure identitfication statistics with a >100% entr
  • fixed removing servers from static list from the webinterface
  • Fixed a socket resource leak in web interface.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a sharing Violation in known2.met when starting eMule
  • Fixed: Queue Ranking of sources in Download Listview were not always updated properly.
  • Added some missing protocol overhead stats.
  • Fixed a bug which made it theortical in some rare cases possible that eMule sent unverified data to other clients
  • fixed not working commands on downloadlist multiselections in certain cases
  • Fixed bug with file comments/ratings when receiving a rating without a comment [thx MogTheCat]
  • Fixed bug with eD2k link parsing when no filename (or filename with just spaces) was specified in link.
  • Fixed bug with partfile renaming when new filename contains only spaces.
  • Fixed bug in keyword publishing related to filenames ending with too much unpublished characters.
  • Fixed some GUI glitches in Friend listview.
  • Fixed bug which prevented eMule to minimize to system tray.
  • Fixed bug with log messages which were not written to log files during early startup.
  • MiniMule shows accurate connection icon.
  • MiniMule - fixed problem with eMule installation path containing some special characters.
  • Fixed bug in log panes which could create auto-endless up-scrolling.
  • Fixed bug in log panes which displayed text too far on top if pane was first time enabled.
  • Fixed bug with not adding all available source found during searching when adding a file via an sub-entry to the download queue.
  • Fixed wrong file statistics of (previously) stopped files [Xman]
  • Fixed bug with too high PeerCache socket timeouts [thx so8so]
  • Small fix to USS to prevent it from sometimes disabling itself when network connection is lost. Once the first init of USS is complete it should now never disable itself.
  • Fixed issue where bugged compatible clients could receive sources for a file they did not ask for.
  • Fixed bug with Kad-notes which were received but not stored.
  • Fixed 'Transferred' column data display and sorting in Upload list control.
  • Fixed comment rating label order.
  • Fixed possible misplaced up/down buttons in details dialog.
  • fixed Uploading sort bug
  • Multi-Temp folders should work now.
  • Fixed Comment Icons staying when no comment/ratings are available.
  • Fixed several smaller glitches in the new share control
  • Fixed the filesizelimit for downlaoding files from the webinterface
  • Fixed some crashing bug with duplicated files
  • Fixed some minor general GUI glitches (Icons, save&restore, etc)
  • Fixed crash when downloading via HTTP source and viewing the downloadclient-list
  • Tray shutdown bug fix. [Xman1]
  • Fixed a bug in kad that returned the incorrect order of contacts to start a search. (thx Agthorr for finding bug)
  • Fixed a bug that treated all KadResults as a best result causing extra overhead. (thx Agthorr for finding bug)
  • Fixed a bug that removed wanted contacts in the 'possible' list during Kad searches. (thx Agthorr for finding bug)
  • Print '0' instead of '<0' in Complete sources column in shared files list.
  • Fixed possibility of accessing a deleted client object in the comment list.
  • Fixed a possible memleak with Kad Notes.
  • Possible fix for minimize to tray problem reported for Windows NT SP6.
  • Added a startup check for proper version of Windows Shell32 DLL - should also help folks using Windows NT!
  • Fixed a lowID bug that caused a lowID user to report the wrong buddy IP/Port.
  • Fixed bug where ED2K search results were shown in Kad search results.
  • Fixed bug with client software statistics where equal client numbers were not shown.
  • Fixed underflow error for 'Shared parts' column in Shared files list, which caused parts to sometimes be shown as light blue even when they are common in the net.
  • Bugfix to UploadSpeedSense (USS). Sometimes with low ping times and low Ping Tolerance settings it could get stuck at min speed.
  • Some modifications to avoid disapearing Search Parameters window.
  • Fixed bug in ZIP file archive preview for files containing a directory archive entry.
  • Fixed bug with SetSystemACP setting for fresh eMule installations.
  • Fixed wrong dealing with kBit/s and KB/s in several places.
  • Fixed glitches with main statusbar when using large system fonts.
  • Fixed bug with dropdown buttons in transfer window for large system fonts.
  • Fixed a crash in Message window when right clicking on Close button.
  • Fixed a problem with registering eD2K links to be taken by eMule.
  • fixed some bugs in the webinterface
  • fixed disabled status of the source handling submenu (selection dependend), to allow access to the submenu items
  • Updated to zlib 1.2.3 because of security flaws in 1.2.2
  • Fixed possible crash on malformed Kad packet.. (Kry)
  • Auto Kad bootstrap wasn't updated to work with eMule's Multipacket protocol. Fixed.
  • fixed bug (v0.46b) in using regular expressions as view filter in categories [thx kinmenalex]
  • fixed bug in checking for tempfolder when multiple folders were used, and a little splitterbar bug [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
  • Bugfix+enhancement to the code that requests less of the file from slow download sources.
  • Some cpu fixes for Kad. (Kry)
  • Collections were storing extra tags causing them to be 'bloated'.. Fixed.
  • fixed/improved downloading big files via webinterface
  • Fixed a Kad bug when looking for a Buddy.. (leuk_he)
  • Fixed a problem with corrupting known2_64.met if "Remember downloaded files" is disabled
  • Fixed banned client statistics [Xman1]
  • Fixed cumulative part file data statistics [TimDzang]
  • Fixed download list transferred data shown in completed column, if transferred column is hidden.
  • Fixed stalling during part file allocation.
  • Fixed rejected connections (ip filter) stats.
  • Fixed a bug with HTTP/Peercache sources (SiRob)
  • Fixed a problem with converting known2.met - it should not rehash files anymore when updating from a prior version
  • Correction to "Change in LPhant version display (Famerlor)"
  • Fixed a bug which could cause problems when loading part.met files of large files (SiRob)
  • It appears there is a rare possibility that a keyword to a known file that is not shared can attempt to be published, a check is in place to avoid it.
  • Fixed bug with wrong 'Download Time' reported for some paused files.
  • Fixed bug with setting the priority of a static server which was lost after a restart.
  • Fixed problem with shared files which have invalid file date [thx Kro/MorphXT]
  • Proxy support: Fixed bug in SOCKS 5 authentication.
  • Fixed bug with "Start Minimized" and "Minimize to Systemtray".
  • Fixed bug with IP Filter URL dropdown control in Security Dialog which was loosing all entries.
  • Added more safety to tag parsing in hello packets [thx Kry]
  • Fixed bug with 'Ext' command in 'PreviewApps.dat' file.
  • Fixed bug with double clicking on rating icon in Transfere window not always opening comment dialog page.
  • Fixed bugs with property pages not restored correctly when using file details dialog in different main windows.
  • Webinterface: fixed information popup for upload items
  • Fixed problem with active Kad search indicator which was disabled too early.
  • Available 'Complete' info for files with less then 9280000 bytes is shown correctly in search results for Kad searches.
  • Fixed a couple malformed strings in MIRC. (Avi-3k)
  • fixed graphical issues (Log-Reset button on language change, avoid minimizable log/chat windows)
  • fixed a crash on systray clicking (happened on very certain click behaviour or heavily busy systems)
  • Fix shared "Open Folder" (Avi-3k)
  • Fix DownloadList sort bug (Avi-3k)
  • Fix bug in Ppgfiles (eMulefan83)
  • Fix cursor bug (Slugfiller)
  • Change in LPhant version display (Famerlor)
  • Added a fix for a possible problem when search Kad-Buddies [DavidXanatos]
  • Fixed a small bug in a kad response sanitycheck [WiZardofDoS]
  • Fixed a bug where wrong Kad 1.0 Notes packets were sent.
  • Fixed bug with MiniMule which failed to open when eMule was installed in folders with special characters.
  • Bugfix: When trying to connect to a selected server which times out, eMule will no longer try to conenct to other servers instead
  • Added a fix for receiving ED2K UDP packets when the remote client is behind a UDP portmapping router
  • Fixed a small rounding error on the filerateing icon
  • Fixed a bug in the webserver with banning IPs after too many logintries[DreamWalker]
  • Several minor possible memleaks have been corrected [WiZardofDoS]
  • Fixed missing IPFilter checks for outgoing UDP packets from KAD / Kad Nodes [leuk he]
  • Incoming ED2K and some Kad UDP response packets are now ignored if they were not requested.
  • (extrem rare) possible integer overflow causing problems when downloading large files has been fixed [avi-3k]
  • A possible premature send bug on TryToConnect has been fixed [eklm]
  • 2 fixes for statistic dialog when moving vertical splitter to minimum or maximum position [BlueSonicBoy]
  • Fixed bug in webserver to deal with filenames with apostrophes in transfer list (missing javascript controlled popupmenue)
  • Fix for better handling of pasted links in the ed2k-link dialog to process empty lines and whitespaces [zoom]
  • Fixed bug with default preview function which did not open default application for certain file types.
  • Fixed bug with renameing files in shared files window [SiRoB]
  • Fixed problem with possible file corruption when eMule is run as 'secure user' and system logoff/reboot.
  • Fixed bug in connection management.
  • Fixed bug in Media Info dialog with getting AVI properties for some part files.
  • Added workaround to Media Info dialog to show more reliable play length for MPEG files when used with MediaInfoLib.
  • Fixed bug with 'Find' function in search results list when used for non-filename fields.
  • Fixed bug in server UDP socket with ignoring received servers stats from dynIP-servers.
  • Fixed bugs in server UDP socket with race conditions of DNS queries and outgoing UDP packets (for dynIP-servers).
  • Fixed bug in Webinterface with server sorting and dynIP servers.
  • Fixed bug with ed2k-server URLs and dynIP servers.
  • Fixed bug in auto server connecting which could lead to not connecting to any server at all.
  • Fixed several bugs related to duplicate dynIP-server entries in server list.
  • Fixed some Unicode error message bugs [Xman1]
  • Fixed bug with not completing files due to invalid filename prefixes.
  • Corrected Kad crash bug. (Pointed out by Ani)
  • Fixed GUI glitch in download client progressbar [SiRoB]
  • Fixed bug with re-downloaded and re-shared files.
  • Fixed bug with "Summary Not Updated After Deleting Shared File" [raccoon.i]
  • Fixed bug with eMule getting focus on received chat message when minimized [raccoon.i]
  • Fixed Win2K specific GUI glitches in search results.
  • Fixed some icon resource leaks.
  • Fixed bugs with changing Windows color schemes on-the-fly and for Windows "High Contrast" color schemes.
  • Fixed bug with exchanged rating strings [Aenarion[ITA]]
  • Fixed missing entries in connection wizard dialog [FrankyFive]
  • Fixed bug in webserver for files >4GB [zAxel]
  • Fixed bug in webserver related to HTTP error reply.
  • Fixed possible mem leak in Kad..
  • Fixed potential crash with MiniMule.
  • Fixed a minor bug with large file search results.
