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eMule v0.48a eXcalibur 1.82 Mod is ASProtect crypted/protected!!!

eMule v0.48a eXcalibur 1.82
eMule v0.48a eXcalibur 1.82 Modded By 风之痕 [ ]
Private Edition, Only Shared With Friends, Please Do NOT Redistribute. Thanks.
此程序为私用版本, 不在公众渠道发布, 也请获得的骡友不要散发. 谢谢.
eMule Project:
eMule is Mule, Not Donkey. ^_^

Dirty eMule Mod Tricks

Download: eMule_v0.48a_eXcalibur_v1.82.7z 3.10 MB - Mirrors

ed2k: eMule_v0.48a_eXcalibur_v1.82.7z
-> send to analyse:

Last Clean Version: eMule_v0.48a_eXcalibur_v1.8en.rar 3.01 MB

Please use Version 1.82 with care Mod is ASProtect!!! (use Process Monitor etc..)
Changes: Mod was before in Version 1.80 and earlier compressed with UPX and removing changing the Header. eXcalibur sections in version 1.82 Header .adata which is ASprotect, unpack with Abstersiver and Stripper v2.13 does not work:
[ 9,50] Load file eMule.exe... [ ok ]
[ ---- ] Header info: ImageBase: 00400000, EP: 00001000
[ 95,43] Start debug session... [ ok ]
[ ---- ] PID: 0000086C
[ 79,61] Wait EP... [ ok ]
[ ---- ] Real ImageBase: 00400000
[ ---- ] Trace...
[ 9,89] ASPack technology detected!
[ ---- ] Find ASPack loader section... [ error ]
[ ---- ] ASPack section not found!
[ ---- ] ASProtect detecting...
[ ---- ] ****************************************************
[ ---- ] Version: Unknown!
[ ---- ] ****************************************************
[ ---- ] Terminate...

try Ollydbg.exe with plugin Aspr2.XX_unpacker_v1.0E by VolX to extract.


This into the Public Wesitehosts published taken emule.exe is possible a fake and not the original Modded By 风之痕 cause emule.exe is scrambled with ASProtect Version 2.x Registered or cracked edition by Alexey Solodovnikov ( / Dirty eMule tricks. Before was UPX with modificated header / some AV did report is as Virus.
2008.07.20 eXcalibur v1.82 private version

[+] To ensure the consistency of style interface, the creation of the icon interface;
[+] Laws "me" in the format and content of the show;
[+] New anti-vampire detection methods and testing processes to completely stop Vagaa client;
[F] attempt to repair 1.8/1.81 in the number of users (mostly XP SP3) sometimes no reason to withdraw from the problem;
[F] repair bulk rename function in the file name contains characters at the East Asian region will go wrong;
[F] repair buddy list will appear garbled or the wrong question mark;
[F] repair the list of the client Transmission icon sometimes drawing repeat the mistakes;
[F] repair a number of other minor problems;
2008.07.16 v1.81 private version
[+] Delete the prohibition of static server functions can now choose whether to enable (Options -> server)
[+] Change the default interface style and the relevant icon (thanks o97o8l provide some of the resources)
[+] Boss Key trigger post-treatment process to improve;
[F] attempt to repair no reason to withdraw from 1.8 in the issue (thanks to jeff82, Kongque Ling, USOON)
[F] repair even check the option will also appear without the corresponding label can not connect the domestic several server errors;

2008.07.07 v1.8 private version
eMule v0.48a eXcalibur 1.8
Click here to check if a new version is available
Modded By 风之痕 [ ] Based On VeryCD 080627 Source Code

[+] If the UDP port is not enabled (can not connect Kad network) in the log in prompts the user;
[+] Message window Friends list copy / paste link to friends and access to their own friends link the function;
[+] Into the Boss Key mode is automatically shut down all of the window eXcalibur, Boss Key features can quickly hide out all the relevant window eXcalibur (Options -> High)
[+] Kad, UPnP and Internet functions within network optimization (from VeryCD)
[+] DLP + upgrade to the DLP + v3201;
[+] Increase in the upper right corner to close the window click on the button to close the proceedings to the system tray feature, the default is not open; (Options -> Display)
[+] Kad increase the number of nodes cache (nodes.dat) in order to load more quickly at the start node;
[F] if the transmission in the task list in connection Kad began immediately after finding the source rather than waiting for Kad node to K barrels, or close to capacity after the start to find the source;
[F] repair advanced options in the "automatic on / off firewall port," was banned; (thanks Kong Queling)
[F] server repair window "me" in the level of ID do not accurately judge the issue;

