Tuesday, July 22, 2008

easyMule 1.0.3 final

This version of stability so that we waited too long, the team officially launched today VeryCD stable version 1.0.3
Compared to 1.0.0 stable version, 1.0.3 all the improvements and bug fixes are as follows:

1) To improve the "eDonkey file" user experience

(Prior to 1.0.0 because of the design so that many users will not use the eDonkey file, so we carried out a number of interface design optimization perfect, the default home page of resources to add a search tab, "eDonkey file", More convenient for users more easily find eDonkey file at the same time in the search results have been re-search, eDonkey has signed up a new page to display search results at the same time the mouse moved to the main interface on the left side of the search box automatically when the bomb To choose the type of search;)

2) add a lot of user expectations of the "View each other to share files" feature

3) enhance the stability of procedures, remove the download task of resolving the possible collapse of the procedures

4) speed up the proceedings eDonkey and optimize the speed of memory, saving a number of unnecessary dynamic log output

5) optimization ed2k/http/ftp mixed agreement to download and download the document to speed up the final stage of the download speed

6) restoration of the http / ftp download to a certain stage in the task of stopping a progress can not continue after the download bug

7) optimization process: the task of downloading large files can be deleted quickly deleted

8) process optimization: a new mandate to download large files, you can immediately rapid withdrawal does not create a procedure Jiangsi

9) process optimization: http / ftp download connection control optimization, to avoid invalid link

10) fixed bug: sharing the download page on the F1 key at the same time when the old emule pop with the help of web pages and new pages to help easyMule

11) fixed bug: set-up options in the ED2K and HTTP / FTP monitoring settings sometimes Failure

12) fixed bug: clients.met damage caused after the crash and procedures Runtime error

13) fixed bug: the download page of the "upload" in the list are sometimes not fully displayed in the user to upload

14) fixed bug: Calling some antivirus software caused the collapse of the procedures

15) fixed bug: lowid find a buddy in after failure to make timely release documents to the KAD network

16) fixed bug: the pure digital Hash ed2k link to download the task can not be deleted

17) fixed bug: Click on eDonkey links will be lost in the download link http / ftp source of information

18) the code number of collating and several other reconstruction and stability of repair




Mirrors http:
easymule_1.0.3_verycd080722.rar 3.55 MB - Mirror DDL
easymule_080722_setup.exe 3.26 MB - Mirror DDL
EasyMule-VeryCD-src-080722.rar 7.00 MB

here so far some ed2k links BIN:






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