  • Fixed some major bugs in Kad 2.0 source/keyword publishing
  • Fixed Kad bug with processing Kad1.0-Packets which is believed to be remotely exploitable and therefore a potential risk if Kad is enabled [found by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
  • Fixed bug with lost setting for disabled UDP port.
  • Fixed bug in First Runtime Wizard with previously disabled UDP port.
  • Fixed some Kad memory leaks in exception handlers [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
  • Fixed bug with wrong file type mismatch warning for multiple selected part files.
  • Fixed some bugs in UPnP and changed the behavior for ADSL devices a bit
  • Fixed a bug concerning double adding friends
  • Fixed another Bug in the SourceExchange, which caused eMule to not response to requests in certain cases [Xman1]
  • Sorting for cumulative stats in the sharedfiles list is now properly remembered when restarting eMule
  • The "Disable UDP" and Enable "Kad" options now exclude eachother [leuk_he]
  • Fixed a bug in UPnP when the UDP port has been disabled by the user [leuk_he]
  • IRC optional serverports should work prorperly now
  • Fixed a bug in IRC when receiving ed2k links from other users
  • The first time wizzard is now using the proper ports when testing UPnP in case a user has changed the ports in the wizzard
  • Fixed eMule (error-)handling for files whose paths exceed the operation system pathlength limit
  • Fixed a small memleak in the smileyselector window
  • Sorting in the ipfilter dialog has been fixed on Vista
  • Tooltips now have the proper size on Vista
  • On Vista the half-open connection limit is now properly set to 9 by default (instead of 50)
  • Fixed a obfuscation related bug in the sourceexchange
  • Fixed crash in Statistics window.
  • Fixed memory leak in list controls [eklmn]
  • Fixed performance problem with too large eD2K links and enabled 'Monitor Clipboard' option.
  • Fixed saving/restoring of size/position in collections dialogs.
  • Win98: Fixed missing volume labels and shell icons in directories property page's directory tree control.
  • Win98: Fixed not supported multiline tooltip in tray bar.
  • Win98/WinME: Fixed not supported toolbar customization.
  • Win98/WinME/Win2000: Fixed toolbar chevron.
  • Win98/WinME: Fixed vertical axis labels in statistics graphs.
  • Win98/WinME: Fixed saving/restoring of expanded sub trees in statistics tree.
  • Win98/WinME/Win2000: Fixed invisible buttons in transfers window.
  • Win98: Fixed bug with "ShowActiveDownloadsBold=1" setting in Transfers window.
  • Fixed bug in IRC window with nick change messages which were not always shown.
  • Fixed a bug with single clicking on emule tray bar icon.
  • Fixed bug with requesting eMule friendship via IRC.
  • Fixed bug with background color not reset in IRC colored messages.
  • Fixed bug with not outputed IRC notice messages.
  • Fixed Message window splitter.
  • Fixed bug with reversed sort orders for fresh emule installations.
  • Fixed right click problem in IRC and chat windows.
  • Fixed bugs with black background color in IRC windows.
  • Skins: Fixed problems with foreground skin color in RichEdit controls.
  • Fixed: "exit" command line option no longer starts eMule if it was not already running [DreamWalker]
  • Fixed edk2-URL handling for better support of copying URLs from webpages.
  • Fixed bug in file disk space statistics for pre-allocated files. [AnPapaSeiBua]
  • Fixed bugs in Comment dialog with copy to clipboard functions.
  • Fixed bug with "ed2k::" search expressions when combined with other search attributes. Note: "ed2k::" can still only be used in ED2K searches, not in Kad.
  • Fixed bug in local search result filter with changing column.
  • Fixed bug with Unicode strings in category properties.
  • Fixed a potential crash when shutting down eMule [DavidXanatos]
  • Fixed bug with invisible text in search filter control for high contrast color scheme.


  • Downloadlist:improved drawing of the sources(thanks to zytrel), general list-behaviour and sorting
  • Only one client per unique userhash / ip is accepted on the queue now
  • Sorting the server list now supports dynamic ips. Sorting by description works better. All sorts are no longer case sensitive.
  • Added a "upload time" column to the upload list and a a "Entered Queue" column to the queue list
  • If you add a server from a server.met url or manually and it's already in the list, the name and desctiption is updated.
  • Added support for "double arrows" (for 3 columns of shared-files list)
  • Added logmessage when sharedfiles-list is requested
  • Part selection is adjusted to favour rare parts
  • Different searches are now ordered on tabs
  • Merged some parts of the improved GUI look from the emule plus mod (Forcha,DrSirius,Drowzee)
  • Added more colors to search results to indicate downloading file and already downloaded file
  • Downloads running out of diskspace can now be resumed without restart
  • Changed appearance of all lists except download list, also added sort arrows for all of them. Changed icons in all lists to be theme friendly, background color now matches
  • Download list now also has draggable columns.
  • Added UDP request limit. When this is reached other servers are not asked for sources anymore per UDP. You should set this to a low value because this will decrease the servertraffic and UDP requests are not really needed that much anymore
  • Added asked for another file/no needed parts file handling
  • size, position, and hidden status of all tables are now saved.
  • Added preferences tab for statistics-setup
  • Number in front of sources-count now gives the real useful-sources count (onqueue+downloading sources)
  • Added a warning for windows 9X/ME users who set their max connections to high.
  • Show counts of Filenames at sources in the filedetails (Juanjo)
  • Renaming filename of downloads (in filedetails) & cleanup name
  • You can copy serverlinks in popupmenu of the serverlist (Interceptor)
  • reduced emule filesize
  • Several IRC improvments and fixes
  • Show filetype in Sharedfiles-list
  • Added support so that two eMule clients can directly send ed2k links to each other.
  • Changed the handling of Low-ID Clients (read the new for more details about this)
  • Uploadslot handling is adjusted a bit. eMule will open slightly more slots on low speed connections (up to ~12KB) and slightly less on high speed connections
  • Merged some graphical elements from the emule plus mod (nice preferences dialog, different toolbar and resizeable statistics)
  • Merged Codec-Info Dialog [quekky]
  • Avoid multiple instances of emule
  • Patch to show active chunks (yellow) for each downloading source [Cax2]
  • Added some handling improvements to the searchwindow, like resultcount-display in search-tabs
  • Added an option to remove servers from staticserver-list [DonGato]
  • Irc: Added a preference to ignore all info messages so you can see through all the clutter in a channel.
  • Irc: Increased font size so those at 1024X768+ didn't need a magnifying glass to read the text
  • Upload prioity is now saved for files currently being downloaded
  • Stats: Graphcolors are now selectable (using RGB-values)
  • Added mousecontrol to the Sourcefilenames-List in Filedetailsdialog
  • Friendslot is limited to one slot at a time
  • The XMas-Splashscreen is now in. thanks to Ogmios
  • Added two new statistics values: top download value and top download average value
  • Added button in transferview, to switch between uploadlist and queuelist
  • Safe connect option. (eDonkey-style connect)
  • Up/Down ration is now the same as eDonkey
  • The part.met files are now backed up before being replaced. The backup files are deleted when new part.met has been written to disk and safely closed. When loading part.met files we now also check for part.met.backup.
  • Main screen now shows Users and Files of the server your on.. It also shows a very loose estimate of all Users and Files in the Ed2k network
  • Close buttons in search tabs [enkeyDev]
  • Several bug and gui fixes. Merged some code from Mods
  • Getting booted from Lugdunum servers due to LowID during connect is now handled better
  • Added "List files" to the context menus of clients
  • Upcomming servers will have a new ServerStatus packet that will be incompatable with previous eMules. This will be handled with this version
  • Added a Max Users to the server list
  • Connection failures to servers should now report the correct error
  • Added autopriority patch [Tarod]
  • Made source exchange use compression more aggressively
  • Connectionattempts restart when reaching the serverlist-end
  • LowID2LowID and NoNeededPart sources are slowly removed in the hopes of getting a better source. These sources are only removed when that file is close to it's max sources to prevent sources from being removed or added over and over. Also, if this so
  • If you cancel a download, everyone queued for that file will be removed from the queue when the next upload slot is freed
  • Unk: Support to upload to mutliple clients within a network. (Ie, clients with same IP, different ports) (Reported by Lord KiRon)
  • Increased compatibility between clients (and future potential clients) by using special tags instead of version numbers
  • Enable preview when only first and last parts are complete
  • Changed download list colour bar to show part downloading from client and part(s) pending in different yellows
  • Changed colour gradient to variable strength - level can be set in preferences (General)
  • Give priority to part currently being downloaded when requesting next blocks
  • Made some changes to the download list (sources information in columns,...)
  • Handling doubleclicks on trayicon safer in respect to other apps in the systray [thx to reCDVst]
  • the sort of Downloadlist by status is now using better order than alphabetically
  • language depended date/time-format is now updated during runtime when switching language
  • all statstics of shared files now handle >4GB
  • Rewrote the hash thread code... Now using worker threads instead of user interface threads; less overhead when creating threads
  • All lists now are initialized on a timer to help with win98 compatabilities.. Partially modified patch from Lucus
  • Search is now canceled when closing the active search tab; added support for Blindwrite, Alcohol 120% (CD Images) and flac (Audio) extensions
  • When reading staticservers.dat file and looking for priority, only accept comma if it is in second position, try to avoid finding comma in server name
  • When changing priority of a static server, also need to update staticservers.dat file
  • Wizard now auto detects OS version
  • Sources now show if their queue is full
  • Network: Saving received data without delay. When requesting files it now asks only for what is needed, not in 180k blocks. Compressed packets are now unzipped as they arrive and written to disk instead of waiting for full block
  • Write buffer:Writing to files is now buffered on a per file basis.The part file is flushed to disk when the buffer reaches 500k or 5 seconds since last flush
  • removed titlebar-preferences-menu for win9x users, which caused crashes for them
  • Small change to downloadlist
  • A client's server is now added with you first connect to him, Now, all client's servers you connect to are added to the server list.
  • languages in selectionbox now labeled in local-language [pooz]
  • We now detect eDonkey Hybrid Clients and Added Stats in Statistics.
  • Filecompletion in seperate thread [Lord KiRon]
  • modified socket reading [by Jordy]
  • support for Opcode 0x48 (OP_FILEREQANSNOFILE) of the protocol. [references: DoubleT,eMule+/Tarod]
  • Changing IP shouldn't force you to move to the end of the queue anymore.
  • Redid sorting of Download list one more time.
  • Sources with a full queue is now treated the same as "No Needed Parts".. (means: they will be replaced by other sources when you reach source limit)
  • Download file priorities are now usable for rechecking sources.
  • Some clients may be reporting completed file status. Did some changes to hopefully stop this.
  • Created a new algorithm to smooth out the spikeing TCP connections. This will help several things...Spiking CPU & Bandwidth when many sources are added or reasked. Help with conflicts between Source Exchange,... less overhead
  • Did a complete rewrite with the Update functions in Queue and Upload list to speed things up.
