Sunday, November 30, 2008

Exeinfo PE ver. by A.S.L. - 450 sign 2008.11.05

Best File identifier Tool with unpacking hints!

To check all emule files:
all dll's like antiLeech.dll

normally they are not protected and show :
standard Compiler section detected , maybe new ver.MS C++ compiler [DebuG] = Compiled with VS 2008 not protected! = Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 9.x

older c++ show like this:
Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 7.x ( v7.10 )
not packed , try disassemble OllyDbg ( ) or WD32dsm89.exe (

upx and mpress are not protectors but can show false positive in AV!

if it shows ASPROTECT or OBSIDIUM think about it before using it!
All two are commercial protectors, done for Shareware, Trialware to hide from codeview and unpacking! > eXcaliburt , BigBan and some dlp's


Download for test:
exeinfope_work0.0.2.1_II.rar 427.14 KB

if found unknown packer or bugs please contact program author A.S.L!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

eMule 0.49b CN-7 Build 191 Final sse/sse2 Builds

eMule 0.49b CN-7 Build 191 Final sse/sse2


full changelog:

31 Aug. 2008
Fix: fix a minor bug in PartFile.cpp by fox88
Keywords: uint64 uGapSize = cur_gap->end - cur_gap->start;
Changed code in: PartFile.cpp

1 Sep. 2008
Drop the following features completely:
Enig123::Made download overhead optional
Enig123::MORPH count tcp overhead from download

Strip unused codes
Keywords: m_numberOfSentBytesControlPacket GetSentBytesControlPacketSinceLastCallAndReset()
Changed code in: EMSocket.h EMSocket.cpp

2008-9-2 15:00:27: Removing client from upload list: CUpDownClient::Disconnected: Connectiontry Timeout Client: '[CHN][VeryCD]yourname' (eMule v0.48a [VeryCD 080828],None/Connecting/None) Transferred: 45 secs SessionUp: 0 Bytes QueueSessionPayload: 0 Bytes In buffer: 0 Bytes Req blocks: 0 File: xxxxxx.rmvb

5 Sep. 2008
Splitter Invalidate, Repaint Splitter (ServerWnd) by moloko+
Tagged as: Enig123::Ref:
Keywords: CServerWnd::ReattachAnchors()
Changed code in: ServerWnd.cpp

Added Vagaa detection code
Keywords: Vagaa
Changed code in: BaseClient.cpp

8 Sep. 2008
Upload Choose Algorithm change - give pending client score proportional to the actual upload amount that targetclient get
Tagged as: give pending client score proportional to the actual upload amount that targetclient get
Changed code in: UploadQueue.cpp

9 Sep. 2008
Put "community userhash ban" function from main program to dlp.dll
Changed code in: BaseClient.cpp

Upgraded codes of dlp.dll project

Added UDPReaskSecurityCheck (originally from NetFinity)
Tagged as: X-Ray :: UDPReaskSecurityCheck
Changed code in: DownloadClient.cpp

Comment out debug log line to prevent spam for release
Tagged as: Enig123::prevent debug log line spam for release
Changed code in: ClientUDPSocket.cpp

Also I should study these:
Nodes.dat Is Saved Only At App Close

Missing Code In Listensocket.cpp?, Missing reaction to OP_REQUESTFILENAME
Crash In Cemsocket

10 Sep. 2008
Added File Faker check
Tagged as: Enig123::File Faker check by JvA from X-Ray mod
Changed code in: updownclient.h UploadClient.cpp DownloadClient.cpp ListenSocket.cpp UploadQueue.cpp BaseClient.cpp
Dropped Eventually! seems no use at all

Code cleanups
Changed code in: UploadQueue.cpp

SR13-Import-Parts code review
idea & original implementation by roversr13

last version updated by roversr13:
Sr13-importparts-003 (45b Based), Last Updated: 2005/04/07

latest revised version from MorphXT
Tag keyword: Import Part

Added Files: SR13-ImportParts.h SR13-ImportParts.cpp
Changed Files: CorruptionBlackBox.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp eMule.rc eMuleDlg.h eMuleDlg.cpp KnownFile.h PartFile.h PartFile.cpp SharedFileList.h SharedFileList.cpp

11 Sep. 2008
vagaa detection to community hardban
display vagaa client via NickName (test stage only)
Let's see how vagaa behaves like. Is it deserve softban?

12 Sep. 2008
Added SR13 Import Parts from MorphXT code
Tagged as: Enig123::SR13 Import Parts
Changed code in: CN_Features.h CorruptionBlackBox.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp eMule.rc lang/zh_CN.rc eMuleDlg.h eMuleDlg.cpp KnownFile.h PartFile.h PartFile.cpp SharedFileList.h SharedFileList.cpp resource.h TitleMenu.h TitleMenu.cpp

Simplification & Optimization of randQueue implementation
Really a lot of changes
Changed code in: updownclient.h UploadClient.cpp BaseClient.cpp UploadQueue.h UploadQueue.cpp QueueListCtrl.cpp

13 Sep. 2008
Added Minor Bugfix For Filtertext On Language Change by WiZaRd
Tagged as: Enig123::Minor Bugfix For Filtertext On Language Change (WiZaRd)
Changed code in: SharedFilesWnd.h SharedFilesWnd.cpp SearchResultsWnd.h SearchResultsWnd.cpp

15-16 Sep. 2008
Solve some CN_zh lang problems

17 Sep. 2008
Minor optimizations and adjustments

18 Sep. 2008
Added Xman skip High-CPU-Load with minor bugfix
Tagged as: Enig123::Xman skip High-CPU-Load (minor fix applied)
Changed code in: UploadQueue.cpp

more code cleanups

20 Sep. 2008
always transfer full chunks
Tagged as: Enig123::always transfer full chunks when using random upload choose
Changed code in: UploadQueue.h UploadQueue.cpp

21 Sep. 2008
morph extra suprious verbose tracking - tracking bad request ban
Tagged as: Enig123::morph extra suprious verbose tracking
Changed code in: UploadClient.cpp ClientList.cpp
Dropped!! no need to

Added Improved Upload Caching
Note: ACAT SpeedMeasurer for uploading slot now uses 15 sec window to calculate
Tagged as: Enig123::Improved Upload Caching by WiZaRd
Changed code in: UploadClient.cpp

Analyze the following logs - should we ban it?:
2008-9-21 15:21:34: Error: Invalid or corrupted packet received - while processing eDonkey packet: opcode=OP_HELLO size=117; IP=
2008-9-21 15:27:50: Error: Invalid or corrupted packet received - while processing eDonkey packet: opcode=OP_HELLO size=117; IP=

2008-9-21 15:46:30: Unknown eMule Protocol Opcode: 0xf8, Size=22, Data=[57 63 d1 7f a8 5f 51 8e 40 82 43 41 38 91 09 7b 7b 70 d3 99 ce 1b]; Client= '[CHN][VeryCD]gump9' (eMule v0.48a [VeryCD 080828],Downloading/None/None)

2008-9-21 16:14:58: Ignored DirectCallback Request because this IP ( has sent too many request within a short time

22 Sep. 2008
Change Improved Upload Caching to NetFinity's way
Changed code in: UploadClient.cpp

Added Advanced Download Throttling
Changed code in: CN_Features.h EMSocket.h EMSocket.cpp DownloadQueue.cpp PartFile.cpp

23 Sep. 2008
Improved NetFinity's upload caching - by Enig123
Note: use short window speedMeasurer (5 sec time window) for lowwater value
Changed code in: UploadClient.cpp
Apr 6 2006, 01:16 AM
In order to reduce disk acceses with high speed connections, you have to
start buffering just before the buffers runs dry (the last cached block
has begun sending) and then cache as many blocks as possible. It is the
difference between the low and high-watermark of the buffer that keeps
down the disk accesses, not the size of the buffer itself.

GetQueueSessionPayloadUp() - this is what timeover used with

25-27 Sep. 2008
Test for upload capacity when SO_SNDBUF changed in EMSocket.cpp

Revisit and clean code in EMSocket.cpp

27 Sep. 2008
Added check if the file is known/shared by Avi-3k
Tagged as: Enig123::check if the file is known/shared - Avi-3k
Changed code in: DownloadQueue.cpp

Change some uint64 variables to uint32 in EMSocket
Changed code in: EMSocket.h EMSocket.cpp UploadClient.cpp

29 Sep. 2008
Added CriticalPacketFix from X-Ray
Tagged as: Enig123::CriticalPacketFix
Changed code in: EMSocket.cpp packets.h packets.cpp

3 Oct. 2008
CSearchList::ProcessSearchAnswer @ SearchList.cpp

Partially added Maella - Upload Stop Reason
Note: only affect randCS redistribution when the remote client cancelled or finished
Tagged as: Enig123::Maella - Upload Stop Reason
Changed code in: ClientStateDefs.h UploadQueue.h UploadQueue.cpp ClientDetailDlg.cpp ListenSocket.cpp UploadClient.cpp

4 Oct. 2008
Added Xman client percentage
Tagged as: Enig123::Xman client percentage
Changed code in: updownclient.h BaseClient.cpp UploadClient.cpp DownloadClient.cpp MuleListCtrl.h DownloadClientsCtrl.cpp DownloadListCtrl.cpp QueueListCtrl.cpp UploadListCtrl.cpp

5 Oct. 2008
Added optimization within UploadBandwidthThrottler.cpp
Note: substitute float poit number calculations by equivalent interger one to reduce cpu usage

mldonkey fareness discussion:
Mldonkey-spam, What's that?!

some more research on lupzz's patch
Upload Throttling Performance Improvements, support for high speeds on single slot

Download site:
You may need ip-to-country.csv, countryflag.dll, countryflag32.dll (The 2 dll's for showing the flags are newer in this mod as in other mods) from:

< NO Leecher Mod. Fast upload and download. Check it out! >

extras to do in emule dir:

For the Audio and Videofiles header handle in eMule

* Albanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese Traditional), Turkish, Italian, German, Polish languages updated
* #2216498, LPCM in VOB: more attributes (channels count, sampling rate, bitrate)
* #2182135, Wavpack: support of multichannel files
* AVC: detection of the newest profiles
* DTS: detection of DTS-HRA, DTS-MA, DTS-Express, thanks to
* AES3 PCM in MPEG-TS detection
* Wavpack: Encoder settings
* WMV with "WVC1" codec identifier: video interlacement
* MPEG-4: E-AC-3 support
* #2186682, MPEG-2 Video: Wrong PAR and DAR for Panasonic MPEG2 Files
* MPEG-4: some AC-3 and AAC specific files reported wrong channels value

Download 32 bit:
64 bit:

Download complete with language files and extras:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta9 fixed - base is eMule 0.49b

eMule IS Mod by Borschtsch

perfect community realization with own secure OpenSSL ed2k server logon
Solution how to make ed2k community stealthy or ed2k private network!

