Tuesday, July 15, 2008

eMule v0.49a AcKroNiC v5.0 Beta 3

eMule v0.49a AcKroNiC v5.0 Beta 3
eMule v0.49a [AcKroNiC v5.0]

Mod of a Mod it
Graphics and Icons, Toolbar original AcKroNiC incl. FunnyNick
modstr AcKroNiC v5.0
more see AcKroNiC v5.0 Beta 3
add : fix and VS2005 at CBarShader::FillRange from MorphXT v11.0 (Fafner/netfinity)
fix : my miss (updated 0.49a) @CDeadSourceList::IsDeadSource (umeK)
fix : Division by 0 (@CPreferences::CheckSlotSpeed) when maxupload is reduced to 1.
fix : Division by 0 (@CServer::IsPossibleFakeServer) with no users
add : Reginal connection wizard + IT internet packages (Aenarion[ITA]/Mulo da Soma) + IL (taz/Asrok)
add : 16+ downloads by defaults
(add : auto drop immunity - for drop system)
Todo : With CA - adapt suqwt and nick to leecher for thieves
Todo : With CA - adapt PowerShare to leechers

platform v0.9c - 19/6/08
add : no SUQWT for ModThief or NickThief
add : One-queue-per-file
add : better passive source finding
add : Don't allow file hot swapping
add : corrupted blocks ban threshold
add : static ip filter
add : Friendnote
fix : startup Client Analyzer note
fix : log content on startup

platform v0.9b - 16/6/08
add : Always full chunk
add : ServerAnalyzer
add : Servers visualization
add : IP2Country (no text on lists)
add : ModIcon
add : ClientAnalyzer

platform v0.8b - 12/06/08
add : SlotControl (SlotSpeed + SlotFocus)
add : Horde opcodes

platform v0.7b - 08/06/08
change : Easy ModVersion now controls default user nick
add : Faster Upload Timer
add : SCC (Smart Category Control)
add : download color
add : merge Known
fix : sort search results by known

platfrom 0.6c - 06/06/08
add : Connection Checker
add : Unknown Protocol Tags
add : Extended clean-up (client list) - AKA Xtreme mem diet
fix : deadlock around ASFU
fix : AICH recovery

platform v0.6 02/06/08
fix : use prime numbers for hash tables
fix : All category title when only one category
add : retry connection attempts
add : fix connection collision
add : L2HAC
add : Don't remove dead servers on 0 retries
add : Static servers protected
add : Reset Kad-IP on IP-Change
add : Inform Clients after IP Change
add : optimization requpfile
add : SLS
add : PowerShare

platform v0.5c - 28/05/08
add : remove unused AICH-hashes
add : SafeHash
add : Flush Thread

platform v0.5 - 24/05/08
add : partial Show ModVer
change : add direct URL updates to IPFilter-Update (taz)
add : ICS
add : Anti HideOS
add : Automatic shared files updater + code optimization @ CSharedFilesWnd::Reload (taz)
add : DBR
add : Nice Hash
add : HashProgress

platform v0.4 - 21/05/08
add : Generic mod options
add : SlideBar
add : Tabbed Prefs
add : AddonDirectory
add : IPFilter-Update
add : ed2k updates
add : IntelliFlush
add : InfiniteQueue
add : optimization for wine

platform v0.3 - 18/05/08
add : Own Prefs (+ Generic)
add : Emulate Others
add : minRQR
add : Extended credit
add : SUQWT

platform v0.2 - 16/05/08
add : Easy ModVersion
add : ModVersionSystem
add : ModCredits
add : ClipStat
add : ModStats
add : ECR & Compat Client Stats
add : GetProcessTimes (only for sysinfo)
add : Open Incoming from tray

VS2005 v0.1 - vanilla 13/05/08
update : CxImage 6.00
remove : define BETA in proj file

VS2005 v0.0 - vanilla 11/05/08
update : AsyncSocketEx code from Warp 0.3a11 (Netfinity)
update : libpng 1.2.28 - 10'x JvA
update : cryptlib 5.2.2
update : CxImage 5.99c

Download: eMule0.49a-AcKroNiC v5.0 Beta 3-BIN.rar 5.86 MB - Mirror - Mirror

With ClientAnalyzer:
Analyzer: client 80.230.20x.x '{amrXC} xxxxxxxx [sXEwWmN]' (eMule v0.49a [AcKroNiC v5.0],Connecting/None/None) was NOT cleared from ModThief state (blocked by timer)
Analyzer: Marked as NickThief - simple tag: (89.212.20x.xx ' (amrXC)' (eMule v0.48a [eDonkey2008 v1.5.0],Connecting/None/None))
Analyzer: Marked as NickThief - double tag: (80.230.202.x '{amrXC} xxxx' (eMule v0.49a [AcKroNiC v5.0],Connecting/None/None))
Analyzer: Marked as ModThief - Nickthief version of our mod: (80.230.202.x '{amrXC} xxxxx' (eMule v0.49a [AcKroNiC v5.0],Connecting/None/None))

Q: Why is the emule.exe filesize smaller as on restrict area download section?
A: All Graphics include Default emule graphics eg.: about/splash/wizard in file size (without loose of Quality) optimized. GIF, JPG section. Some icons and icon libs new done (there where many 16x16 icons in oversize. emule do resize it internal but there is no need to use this resize size reduce function if it can be made in matching size. Relocation Table stripped from PE / uneeded.

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