  • Redid the Overhead meter. (I no longer try to estimate the TCP and UDP headers) Also added some Overhead statistics.
  • optimized internal sources-handling, for reduced cpu-load
  • various runtime optimization for reduced cpu-load (statstree, tray&maindlg, GUI) [coop. with EseJuani]
  • Shared files list now supports more multiselect-commands
  • indicate files with ratings/comments by an icon in front of the filename (green/red,rating dependend)
  • Stats now have a packet counter. (+Few bug fixes)
  • Changed packing alignment for most structs/classes (not the critical ones :), still 1 byte) to 8 bytes. (can improve preformance...)
  • If hashset is found to have problems, it now reasks for it.
  • Converted a lot of char[] to CStrings to help avoid buffer overruns.
  • Optimizations, help from ichi, Maella, zz
  • Reenabled statusbaricon for new messages.
  • Files set to auto no longer hang when you resart eMule. (jicxicmic)
  • Change how we detect Hybrids.
  • Changed some slot management. (Some help from VQB)
  • Roundoff error correction for datarates. (Maella)
  • Changed some server connect code. eMule now connects a lot smarter with Safe Mode turned off helping with lowID problems.
  • Server stats is no longer lost on restart when autoupdate is turned on.
  • Show downloadcount above downloadlist
  • Several optimizations by BadWolf63,ichi
  • Another Protocol change for better compatability to the Hybrid.
  • Sharedfilelist: linkcopy now for multiple selection too
  • Searchwindow: Box for Directlinks (ED2k-Filelinks) supports multiple links
  • eMule clients v0.19 and below are now given a lower queue rating.. This is to push these client to upgrade due to the client publishing to the wrong server port that doesn't use the standard port.
  • No longer remove uploadclients with a unknown file name to be more compatable with Hybrid.
  • UploadClients with unknown filename is no longer removed for better compatablity to the Hybrid client.
  • Preferences reorganized - new group: Display
  • Nondownloading sources are now updated a 10th of the time. (Based on Maella)
  • Changing how eMule exchanges version type.
  • stopped downloads dont collect sources anymore
  • middle-mouseclick on a comment-symbol opens the commentlist
  • Completely changed the auto priority methods. Download and Shared prio is now completely seperate. Auto priority is now defaulted. (Note to self, this still needs more work before release!)
  • Merged in updated DownloadListCtrl. (Maella)
  • Merged in view shared list of Hybrids. (Bluecow) (Not completely tested. May have issues.. I test more later..)
  • Don't try to update queue list at all if not visiable. (zz)
  • Another Update on the Min to Tray Button. (Zegzav)
  • Upgraded Notifier, to support customizable skin, close- & history-function [enkeydev]
  • ...and a number of tiny corrections, fixes & graphical updates
  • Recheck unzip size to avoid problems. (emarc)
  • Eliminated just created ed2k links prompting to add links from clipboard
  • A previous version or mod seems to have set a clients hash to all 0. eMule now verifies your hash at startup and resets it if required.
  • UDP only use clients IP for finding the sender.. It now checks for UDP port also to make sure it finds the correct object..
  • Cancel downloads of a category are now prompted first
  • Source Exchange updated to include the users hash to help prevent multiple clients.
  • You can now enable loggin the verbose-log to disk, without display it in serverwindow
  • Webserver Template updated by Daan
  • Uploads-Tooltip: improved display of transferred data
  • more shortcuts for the lists: Ctrl+A selects the whole list; downloadlist +,-,Cursor left/right to expand&collapse sources of files
  • Show webserverstatus in the "MyInfo"-box, incl. current active sessions
  • optional display of the cat-tabs as "Title (loading/Filecount)" (Preferences->Display)
  • SearchWnd: Last typed in server-met URL is saved in preferences
  • If adding a file to donwloads from a remote clients file list, the remote client is added as a source
  • Minor speed improvements by replacing many functions which deal with MD4 hashs.
  • Webserver serves images: Local files (contained in binary zip & self installer) are now used for webserver display
  • New log window with a rotating log, max. nr. of lines can be specified in preferences.ini
  • Red warning rating icon is shown when more than 1/3 of the ratings are bad
  • MLDonkey is now better recognized
  • Optimized drawing and sorting functions for several list controls.
  • Unified all message boxes
  • Redid "Add Friend" dialog
  • tweaked hashing algorithm, should be less CPU intensive now
  • many small bugfixes and changes
  • Added filetype icons to search- and shared files listviews
  • Double click in shared files list opens file with associated application
  • added: accurate speed measurement also on busy CPU [based on Ottavio84+Badwolf]
  • First Run Time wizard finally gets a "Finish" button
  • If the connected server has a filelimit, publish not more files than accepted
  • Webinterface blocks IPs after 5 failed login attempts for 15 minutes
  • Webinterface: displays completed transfers
  • different trayicon when serverconnection with a lowID (emule with blindfold, from emule+)
  • irc: eMule now should support multi mode commands
  • Added searching for listviews in serverwindow/searchwindow (Ctrl+F,F3,Shift+F3)
  • Added recently used list for search text and servemet-URL controls (aka autocompletion), reset history by AltGr+Delete)
  • update statistic graphs scale when changing up/down capacities over the webinterface
  • adjusted sort order for QR (high speed -> low speed DL followed by low -> high QR)
  • Reduced GDI resource usage for Win9x/WinME
  • Some memeroy leaks were fixed
  • Desc ping to servers are now done less frequent
  • Redid Ext. Settings dialog for more future options
  • Webinterface: Links are relative now
  • better handling of the check which files to hash
  • Webinterface: Improved Graphs, bigger, nicer, including the connection-graph [emule+]
  • More safety in handling server message OP_SERVERMESSAGE and client message OP_MESSAGE
  • Reduced size of search expression
  • Added tooltip for showing the entire meta data for a search results which was received from the server/client
  • Added sending shared files list to server with more meta tags for more accurat search results according file extension and file type
  • Added sending shared files list to server with ClientIP+Port to get more sources when performing global UDP search requests
  • minor tweaks in the filename cleanup
  • Added more units for specifying min/max filesize in search dialog. (append b[yte],k[byte],m[byte],g[byte] to the numbers to change the units)
  • Fixed bug with compressed source exchange packets length [thx MKThunderStorm]
  • Added LAN-IP and IP-Filter for server IPs and client IPs received during source exchange and received from servers
  • String resources split into language resource DLLs [Elandal]
  • better update of the SecureIdent-statistic
  • Upgraded to CTreeOptionsCtrl v1.55 [thx PJ Naughter]
  • Webinterface: (re)added two settings in the preferences
  • IRC- & Message-Windows use closeable tabs now
  • manual disable textbox auto-completion in the preferences.ini file, by setting "UseAutocompletion=0"
  • ED2K protocol: OP_SETREQFILEID is no longer sent for files <= PARTSIZE
  • ED2K protocol: OP_FILEREQANSNOFIL is no longer sent when receiving OP_FILEREQUEST
  • Invalid entries in known.met are deleted at startup
  • Made some changes and fixes in SecureHash. Also clients with the status "invalid" will no longer be able to use a Friend Slot
  • Added some new checks and fixes in order to ban unfair clients
  • Changed the TCP (local) and UDP (global) source search for clients who are downloading many files, to make some server software happy one more time and to avoid blacklisting
  • Unused credits are removed after 5 month (to limit the memory usage for credits)
  • Server error messages are no longer displayed in the server info window, but in the application log window.
  • ED2K file meta data received during a file search is filtered before adding it to the part.met and eventually to the known.met file to avoid storing of not needed data.
  • Several changes in the file preview command: The preview command is enabled, if a minimum of 16 KB (MPEG audio/video) or 256 KB at the beginning of the file is available. The preview command is also enabled for files of type "CD-ROM image" or if the
  • better counting of the stats: saved by ICH, lost due to corruption and saved by compression
  • Format of date/time strings is no longer dependent of the selected language.
  • Statusbars of paused files are shown in a dimmed colors [SlugFiller grayPause]
  • Splitted the taskbar notification for "Download finished and new add file added"
  • improved update of the downloadlistcontrol, when new sources are added to an expanded downloadfile
  • Searchresult list: Search results which match files in the download list are shown in a fixed shade of red.
  • Font for Server-, Message- and IRC-Window can be specified.
  • Timestamp setting for IRC-Chat also applies timestamps to messages from clients in Message window.
  • Timestamps in IRC-Window and Message-Window localized.
  • Merged some code changes from eMule Plus
  • larger category control when several categories are added (simple condition for now)
  • show A4AF-count for files in the downloadlist when additional controls are enabled
  • Tooltips in search results listview are shown only if Shift+Ctrl is pressed while moving the mouse over a listview item
  • Added server TCP connection keep alive function
  • Shared files listview and Search Results list view; Alt+DoubleClick opens Details dialog
  • Added support for extended UDP server protocol for lugdunum 16.40 servers to receive multiple file search results in one UDP packet. [thx lugdunum for coop.]
  • Optimizations in server UDP socket code for less CPU load (avoiding memory copy operations)
  • Search parameters are saved for each search result list
  • Servers can be added by pasting an eD2K server link into the IP address control of the server window
  • A global file search is started if the local server does not answer with file results within max. 50 seconds
  • Change in usage of search file type parameter "Program"
  • added option to scheduler, to disable the endtime and therefor make changes of an event permanent
  • Several visual changes in the new search list view for proper windows color scheme handling and sorting of child items
  • Added extended combobox control for search methods [eMulePlus]
  • Publishing shares to the server is now done better to reduce traffic.
  • Language DLLs are no longer loaded if the version information stored in the DLL does not match the eMule application version information.
  • Fixed colors of search results and log windows texts to be properly/visible in Contrast-Windows color schemes
  • added ability to import partial downloads from Overnet/eDonkey when having used the "old style" format
  • Serverlist highlights the currently connected server
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to main toolbar
  • set speedlimits to unlimited manually (again)
  • Added speed improvements made to the bar shader
  • Added code improvements for faster sorting complete sources [SlugFiller]
  • Added check free diskspace option which ensures that a minimum of free diskspace remains available
  • Added uncompressing of NTFS compressed files for completed files
  • rewrote tooltips for transfer window to fix several small glitches
  • Added grouping of local server source reasks packets into one TCP frame
  • Sources to a Paused or Stopped file will be removed once an hour to remove old sources
  • Source exchanges for complete files now sends sources with obtained parts first
  • updated importer to load eD/ON v0.48 partfiles
  • Files which could not be completed because of not enough free disk space can be resumed manually to try another file completion process
  • Fixed sorting of buffered part file blocks to achive less HD stress
  • More safety in part.met file reading
  • new preferences for webinterface: enable/disable usage of GZIP compression
  • Added option to save IRC/Messages-chats to disk ('context menu)
  • some changes for less CPU load
  • Searchlist: contextmenu also provides download in paused mode selection
  • copy a selected comment to the clipboard [NoamSon]
  • Updated MobileMule protocol to 6b
  • Changed auto-versioncheck to a DNS-based method which is more effictive. Also the auto-versioncheck is now enabled by default
  • Upgraded to zlib 1.2.1
  • We delay publishing keywords to avoid spamming network with users that only stay connected for a very short time.