- private ed2k net with own server / per user required account and pass to logon
- perfect solution for communities (to create not public network based on ed2k)


Dear, all!

By preparing to release a new version of eMule IS Mod 0.23a, which will be based on the basic version of eMule 0.49a/b!
The new version of the program prepared renewal of developers. In the team went gureedo (start here), and personally I feel great enthusiasm about this

Most request to those who gathered to install the beta, take it as an unfinished product and to criticize the only differences from the previous version of 0.22f. The most important thing - to find out whether all functions in eMule IS Mod 0.23a work as well as in eMule IS Mod 0.22f

16.07.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta1:
- The base version eMule 0.49a (with all the ensuing consequences in the form of support UPNP and other opportunities. Read changelog.txt)
- Included significant changes from gureedo, which is designed to improve the process of downloading files (not speed). More information is better read here;
- Other minor changes;
- Otherwise, unlike the previous version 0.22f yet. We hope they will soon emerge.

22.07.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta2:
- The possibility of adding the source of several files
- Changeable setting - being displayed pop-up tips (popup'a)
- Corrected all noticed errors in the first bety
- Multidisciplinary Support
- New installation
- Support for simultaneous operation of multiple users

02.08.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta3:
- Maximum length chatting uvilichena to 65000 characters
- Sign rewritten (OpenSSL)

28.08.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta4:
- Fixed a bug when you right-click a hyperlink in the chat box, etc.
- Expand the field displaying the total number wa rassharennyh files
- A translation of SSL communications authorization (hope that the text of possible errors will be a little clearer)
- Various internal changes

10.09.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta5:
- Fixed bug when trying to proheshirovat rassharenny, but is blocked by someone file
- Build with support for SSE2
- Various optimization
- Added missing virtual directory icon on the menu
- Now the program should not influence the work and adjust the original eMule
- Fixed bug create / edit category
- Support for UPnP: A bug determine the IP address of a local network interface with the Internet Connection

20.09.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta6:
- Added restrictions on rassharku / withdrawal rassharki directory of the Windows system directory or important in terms of the program (temporary folders, etc.);
- Can now be rassharivat disk, starting with the root directory C: \, D: \, etc., but only if the disk does not contain the system catalogs Windows, or working directories Oslika (temporary folders, etc.);
- Various internal changes, including those related to the elimination of the problems identified in the latest files diagnosis;
- Library mediainfo.dll updated to version

04.10.2008: eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta7:
- Fixed bug with mount / delete logical drive (fell at the end of the donkey)
- Druzh.slot for all the friends came back, he now must work even better
- Number of slots output increased from 7 to 15
- The error message you receive authorization before you ask the login and password, rather than after
- Fixes to the icon in the tray and problems of downsizing / deploy
- Minor changes

01.11.2008 eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta8:
- Completely rewritten part responsible for rassharivanie Directory
- Fixed bug: files downloaded in inkaming not disappeared from rassharki after their removal out of the program

20.11.2008 eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta9:
- Recycling drop waiting for data to disk when you exit the program
- New opredelyalka processor and its opportunities
- Fixed bug wrong destination parent folder temporary file
- Fix an incorrect attribution to rassharennomu file name of the parent folder
- Fixed bug appearance / disappearance of new / remote rassharennyh folders when you click Restart
- Fix a potential drop Oslika at startup after an upgrade from previous versions
- Added the type of documents *. ibk
- Option number of slots impact
- Not all files could be published on the server
- After a gap connect to the server, the list of files are not sent to the server
- Catalogs are not published after the break the connection to the server
- Uploaded file correctly reflected in the description of the directory, which could lead to a halt publication of files
- Allocating and Hashing is not implemented in parallel, to reduce the load on the system
- Multiple fixes installer program to provide better support Vista.
- MediaInfo.dll updated to
- Many small changes

And most importantly
- By default included krashdamping
- In connection with this removed unnecessary (and even reversed harmful) fix the fall Oslika
What does this mean?

This means that users can more to help us improve burro.
When the program is a critical bug that prevents its implementation, the program using a special dialog box asks you to create a diagnosis. If you agree, then this file diagnostics can be sent to us by mail for further analysis.

Files diagnosis describing the problem or screenshot # must be sent to the address
Do not spread these files are on public display or who do not share. We do not know whether they themselves any personal information as passwords, etc. Therefore, all communication will be made exclusively from the mailbox

Due to changes in the installer, before you install eMule IS Mod beta9, save the pre-existing folder Config. Remove the previous version of the program entirely (necessarily through the Add / Remove Programs !!!). Install a new version of the program and drag the folder Sonfig back.
This at least for those who planted the latest beta version of eMule IS Mod.
Download the program can link eMule_IS_Mod_0.23a_beta9.exe 3.23 MB 52. [24-27]

For processors supporting SSE2, you can download eMule_IS_Mod_0.23a_beta9_bin_sse2.rar 2.07 MB 52. [24-27]
The archive contains only file emule.exe, to be replaced in the Program folder.

Sources for the maniac:
eMule_IS_Mod_0.23a_beta9_src_vs2003.rar 5.59 MB 52. [24-27]

Remark: User of this mod are real downloadable sources from Russia. Not the Tunisia sources in the net that show they have the file complete and by downloading 'no needed parts' in loop queue.

Full changelog

ismod forum forum
mirror the search catch

Fresh from Desktop e:\Coding\ISMod\integration_branch\srchybrid\Release\emule.exe

src eMule_IS_Mod_0.23a_beta6_source.rar 5.65 MB
Latest Version:
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 9 fixed.exe 3.25 MB
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 8.exe 3.25 MB


eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 9 fixed.exe
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 8.exe
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 6.exe


older versions:
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta
eMule IS Mod 0.23a beta 4.exe
eMule ISMod 0.22f-GM011.rar

older versions
eMule IS mod for IS74's EDonkey2000 network

Monday, November 24, 2008

eMule SharkX 1.4 final

eMule 0.49b SharkX 1.4 final - 27/11/08

remove : fix connection collision
remove : ASF
remove : Global HL
add : Advanced download throttling (Netfinity)
add : Optional funnynick display (SiRoB)
add : folder ICONS (Commander)
add : Resource Bar (WiZaRd)
add : AutoHL (WiZaRd)
add : no SUQWT for leechers on file hot swapping (from X-Ray v1.6)
add : Show src totals (taz)
update : community & corrupt userhash detection from DLP v35 (zz_fly/SquallATF)
chnage : mod version check "host name"
change : mod support forum links
change : default region for connection wizard to Israel
change : modstr SharkX
change : mod icons + options side banner
change : upload list layout
change : adjust Sivka file settings to AutoHL (taz)
change : region for connection wizard derived from OS locale / lang (taz)
change : adjust drop system & Sivka file setting to AutoHL (taz)
change : adjust Client Analyzer to funnynick (taz)
fix : mod config dir for multi user, i.e. appdata (taz)
fix : chunk selection mode logic for ICS (taz)
fix : no SUQWT for Mod/Nick thieves (taz)
fix : CA events log once (taz)
fix : crash after lowid notifier (taz)
fix : direct URL updates for ipfilter (taz)
fix : crash on ip2country update
fix : mod (& beta) version check option selection
fix : recode SlotFocus (from eMuleFuture v0.7) & SlotControl (from X-Ray v1.6)


< no Leecher mod >

Download Bin:
Download SRC:

Very good mod! Check it out!
Antileech system is much better as in some other mods!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

VeryCD easyMule + VeryCd Mod Leecher Edition BETA

VeryCD Mod is very promoted. Some don't know that it is a Leecher Mod in all known versions not more not less little less because the Leecher features are incomplete.
Can't do anything wrong by adding all Leecher features and remove the international limitations by compiling the builds.

As long it is coded as English Version
search the whole source code in compiler for: FOREIGN_VERSION
and search: VC-dgkang
to see the truth inside src

All this features in code grayed out in compiler are disabled to build no Chinese Version include community boost.

Please take the following statement as a Joke from VeryCD Team
Reverence about Boost and Removing and Changing Url's complete from all 3 or 4 Menu entries in eMule breaks the rules -> See Forum the developer talk: and others!

VeryCD Team:
there is a difference between violating the gpl and violating official rules. official rules are made up by the official devs for a good reason. violating them means VeryCD violates the network but it does not mean VeryCD violate the gpl.


VeryCD Team:
"the gpl is not violated by very cd mods. merkur or whoever else may comment as much as he desires, the gpl does not care about the nature of the change. it only cares about releasing the proper sources for the final bin."

"Alte Pusteblume es ist kein Wunder das dir dabei die Haare zu Berge stehen wenn du so denkst und so ein Müll machst."

