Friday, July 18, 2008

FlashGet English AdsFree + AntiVirus Module and Google Search Module

FlashGet AdsFree
FlashGet v2.13.0.1202 English AdsFree
- Disable/Enable Global Flashget Batch Shortcut added to installer
- FlashGet v2.13.0.1202 Default with Menu Toolbar on Top and FlashGet Style II without Menubar -> Drop Down Menu Bar added
- To the Security Module the "SoBar" Search Bar Module modded to use Google Search not added. (Other Search Engines follow later eg.: Public Torrent sites, FileMirrors, FTP Search,...) Kuaiche Website Search removed.
- Ressources = your Internet Explorer Homepage Shortcut to it
- FlashGet original installer adds another search page to IE settings, have been replaced by anonymous Google search using (no cookies will be stored).

Download: FlashGet-EN-v2.13.0.1202AV-BHO-Search.exe 3.01 MB - Mirror - Mirror

Add as IE 7 / 8 Search Provider

Small Error found: On some Windows systems the enable.bat shortcut possible does not work. Fix: rename enable.bat to and change the file extension in the Programs/FlashGet to .cmd

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