  • Keyword republishing is delayed longer to lower overhead.
  • Added Kademlia overhead statistics.
  • Added client protocol handshake validation.
  • To avoid spreading of false meta data, any (already) received meta data is dropped and locally created by examining file contents only.
  • Fixed and added some statistics for file data transfer.
  • Optimized client listview controls for less CPU load.
  • View Shared Files command of remote clients is disabled if client published that he does not support that feature.
  • Preferences/Security: option to download the ipfilter-file from an URL
  • Source exhange for a complete file is now like part files, you only send sources that has chunks the user needs.
  • The UDP file reask now updates the FileStatus and it transmits all the ExtendedFileInfo.
  • File reasks have been extended for less overhead.
  • A part of the ED2K protocol has been redone into a eMule protocol. This allows us to do several ED2K type packets with just one packet hopeing to save overhead.
  • New data (packet + files) processing code for less CPU load.
  • When duplicates are found in the KnownFileList, the stats are now merged..
  • Kad now allows smaller local networks if you turn off LANIP filtering. (This should only be used for debuging and testing)
  • Several optimizations in processing search expressions for keyword index.
  • Reworked UDP socket exception handling.
  • Tweaked tab controls in server window/chat window to show unread log/chat messages.
  • Added caching of webservices menu entries.
  • Thoroughly handling of max. nick name length.
  • Windows thumbs.db files with missing system file attribute are no longer shared.
  • Added automatic creation of downloads.txt file in eMule application folder. This file holds the current part file names and related ed2k links to recover more easily after lost part.met files.
  • Search type or shared files list request is shown in each search results tab.
  • Added merging of audio/video attributes in File Info dialog. All audio/video attributes from all selected (part) files are merged to verify if selected files are of same audio/video format.
  • Added a thread for getting audio/video attributes of multiple files when using File Info dialog.
  • Added new AVI file parsing code for getting attributes in File Info dialog.
  • Hopefully reduced keyword overhead some more by only publishing complete files.
  • Several changes and optimizations to verbose log options.
  • Added client protocol procedure state error log messages.
  • The client now detects conflicts between UDP ports to prevent the client from freezing..
  • Bootstrap selectable by IP:Port or by a known Kad-client (searches your known client list for a Kad client to boot from)
  • Reworked part file details dialog; added showing of several accumulated values for multiple selected part files.
  • Removed Permissions column from Shared Files window (do not worry, it was never used).
  • Reworked all Server-, Search-. Download- and Shared Files window context menus for supporting multiple selections.
  • Added option to restore the last used main window dialog at startup; (specify "RestoreLastMainWndDlg=1" in preferences.ini)
  • Gave incoming and outgoing Kad UDP packets same priority to keep outgoing packets from backlogging.
  • IRC: /hop added.
  • Resolved IPs of DynDNS servers are now verified and optionally filtered (IP-filter).
  • Create lang-folder if neccessary on language download
  • Improved reading of UL/DL priorities read from known.met and part.met files to avoid usage of unknown values.
  • Optimized processing of keyword publish list.
  • Search requests now send up to 300 results
  • Improved updating of GUI for donwload queue [rayita]
  • Improved sending of OP_CANCELTRANSFER
  • USS will temporarly be limited to a minimum of 10K until we correct a couple issues at lower speeds.
  • IRC default name gets a pseudo random nick on connect to avoid nick collisions.
  • Extra IRC filter options.
  • Put back ping info for USS and small adjustment to USS - zz
  • Removed some debug info in the upload bar
  • /topic and /msg now works with the IRC.
  • Added syntax coloring for search name (expression) control.
  • Add seperate dialog for 'Paste eD2K Links' function (prev. called as 'Direct Download'). Dialog can be invoked from Tools menu or eMule context menu.
  • reduced javascript dependence on webinterface templates
  • Added Paste command for ed2k file/server links to Transfer and Server window context menus.
  • Changed some of how complete sources is determined..
  • Added some error/help messages for invalid Kad search expressions.
  • Added more comparison operators to Kad search expression evaluation.
  • Preferences/Display: Option to clear or disable autocompletion boxes (search-name, servermet-urls, ipfilter-urls). Disabling takes full effect after restart.
  • Webservices are split into file based and general URLs. General URLs are shown only in Tools/Links.
  • Added: Completed files are republished to servers to update the 'complete sources' info.
  • Added support for integer media length eD2K tag for servers and clients. [thx lugdunummaster]
  • Added publishing of basic file status (complete/incomplete) to servers.
  • Added: Viewing shared files of remote clients also transferes the nr. of complete sources.
  • IRC now remembers your last nick.
  • Added a couple more IRC info message options.
  • Added customizable preview commands (new config file PreviewApps.dat)
  • Removed 'ResizableLib' from source tree. Donwload the library at
  • Added file error handling for writing of onlinesig.dat file.
  • Added 2 more statistics to category tooltips
  • If a client doesn't respond to udp packets after a few times, we force only tcp connections.
  • Increased the maximum number of upload slots to accomidate high rate connections.
  • Added context menu to closeable tab control in Search Results, Message and IRC Chat windows to have another way to closeing the tabs.
  • Changed several areas of the code to help with *.*.*.0 clients that is labeled a lowID in the ed2k network.
  • Updated MobileMule protocol to 0.8a
  • Kad user estimate is no longer based on Overnet's user count as the numbers appear to be to high.. (Numbers may still look to high for some users, will try to improve this as we go..)
  • Several changes in client statistics: detailed aMule version stats, added lphant client detection, cDonkey moved to eMule Compatible and more...
  • Numeric search parameters are checked for reasonable values to avoid invalid search expressions.
  • Completed shared files which are deleted from Shared Files window are also removed from Transfer window.
  • Added download statistics for UDP file reask.
  • added category selector to the ed2k-box
  • Client chat and IRC chat messages are limited to 450 characters.
  • Kad Publishes now stop in real time to avoid some overhead.
  • Removed syntax coloring from search expression control (caused too much trouble for some languages).
  • Added Ctrl+C keyboard shortcuts in all list views for copying eD2K links to clipboard.
  • Added Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut for pasting servers from clipboard to server list view.
  • Removed Jigle search methods.
  • Option to block people from adding you as a friend through SMIRC.
  • Option to auto resume paused downloads only for same category as a completed download (additional to option of prefering same category)
  • More security and efficiency in dealing with malicious, bots or just flawed clients.
  • Added some protocol procedure sanity checks to avoid getting flooded by bugged clients.
  • Fixed a flaw in the IP filter which lead to not reading some lines from PeerGuardian filter lists which had a bad format.
  • Added new context menu item in Shared Files window (only for completed '' files) to install eMule Skins.
  • Changed the equal-for-all implementation in upload bandwidth throttler to minimize packet fragmentation on tcp level.
  • Reworked searching via web interface in relation to file type search parameter. (New web templates!)
  • Changed option to remove dead servers: Any server which exceeds a max. failure limit is removed from server list.
  • Added 'Document' file type for published files and also to search parameter for eD2K and Kad.
  • Splitted statistics to be stored in 'Statistics.ini'
  • Added unzipping of IP filter files from PeerGuardian ZIP files.
  • Completely reworked the gui structure for SMIRC.
  • SMIRC will now get available channel modes from the server on connect.
  • Reworked IP Filter tool window to support large IP filter lists more effeciently.
  • Added progress information for part files when getting hashed or copied to incoming folder.
  • Added color customization (via skin profile) for server info, log, chat and IRC windows.
  • Added loglevels for verbose output in order to allow showing only important messages
  • Complete sources are now shown as percentage in a new column. If there are zero complete sources for a file, this colum is marked red
  • SMIRC Now creates a dynamic nick menu showing which Op commands are available based on the user you click and user modes available.
  • Added server LowID statistics to Server and Statistics window.
  • Added stats for showing amount of data saved by I.C.H.
  • Added saving/restoring of corrupted part list to part.met files so that I.C.H. can work on those parts even after eMule was restarted.
  • Added context menu command for creating eD2K links with hashsets to Shared Files window.
  • Files without hashsets are no longer shared until they are completed or a hashset was received.
  • Added support for HTTP redirection for websources.
  • Added icons for websources in transfer window.
  • Added a setting to preferences.ini (Section 'Statistics', Keyword 'SaveInterval') to specify the time interval in seconds for saving statistics. Default value is 60 sec.
  • title tags for images in Webinterface template 'chicane' [mARKUS]
  • Added pasting of extended eD2K links for http:// sources and hashsets.
  • Added a simple nick completer to SMIRC.
  • Optimized periodically stats file writing.
  • Added filehash evaluation for completed part files when hashset is missing.
  • Kad search expression parsing: The Kad keyword is now part of the ed2k search expression to support ' ' expressions.
  • Removed auto restoring of search parameters when a search results tab is selected and/or closed.
  • Reworked saving of onlinesig.dat to provide better support for other applications which are reading that file concurrently.
  • Changed all file shareing modes (at OS level only) to allow read only access by other applications.
  • eD2K and Kad searches are shown as still active or stopped with an appropriate icon in the search results list.
  • Inactive search results panes show new received search results with red colored text in tab control
  • It now takes two consecutive matching IP responses for Kad to change your current known IP to help filter bad responses.
  • Updated MobileMule protocol to 0.9a (bugfix)
  • Added a preference option to choose between simple (prio 0.43) or adanced calculation of the remaining time for downloading files
  • Attempt at a estimate file count in Kad.
  • Changed how we estimate Kad users.
  • Changed method of deleting Kad Contacts. Contact list should stay more up to date.
  • We do not save all Kad contacts on exit. Save a sample of up to 200 contacts to help lower to amount of pinging to dead contacts.
  • Added an option to manually add a source.
  • If Kad has seen no incoming traffic for a set time, it's assumed you lost your connection and will auto disconnect.
  • Adjusted the estimated time remaining again to hopefully get it more stable.
  • Reworked handling of dead sources (avoids that sources which are known to be unreachable are asked again within a certain time period)
  • Added a option to auto start eMule when starting windows..
  • Added to the statistics how many known clients are connected to ED2K and/or Kad.
  • We now keep track of Half Open sockets and limit new connection if Half Open sockets are too high. (If approved and kept in, it should help with SP2 and some nick cards and routers..)
  • We no longer allow a socket pending Connect to time out until OnConnect is called. ( If approved and kept in, it should help with SP2 and lost sources..)
  • Added to the statistics how many sources are connected to ED2K and/or Kad.
