Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thunder Ayu No Ads

Thunder Ayu NoAds Thunder Updates:
Support direct support XP sp3 number of semi-open connection to amend
Support collections notifications
Strengthen safety download service

Thunder Ayu Update: 2008.07.04 10:15
Source version:
Size: (6,986,337 bytes)
Operating System: xp/vista/2000
md5 ( = 0a22bd2a029f286315dd86e9e1798cbd

Filesharehost Download: | Mirror | 6.66 MB

DDL Mirrors (might be slow):

md5 ( = 0a22bd2a029f286315dd86e9e1798cbd

Language Pack English (All Credits to HeHeHunter): | | |

More English Language Packs are on HeHeHunter's Blog available to download:
There is also a FAQ in English:


Anonymous said...

Hey there Just wondering if any1 can find an english translated/translation of Kuwo/Cool Music box (酷我首页).

Great program 10/10 Highly recommend.. but newer version block ppl not in China. Get the 2.0.2 version no restrictions.

If no translation, will still recommend to be put on this page. Can play songs without download or download all the songs u want. Artists arranged alphabetically. Try to see. Would like to see it on this page. Thnx.

IlLusioN said...

Please post me downloadable link to the right version of the software. I think I can edit the resources in the program into english. If its not more difficult as flashget mini. Will do the result on site.
Thank you

IlLusioN said...

Version 2.0.0 I could found was in 7z installer. If you can send me 2.0.2 or latest which is not limited will be better.

Its easy to translate im in the ressource. I need only google translate all words and put English inside in KwMusic.exe
file info (this version might be to old?)
Struc Version: 1.0
File Version:
Product Version:
File Flags Mask: 0.63

Please send version 2.02 or if 2.035 is not limited?

Send me please newer version latest which is not limited so I edit the ressource tomorow and post it here.

IlLusioN said...

Sorry Im wrong I have 2.04 the program exe is 2.0.0 (1)
Limitation must be in any dll file. So I edit the program exe, we must only install 2.02 or any older version I need without limitation and find out which file have the limitation. Program with language (exe) seems to be the same. We can replace only the program.exe up to the latest version when Im finsihed changing the words to english.

IlLusioN said...

Hi, I have the menu already in english done finished, tomorrow I do the Dialogs. Cool software! I like it. Please dont forget send me older version that we get the limitation out. In emergency we must find a proxy in mainland China if the limitaion is on tham server. i did read something by translating about limitation.
Wanna make it ready tomorrow if you can send me older version.

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ah... sorry din think any1 was gonan reply to my post haha ;p will check back more often now..

Uploaded version 2.0.2 up to eufiles.... above 2.0.2 somehow there's some country restrictions(only china) that stops you downloading all the songs..

so im posting 2.0.2 up. Have fun peeps

GriMx said...

Have posted the link to 2.0.2 version previously... one thing to note is I cannot find an option to stop it asking you to update to a newer version... clicking yes to update causes u not to be able to download songs.(updated to new version).

GriMx said...

Is there somewhere(forum?) on this site that we can work from? Might go a bit faster that way?

IlLusioN said...

The program exe I have completed with translation now. Please only put the program exe into folder. It needs much more. anone must make the theme in english the syles and all graphics arount the gui. The urls inside the chinese site change over google tranalate to give back english translated version.
1. Install the version without limitations. (The limitations i think are not in file KwMusic.exe, they must be in a dll or any other file so replace or place just the translated KwMusic1.exe to the program folder, usually C:\Program Files\KWMUSIC\ where it is installed)
You will get only left mouse/ right mouse click menus now english until the rest is done!

put this file to your KMUSIC installation directory and execute-run this

Anonymous said...

One problem..
Error Entry Point Not Found.
Procedure entry point SetSysMsgWnd could not be located in dynamic link library p2p.dll

This error comes up for KW MusicBox v2.0.2 that i posted above.

IlLusioN said...

Will check this later and post fix

IlLusioN said...

The Forum is not English. Strange thing by me the limitations do not shown up. Maybe they have some bigger Countries limited.

Im gona make the whole thing again using the program exe from your Version. Please use this place for responce.

A few things I need from you cause I can not read Eastern Letters.

1. Please check if there is a tool to create skins/themes on this Chinese sites. If please put it on a filehoster so we can make the file skinpack.pkg in Skin English.

The default skin please rename the folder to "skinsfor"
sample: KWMUSIC\Skin\skinsfor

I have change this in the exe cause my OS cant show properly the Letter support in folders (filenames can be Chinese)

Takes a while must I install PRC Languge support again...

IlLusioN said...

good the file p2p.dll

Seems to be the factor with the country limits

Thanks for the report. this is what i want to know.

Will take a look to this file if can remove the limts in the new version or not.

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