Otherwise will be:

- Official eMule update can be removed, changed, language files download as well
- all codes where is written commented by merkur do not change or comment out/remove can be changed or comment out.
- community boost priority //added by kernel1983 2006.08.01 is allowed
- community boost priority disabled for foreigner builds #ifndef _FOREIGN_VERSION in baseclient, by the preferences //added on 2008.8.26 by VC-dgkang -> Very bad to do there differences into the VeryCD comm Mods for Chinese and no Chinese users by compiling in code English = Foreign Version!!!
- kad boost on sources etc... between the verycd clients is allowed
- give all mods if you don't want to give out the source code the name beta


//VeryCD°æ£¬»ý·Öµ÷Õû added by kernel1983 2006.08.01
//#ifndef _FOREIGN_VERSION if this is grayed out in compiler it will not compile it in!!!
//#if 0 //ÍêÈ«È¡ÏûµôVeryCDµÄ¼Ó·Ö»úÖÆ ºÍ¹Ù·½°æÒ»Ñù 2008Äê8ÔÂ26ÈÕ //must comment out or not if 0??
//VC-dgkang 2008Äê7ÔÂ8ÈÕ
CString strBuffer = this->GetUserName(); //»ñµÃ¶Ô·½µÄNick
if (
strBuffer.Find(_T("[VeryCD")) != -1 strBuffer.Find(_T("[CHN]")) != -1
(thePrefs.UseCreditSystem() && credits->GetScoreRatio(GetIP())!=1)
(currequpfile->GetUpPriority() == PR_VERYHIGH)
(IsEmuleClient() && (GetAvailablePartCount() > 0) (m_nDownloadState == DS_DOWNLOADING))
fBaseValue += 19900; //Ôö¼Ó»ý·Ö
^- shows clearly here is if not 'define Foreign' version a community boost in all mods present.
Research all source codes back to year 2006

more in preference.cpp etc..

return thePrefs.GetUserNick();
CString nickname = thePrefs.GetUserNick();
CString nicklower = nickname; nicklower.MakeLower();
if(nicklower.Find(_T("[verycd]")) == -1)
if(nicklower.Find(_T("[chn]")) == -1)
return nickname;

// #define DEFAULT_NICK _T("") //VC-dgkang 2008Äê7ÔÂ10ÈÕ
#define DEFAULT_NICK _T("[CHN][VeryCD]yourname") //VeryCD added by kernel1983 2006.08.01

In clear text. If you run the English build versions you have no profit from the community boost using VeryCD mods, cause by compiling it give the result that many features are not in English versions it will be quite different.
Look into the source code the truth is in there!

- The feature community boost here in VeryCD mods since 2003, in easyMule since year 2006 up the newest is allowed - don't get blacklisted in antileech

Means using same mods / builds adding more features another community or selectable on username extension in the menu to customize or add 2 or 3 hardcoded will work to be protected from antileech

Also the feature code found in old other mods to boost modname, make modnames in menu so that user can type in what modnames he wanna boost and boost factor up to the user x10 - x2000 to select.

If don't like communities or modnames boost, friendboost etc.. will be ok too.

Allowed Todo cause it is already a more or less incomplete leecher mod :

Remove Ratio (to enable modem 56 k again it's removed)/ don't be a lam3er + the sliders in the gui /done, lets be a lamer too
( Remove update )
comment out #x _FOREIGN_VERSION and that all for Foreigner/English disabled features in the src are enabled include Community Boost/done
add to the automatically ban manual ban + unban
LSD features manual drop nn fq,.../manual reasks
Build version number in modstring flexible /user can give in or select valid build numbers backwards and afterwards getmod ,modname to the gui dialog...
Upload system / upload only to ... / no upload / the dazzle share levels
Preferences.cpp Autostart with windows true /set registry key each time start this mod /removed
- remove server ads /done

most is done but the src compiled crash after a while running with some c++ compiler versions.
If someone have an old version VS installed (2003 or maybe 2005)


1. source code untouched (no changes - use the libs) you need this to compile: crypto51, crypto55, cximage,... all the other to compile the libs under folder easyMule-VeryCD-src\EasyMule\
eMule v 0.49b - VeryCD easyMule 1.6 4.22 MB (I downloaded this from vc server, the version says 1.06 but is 1.05) is the latest src i could found
2. use the easyMule.sln to compile the application

3. my test builds compiled with vs 2008. it will crash after a few minutes
to this place here if compile with newer VS c++:

BOOL CSingleLock::Lock(DWORD dwTimeOut /* = INFINITE */)
ASSERT(m_pObject != NULL m_hObject != NULL);

m_bAcquired = m_pObject->Lock(dwTimeOut);
return m_bAcquired;


1. build removed autoupdate 2. add kick/ban 3. build readded autoupdate trace bug removed manuall kick/ban - all same bug - original src compiled with vs2008 too = installed compiler must be older to compile the src
4. my source code with changes (use all files under src and folders)

src.rar 7.80 MB NEED NEWER VERSION SOURCE CODE (to fix old errors and do comments in to all changes)

fixes to do:
if 0 in baseclient.cpp that comm boost work in English as in Chinese, rest should be ok, did already!

test1 build october
Free dvd: 4.15 MB
test2 build october 2nd rel
On DVDs:
build september:
build november:

search in src:


place above:

if (StrStrI(m_strModVersion, _T("VeryCD"))){

if (credits->GetUploadedTotal() < SESSIONMAXTRANS){
fBaseValue /=1000.5f;
fBaseValue /=1000.5f;

Thursday, November 20, 2008

µTorrent Mac Beta v0.90 for Leopard and Intel

µTorrent Mac βeta

Now the lightweight power and performance of µTorrent available for your Mac.
ver. 0.90 Mac OS X 10.5 Intel



Tuesday, November 18, 2008


lost old emule 0.46 - 0.47 a,b,c, French source codes Based on iONiX mods. I forgot to backup the src to the bin's.
please if you have it, upload anywhere and post links with the old French emule versions mods source codes only > submit
!!!no compiled binaries (bin) !!! Please share the source codes (src) again!

-eMulix_LiGhT_v4.0_SRC.rar please post it!!!
eMule-0.46a-aideadsl Please post it - (not V2.0)!!!

stenoco zones from 0.46 to eMule v0.47c [Stenoco-Zone V2.2] + eMule0.46c_LokI_V1.2, KOIKOI v1.4h - V1.5a source lost too!!!

link broken:
^inactive links !!!

The old eMule IMPmule based on Xtreme remembers on todays version from ScarAngel based on Xtreme (w/o all the extras features)

"The hope is out there"

eMule 0.47a NxxZ-b
Fake Check
Emulate Clients: MLDonkey, eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, Shareaza v2, Lphant
Fake Rank (pas de fake rank pour la NxxZ)
Kick & Ban in upload
Boost friends
Boost System (Gestion des scores / Boost “NxxZ” Users)

eMule 0.47a Blackbeard v.1.3
The management of the sources is completely changed, I use a base Ronin 1.5.1 (without DuoConnect), which I modified a little to adapt has Blackbeard and in Bandwith de Slugfiller.

The adjustments of the drops are now available in the options.
QuickStart is now On/OFF in option.
I added adjustable BoostFriends (x2 with x10) and an auto friend slot. Appearance of UPnP (very simple version, for step to muddle). ClientAnalyzer upgrade to version 1.53.
The functions intern (ReadBlockFromThread, Passive Source Finding, and so on…) are updated.
I also a little change agressivity, you should see a better exploitation of the customers Kad Only.
The exchanges sources ON/OFF in option.
There is manual Kick/Ban.

eMule 0.47a OcToFoN v2
- Added : Server Rotation @ 30min [Gatchymule] + On/Off [ACiDbuRn] > In many french
mods to found. One source code needed with this feature

Features Stenoco emule mod:
No up - + in Aideadsl some versions
Added: Automatic Friend Slot (RT)
Added: Boost Friends (EastShare) x10 [SNC] -> multiplicator can be extended x200 and higher and customizable into menu
Added: Emulate lPhant [SNC]
Added: Emulate Shareaza [SNC]
Added: Emulate aMule [SNC] - won't work today with newer amule clients
Added: Manual Kick and Ban [SNC]
Added: Multi Server Connect (code was later used in Razorback and others 'Ekliptors Dual Server Connect 2007, 2008 with changes')


( sbi , ht coders , emule mods collectors ... this mods was have public source codes - > submit please share)

Most Features (C++ code snips) from this mods with once public source codes will work with the latest emule version and mods if coded/merge (with small adjustments/changes) into newer emule + mods versions today 0.49b as in year 2002-2006 it did.

Caution with the AntiLeecher features from other mods and the updates if its CA (client analyzer), antileech.dll DLP and extended Argos!!!
With care about the mod name, different Modname codes system include 'ModVersion.h'. Use the base modstring from official mod and version or merge into original emule - do not use a (new, own) mod(name) in protocol communication, do not add comm addon (by packet, extra, hello tag,...), no extra modname addon and/or anonym modname (if the old IsAno code in baseclient.cpp,... is not changed get ghostmod back from antileech), no fix or preseted modnames exept random (per session only or Antileech system will block with "Modname changer" (sample β♠ñ$ђ€€'s ist Chimera 0.1 username modname «+» %s replaced with +) or user can give/put in the modname, show your modname only in the gui, don't code it in baseclient.cpp or opcodes, everything what have to do with communication protocol , tag, use default emule no mod or the modname of the 'official mod' your mod based on (no changes there)! Working will:
baseclient.cpp like spe64 choosable modversion and name + extended modname+version to everywhere in baseclient and 'if empty' left out in menu forced or the preferences works too like anonym mod (don't show Ghostmod). Do not hardcode username 'nickName'. Do not change emule version [fake another version to be or no emule] Or your mod get sooner or later identification by antileecher filters as rapcom, eChanblardNext and many more mods have the problem today. -> See how antileech (the source code is public) work and ident the mods by modname, username, community hello tag packet addon and many others!

From Portuguese emule mods:
country limit codes added cause of international traffic limits on Portuguese ISP's in PT mods

'Because of some ISPs in Portugal limit the amount of international traffic per month, the eMule Bowlfish MOD was developed to allow people to download only... Devido a alguns do ISP portugueses nos obrigarem a usar uma espécie de intranet (limites de tráfego internacionais)o Zz evoL foi criado para rejeitar todas e qualquer ligação não considerada nacional pelos nossos ISP, deste modo é possivel termos sempre o nosso mod emule (Zz evoL) ligado fazendo assim só tráfego nacional.' Zz evoL B5a [Added] Support for Bowlfish national ranges files

-> see
eMule Bowlfish (MOD Português do eMule Oficial)
Zz evoL (MOD Português do eMule Zz)
eMule Plus koizo
look into Portuguese (e)Mule source codes and u have the upload only to 'country' solution (c++ code snip that can be merged and changed to custom user selectable country(s) in the gui)
'ip-to-country.csv - ipfilter.dat lookup ?'