  • Added to the client details if the user is connected to Kad.
  • Increased time between keyword publishes to reduce overall Kad overhead.
  • Resume next now uses a4af order: Alphabetical order if enabled for a category, cat-prios, file-prios etc. If you select 'Resume next' in a category popup menu, it will only resume a file in that category; none if no file is paused in that category.
  • UploadSpeedSense min limit is now allowed to be lower than 10 KB/s (default is 1 KB/s). Please note that when UploadSpeedSense lowers the speed below 10 KB/s, the ratio download limiter will dynamically kick in until the speed goes over 10 KB/s again
  • improved No Needed Parts a4af management. Will now occasionally reask lower prio nnp files on a source, if all files are nnp on that file.
  • Did some merging from some Mods[], updating the IRC, Message and Statistics GUI updated.
  • Sorting of strings in UI is locale dependant (very similar to sorting order of Windows Explorer)
  • Download listview shows system file icons for part files.
  • Ctrl+V inserts ed2k-filelinks from the clipboard to the download
  • TCP and UDP Port can be changed during the runtime of eMule, if no server or kad connection is established an no client has been connected yet.
  • Show which upload slots are in standby, with status text and graying them out.
  • Soft queue limit at whatever entered in preferences. Hard queue limit 25% higher. When soft limit is reached, eMule only allow high credit clients, or clients that want high prio files, to get on queue.
  • 'Try to get preview parts first' selectable on individual files if 'Try to get preview parts first' is disabled in preferences. Please note that 'Advanced mode controls' (tweak prefs) needs to be enabled for this menu option to show up.
  • Statistics in Shared Files window show a summary of all selected files
  • Added 7-zip file extension to known archive types for publishing and searching files.
  • Added automatic detection of system code and current codepage when eMule is started the 1st time (semi-automatic setting of SetSystemACP=1).
  • Added AspectRatio property to Media Info dialog.
  • Added verification whether file extension of downloaded/shared files matches the file format (only used with MediaInfo library installed -- see also, older change log entries according MediaInfo Lib).
  • Added new preferences setting 'InspectAllFileTypes=1', currently used only in MediaInfo dialog to determine the file format of downloading/shared files by evaluating the headers (most usefull when MediaInfo Lib is installed).
  • Added new preferences setting 'PreviewCopiedArchives=0' to use an alternate method for previewing archive files (faster, uses less disk space on temporary folder drive).
  • Added new preferences setting 'ShowActiveDownloadsBold=1'. Active downloading files and uploading sources are shown in bold font in Transfere window.
  • Changed: server.met and ipfilter.dat URLs are added to auto-completion lists even the download failed to not loose the entered URLs.
  • Added: When selecting multiple servers in servers list control, a tooltip is shown with summarized stats of selected servers.
  • Change in the source Index so it only sends the most recent entries.
  • Brushed up preferences dialog.
  • added commands (show details and add as friend) to the contextmenu for tabs in the chatwindow
  • view filer now available for all category tabs
  • imported part files will be shared immediately if possible
  • Reawakening of search parameters restoring. Double-Click or Ctrl+Click on Search Result tab to restore all parameters used for that particular search.
  • All eMule*.log files are stored in ./logs directory. Already existing log files are automatically moved there.
  • Reworked ID3 tag reading code for Media Info dialog to show more proper information.
  • Added tooltip for 'Connected' pane in status bar which shows the currently connected eD2K server and server users.
  • little updates in the web interface to category items, remember last used category in session, display first results on new search)
  • statistic graphs: added vertical marker for every hour and enlarged statistic update delay [CB mod]
  • added command line argument to reload ipfilter: 'emule.exe reloadipf'
  • The time between Kad file source reasks slowly adjusts over time to ease up on overhead and redundant results. (Let the source exchange do it's job..)
  • categories can be filtered by regular expressions on the filenames (as view filter)
  • middle mouse click closes tabs (messagewnd, irc, search results)
  • coloring of search results customizable via skin
  • automatic category assignment can now also be done by regular expression rules
  • Navigation in the file detail- and client detail dialog: up/down buttons allow scrolling through the items within the current list
  • We now use load balancing on publishes. If we publish a keyword to a section of network that has a high load, we increase delay for the next republish time. These times are also carried between restarts of the client.
  • Changed: Amount of uploaded/downloaded data to/from a client shows the raw (compressed) data size (which is also used for credits).
  • Added 'Extract Meta Data' setting to enhanced options dialog.
  • Ping/Pong system added for buddies to prevent stalled buddy connections.
  • Added default creation of 'skins' subdirectory in eMule application folder which will be used as default directory for eMule Skins and Toolbar bitmaps.
  • -added language Breton - translated by KAD-Korvigelloù an Drouizig
  • Added sorting of context menu entries for toolbar bitmaps and skin profiles.
  • Shared files which have a user comment and/or user rating attached are displayed with a small additional overlay icon in Shared Files window.
  • Added icons for network share information column in Shared Files window.
  • Added some double-click shortcuts.
  • Improvements to download throttler to lower amount of timed out/failed download sessions.
  • Added Unicode search parameter to web interface [thx CML]
  • Local hostname (if specified in ext. settings) is used for web interface URL shown in MyInfo.
  • Force a node lookup when it appears Kad may be disconnected to verify if we are really disconnected.
  • Firewalled Kad users will instantly look for a new buddy when it loses it's current buddy instead of waiting for next firewall check.
  • Changed the Kad search list to show info clearer and to add the Node Load column.
  • File format of 'shareddir.dat' and 'adresses.dat' changed to Unicode. Old (ANSI) files are read and converted to Unicode automatically at startup. Previous (ANSI) eMule versions can not read those files any longer.
  • Added startup check for proper version of COMCTL32.DLL.
  • Merged debug dump build into release build. To enable crash dump generation, specify 'CreateCrashDump=1' in 'eMule' section of preferences.ini file.
  • All packets received from eD2K servers can contain Unicode strings. (Server admins can announce their server's description in Unicode).
  • Reworked 'Startup Minimized' and main window restoring after startup to avoid some window redrawing problems.
  • Reworked eMule Main toolbar
  • Preferences.ini setting ShowCopyEd2kLinkCmd=1 replaces 'Show eD2K Links' command with 'Copy eD2K Links'
  • Searching in eD2K and Kad is now defaulted to use Unicode search expressions.
  • File comments dialog in Shared Files window can be invoked for multiple files.
  • The downloadwindow now remembers the 4 last sort orders and uses them as secondary sort orders
  • Added eMail-Notification settings to the GUI, optional encryption still needs to be configured in the preferences.ini
  • Added the setting for alternate toolbar layout in the transferwindow into the preferences dialog
  • Access to web interface can be restricted to a list of specified IP addresses. preferences.ini setting 'AllowedIPs=[;]' section '[WebServer]'
  • Renamed 'adresses.dat' to 'addresses.dat' for automatic serverlist updates on startup. Renaming will be done automatically during startup on this upgrade.
  • Remembering downloaded files can be disabled and eMule will purge all unneeded records from known.met and known2.met
  • Implemented protocol change for server for getsources (local/udp) suggested by lugdunum
  • Couple very small gui changes to the setup wizard and file comment list.
  • Merged the view selector and the downloadingclients view from Mods [TBH]
  • added manual filename cleanup on selected files in the downloadlist by pressing Ctrl+F2
  • To reduce overal network overhead, dead servers are detected faster and not used for UDP sources and file searches until they are deleted.
  • The priority specified in downloaded server.met files is ignored. Server priorities can still be used for the local server list.
  • Sortorder and scrollposition are now saved for every open searchresult when switching between them
  • Source base is compiled with warning level 4 (and corrected)
  • Kad keyword searching and publishing of short words changed to circumvent some limitations for Asian phrases.
  • Brushed up Shared Folders context menu in Options/Files.
  • Changed all sound creating functions to not use the PC-speaker in case there is no sound card available.
  • Log files clearly show session start/end messages.
  • MiniMule shows the nr. of completed downloads currently available in Download list.
  • MiniMule can be properly attached to each edge of the desktop window (depending on taskbar position).
  • Added optional Text-To-Speech notification. For each generated notification eMule will 'read' the log message in the system's default Text-To-Speech engine.
  • Added support GZip compressed IP-filter files.
  • Disabled extracting of MetaData with DirectShow - until a more reliable way is implemented.
  • Experimental: Added a more efficient method to reject TCP connections of filtered and/or banned clients; see Options/Ext. settings
  • All graphs in Statistics window have a different appearance when 'StraightWindowStyles=1' is specified in Preferences.ini, section [emule].
  • Couple of optimizations in drawing the statistics graphs.
  • When closing the Options dialog, the preferences.ini file is saved only if really needed.
  • Searchresult panes: When switching to/from panes with collapsed search entries, the state is properly saved/restored.
  • Couple of optimizations in search result handling.
  • When receiving different file names for a search result, the filename with the highest availability is eventually used for showing the result
  • In ext. user mode only: Search results show nr. of complete sources by percent and accurate number.
  • Filename cleanup: dont uppercase character behind apostrophe
  • Set file based sources limit via downloadlist context menu (when extended controls enabled)
  • moving mouse over statisticgraphs and holding down left mousebutton will display a tooltip containing the corresponding date and time at the current mouseposition in the graph (calculated by the CURRENT statistic settings)
  • Reworked all dialogs to properly show the '&' characters in filenames.
  • Upgraded to zlib 1.2.2.
  • Experimental: Added Right-to-Left reading support. Enable in Preferencs.ini: Section=[eMule]; Setting=RTLWindowsLayout=
  • Collection Names more relaxed for the users.. (ie: It doesn't reformat the name or remove tags)
  • Lowered number of stores to help with routers.
  • Some users complained that the 'Users | Files' box wasn't large enough for their lang. Double clicking that box now pulls up MyInfo with user/file counts included.
  • Added some extra info to the full screen MyInfo box. (Parts based on Morph mod)
  • Removed 'Automatically Swap All (A4AF) Sources To This File' menu item. For the same effect, raise download priority on the file instead. See Web Help&Support -> Features -> Source Management
  • When downloading from a really slow source, request less of the file at a time. This locks less of the file, so if there's a faster source available we have a better chance of downloading from it even when the file is almost completely downloaded.
  • Improved Collection Gui.
  • Collections are now properly signed/verfied. If verifying failes, the authorname and key are removed
  • Downloadrequests for collections will bypass the downloadqueue and served immediately
  • Added splitter control to the shared files window
  • Changed the apperearence of the splitter slightly
  • Collection files can now be linked to eMule, click the 'Take ED2k-links' Button to do so, if not already done by the installer
  • Extended the 'Run as unprivleged User' function: If starting with the eMule-Account fails (for example because of lacking privileges)
  • minimule shows now count of all completed files, in all categories [by TED]
  • Kad Notes (Comments from the Kad network) are now filtered like normal comments.
