Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FlashGet English AdsFree v2.13.0.1202 + AntiVirus Module

FlashGet v2.13, FlashGet v2.12,....

- No options to exlude from the new introduced BHO system inside the GUI file extensions to take over as a download. For example on Blogspot all url queries with posts.g? anyname.g will be catched into the download manager instead of browse in Web browser to the destination url.
- BTCore Bittorrent module: No options to limit maximum connections / torrent.
Routers on the Market in Europe will not can handle by 3 active torrents per torrent more than 400 connections which is alltogether more than 1200 connections/sec. Tests on AVM Router give already up by 400 connections at once to handle. Our Routers with 32 MB and more memory chips and others can handle up to 650 peak ~720 max connections/sec but never 1000 or 1400.
- The googletoolbar takes 1,2 mb inside the original installer which is about 15 % of the whole application setup size.
- BitTorrent is fixed associated with FlashGet as many other options, the settings menu in flashget does not remove the association.
- Options/Settings: Many otions and settings in this very reduced Config menu, FlashGet show no reaction doing changes in options.
- the log / stat / stats urls and other call back collectors are unliked as wireshark logs show that all download activity get logged to some server urls.
- Hello China isn't it Beta? Why can't you do anything for free even in beta status without Ads, Embedded sponcer things and co., logs,... until its final and bugs are fixed!
- About The AV recommendations: Oh uh ah uf boa ahh umgh, found better links in the net same things for free official!
- Missing HotKey or Button to disable flashget / bypass / skip download with flashget
- the issue with or any link with .g in url

Solution temporary:

Create in flashget dir (where flashget.exe is placed) 2 batch files to enable / disable Flashget by rename flashget.exe and create shortcut to flashget program group or desktop

rename flashget.exe

rename flashget.exe

Beta - Ads Free
works as following:
by setup over an existend installtion of Flashget it removes all uneeded files such as logger, Ads etc..

[InstallDelete] = Delete FlashGet install folder by install include the files under allusers application data folder
Name: {commonappdata}\FlashGetBHO\LiveQuery.exe; Type: files; Tasks: ; Languages:
Name: {commonappdata}\FlashGetBHO\LiveSupport.exe; Type: files
Name: {commonappdata}\FlashGetBHO\LiveQuery.ini; Type: files
Name: {pf}\FlashGet Network; Type: filesandordirs

Unistall is properly done it does not left any rests from flashget:
[UninstallDelete] = Delete FlashGet folder by uninstall
Name: {pf}\{#MyAppName}; Type: filesandordirs
+ most regkeys, run ccleaner or any good deeper regcleaner to get the rest away.

Temporary solution:

1. Download: ( other builds: )
2. Install with caution and carefull! When you install the NSIS original FlashGet setup (the installer is Chinese, deselect, uncheck!!! all selections in the setup menu!
3. Dont run flashget or it will beginn to download some unwanted stuff!
4. close flashget immediatly after install
5. Run this Ads free installer - Mirror DL over it. It replace FLashget exe and remove the unliked files.
6. Enjoy FlashGet Ads Free.

Optional: try only Ads Free without installing the original Chinese Setup package before! Not sure if the new bho is integrated well and take links by click! Hardly to emulate this as its done not on a Windows nor Windows fully compatible emulation OS. Cant on Unix check activeX BHO objects if they are correct ported into windows registry :)(
- The VBA Scripts clipboard catcher for all, single and flv links should work. Copy link to clipboard when flashget is running.

If all doesn't fit the needs. Check out Reget (new versions comes with a great methode to get link on click into the download manager). Options are most feature rich!

Later Tests on a Notebook where FlashGet never was installed before shows the link catcher include BHO to get Link on click work with our Ads Free FlashGet Installer:

Download: flashget_en_v2.13.0.1202av_bho.exe 2.44 MB

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