DaZZle Features:
DaZZle always was give the source code to the mods
Another way no upload (DaZZLe Share levels) reduced to 1 or 2 function or all/full
No publish files to kad/server
... all dazzle features from its source codes are possible to merge

The source codes are a large depo of C++ codesnips (solutions/features once have been created (coded in c++).

The features was build into mods first in West Europe (Holland, French, Spain, Portugal)
later into community mods in Germany/Italy,... (without public source codes there).

eMule 0.49b Orange Spirit v1.2
Par OrAnGeS Spirit Team
Publié : 5 Août, 2008

mise à jour sur eMule 0.49b
leger changements dans le modupdate
divers fixs et optimisations
ipfilter v130 , countryflag.dll et ip-to-country.csv inclus dans l'archive


eMule 0.49a Orange Spirit v1.1
Par OrAnGeS Spirit Team
Publié : 21 Juin, 2008

Fix le bug de l'erreur c0005

Nouvel AntiNickThief et AntimodThief

Systeme de mise à jour automatique

Changement du systeme de reconnaissance des mods Oranges-spirit
Update automatique des serveurs (si le nombre est inferieur à 5)

Orange Spirit v1.2

update on eMule 0.49b
Leger changes in the modupdate
fixs and various optimizations
ipfilter v130, countryflag.dll and ip-to-country.csv included in the archive

eMule v0.49a Orange Spirit v1.1
* Fix the bug error c0005
* New AntiNickThief and AntimodThief
Systeme automatic update
* Changing the system of recognition of mods Oranges-spirit
* Automatic Update servers (if the number is less than 5)

eMule v0.49a-Orange Spirit v1.0


From X-Ray


From Xtreme

client percentage [on/off] (dans prefs->Display)
show complete up/down in uploadlist
Xman show LowIDs [on/off] (dans prefs->Display)
Full chunk

Control Slots (dans prefs->Extended->Upload SpeedSense)
Spreadbars per file [SLUGFILLER]
show A4AF filenames in status column [sivka]
LowID2HighIDAutoCallback [Xanatos] [on/off] (dans prefs->connection)
show download in bold [on/off] (dans prefs->Display)
show Flag [on/off] (dans prefs->Display)
show paused files in gray
show download in orange
Save Load Sources
file buffer size extended
- Bad client Nick
- Bad client Mod
- Nick Faker
- ModFaker
- Spammer User
- Hash Faker

eMule Orange Spirit v0.3
Code: Gestion des amis [Morph]
Update antileech
Correction du problème de "Part completion"
Plus d'infos dans "client details": Pays, modstring, QR....
Quelques corrections de bug

eMule Orange Spirit v0.4
Code: Nouveau Logo
Supporte le "WinSock 2"
Quelques optimisations internes
Remove: hideOS
Remove: Quelques infos dans le log SLS, Anti-leech
Anti Shape [Netfinity]

eMule Orange Spirit v1.0
Update to version eMule 49a

A télécharger içi: !!!

0.49b-Orange%20Spirit%20v1.2_bin.rar 5.37 MB
0.49a-Orange.Spirit.v1.0-bin.7z 2.02 MB
eMule v0.49a Orange Spirit v1.1.7z 2.03 MB

eMule 0.49b-Orange Spirit v1.2.rar
Orange Spirit v1.0
eMule v0.49a Orange Spirit v1.1
Orange Spirit v1.2

Monday, November 17, 2008

eMule 0.49b SharkX 1.4 Beta2

change : region for connection wizard derived from OS locale / lang (taz)
fix : crash after lowid notifier (taz)
fix : add direct URL updates for ipfilter (taz)
fix : crash on ip2country update

New good upcoming mod by Taz!!!


eMule0.49b-SharkX_v1.4B2-BIN.rar 5.65 MB
eMule0.49b-SharkX_v1.4B2-SRC.rar 5.21 MB

older version
eMule0.49b SharkX v1.4B1 SRC.rar

emule 0.49b Neo-R/RS Beta 3 | emule 0.49b ZZ-R/RS Beta 2


Neo-R V1.0 Public Beta 3 (eMule 0.49b)

+ Active Permission UpKick [-XdP-/umek ZZULti/ml]
+ Show IP in ClientList [kmod/khaos]
+ Startup Sound [MorphXT/Commander]
+ Some little fixes
- Removed Anonym Mod because was detected as Ghostmod /IsAno

ZZ-R V1.7 Public Beta 2 (eMule 0.49b)

+ New System Tray Icon [Neo/David Xanatos]
+ Funny Nick [Stulle/Aireoreion]
+ Active Permission UpKick [-XdP-/umek ZZULti/ml]
+ Some little fixes
- Removed Anonym Mod because was detected as Ghostmod



Neo-R/RS Beta 3
fresh from desktop




eMule.0.49b.Neo-RS.V1.0.Public.Beta3.rar 3.93 MB
eMule.0.49b.ZZ-RS.V1.7.Public.Beta2.rar 6.10 MB
eMule.0.49b.Neo-R.V1.0.Public.Beta3.rar 3.93 MB
eMule.0.49b.ZZ-R.V1.7.Public.Beta2.rar 6.10 MB

Saturday, November 15, 2008

GUnPacker V0.4 generic unpacker & helper

GUnPacker.V0.4 generick unpacker & helper to unpack exe, dll files packed protected with:

ACProtect 1.09、1.32、1.41、2.0
AHPack 0.1
ASPack 102b、105b、1061、107b、1082、1083、1084、2000、2001、21、211c、211d、211r、212、212b212r
ASProtect 1.1,1.2,1.23RC1,1.33,1.35,1.40,SKE.2.11,SKE.2.1,SKE.2.2,, (emule eXcalibur maybe)
Alloy 4.1、4.3
alexprot 1.0b2
Beria 0.07
Bero 1
BJFNT 1.2、1.3
Cexe 10a、10b
DragonArmor 1
DBpe 2.33
EPPort 0.3
eXe32Pack 1.42
EXECrypt 1
eXeStealth 2.75a、2.76、2.64、2.73、2.76、3.16(支持,但效果不是很好)
ExeSax 0.9.1(支持,但效果不是很好)
FengYue’Dll unknow
FSG 1.33、2.0、fsg2.0bart、fsg2.0dulek
GHF Protector v1.0(支持,但效果不是很好)
Krypton 0.2、0.3、0.4、0.5(For ALL 支持,但效果不是很好)
Hmimys Packer UnKown
JDProtect 0.9、1.01、2.0
KByS unknow
MaskPE 1.6、1.7、2.0
MEW 11 1.0/1.2、mew10、mew11_1.2、mew11_1.2_2、mew5
molebox 2.61、2.65
morphine 2.7(支持,但效果不是很好)
MKFpack 1
Mpress UnKown
Mucki 1
neolite 2
nsapck 2.3、2.4、3.1
Obsidium、 ALL 支持,但效果不是很好) (emule BigBang some versions - caution header modificated!)
Packman UnKown
PCShrink 0.71
PC-Guard v5.0、4.06c
PE Cryptor 1.5
PEBundle 2.3、2.44、3.0、3.2
PE-Armor 0.46、0.49、0.75、0.765
PECompact 1.x
PEDiminisher 0.1
PELock 1.06
PEncrypt 4
pepack 0.99、1.0
PELockNt 2.01、2.03、2.04
PEtite 1.2、1.3、1.4、2.2、2.3
PKlite32 1.1
PolyCryptA UnKown
peshield 0.2b2(支持,但效果不是很好)
PESpin 0.3(支持,但效果不是很好)、0.7、1.1、1.3
PEX 0.99
PolyCrypt PE 1.42
PUNiSHER 1.5(支持,但效果不是很好)
RLPack 1.1、1.6、1.7、1.8
Rubbish 2
ShrinkWrap 1.4
SDProtector 1.12、1.16
SLVc0deprotector 0.61(支持,但效果不是很好)、1.12
SimplePack 1.0、1.1、1.2
SoftSentry 3.0(支持,但效果不是很好)
Stealth PE 1.01、2.1
Stone’s PE Encryptor 1.13
SVKP 1.11、1.32、1.43
teLock 0.42、0.51、0.60、0.70、0.71、0.80、0.85、0.90、0.92、0.95、0.96、0.98、0.99
Upc All
Upack “0.1、0.11、0.12、0.20、0.21、0.22、0.23、0.24、0.25、0.26、0.27、0.29、
UPolyX 0.2、0.5
UPX “0.51、0.60、0.61、0.62、0.71、0.72、0.80、0.81、0.82、0.83、0.84、0.896、
1.0w、1.03、1.04、1.25w、2.0w、2.02、2.03、3.03、UPX-Scrambler RC1.x”
V2Packer 0.02
VisualProtect 2.57
Vprotector 1.2
WindCrypt 1.0
wwpack32 v1.20、v1.11、v1.12
WinKript 1
yoda’s cryptor v1.1、v1.2
yoda’s Protector v1.02、v1.03.2、v1.03.3、v1.0b

original & unpacked:BY PAVKA

Download: GUnPacker.V0.4.By.rar 3.12 MB

فاحص الملفات العربي FastScanner v2.0

[at4re] FastScanner v2.0
$$$ FastScanner Version 2.0 By AT4RE Team $$$

[ Build Date ] : 15 - 11 - 2008

[ Signatures Date ] : 15 - 11 - 2008


[ Description ]

- FastScanner is a Detector for most packers , cryptors and compilers for PE Files Programmed in ASM and designed for ýfast access to most needed plugins .