  • Converted all comment Lists to Mule Style Lists. (Do to sync issues, sorting doesn't work yet..)
  • 16 color support added. (eMule will now look better when viewing it with remote desktop at 16 color display.)
  • During a KadRequest, we now sort the contacts in the bin based on the target first to make sure we send the best results.
  • splitterbar for the serverwindow
  • reworked dialog lists setup save&restore
  • webinterface links changed to be relative
  • FileDetailDialog is now used for all CListCtrl that deals with files.
  • Added support for MediaInfo library versions 0.5.1 and 0.6.0 (
  • Added support for previewing encrypted RAR files and RAR files with 'solid' compression.
  • All Comment lists auto refresh.
  • Added comment icon into sharedfile lists.
  • Comments found in search results are carried over into the download list.
  • Can view comments to more then one file at the same time.
  • Added support for previewing RAR files which contain extended date/time file information.
  • Added the ability to view comments (Kad Notes) on search results. (Find out what people think of the file before downloading..)
  • Added the ability to view comments (Kad Notes) for your shared files. (Find out what people think of your files..)
  • MiniMule shows the nr. of completed downloads currently available in Download list only if 'Autoclear completed downloads' is disabled. If 'Autoclear completed downloads' is enabled, it shows the nr. of completed files in the current session.
  • USS now detects when max ul limit is raised in prefs, and goes into 'fast reaction mode' for a short while to quickly find out if it can raise the limit.
  • Slightly changed colors in 'Shared parts' (fka 'Obtained parts') column in shared files list
  • Added new functions for PreviewApps.dat file.
  • Added new tooltips for Transfers window.
  • filesize limit of fileupload via webinterface can now be set in the preferences.ini, Section [WebServer] : 'MaxFileUploadSizeMB=5' (or 0 for no limit)
  • Changed: Notifier.ini file is by default searched in eMule config folder.
  • Added missing middle mouse button handling to transfere windows [thx SiRoB]
  • Added .cbz and .cbr file extension to ed2k/kad archive file type and previewable archive types.
  • Added new macros to webservices
  • Improved a4af code to work better for No Needed Part sources. Earlier code could make a source get stuck on a high prio NNP file even if there were other files (with lower prio) that weren't NNP.
  • Servers with a failure count of >= 2 or with a failure count which exceeds the specified one are shown in gray shades in server list control
  • 'Add Source' dialog and 'Add Friend' dialog: the IP and port optionally can be specified right in the IP control.
  • show filespecific source limit in downloadlist [] (if modified) and in the filedetails dialog
  • Added support for MediaInfo DLL versions 0.6.1 and 0.7.x [Thx to Zenitram]
  • new and changed category incoming directories will now appear in the new shared files control
  • The upload limit and capacity as well as the downloadlimit will now be set to unlimited by default
  • When the uploadcapacity is set to unlimited (0), USS will be automatically enabled to determinate the best uploadspeed
  • If using the prio default capacity (16KB), the new version will reset it (one time) to the new default unlimited
  • UploadSpeedSense will at most raise speed 30 KBytes/s above current upload speed.
  • Resizeable collection windows
  • Changed how we maintain contacts for kad.
  • Kad node lookup algo modified to use far less overhead with better results.
  • Clients which send filtered messages will now also be identified as spammers
  • Continued work with Kad2.0. Only host side funcational still
  • More tweaks to Kad1.0.
  • Changed the protocol to check the hash+filesize instead only the hash on requested files
  • Completed files can now be deleted from the download window
  • Updated MobileMule protocol for large files
  • Clients which were identified as spammers will now be banned instead of only ignoring their messages
  • Updated Kad to handle large files..
  • Added "Minimize to system tray" command to system menu.
  • Added cycling through main eMule windows with Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab respectively.
  • Proxy support: Couple of optimizations for proxy support.
  • Proxy support: The "Proxy/ShowErrors" preferences.ini setting has no meaning any longer because all proxy errors are now shown as part of the regular connection error messages for servers and clients.
  • Speed up for large IP-filter list loading.
  • Option to make eMule use highres scheduling (better precision for sleeps and some timers). Currently the upload throttler takes advantage of it if enabled, which may give smoother upload performance and smoother pings while using eMule. Try it at you
  • Changed search function in IP-Filter Dialog: When searching for an IP in the "Start" column, the "range" where the specified IP is within is searched. Hint: This way one can check if a particular IP is blocked in the loaded IP filter list.
  • Importer added for incomplete (ed2k)Shareaza tempfiles [by David Xanatos]
  • Added "BindAddr=" setting to preferences.ini to bind eD2K/Kad+WebServer sockets to specified IP address.
  • Main window can be restored from MiniMule window by double clicking on MiniMule's title bar.
  • Enter-key can be used in listviews to invoke the default action for selected items (like "Connect to server", "Download search result", "Open completed file", ...)
  • Code cleanups and performance optimizations regarding 16-bit integer usage.
  • Added "Find" command to all list views (shortcuts Ctrl+F=New search, F3=Search next, Shift+F3=Search prev.).
  • Added support for RARed IP filter files. Download UNRAR.DLL from and copy to emule installation folder.
  • Added support for RARed eMule skin profiles. (As with ZIPed skin profiles, you can install downloaded RARed skin profiles right from Shared Files window by right clicking and invoking "Install eMule Skin" command.)
  • Lower CPU load within Kad's Routing. (Kry, idea by lupz)
  • Added verification of downloaded IP Filter files to detect files without any IP filters (e.g. dead URLs).
  • A ZIPped IP filter file must contain one file (which holds the IP filter list) with the name "guarding.p2p" or "ipfilter.dat". All other files possible available in a ZIP file are ignored.
  • option for full filesize preallocation (extended settings)
  • systray flashes with message icon on incoming new message (message, not IRC (yet)) when enabled in preferences.ini (Section "eMule" set "IconflashOnNewMessage=1")
  • Media Info File Dialog shows information about additional audio/video/subtitle streams. (Use MediaInfo DLL ( to get this support for non-AVI files).
  • MP3 files with variable bitrates and Xing-VBR frame are report and published with the average VBR bitrate.
  • File detail dialog shows accumulated remaining size of multiple selected files.
  • The meaning of the 'Cancel' search button was modified slightly. The 'Cancel' button now cancels any
  • Added optional floating point number support to search attributes in GUI and meta data search attributes in parser. (e.g. @size<1.23g)
  • Size-, Availability-, Complete Sources-, Bitrate- and Length-search attributes can be specified in GUI in same way as in parser (see there).
  • Added new method for extracting meta data from AVI/WAV files without using DirectShow filters.
  • Added value checks for 'type' search tag: @type="audio"|"video"|"image"|"img"|"document"|"program"|"archive"|"iso"|"cd"
  • Added parsing of value for @length seach tag: 'length' can be specied as HH:MM:SS or MM:SS or as 'seconds'
  • Added abbreviations for search tags: all search tags can be abbreviated by their first 3 characters.
  • Added "exact string" search for Kad searches (quoted strings will be sent to nodes unchanged).
  • Optimized search expression trees for putting less CPU load on servers and Kad nodes when evaluating the trees (less recursions).
  • Added "exact string" search for ED2K searches (quoted strings will be sent to servers unchanged)
  • Added meta-data searching to search expression parser.
  • Reworked boolean search expression parser: implicit ANDs do no longer need to be specified (e.g. "a AND (b OR c)" can be specified as "a (b OR c)")
  • Removed sending of string file format meta tags to eserver and emule clients for saving bandwidth [thx lugdunum]
  • Added sending of new integer file type meta tags to eserver for saving bandwidth [thx lugdunum]
  • Available 'Complete' info is shown correctly in search results when viewing shared files of other clients.
  • Added "Search Related Files" menu item to Download List context menu.
  • When a very large popular server come online, it experienced ping storms every 4 hours.. Fixed (Lug)
  • We not longer send FT_FILEFORMAT tags to servers.. (Lug)
  • added Maltese translation by Reuben
  • added Ukrainian translation [translated by Kex]
  • Change in Preference localize easier add/remove preference windows (CiccioBastardo)
  • Added progressbar during archive scanning for live archive preview
  • eMule will take care that the random choosen ports are not used already
  • Some optimizations for IP-filtering in Kad.
  • Added vietnamese translation, by Paul Tran HQ Loc
  • When doing a search for comments on Kad, an icon (in the place of the rateing icon) will indicate that a search is in progress
  • On a fresh installation eMule will now select random ports instead the default port 4662 and 4672. The ports won't be changed on existing installations and stay the same after restarts. The helpfiles will be updated to reflect this.
  • An option to enable or disable MiniMule has been added to the General options dialog
  • Servers added from other clients or servers will now get low priority by default
  • Reworked file comment dialogs: added rating icons, network info and sortable comment list
  • Added archive recovery for ACE archives. (As for ZIP & RAR already present: create a version of the downloading archive containing the files that are already available.)
  • The security options page has been split and now contains also obfuscation settings. Comments and message related setting have now there own page.
  • Improved chunk chooser: major improvements for very rare files (less than 5 sources), but also includes tweaks for common files and for preview chunks
  • Added support for MediaInfoLib v0.7.1+
  • Added option to specify preview command line.
  • Reworked Media Info dialog's additional information window.
  • Added search results specific menu (look closely to the label above the search results list) for some minor important functions:
  • Search results pane tab context menu offers function to restore all used search parameters for that particular search.
  • Server Info pane shows time stamped "connected" messages before now server info messages.
  • Servers can get cutted with Ctrl+X
  • IP-Filter: dynIP-servers are no longer rejected when enableing "Filter servers too" and get eventually IP-filtered after the DN was resolved.
  • IP-Filter: Non-dynIP-servers and dynIP-servers with an already known IP are filtered whenever the IP-filter list or a related IP-filter option was changed.
  • Added preferences.ini setting "UserSortedServerList=1". When enabled this will use the same server list sorting as shown in GUI when trying to connect to a server.
  • Keyword search for Kad2.0 with Kad1.0 integration working.
  • Keyword store Note search for Kad2.0 with Kad1.0 integration working. Kad2.0/1.0 integration completed.
  • SMIRC now supports color. (BlueSonicBoy-TK4)
  • Ported sources code to VS2005.
  • Several runtime performance optimizations for 64-bit arithmetics.
  • Added more sanitizing for Kad packages to ignore all unrequested packets
  • Tweaked reading of "addresses.dat" and "shareddir.dat" files to skip spaces and empty lines.