2008.07.03 v1.71 private version
[+] In the log file Notifier.ini led to the lack of notice can not pop up the task bar prompts the question;
[F] document Notifier.ini repair due to the wrong path set (usually because of the use of the original configuration files) and lead to pop-up tray notification error, (thanks to Kokura highest)

2008.07.03 v1.7 private version
[+] Memory of the closed proceedings when the window pane and log functions (Options -> High)
[+] Memory backup to the choice of file types;
[+] Before reuse the profile (of course, part of the new options or recommend that users need to configure the light of their own);
[+] Whether or not to the friend to friend points to reduce the queuing time (Options -> High)
[+] Do you want to download peer points between each other can be used to speed up the pieces of paper streaming speed (Options -> High)
[+] Boss Key features, can quickly hide the main window and tray icon, if mini-mule or options window is shut down automatically; (Options -> conventional)
* Support includes Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Fx combination of keys and a separate F4, F6-F11 (F1-F3, F5, etc. hotkey has been shielding)
[+] Support from the Boss Key mode settings when the restoration of the main window display window and mini mule and (Options -> High)
[+] DLP + upgrade to the DLP + v3116 Reload;
[F] does not prohibit changes due to rename the bulk size of the window display does not lead to corresponding normal controls (thank Kokura highest)

[Proposal] use
Please extract the initial use of compressed air to the files in the folder, run eMule.exe and enter the option dialog can be set. Major set the following parameters: user name, TCP / UDP port, the upload speed limits (recommendation For half of the peak upload speed), the rigid restrictions and the largest number of connections, download and save the file directory of temporary directory, the largest number of new connections / every five seconds, the largest number of semi-open connection.

Non-first use of the proposed extract the folder to a blank in accordance with their own additions and deletions need to document and configuration options.

From the original eMule procedures of the config directory folder copy clients.met, cryptkey.dat, known2_64.met, known.met, preferences.dat, preferencesKad.dat, statistics.ini, Category.ini and other documents to the config eXcalibur Directory to retain the original credit / integration, document sharing, statistical data and information category.

If you are upgrading from eXcalibur v1.4 version from the initial run first perform a server to add all the static list server operators.
MediaInfo.dll, UnRAR.dll and ip-to-country.csv both have been upgraded to the latest version.
The implicit IPFilter has been added in the dissemination of bad block / AIDS, scanning share files, send spam servers and false news filtering rules, strongly recommends the use of.
Note: Due to the use of a new test code, this version must be with DLP + v3116 (cabinet has been provided) above the use of, or procedures will go wrong!
If it is found that can not use the system tray pop-up alerts, check whether there config directory Notifier.ini paper!
Published by President Kabbah before the latest virus detection, rest assured use.

eXcalibur VeryCD Mod is based on a modified version, in other words the Mod Mod. intention is the development of a smaller paper size, retain VeryCD Mod in the network within the Internet function at the same time, other Mod absorb the advantages and characteristics, as far as possible The strengthening of stability and provide a more practical function.

Compared to the change VeryCD 080313 click here

Will be a good mod if it where usable Multilingual.

NOT English, no Multilanguage support, all Mod string names have been replaced with Chinese words, Lang Selection have been disabled in the gui wtf! Why do they rip/remove the Language selection menu is not to understand. eMule heve by default support for using the Language files which are available in more than 36 Languages include Chinese Traditional and Simplified!

You can emulate Mod ScarAngel 2.5
like: ScarAngle 2.1 search with Hexedit S.c.a.r.A.n.g.e.l. .2.. with will be: 53 00 63 00 61 00 72 00 41 00 6E 00 67 00 65 00 6C 00 20 00 32 00 2E 00 Change 1 to 5 in Version String

One Mod quick edited + Last eXcalibur 1.8 with default English (limited use of eMule Lang files possible): eMule 0.48a ScarAngle String.rar 7.97 MB

UnPacKed and Chinese Dialog Strings replaced with the eMule Original Strings English:

emule.exe only: eMule.exe 4.33 MB

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