FastScanner v2.0 Change log:

1- Arabic interface now available.
2- New Skin for both the scanner and the PE-Editor.
3- Bug Fixed in the scanning algorithm. Now, it's more powerful.
4- Updated signature file to detect most compilers, packers and protectors.
5- Add a TotalScan button in the scanner.
6- Add a Disasm button in the scanner.
7- Add a sections viewer button in the scanner's main window.
8- Display the signature file date in the scanner's main window.
9- Add a new plugin to detect and save overlay.
10- Add a new plugin => Signs-Imitator.
11- Bug fixed in the Add-Sig plugin.
12- Big update in the PE-Editor plugin:
a- section viewer and editor ( add section - delete section - edit section header).
b- new buttons to view exports and imports table.
c- new tab to view and edit the PE's directory table.
d- new tab to view and dump any process from memory.
e- make a backup copy of the modified files


AT4RE TEAM [ Arab Team 4 Reverse Engineering ] @ 2008 , ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Web Site : ....

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

واخيرا وبفضل الله تم اطلاق النسخة الثانية و الجميلة من فاحص الملفات العربي AT4RE FastScanner
كما تعلمون ان البرنامج مبرمج بالكامل بالاسمبلي وكل اضافات البرنامج مبرمجة ايضا بالاسمبلي. -

رابط تحميل مباشر النسخة الانجليزية
Download link directly English version - Mirror: FastScanner_v2.0_English_version.rar 611.25 KB

رابط تحميل مباشر النسخة العربية
Download link directly Arabic version - Mirror: FastScanner_v2.0_Arabic_version.rar 642.08 KB

Arab Team 4 Reverse Engineering
الفريق العربي للهندسة العكسية
منكم وإليكم والسلام عليكم

ExeInfo PE ver. by A.S.L


ExeInfo PE ver. by A.S.L (c) 2006.03 - 2008.xx

freeware version for Windows XP
Windows 32 PE executable file checker, compilators, exe packers ....
with solve hint for unpack/internal exe tools/rippers


Internal Tools Menu:
- overlay remover - generate new file without overlay data
- save overlay as external file
- EP Corrector (for Delphi) - generate many exe file with Entry Point
- EP Corrector (for Delphi) Runtime - correct EP
- XoR permutator (xor, or, shl..) - create one file with xor data (255x2000 bytes)
- Section splitter - save exe sections as files & exe header
- 8/16 bit string finder - enter 8 bit string = searching 16 bit strings & 8 bit (F7 key)
- REGistry call finder + CLSID - find registry call & regedit.exe strings
- overlay xor uncrypter - uncrypt one byte crypted exe in ovl.

File Menu:

+ Rename file
+ Copy file As.. *.bak
+ Execute - create executable process (exe)
+ Execute - windows ext. associate (dll, zip ...)
+ Delete file (ALt+Del) - work in multiscan mode
+ Run multifile scanner mode (Directory scan)
+ - view global log file (c:\Raport-exeinfo-log.txt)
- delete global log file (no confirm)

Rippers Menu:
- www address searcher inside exe - work on any file
- ExE inside ExE (Win32 Pe windows executable) - work on any file
- Zip archives inside ExE - work on any file
- Rar archives inside ExE - work on any file
- CAB MS archives inside ExE (for MSI installers) - work on any file
- SWF flash Adobe animation files (internal length fixer for non exe files)
- ICO nonstandard icon ripper
- (All in one) - for lazy boys (without 'www address')


F1 key - keyboard help
F2 key - Multiple file scanner for *.exe files
F3 key - external view (hiewdemo.exe or hiew32.exe) path directory
F4 key - external test (peid.exe) path directory
F5 key - external test RDG Packer Detector (I read location from Win registry)
F6 key - external test DiE.exe Detect it Easy (I read location from Win registry - shell integration req.)
F7 key - 8/16 bit String finder
F9 key -:-) UPX pack
F10 key -:-) UPX unpack
Alt+S - ZOOM Window x2!

Alt+Delete - delete file

"+", "-" - Numeric KEY = adjust transparent Form

Non executable file detection:

Image file - jpg, png, gif (87/89) , bmp, tiff
Sound file - mp3 (ID3/noID) , wma, ogg
Video file - avi (divx/xvid) , wmv, mpg, 3GP
Archive file - 7zip, zip, rar

other: chm (Microsoft HTML Help) , msi, pdf, xml, fws, cws, php, html, hlp, mdb, lnk .

Overlay detector:

01. zip archives
02. cab archives
03. SWF Flash object (packed & unpacked format)
04. Executable PE file
05. 7zip archives
06. RAR archives

- Plugins like a Peid.exe (70 % compatible:-()


Multiscaner use - command line:

- Exeinfope *.sys (show all .sys files)
- Exeinfope *.*/s (Show All PE files and sent to log file (s = silent mode no GUI! -> !ExEinfo-Multiscan.log)
Exeinfope *.exe/s


ACM* - anti cheat mechanism

www site: host: (download limits!)

ExeInfo detection list:

001. RealArcade Wrapper (Microsoft Visual C++) 50%
002. Borland Delphi (2.0 - 7.0)
003. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 5.0 ~ 6.0 (exe)
004. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 7.x (exe, dll)
005. PEtite 2.x -> Ian Luck
006. UPX exe 0.89.6 - 1.02/1.05 - 1.93B -> Markus & Laszlo
007. UPX dll file - 1.93Beta -> Markus & Laszlo
008. Aspack v2.12 -> Alexey Solodovnikov
009. EXECryptor v.2.3.1-6 (
010. Morphine ver.2.7b (plugin Peid.exe)
011. AC protect 2.0 by RIScO Software Inc. (
012. ASprotect 2.1 reg ( only exe files DLL files detect as ASpack:)
013. AHTeam EP Protector ver.0.3 priv
014. WinUpack 0.39 final by Dwing ( :-((
015. Software Compress ver. 1.2 Lite -
016. PEcompact ver.2.78a - 2.94 -
017. nsPack ver.2.3 unreg - by North Star -
018. nsPack ver.3.0 - 4.1 reg - by North Star -
019. Mole Box 2.5.7 by Teggo. -
020. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 8 (???)
021. EXE Guarder 1.8 - 2.1 (2006/2008 unreg)
022. EXE Wrapper ver. 2.3-2.5 ( - how to remove password
023. Exe password protector (protect/unprotect)
025. MS Visual Basic 5.0-6.0 dll
026. MS Visual Basic 5.0-6.0 exe
027. Armadillo 4.4x - 4.62 32bit - (effectiveness = 60%)
028. Enigma protector v1.1x - © Sukhov Vladimir 2004-2006
029. SVK-Protector v1.32 demo - Pavol Cerven -
030. Generic check: ASprotect 1.? old version ( exe only
031. Generic check - AC protect 1.? by RIScO Software Inc. (
032. Packman v1.0 Brandon LaCombe (
033. modified exe, EP code = Borland Delphi (2.0 - 7.0)
034. ExeStealth V2.76
035. FSG v2.0 F[ast] S[mall] G[ood] -
036. Generic check - Aspack v2.1x -> Alexey Solodovnikov
037. Aspack v2.12b? -> Alexey Solodovnikov
038. Program protector v2.1unreg (exe password - DECODE PASS!) -
039. Obsidium v1.3 software protection system (demo) -
040. ARMprotector v0.1 by SMOKE 2004
041. ARMprotector v0.3 by SMOKE 2004
042. SDProtector Profesional Edition v1.12 (2003) -
043. Themida 1.0 -1.3? - Adv.Win.Software Protection System (c) 2004-2005 Oreans Technologies -
044. yodas Protector v1.03.3 - 2004-2006
045. yoda's Crypter v1.3 - Ashkbiz Danehkar 2004-2005
046. PE-Pack v0.99 (c) 1998 by ANAKiN
047. WATCOM C/C++ 1988-1995
048. Microsoft CAB SFX module
049. Generic check: Microsoft Visual C++ vx.x
050. UPX -> Markus & Laszlo ver. [2.00] <- version info from file 051. PeSpin v1.304 public by CyberBob - http://pespin.w.interia.pl052. UPX -> Markus & Laszlo ver. [] - EXE modified!!!
053. UPX -> with extra sections - Real EP resolver ([] - required Fast scan unchecked)
054. PolyEnE v0.01+ Polymorphic Encryptor (c) 2001 Lennart Hedlund ([] - required Fast scan unchecked)
055. Nullsoft PiMP Stub - (read from Ovl: NullsoftInst3")
056. eXpressor PE Packer v1.4.5.1 - (exe, dll)
057. Thinstall 2.4x - 2.5x -> Jitit Software -
058. Thinstall 2.7x -> Jitit Software -
059. Nullsoft scriptable install system 2.xx - (read from Ovl: NullsoftInst)
060. Inno Setup Module [SFX] - Borland Delphi Inno Setup Module [unknown]
061. Private EXE Protector 1.7 (2003-2006)
062. Excalibur v1.03r (c) by forgot -> read from file [Excalibur (c) DFCG],
064. ShareGuard Loader V3.6 Zapper Software -
065. Borland C++ 1999
066. Zip Sfx Archive
067. Rar Sfx Archive
068. 7-Zip Sfx Archive
069. WinZip Sfx ver. 8.x
070. Zylom Game Installer zip Sfx (MS Visual C++ 7.0)
071. Borland C++ 2002/2005 - Copyright 200X Borland Corporation
072. WinZip Sfx (generic check)
073. Lock Express 2.0 Build 9.2 - 1997-2006 Sciensoft Research Inc
074. FreeBASIC Compiler v0.14-0.17 (c) 2004-2006 Andre Victor T.Vicentini - console App.
075. generic check: InstallShield 2003 (MS Visual C++ 5/6.0)
076. InstallAware Setup Squeezer InstallShield - (7zip archive)
077. Installer Nullsoft PiMP Stub (UPX pack)
078. Generic check: Nullsoft PiMP Stub installer
079. ASprotect 1.1c old version (
080. Microsoft Visual C#/Basic.NET
081. Setup Dev INSTALLER – Version 1.3 © Shere Khan – November 2005 (MS Visual C++ 5/6.0)
082. Dev-C++ Compiler v4.9.9.2 - Bloodshed Software (
083. Generic check: EXE STICKER like DotFix FakeSigner
084. DotFix FakeSigner v3.4 (ASPR Stub)
085. PeLock v.1.x Bartosz Wójcik
086. MS IExpress 2.0 - Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor
087. generic check: MS IExpress x.x - CAB installer ( in section II)
088. InstallShield (R) Setup Launcher v.7.x CAB file (MS Visual C++ 5/6.0)
089. PEcompact ver.1.41 - v1.84 -
090. ORiEN ver.2.11~2.12 - (1994-2003
091. VMProtect v.1.2x (demo) 2003-2006 PolyTech - (only EP protection)
092. FASM ver. 1.67 50% detection
093. Private exe Protector v1.9x - (morph)
094. Krypton The Krypter ver.0.3 by Yado -
095. MEW 11 SE 1.2 by Northfox (2004) -
096. PEncrypt 4.0 Public Release/4.0 Phi -> junkcode -
097. SDProtector Pro Edition v.1.16 (1.1 SDP!) <- info from file. www.sdprotector.com098. PE Diminisher v.0.1 (1999) - !EP (EXE Pack) v1.0 g-l-u-k [TeaM - X] 2005 - www.softprot.cjb.net100. [G!X]'s Protector v1.2 - http://breezer.ys168.com101. Active PE Scrambler/APES/v. 1.0 (2005) [TeaM - X] - (UPX) PowerArchiver 2006 [ZIP/CAB/unknown] SFX v.9.63.x - www.powerarchiver.com103. installer (MS Visual C++) inside Wise Installer104. Dev-C++ Compiler v4.9.9.2 (MINGW 32 v5.x.x) - Bloodshed Software ( 105. Hide&Protect v1.0x (2005) - www.SoftWar-protect.com106. WWPack32 ver 1.xx (1997, 98) by P. Warezak and R.Wierzbicki107. CHAOS Self Extractor 3.9 (1998-2006) (WWPack-ed) http://safeSofthome.com108. Xtreme-Protector v.1.08 (c) 2003 109. LCC Win32 v1.x (Jacob Navia) LCC Win32 v1.x DLL (Jacob Navia) Hmimys-Packer v1.0112. ExeFog v.1.1x - 2005 - www.bagie.xost.ru113. PolyCrypt PE v.2.1.x (2004-2005) - (exe/dll) 114. SimplePack v1.0 - 1.2 (LZMA/APLIB - Packman compression library 1999-2005 Igor Pavlov) 115. SimplePack v1.11 - 1.2x (Method 2 NT) 116. Unopix Version 1.10 Final 2006 Scrambler for PE files (exe/dll) 117. PPC PROTECT ver 1.1 (2006) Alexey Gorchakov www.ppc-protect.com118. Inno Setup Uninstaller - Borland Delphi 119. Armadillo v2.5x - v2.6x - www.siliconrealms.com120. DotFix NiceProtect v1.2 by GPcH Soft (2006) - www.niceprotect.com121. CreateInstall v4.x Gentee (2004 - 2008) - (free/light/full) 122. Gentee Programming Language © 2004-2006 www.gentee.com123. RLPack v.1.11 BasicEdition (uses aPLib 0.42) http://ap0x.jezgra.net124. ReversingLabsProtector 0.7.4beta http://ap0x.headcoders.net125. Install Creator Pro ver.2.0 (2003) - www.clickteam.com126. PowerBasic/CC 3.0x/CC 4.0/Win 7.0x/Win 8.0x - www.powerbasic.com127. WinUHA ver.2.0 Sfx Archive - (UPX) 128. ZipGenius 6.0.x Sfx Archive - (Borland Delphi) 129. PEbundle ver.3.20 (2003) Jeremy Collake - Executable Compressor v.4.x- Copyright © 2000-2006 PGWARE - www.pgware.com130. Lazy Assembler Version 0.53 (26 Sep 2006) Freeware (c) 2000-2006 Stepan Polovnikov131. nPack v1.1.300 (aPlib) by NEOx (2006) www.uinc.ru132. Installer - Setup Factory 6.0 - 7.0 Indigo Rose Corporation (2006) MS V C++ 6.0 133. dePack by deNULL - www.ooooQ.cn134. Goat's PE Mutilator v.1.6 (2005) - RLPack v.1.14-1.18 BasicEdition (uses aPLib 0.43/LZMA 4.30) http://ap0x.jezgra.net136. VBOWatch protector v2.0 Copyright [c] 2006 MoonLight - www.ooooQ.cn137. Generic check: build like - Private exe Protector v2.0 - www.setisoft.com138. Easy Code v.1.0x (GUI for assembler) Ramon Sala - www.easycoder.org139. Mole Box 2.6.1 by Teggo. - www.molebox.com140. SLVcOdeProtector v.1.12 by SLV - www.ooooQ.cn141. Exewrap MFC Application v.1.0 (2003) 142. Microsoft Visual C++ 8 compiler (2006) 143. RosAsm -V2.039c - (effectiveness 80 %) 144. Software Compress ver. 1.4 Lite - www.bgsopt.com145. Intel (R) C++ Compiler146. FreePascal ver: FPC 1 - 2 Win32 -> (Berczi Gabor, Pierre Muller & Peter Vreman)
147. Open WATCOM C/C++32 Portions Copyright (c) Sybase 1988-2002
148. File2Pack SFX v.2.0 2006 (F2P Self Extractor) SHOW PASSWORD! - (MS VB5/6)
149. PV Logiciels dotNet Protector 4.0 2003-2005
150. ReflexiveArcade Game wrapped file (*.RWG)
151. DAStub Dragon Armor (BamBam0.0.4.1) from Orient 2006
152. Akala EXE Lock ver.3.20 (Aspack v2.12 -> Alexey Solodovnikov) - PASSWORD DECODER(N) OR HOW TO REMOVE PASSWORD
153. BeRoEXEPacker - Version 1.00 - Copyright (C) 2006, Benjamin BeRo Rosseaux (Exe/DLL)
154. EXE Password Protector v.1.1 (MSV C++ v7) - - INFO HOW TO REMOVE PASSWORD
155. AGInstaller 1.9.12 (UPX pack) Copyright (c) 2001-2006 Agentix Software -
156. CreateInstall v2003.3.5 (EP check & OVL)
157. Protection PLUS - Instant plus (software key) (2005) - Concept Software
