Sunday, July 6, 2008

BitSpirit English, Polish, German, Chinese - Ads Free - No BHO - Blue EdiTion

BitSpirit - The powerful and easy-to-use BitTorrent Client
English, Deutsch, Polish, Chinese without Ads and Browser Helper Object (BHO) - associate .torrent by setup or .torrent files open with BitSpirit in Windows. Another option, in BitSpirit select under Files, Add Torrent Link.
No 3th party addons, plugins or Ads display in the User Interface. No Torrent Market exchange collection offer "My Goods".
Reloaded with latest MyUPnP Tool in Blue Design Installer
BitSpirit Ads Free Setup - Click for fullscreen

Supported Languages:
English (Default), Chinese, Polish, German

BitSpirit Deutsch, Polish, Chinese, English - Ads Free. Click for Fullscreen

2 Editions Blue:
Default Style in Blue Color
MiniBar Blue,...
Tango Style
Application (Program exe) upx packed (compressed) for smaller installed size. -upx
Uncompressed (packed) bigger installed size.

BitSpirit.exe upx compressed
Size: 899 KB (921.088 bytes)
File Hash:
MD5: 80c90eb35d50a9f4eea4383d7eff4bce
SHA-1: f9b53859cd990542e0acd9f3949667f842a836ed

BitSpirit.exe not compressed
Size: 2,86 MB (3.004.416 bytes)
File Hash:
MD5: 76810f056770f8c19d6a6ec360123c87
SHA-1: 9cd97abaec6b8652301a7d741fba98382d525c03


New Style Installer + Blue EdiTion:

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-CHN-PL-DE-NoAds-NoBHO.exe | Mirror | 2,52 MB
MD5: c29445db837158b0e24d6ed5eeb97a49
SHA-1: aa5d3748644776be6cde5468640ac8710c7746c7

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-CHN-PL-DE-NoAds-NoBHO-upx.exe | Mirror | 2.68 MB
MD5: bb257af061da4592d08838463a46acc8
SHA-1: a781e7f17ef961ba4973d23e05bf9f8849c25983

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-CHN-PL-DE-NoAds-NoBHO-TangoBlue.exe | Mirror | 2.51 MB
MD5: cb732176ebc85fbfb63a62696d058dfb
SHA-1: 2fdab29dd5405ce0a3efb7dda11649af0fd10b6a

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-CHN-PL-DE-NoAds-NoBHO-TangoBlue-upx.exe | Mirror | 2,67 MB
MD5: c5971cfab4c1a6911506f61f37fdbe02
SHA-1: 5084bdd3fdfb22387500e7000e9cfa65d81eb857

Old Style Installer + Green EdiTion:

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-CHN-PL-DE-NoAds-NoBHO.exe 2.26 MB

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-NoBHO-upx.exe 2.41 MB
MD5: 05e1e71ce10bd7da8c59b5040c101be9
SHA-1: bb8ea464cf3af513077ed675c601b6376d4ee4d5

BitSpirit English Mini Ads Free without BHO - Blue EdiTion

- Ads Free
- No Browser Helper Object
- No Installation required, uncompress (7zip, rar) and run
- Size on Disk requ. only 1,11 MB !!!


bsv3.3.2.255.EN-Mini-noBHO.7z | Mirror | 970.17 KB
MD5: 04550d3e268a1a165c5a9003c0efa157
SHA-1: 41a1c70c2f61b04d1c1305c305699d13aa6d7bb8

bsv3.3.2.255.EN-Mini-noBHO-Tango.7z | Mirror | 956.82 KB
MD5: 24cc98de835b8fd66bb991b531ee3f95
SHA-1: 7fdfd45ea4a34744c619747e333e02927f42498a

Male Edition Blue, Female Edition Pink follow when she wrote the Russian Translation for BS Version 3.x ... :))


Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Blue and Green editions? Different skins?

How about the Tango edition?

BHO (Browser Help Object) is?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Although S&D is good, it leaves the effects of protection in effect unless you de-immunize and deselect all the options you've selected first before uninstall. Just a word up for those who plan to use it.

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