  • If Vista is running with Aero, eMule will enable Minimize to Tray on Minimize by default (can be changed in the display options)
  • Changed to wizzard to set file proper file permission on installed config files
  • Added a excess flood protection for eMule IRC responses
  • The Spam indicator icon has been replaced [icon by Daan]
  • If eMule started the Windows UPnP Service but failed to forward ports via UPnP it will shutdown the service afterwards
  • Added an option to disable smileys
  • The "official" development environment for eMule has switched to VS2003 SP1. VS2002 is no longer supported (but should still compile fine)
  • All file related tooltips should look a bit nicer now (on all systems)
  • Added tooltips to the shared files list
  • Sparse files have been disabled on Vista, due to a faulty / limited Vista implementation of them, which cannot be worked arround by eMule
  • Spam results are drawn gray and always put to the end of the list
  • Spam results count max. 5 sources towards the 100 sources global search limit
  • The default paddingsize for obfuscated TCP connections has been increased to 128 bytes (from 16) in order to be harder detectable by size pattern matchings
  • The paddinglength can be changed manually by adding "CryptTCPPaddingLength=[1-256]" into the eMule section in the preferences.ini
  • When using autoconnect on startup or pressing the Connect button while UPnP is still busy, eMule will wait for it to finish or timeout. You can enforce on isntant connect by clicking the button again
  • Added UPnP test button into the first time wizzard
  • added Farsi translation [translated by Mory Abdi & Ali Mojarad]
  • The calculation of credits given for the first 9MB (less than one part) has been changed slightly to decrease the reward for clients who upload less than one part
  • Changed the sourceexchange protocol to avoid backwards compatibility problems and bugs in the future
  • Added support for multi-related files searches [serverside implementation by lugdunum]
  • added Valencian translation [translated by "Valencian"]
  • major update of Slovenian translation [Gusar]
  • label of category tabs are now displayed in category color
  • return of the context menu on message tabs (Details, Add/Remove Friend, Close)
  • Prepared Kad for support of obfuscated packets. This is only passive in this version yet.
  • Several changes to make eMule work better under 640x480 resolutions.
  • Reduced long time memory usage for GUI.
  • eMule stores now hashs of filehashs in the cancelled.met for privacy reasons
  • Both windows in Transfere window are showing a toolbar to select the window contents.
  • Edit controls for Message and IRC window are using slightly larger fonts.
  • Multiline messages in Message and IRC chat windows are intended for improved readability.
  • IRC channel filtering is performed on IRC server to reduce network load, the filter string now supports the wildcard character '*'. (e.g. "#emule-*" to match all channel names which start with "#emule-")
  • Changed: By default the IRC channel list will contain only eMule-Help channels.
  • Added: IRC server can optionally contain a port (seperated by ':' character)
  • Added title window for IRC channels.
  • Added smiley selector window to Message and IRC window.
  • Reworked AutoScroll feature in all log and chat windows to automatically disable AutoScroll while viewing content not at the end of the window.
  • Skins: All icons can be read from all file formats which are supported by GDI+ (GIF, PNG, ...)
  • Added optional drawing of filled graphs in Statistics window.
  • Several performance improvments and minor bug fixes in IRC module.
  • Added support for RealMedia files to 'Content' dialog (any optional available MediaInfoLib will no longer be used for RealMedia files).
  • Added support for publishing meta data for RealMedia files.
  • Added several Kad optimizations to reduce overhead as well as memory usage
  • Taskbar Notifier: Added support for alpha channel background images.
  • Taskbar Notifier: Changes made to "notifier.ini" file while eMule is running are read automatically without needing to do a restart.
  • Added Unicode support for id3lib (Content dialog and metadata stored in Kad)


  • Show number of available parts of a download and keeps the last date when all parts has been available
  • You can now do multiple searches
  • new statistic values and new columns for the shared-folder list (4state sorting) which is now autoupdating
  • You can now unban a person in the upload queue.
  • Added export of Online Signature (by Bouc7). There are plans to use a remoteport in futureversions for this task though
  • Added source exchange into the emuleprotocol. Read the FAQ to learn more about it
  • Some other minor changes / bugfixes
  • Update all column headers on language change
  • Added hide/show columns to all lists . Use by right clicking on column header.
  • Added new icon for unknown sources.
  • fixed using Translations to work on Win9x
  • Merged the popup notifier from the enkeyDEV mod.
  • Added a IRC client
  • Added client to client UDP - Clients will now use UDP to reask for files and get the current Queue rank.
  • Implemented the friendsystem, which will allow you to add friends, view their shared files, establish a dedicated friend slot and chat with them
  • Added support for gzip encoding to serverlist-download
  • Added autosort to all lists.
  • Added a connection wizard in the preference's connection tab.
  • Added quick-Speedselector (xrmb +) to systray-popupmenu and systemmenu
  • Added new option to start emule minimized
  • Added support for multiple backup urls in addresses.dat [COOLER[T]]
  • Group of sources can be appended to ed2k links [Linearcity]
  • You can create these extended links from all your shared files
  • Added Patch in sharedfolderselection to mark multiple subfolders by Ctrl+Click on a folder-checkbox [VQB]
  • Friend Upload Slots can now be toggled on/off
  • Smart LowId check now helps you keep that HighID when disconnected
  • Resumes collecting sources on reconnect
  • File comment and rating [thx pitap]
  • You can now manually add friends.
  • If another eMule client is in a (IRC-) channel, you can add him as friend
  • New Serverconnecting handling - more reasonable order to connect to servers
  • Pending serverconnection-attempts will be discarded after a timeout to prevent everlasting hanging connection attempts
  • Preferences: Added configuration for maximal new connections per 5 seconds
  • Added statistics: Clientversions (# of clients using the 4 latest edonkey-/emule-versions) [xrmb] ; server occupation (% of userload on servers with known userlimit)
  • Basic command line control: emule.exe { connect | disconnect | resume | status | exit }
  • Statistics colorselection by colorpicker
  • You now have an idea of the bandwidth overhead eMule uses
  • Search now includes minsizes, maxsizes, extension, availability (with thanks to Juanjo)
  • Help-file access (FAQ-conversion). Avaiable in the download-section and already in the installer version
  • Added version tag to preferences.ini, to help with compability. Backup of old file and creating a fresh new file for every new version, thereby deleting old and unused tags.
  • Minimize to tray titlebar-button added [thanks to Zegzav]
  • Old MLDonkey clients are now identified. (Some code by Mav)
  • Option that allows the client to try to upload based on finishing chunks, not time.. [VQB]
  • Option to auto resume files when a file Completes or is Canceled. (This is meant to work in conjunction with "Added option to start new files from link or search etc. in paused mode". )
  • Added option to auto-connect only to static servers
  • Added priorities to servers in staticservers.met (Modified for backward compatibiity)
  • Option to change manually added servers to high
  • Option to refresh upload queue every 30 seconds
  • Automatically stores the last sort order of list views
  • Added preview for archives (zip, rar & ace)
  • Added option to start new files from link or search etc. in paused mode
  • Added option to automatically set the registry values for ed2k-links to this application while running, then set them back when finished
  • Option to download preview chunks first. (Leaving this option off helps spread files faster.)
  • Irc: ed2k file links with source attached now clickable
  • Set up a verbose mode. (this is for you people that like to watch useless info. Do Not Report Errors You See In This Window!)
  • Added a check for fake versions to the program version statistics
  • Systray-icon speedbar: color selectable in stats-preferences
  • added button to edit "adresses.dat" (in the server-preferences)
  • Queue size is now adjustable.. (FYI: Contrary to belief, queue size has NOTHING to do with the amount of bandwidth overhead..)
  • File buffer size is now adjustable. If you are one of them people that is having problems with the buffer, try lowering it.
  • Added queue rank of Hybrid eDonkey clients.
  • used videoplayer is now selectable
  • versioncheck at startup (optional) or manually
  • full customizable Web Services for files
  • Added protcol to allow you to see what chunks a downloader has of the file. (both clients must use eMule 0.26 or higher)
  • downloadlist: added sources-viewfiltering using modifier keys (see faq or help for usage!) [xrmb+Ese Juani]
  • Added persistent backups of .part.met files
  • added IP-ranges client-filtering (blacklist), using cDonkeys filter-file-format, basic filtering, more to come:)
  • added own IP:Port to MyInfo-Window
  • Serverlist and Friendlist are now saved during runtime too
  • Using list with columns for comments-dialog- looks better
  • Backup of Clients.met is now done every time emule starts
  • Added commandline command: "limits=up,down" (e.g. "emule.exe limits=50,12") to set up-&down- transferlimits
  • Added option to show up&down-rates in the title of the programwindow
  • Middle mousebutton opens the detailwindow for the selected item in download-, upload- and queuelist
  • Source exchange now only sends needed sources to the client.
  • Filter for incoming messages (config in prefs-notification, default filterexample "Your client has an infinite queue")
  • cDonkey is now in the stats.
  • Downloadlist can now be organized in categories, for switching/filter downloadlist, set different incoming folders, colors and perform commands on all files of the category...
  • Added options to save logs to disk
  • Credit System Optional
  • Simple first time setup-wizard
  • Option to watch the clipboard for new ED2k-Links to enter to the download (after a prompt)
  • Preferences new group: Security (filters), new filter: comments
  • new column "Folder" in the sharedfiles list
  • Added a hotmenu for faster control via keyboard. Press Alt+x !
  • lMule is now detected.
  • Completed file in transferlist will be opened when item is activated
  • ShareFileList now uses the queue&upload list to create a bar to show how spread a complete file is in the network.
  • Added a Known Client List to the transfer window.
  • SharedFile list now has a bar that is generated from the queue&upload list to show how well spread a file is.
  • New option to switch on/off the rating/comment-icon in the downloadlist
  • Name and Desc of servers are now updated. Max users is now a seperate column.
  • Date/Timeformat can be changed in the preferences.ini , strftime() compliant format string!!!
  • View transfering parts in uploadlist. (Lonestar)
  • Upload bars are now 3D.
  • added display of the last time data was received (written to disk) for every file (downloadcolumn, tooltip, filedetaildialog)
  • Doubleclick on a user in the commentlist starts a (Message)Chat to that user
  • Added Webserver Control Panel [based on Kuchin], with a number of additional fixes and new feature
  • Proxysupport is now available [Maverick & deadlake]
  • Scheduler, to plan settingchanges & actions
  • Webserver: server-search control via webserver & start downloads
  • Sources found during local server and UDP searching are stored and eventually added to the download file.
  • New first run time wizard
  • Category: new priority preference - new assigned files get this priority
  • Category: resume next paused download in the same category (optional & manual)
  • Support for viewing remote client's shared directories in search results.