158. Wise Installation System! std/pro 9.02 (c) Wise Solutions Inc. -
159. Wise Installation System! ver. ?.? (c) Wise Solutions Inc. -
160. Wise Uninstaller Wizard (sec3) - - MS Visual C++ ver.6
161. m9P Editor Plus v.1.0.300 Distributable Executable Rich Text - DERT™ X ©mental9Production, 2005 - - INFO HOW TO REMOVE PASSWORD
162. Nullsoft uninstaller - - (UPX packed)
163. Nullsoft uninstaller -
164. Softwrap (XTREAMLOK) ver. 1.x~3.x - (exe/dll)
165. RLPack v.1.14-16 Full Edition - False signatures unichecker
166. RLPack v.1.14-16 Full Edition (uses aPLib 0.43/LZMA 4.3x)
167. Salfeld Computer EXE Password 2004 v trial - (Borland Delphi)
168. Wise for Windows Installer pro 4.21 (CAB) -
169. Tarma Installer ver. 2.99.xx (2005) Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd. - (MS Visual C++)
170. NTkrnl Secure Suite v.01 packer or protector - (exe)
171. NTkrnl Secure Suite v.01 packer or protector - (dll)
172. [dUP2 -> diablo2oo2] v.2.1x patchengine (patch) - Mircosoft MacroAssembler -
173. [dUP2 -> diablo2oo2] v.2.1x patchengine (loader installer) - Mircosoft MacroAssembler -
174. PE password encryptor 31-01-2000 by SMT (asm) - [OEP finder included]
175. WinUDA 0.271 sfx (2004) by Dwing
176. kkrunchy 0.1x >> radical exe packer - OR
177. kkrunchy 0.23 alpha 2 >> radical exe packer (c) f. giesen 2003-2005 -
178. CyberInstaller Suite 2006 1.1 - SilverCyberTech 2003-2007
179. Eurora3D - free installator - (ASM)
180. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 7.1 [DEBUG] exe
181. Fucking Fake File 1.0 by wspomagacz 2005.11(EXE Binder exe, jpg hidden inside])
182. Anskya Polymorphic Packer V 1.3 Code By Anskya
183. Self-Extracting Archive Utility (SEAU) ver. 15.0 2006 (Aspack v2.12 -> Alexey Solodovnikov) -
184. PE-Pack v 1.0 (c) 1998 by ANAKiN
185. PKLITE32(tm) - Version 1.1 02-15-1999 (exe)
186. PKLITE32(tm) - Version 1.1 02-15-1999 (DLL)
187. EncryptPE V2.2006.10.25 China Cracking Group -
188. CC386 Version Copyright (C) (GPL) LADSoft 1994-2006
189. PC Guard for Win32 V5.01 -
190. JDPack ver 1.01 (2005) - ???
191. Netopsystems AG INSTALLER FEAD(R) SFX (MS C++) - (packed UPX & not packed)
192. Borland C++ 1995~1998 -
193. eXpressor PE Packer v1.5.0.1 -
194. Excelsior Installer v1.0 2003-2007 (MS Visual C++ 6.0) -
195. tElock v0.98 Freeware PE-Compressor/Encryptor (c) 2000-2001 by tE!
196. UPX Lock v1.02 (2007.02) -
197. softSENTRY 3.00 1999 - 20/20 Software Inc. (site closed)
198. DxPack ver 0.86 (2001.06)
199. Neolite 2.0 -> Neoworx Inc. (1999.03.20) - (site closed)
200. ZipWorx SecureEXE v3.0 (2004-2007) (Neolite packed)
201. [PE-DIY Tools V1.10 2004] by A.Young (PoJieYong) - (how to unprotect, oep info)
202. aUS v0.5 beta (upx scrambler 2005.08) - (bad link?)
203. EXE protector 2.01a Eyhab Hillail (1998-2003) - (how unprotect pass)
204. 32Lite 0.03a -> Oleg Prokhorov www.????
205. aPackage SFX v.1.14 2001-2002 Joergen Ibsen [32Lite v0.03a packed]
206. NTPacker V2.1 by ErazerZ (2005.12) (zPlib/XOR/aPlib+xor)
207. WinHKI v1.77 SFX 2000-2007 by Hanspeter Imp (hki archive only) (packed PEcompact ver.2.7x)
208. nBinder 5.1.0 (24.03.2007 MSV C++ 8.0) NKProds Software -
209. (Basic check) : Securom 7.1 -> Sony DADC -
210. Cexe Executable Compressor v1.0b Copyright 1999, Tinyware, Inc. - by Scott Ludwig
211. ASprotect 2.3 SKE ( 25%
212. Easypano Virtual Tour player (MSV C++) -
213. PeX v0.99 bart/CrackPl (2000) (APLib 0.26 by J.Ibsen) -
214. YZPack v.2.0b.aplib (c) UsAr (2007.03)
215. YZPack v.1.1 LZMA (c) UsAr (2006.08)
216. YZPack v.1.2 aplib/LZMA (c) UsAr (2007.03)
217. ExeStealth V2.72 (Share.ver) -
218. Generic check: ExeStealth V?.? (share.ver) -
219. ExeStealth V2.x (Regg.ver) -
220. nsPack ver.1.x - x.x by North Star -
221. Microsoft Visual C++ 6 DLL
222. exe32pack 1.42 Copyright 1999-2004
223. Protect Exe 0.4 Beta (PROEX) 2002 - (UPX packed)
224. SexyPacker v. (c) 2001 - (SFX) MSV C++ 5.0
225. ID Executable Password 1.2 (c) 2005 Fastlink2 Build: 08/08/2005 - -!SHOW PASSWORD!
226. ID Application Protector v.1.2 Unreg (c) 2005 Fastlink2 - (OEP info, how to clear TRIAL)
227. Pelles C for Windows v2.xx - 4.50 ExE (1999-2006) -
228. Wise for Windows Installer pro ?.?? (CAB in section 4) MS C++ -
229. WinUtilities 5.2 EXE Protector 1.0 (2002-2007) YL Computing Inc. - - (Info how Pass remove/unprotect)
230. [section protection] VMProtect v.1.25 - 1.x (demo) 2003-2006 PolyTech -
231. REALbasic 2007 R2 Standard Edition (1997-2007 REAL Software) - (exe only)
232. UPX 3.0 -> Markus & Laszlo ver. [3.00] <- info from file. (sign for DEV C++ compiler) 233. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 7.1 EXE/DLL (3 bytes sign - easy to false) 234. Beria v0.07 public WIP (2005) - symbiont (aPlib) 235. NoodleCrypt version 2 by NoodleSpa (2000.08) 236. VPacker v0.02.10 by tt.t (exe only 2006.04 aPlib) 237. Private exe Protector v.2.00-2.15 (18.04.2007) www.setisoft.com238. Free Pascal Compiler v.2.1.4 i386 GUI APP (11.05.2007) Berczi Gabor - www.freepascal.org239. Free Pascal Compiler v.2.1.4 i386 CON APP (11.05.2007) Berczi Gabor - www.freepascal.org240. Free Pascal Compiler v.2.1.4 i386 DLL APP (11.05.2007) Berczi Gabor - www.freepascal.org241. Installshield v.12 (MSV C++) generic check2: InstallShield v.12-14 2008 (MS Visual C++) FASM (1.3x -1.67) 2004-2007 - Tomasz Grysztar244. Thinstall VS 3.0.x -> Jitit Software -
245. Astrum InstallWizard v2.24.20 (1999-2006) - (MS Visual C++)
246. WinZip SelfExtractor 3.0 (MSV C++ v7) 1996-2006 WinZip Int. LCC -
247. Wise Instalation Express v7.0 2006 (SFX CAB) MSV C++ -
248. VisageSoft Installer ? WISE for Win/.msi (MSCF CAB) Borland C++ -
249. ST Protector v1.5 SE (2006) - Silent Software - www. ???
250. (exe) Visual Protect v2.5.7 (2000.12
251. (dll) Visual Protect v2.5.7 (2000.12
252. eXpressor PE Packer v1.5.0.1 (MODE: Protection) -
253. The Enigma Protector 1.31 unreg (2007.06.15) - Vladimir Sukhov - (exe/dll)
254. generic check: (exe) Visual Protect (2000?)
255. RCryptor 1.6d by Vaska (2007.01) only exe file protector - (OEP info)
256. Polymorph Crypter, Beta Morphnah (c) (2007.05) - (OEP info)
257. Pohernah v1.0.3 (2007.03)
258. QIP[Crypt] (2007.06) Borland Delphi Crypter
259. SimbiOZ (RUS) ! Rootkit exe hider! (OEP info - for C++/Delphi)
260. AsdPack2 (EP overflow exe - Delphi or C++ detector) [detection 75%]
261. QSetup Instalation Suite - 26.05.2007 -
262. Perplex PE-protector v1.01devel 2002-2003 by [tc] GiveMe5/BliZZaRD
263. Mole Box 2.6.4 by Teggo. -
264. !EP (exe pack) v1.4 (lite) final - Team-X (2007.04),
265. DalKrypt 1.0 by DalKiT - (26.10.2003) Anti-SI, Anti-Debug, Anti-Dump
266. NackedPacker v1.0 by BigBoote (2004.01-2007.06?) -
267. WATCOM C/C++32 Run-Time system (c) Sybase Inc, 1988-2000
268. MS Visual C++ v.5 DLL Method 1 (MS VBasic kit library) ACM*
269. Open Source Code Crypter 1.0 by p0ke (9.06.2007) - - (Borland Delphi)
270. Private Personal Packer (PPP) Version 1.0.2 (13.03.2007) - ACM*
271. Wise for Windows Installer v.?.?? (CAB in section 4) MS C++ 7.0
272. Inteli check: unknown Installer - MSCF Cab file
273. Armadillo x.x ~ 5.0 32bit [exe -low protection only]
274. Armadillo x.x ~ 5.0 32bit [Dll-std protection]
275. Inteli check: MASM assembler (no signature)
276. Inteli check: unknown ver. WATCOM C/C++32 (c) Sybase 1988-200?
277. inteli check: Dev - (MINGW 32 v ?.?.?) - Bloodshed Software (
278. Borland Delphi 2006 ? -
279. Borland C++ - (DLL) Copyright 1994/96, 1999 Borland Intl.
280. CRYPToCRACk's PE Protector 0.9.3 (2007.01) Lukas Fleischer -
281. Break-Into-Pattern, a.k.a BIP, v0.1 (2006.01) -
282. DotFix NiceProtect 2.5 (with internal packer) GPcH Soft -
283. DotFix NiceProtect 2.5 (Krypton sign) GPcH Soft -
284. DotFix NiceProtect 2.5 (SVKP 1.3x sign) GPcH Soft -
285. DotFix NiceProtect 2.5 (Visual C++ sign) GPcH Soft -
286. Borland Delphi (Component) xxxx -
287. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. x.x DLL (5-8)
288. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 8.0 DLL (83) ACM*
289. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 7.xx DLL (83)
290. Private exe Protector v.2.25 (28.06.2007)
291. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 9.0 exe (E8)
292. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 9.0 DLL (8B)
293. PEiD Plugin -> Exe Converter v.1.00 (BobSoft)
294. MarjinZ EXE-Scrambler SE (MS Visual C++ 8.0)
295. Microsoft Visual C++ v7.10/8.0/9.0 DLL (8B)
296. Borland VCL Component for .NET (Borland Developer Studio 4 (c) 2006 v.10.0.2)
297. PDF2EXE v1.0 CoolPDF Software - (2006.10) - PASSWORD DECODER:-)