  • Receive Hard and Soft file limit for servers
  • added Total UL/DL ratio to statstree
  • option to auto-clean filenames on downloadstarts
  • Added passive source finding for files in download queue which were just started and not already in shared file list
  • Webinterface: category support
  • Added a lot of new statistics (by Khaos)
  • added new language Galician (by Emilio)
  • Shareaza recognition for Stats & Info
  • Irc: Now detects UnderOps
  • improved UNC usage as shared folders
  • Added a secure identification system (against userhash "stealing") based on RSA encryption. For test reasons, it is disabled by default in this version, you can enable it in "security settings". Please check the FAQ for more informations about this s
  • Added first part of an advanced spamfilter which automatically detects and filters suspicious messages
  • Webinterface: added button to remove completed files
  • Sharedfileslist: Click with middle mouse button on an item opens the comment dialog of it
  • Implemented ed2k protocol message OP_CHANGE_CLIENT_ID for better dealing with LowID sources
  • Added option "CommitFiles" to select the level of commiting file data to disk (may be interesting for Win98 users) [idea SlugFiller]
  • For modders only: Added the possibility to compile the sources for string based resource string identifiers (search for USE_STRING_IDS)
  • Added Secure-Ident-Statistic (how many successfully and how many failed identificated clients)
  • Added boolean search expressions (OR and NOT operator, 'google' like syntax)
  • Added version column of server software to server listview control
  • The Queueposition (waitingtime) is now also protected by SecureHash (if enabled)
  • New log panes, multiline edit controls with optional auto scroll and rotating log. (Note: The previously used "MaxLogMessages" entry in preferences.ini is obsolete and is replaced with "MaxLogBuff" which can be used to specify the size of the buffer(
  • Statistics: percent display of successful/failed upload sessions added
  • history function in the IRC- & messages-dialog, scroll by cursor up & down
  • Doubleclick on serverinfo in the statusbar opens a dialog with the details of the connected server
  • Added extracting of meta data and audio/video characteristics for MP3,AVI,MPEG and other files. To disable this option use the "ExtractMetaData" setting (file=preferences.ini, section="eMule", name=ExtractMetaData, value=0 (disable), value=1 (enable
  • Added sending of extracted meta data and audio/video characteristics for MP3,AVI,MPEG and other files to servers and clients. The text meta data (e.g. Title, Author, Album) is not sent to the servers but to clients when viewing the shared files. Data
  • Added dialog for showing the eD2K meta data for search results, download files and shared files. The according context menu item is only in "Advanced mode" available.
  • Alt-Return opens detail dialog for downloads and user
  • added Enhanced Chunk Selection, better selection which part of a file to download next [Maella & jicxicmic]
  • Added new Server Info window with optional auto scroll, rotating log, copy+paste
  • Added new option to specify or to disable the server UDP port (file=preferences.ini, section=eMule, name=ServerUDPPort, value=0 (disable server UDP port), value=65535 (default; use random server UDP port), value= (UDP port)
  • Added some helpful server socket error messages
  • Added more columns to search list for showing new ed2k meta tags
  • Implemented MobileMule protocol 0.4 (visit for more info)
  • Webinterface: added sorting of search results
  • searching of listview items for all owner drawn listview controls (just type the first view characters of the label to find) [ZZ]
  • Added several parts of SlugFiller's SafeHash [SlugFiller]
  • Added memory debug statistics for debug builds only [UVman]
  • Added extended control: manual handling of sources, at several requests to the same client (A4AF) [based on sivka,enkeyDEV]
  • Added: automatic assignment of new Download to categories by filename filters [HoaX_69]
  • You are now able to preview shared video files from clients who let you see their share. You will be able to view 5 screenshots of the first ~10 min.
  • Upgraded MobileMule Protocol to 5x. Note that you need to download the new clientversion too if you use MobileMule.
  • added disk usage statistics [emule+]
  • Added support for showing all available MP3 tag information for downloads and shared files
  • Added support for extended server protocol for lugdunum 16.40 servers
  • Meta Data and File Comments dialogs changed into property pages which are shown together with new File details property sheet
  • New "Match keywords" search option for both Jigle search methods
  • Added proxy support for IRC; alle proxy settings are also used for IRC
  • Added support for Jigle SOAP interface to search the Jigle database with eMule [special thanks to Melange from Jigle for offering this great feature to eMule]
  • If another nick is an eMule you can add them as a friend. (Both clients must be v0.30b and up)
  • Irc: You can now directly send download links to other eMules. (Kinda like DCC, both clients must be v0.30b and up)
  • Display of an estimated count of complete sources for files in the downloadlist and shared-files-list [modified Zegzav]
  • Import partial downloads from eDonkey/Overnet ("new style"-splitted partfile)
  • download links can contain hostname sources, instead of just IP address; You can set your own hostname in preferences, and create eD2K links with sources with your chosen hostname instead of your IP [SlugFiller+itsonlyme]
  • added "More"-button to search window for getting more search results from the local server
  • new translation: Czech, by Patejl
  • Missing language-dlls are now downloaded and installed automatically by emule
  • IPFilter - file can be now in peerguardian-format as well
  • Reworked IP filter
  • Merging of the extended trayicon menue [eMule+]
  • Added new column to search results showing local file info.
  • Added optional support for MediaInfoLib ( for viewing audio/video attributes of part and shared files. This feature is optional and will only be used if version of MediaInfoLib (MediaInfo.DLL) is copied to eMu
  • Added new connection state icon showing seperate eD2K and Kad network connection state and seperate LowID/HighID.
  • Sharefileslistcontrol offers rename,delete,open it's folder via contextmenu for files
  • Allocating new filesize for tempfiles not blocking anymore (threading+buffering)
  • Auto Kad bootstrap if you are trying to connect and see a Kad client.
  • Option for automatic removal of completed downloads from list
  • IRC now handles sound events. (/sound [*.wav] [message]) (Sounds are stored in "../eMule/Sounds/IRC" dir)
  • Added support for new eserver 16.45 UDP description packet.
  • Filename detail dialog, shows system file icons for remote client's filenames.
  • Added a set of additional search parameters (Complete sources, Length, Bitrate, Codec, Title, Album, Artist)
  • Added 'Active download time' stats for part files which shows the amount of time the file was active in download queue.
  • Added: Nr. of complete sources returned from servers are shown with availability data in search result list.
  • eMule is now able to drop privileges and run on a secure user account on Win 2k/XP, when started as administrator (can be enabled in preferences -> security)
  • Added searching for eD2K file hashs on eD2K servers. To search for a file hash, either enter "ed2k::" or the complete ed2k link. [thx lugdunum]
  • Added capability to publish files on ed2k servers with new meta data tags. [thx lugdunum]
  • Added docking/floating search parameters window to search dialog.
  • Added context sensitive help
  • eMule now supports PeerCache, a technology which allows ISPs to reduce the bandwidth usage by caching instead of throttling the downloadspeed
  • eMule can open the ports it needs on the internal WinXP(SP1 or 0) firewall itself either permanently (connection pref) or on each startup (extended settings)
  • Improved a4af manager. Set the file you want first to 'high' download priority (priorities now effects a4af decisions). You can chose to get the files in a category in their alphabetical order.
  • Added downloading from http:// sources.
  • Added new Dialogpage for creating ED2K Links with of shared and downloading files (replaces old context menue entries)
  • Introduced additional new hashsystem (AICH Hashs) which will reduce the average amount of dataloss when a part is corrupted
  • Due to the additional hash algorithm, eMule has to rehash all your shared files - this is a one-time thing, which can't be avoided.
  • First phase in adding firewall user support for Kad. This support will not work well until most users upgrade within the Kad network..
  • Added 'Network Info' dialog. Double click on connection icon in statusbar to open it.
  • Added Kad contact histogram control.
  • added port-checker. Integrated into the first-start-wizard and the connection preferences, you can start a port test. A webscript will check your eMule and display results and hints on your browser.
  • eMule supports now Unicode
  • eMule is now able to detect which clients sent corrupt data and bans those if a threshold is reached (based on AICH)
  • Added icons to most contextmenus [thanks Daan for providing the icons]
  • Added support for NTFS sparse files for new created part files.
  • Optimized MD4 and SHA1 hashing code to a total increase of hashing performance by 50% [thx Camper(Shareaza)]
  • Added:Errors/Warnings/Success messages are shown in log panes with dedicated colors.
  • Added 'Notes' for kad. Currently used to store file comments.. (Will not work until a majority of users upgrade.)
  • category view filters more flexible
  • Added new Mini eMule window with basic stats and functions. Single click in eMule System Tray icon to open it.
  • eMule now (optional) remembers files which were cancelled and marks them in the searchresults
  • Added new drop down buttons in Transfers window to select different view types for main and sub window.
  • Added support for new PeerGuardian IP filter file format v2.
  • Added E-Mail notification for 'Download finished' and 'Important Error' eMule notifications.
  • merged webinterface from eMule+, adapted, did some fixes and added: Kad-window, show comments & ratings download of completed files via browser (up to 5MB filesize)
  • Basic Collection framework and gui (see documentation for detailed information on this)
  • Added new control into the Shared Files window which lets you browser your shared files by directories and add/remove shared directories
  • Added support for Related File-Search into the Search window (contextmenu). This allows you to search for files which are shared by users which also shared the selected file [lugdunum]
  • Ratings icons now show a range of ratings based on the average total instead of just good/bad.
  • added support of multiple tempfolders (to seperate by | ). A tempfolder out of several is selected when adding a download, depending on the incomingfolder (category) and most free space. (temppath can not (yet) be changed lateron)
  • Began work on Kad2.0.. The idea is to improve the protocol and add some features.. This client will only host the new protocol, the next version will have the option to switch between Kad and Kad2.0..
  • Added support for large files. The new file size limit which eMule can handle is 256GB (the old one was 4GB)
  • Added file rating support for ED2K-server search results. Received ratings are shown with additional icon like in Transfers window and in 'Meta Data' details dialog.
  • The search parser has been improved with many new functionalities like a google-like NOT ("-") and other changes. Please check the help for an detailed explanations
  • Added filetype display to Filedetail Dialog. For most common filestypes, the downloaded header is checked to match the file extention. A warning icon is shown if its file extention matches a different file type.
  • Added live archive preview for ZIP,RAR and ACE. The Content-tab of the file detail dialog (partfiles and completed files) will list content of the archive (file name & path, size, CRC,...) and information like existing password protection, archive atttributes,...
  • Added Obfuscation Layer for ED2K/Kad TCP, ED2K UDP, Server TCP and Server UDP connections. Kad UDP is not obuscatable yet. For a detailed explanation of this feature, please check this topic of our Online Help
  • Media Info dialog shows hint about files which are protected with DRM.
  • Added simple on-the-fly filter for search results to filter already received results. The
  • Added a spamfilter for search results. It mainly works by remembering files a user has marked as spam and marking files which seems to be very similar as spam too.
  • eMule now supports multi-user installations, which especially is supposed to fix the folder permission problems on Vista In short: for Windows Versions before vista, nothing will change by default, on Vista eMule will use the current userspecific folders by default
  • Added UPnP support [merged from Shareaza]
  • Added showing of smileys to Chat and IRC windows [Smileys by Daan]

Mirror: eMule0.48a-BiGBanG-Installer.exe (4.59 MB)