298. RealBasic v.?.? ExE -
299. RealBasic v.?.? DLL -
300. Generic check - Aspack vx.x -> Alexey Solodovnikov
301. generic ckeck: FreePascal ver: FPC 1.x.x
302. UPX -> (exe) Markus & Laszlo ver. 0.72 OBSOLETE VER. (12.05.1999) ACM*
303. UPX -> (dll) Markus & Laszlo ver. 0.72 OBSOLETE VER. (12.05.1999) ACM*
304. ScanTime UnDetectable by MarjinZ (STUD RC4 1.0) Marjinz-Crypter.exe
305. Free Pascal Compiler version 2.0.4 [2006/08/21] for i386 ACM*
306. Active Basic v4.24.00 © 2006.04.08 (exe) Discoversoft - (Japan) *ACM
307. Aspack v2.0 -> Alexey Solodovnikov -
308. Play Basic v.1.0x - 1.63 (2D game creator)
309. (exe) UPX obsolete ver. 0.50 - 0.72 -> Markus & Laszlo
310. ANDpakk2 v0.06 (Jul 18 2006) Dmitry "AND" Andreev -
311. ANDpakk2 v0.18 (Jul 16 2007) 2006, 2007 Dmitry "AND" Andreev -
312. PEiD-Bundle v1.03 by BoB (2007.03.30) -
313. Exe Stealth Packer or Protector v.3.16 - (NTkrnl)
314. 20to4 v2004.04.18 Copyright 2001-2004
315. Borland C++ 1995 DLL *ACM
316. nBinder LIMITED v4.0 2006 - (MSV C++ 8.0)
317. mkfpack llydd (aPlib) 28.05.2007
318. KByS 0.28 beta EXE (shoooo) china 2006.05.23 *ACM
319. KByS 0.28 beta DLL (shoooo) china 2006.05.23 *ACM
320. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 8.0 DEBUG/Visual Studio 2005 (FF) *ACM
321. mPack - mario PACKer version 0.0.2 (c) DeltaAziz
322. WinUDA 0.291 clasic sfx 2005 by Dwing
323. Cryptic v2.1 - EXE Crypter Copyright [c] 2007.09.26 Tughack (MS Visual Basic exe stub)
324. aSm Protector v1.0 Copyright [c] 2007.09.29 AT4RE
325. AverCryptor v.1.02beta by Sec|Null os1r1s (2007.08.23) -
326. Muckis Protector 2 coded 2007 by Mucki *ACM
327. Rewolf DLL packager v1.0 V.2007 (OEP info)
328. x86 Virtualizer ReWolf (VIII.2007) -
329. BeRo Tiny Pascal Compiler (EXE)
330. CDS SS V1.0 beta1 (c) CyberDoom [Team-X member] (2005.12.18) *ACM
331. [dUP2 -> diablo2oo2] v.2.16 patchengine (loader installer) - Microsoft MacroAssembler -
332. Borland C++ 2002 & 2005 DLL -
333. WinUpack 0.37-0.39 by Dwing --- (BE&60 sign)
334. Flash2X EXE Packager ver.2.1.0 2007 - (Borland Delphi) - RIP HINTs
335. D1S1G PEiD Plugin by D1N (10-24-2007) PEiD Signature and PE Overlay Tool (only OVL protection)
336. WinUtilities EXE Protect 2.1 - (MS C++ 6.0) (how to pass remove)
337. Hacker's Patcher version 0.07 Veacheslav Patkov (2007.09.21) -
338. Enigma Protector 1.35 (2007.10.12) -, Vladimir Sukhov
339. FSG v1.33 F[ast] S[mall] G[ood] - *ACM
340. FishPE Shield v.1.1x Crypt by HellFish ( - sign NOT TESTED trojan
341. Microsoft Visual C++ v4.2 DLL *ACM
342. 32lite DLL [32Lite v0.03a]
343. FishPE Shield v.2.0.x Crypt by HellFish (
344. SmartE protection -> Microsoft (trial/CD check/...)
345. Microsoft Visual Basic v6.0 DLL
346. Dev-C++ Compiler v4 old - Bloodshed Software (
347. Dev-C++ DLL (MINGW 32 v x.x.x) - Bloodshed Software ( ASLsign
348. PhrozenCrew PE Shrinker (c) 1999 by Virogen version 0.71 beta 06/27/99
349. DarkCrypt v1.2 priv by DMX (2007.12.25)
350. yoda's Crypter 1.2 (2001.01.14) *ACM
351. yoda's Crypter 1.1 (2000.12.29) *ACM
352. XPack: freeware packer (c) 2007 JoKo, Version 0.98 02/18/2007 -
353. XComp: freeware packer (c) 2007 JoKo, Version 0.98 02/18/2007 -
354. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 8.0 DLL (83_II)
355. VMProtect v.1.6x (demo) 2003-2008 PolyTech -
356. SIS-Crypt (2005.10.29)
357. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. 3.x (3~4)
358. ExeSax v.0.9.1 EXE encryptor (CAVE Method only) 2006.09.18
359. Luck007 2.7 GUI (exe) by (2007.06.07) str(60%)
360. WinKrypt v1.0 Copyright © 1999 MrCrimson/[WkT!99] *ACM
361. HASP HL Protection V1.X -> Aladdin -
362. Setup Factory for Win Installer v.1.1.1017 (21.11.2007)
363. PECRC ver.0.88chn
364. Microsoft Visual C++ ver. x.x DLL (55-10b)
365. (U/R) Private exe Protector v.2.5 (12.01.2008)
366. PeSpin v1.32 (2008.03.09) by CyberBob -
367. Thunderbolt 0.02 deXep (2005.04.15)
368. Hying's Armor v0.765 - China Cracking Group (2000-2001) (no options)
369. Hying's Armor v0.765 - China Cracking Group (2000-2001) (option: VC6++ sign)
370. Generic check: Hying's Armor v0.765 - China Cracking Group (2000-2001)
371. ZProtect v1.3.0.0 26.02.2008 (demo) 2006-2008 Lifeengines - (exe/dll)
372. Armadillo v1.xx - v2.xx or 2.51 - 3.xx DLL Stub -> Silicon Realms Toolworks
373. Obsidium v1.3.5.4 (exe/dll) - 2008.02.04 Obsidium Software -
374. Obsidium v1.2.5.8 Obsidium Software -
375. nPack v1.1.800.2008/2.0.100 by NEOx (03.03.2008) - *ACM
376. eXpressor PE Packer v1.6.0.1 (08.03.2008) -
377. Smart Install Maker v5.0x (delphi stub)
378. morph EXECryptor v.2.2-3 (IAT) (
379. UPX-Scrambler Release Candidate 1.03 by ©OnT®oL (2001.04.08) exe
380. STL Packer 1.3 - By Stel128 *ACM
381. tElock 0.99 - 1.0 private -> tE!
382. Borland Delphi DLL (2.0 - 3.0) *ACM 1992 -
383. mPack - mario PACKer version 0.0.3 (c) DeltaAziz *ACM
384. Winlicense v.1.9.x.x (compress) -> Oreans Technologies -
385. MPRESS v0.77 - MATCODE comPRESSor for executables (C) 2007, 2008, MATCODE Software -
386. MPRESS v0.75b - MATCODE comPRESSor for executables (C) 2007, 2008, MATCODE Software -
387. Microsoft Visual C++ v9.0 (e8)
388. ActiveMARK 5.x -> Trymedia Systems - *ACM
389. (E8) Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 - Visual Studio 2008
390. Microsoft Visual C#/Basic.NET/MS Visual Basic 2005/2008
391. TTProtect 1.0 - 2007/2008 - (.net/dll)
392. TTProtect 1.0 - 2007/2008 - (exe)
393. MPRESS v1.05 - MATCODE comPRESSor for executables (C) 2007, 2008, MATCODE Software -
394. MPRESS v1.07 - MATCODE comPRESSor for executables (C) 2007, 2008, MATCODE Software -
395. EncryptPE V2.2008.6.18 China Cracking Group -
396. Empathy 2.1 Exe password 2007.08 (using: PE-Inject Engine 1.0 by M.Strechovsky) (pass decode max.12 char)
397. Microsoft Visual Basic v4.0-6.0 DLL (5A)
398. Microsoft Visual C#/Basic.NET/MS Visual Basic 2005 (4xFF25)
399. Borland C++ Copyright (No Copyr. sign)
400.!EPack 1.4 lite final - by 6aHguT/Team-X 2006.08
401. Securom 7.3x.xxxx -> Sony DADC -
402. Securom 7.xx.xxxx * -> Sony DADC -
403. *Safedisc V4.50.000 -> Macrovision Corporation
404. X-Crypter 2.0 by X-zero (Delphi stub) 2008.07 -
405. AT4RE Protector v1.0 By Mouradpr *ACM
406. Russian_Cryptor_v1.0 by master3 (2007.05)
407. Obsidium v1.3.6.3 -
408. RLPack v.1.20.1 Full Edition stub (EXE- aPLib 0.43/LZMA 4.3x) *ACM
409. RLPack v.1.20.1 Full Edition stub (DLL- aPLib 0.43/LZMA 4.3x)
410. Generic check: RLPack 1.20 with fake signature
411. Flashback Protector v1.0 beta3 (no fake sign) build 2008.08.17 -
412. Flashback Protector v1.0 beta3 (with FAKE sign) build 2008.08.17 -
413. SecurePE 1.5 RC4 -
414. Morphnah Beta2 (c) (2007.05)
415. EXECryptor v2.1x (No protEP) *** ->
416. Aspack Scrambler v0.2 KuNgBiM/[CCG] - 08.01.2008
417. Cobol compiler (417) exe
418. WinAce/SFX Factory v2.x 32-bit (PEtite 2.x Stub)
419. Armadillo 6.0x EXE 32bit - *ACM
420. Armadillo 6.x DLL 32bit - *ACM
421. InstallStation Installer v.1.0.5 -
422. fEaRz Packer v0.3 (Private-1) RC4 Encrypt (Delphi)
423. RDG packer v.0.x (VB Crypter) 2008.09 *ACM
424. Macromedia Flash Player 8.0 (2005) - *ACM
425. REAL Basic 2008 (MS Visual C++ 8.0 stub)
426. Themida & WinLicense 2.0 - struct (Hide from PE scanners typeII)
427. Lindersoft SetupBuilder Developer v6.7 (2008) -
428. Clarion v.6.0 (1993-2006) -
429. Advanced Installer v.6.x 2003-2008 by (MSC++) .MSI only ovl
430. Poly!Crypt v.2.8 (2007.03) by [BUNG] - *structure lame detector (75%)
431. Tarma® Installer v.4.5 - 1990-2008 Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd (MSC++ stub) ver.fromfile
432. The Enigma Protector 1.5x [1.52] (2008.08/10) - Vladimir Sukhov -
433. Themida & WinLicense 2.0 - struct* (Hide from PE scanners typeI)
434. Angel's Crypteur v0.2 2008.10.25 (C++ stub) -
435. Fearz crypter 2.2.0 - by fEaRz (Delphi stub) *ACM
436. Saddam crypter v2.0 By 4bo3tb (2008.09.25) Delphi stub *ACM
437. Hack Hound - HH Crypter 2.2 by Hydrargirum for (2008.11.02 Delphi stub) *ACM
438. InstallShield® 2009 v15 Pro - - Acresso Software Inc. (MSC++)
439. Hack Hound - HH Crypter 1.0.4 (Mod.Huex) by Hydrargirum for (2008.08.08 Delphi stub) *ACM
440. TTProtect 1.0.5 - 2008.08.17 (max/obf) - *ACM
441. TTProtect 1.0.5 - 2008.08.17 (std/max/net) - *ACM
442. TTProtect 1.0.5 dll - 2008.08.17 (max/obf) - *ACM
443. Secure Shade 1.8 by Kizar 02-07-2008 (C++ stub)
444. skD Undetectabler 2.0 pro (Delphi stub) - (C) White Fire Crew 2006-2007 (*unprotect)
2008.11.11 (c) A.S.L.

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