Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BitComet 1.03 Beta 20080708

Beta [20080708]
GUI Improved: redesign preferences dialog, improve option layout
GUI Improved: new advanced option: User-agent sent to HTTP tracker
GUI Improved: new advanced option to adjust Anti-Leech rules
GUI Improved: new advanced option to config file path of video player
GUI Improved: improve connection number display in task list for HTTP/FTP task
GUI Improved: add left size column to task list (hidden by default)
GUI Improved: add context menu to BT task peer list header, to select columns to display
GUI Improved: BT task peer list support group display
GUI Improved: freeze BT task peer list when ScrollLock turned on
GUI Improved: HTTP task properties dialog will display free disk space of save location
GUI Improved: BitComet not responding dialog can be disabled
GUI Improved: BitComet don't hide already running emule plugin window when startup
GUI Improved: remove task category management
GUI Improved: remove history task list
GUI Improved: remove video file preview window, launch external video player instead
GUI Improved: remove BitComet resource browser from install package
Core Improved: remove NAT Traversal via UDP, to improve TCP transfer efficiency
Core Bugfix: after a file in BT task download finished, disconnect corresponding Long-Time Seeding connection immediately
Core Bugfix: the pieces containing file boundary data of BT task will be download repeatedly in some situation
Core Bugfix: BitComet does not save the BT tasks created by BC link when program exit

v1.02 2008.6.3
GUI Improved: task category will display "empty" when not set
GUI Improved: whether to search for mirrors when add new HTTP task can be set as default setting
GUI Improved: new option for preview window: keep aspect ratio of video
GUI Improved: new switch button in toolbar of preview window: skip undownloaded range or waiting for buffering
GUI Improved: BitComet resource browser (CometBrowser.exe) will exit immediately after close all its window
GUI Improved: removw server mode option in advanced netword settings
GUI Bugfix: user name and password in HTTP/FTP task properties dialog do not take effect
Core Improved: Long-Time Seeding can download file boundary data for BT task, where one piece containing multi files
Core Improved: when select part files of a BT task to download, the file boundary data will be saved in taskname.piece_part.bc!
Core Improved: enhance virus protect auto-config
Core Improved: support TCP half-open patch for Windows XP SP3
Core Improved: FireFox extension support FireFox 3.0
Core Bugfix: error occurs when connect to certain trackers: "Tracker Reture Zero Length Response"
Core Bugfix: EVENT_COMPLETE should be sent to tacker only when all files in BT task downloaded, not only selected
Core Bugfix: HTTP download task do not reconnect server after connection disconnected by server
Core Bugfix: HTTP download task do not drop invalid data from out-of-date mirror server, lead to redownload after hash check failure


BitComet 1.03 Build 20080708 Beta
Ads free:
- Torrent Share
- Snap-shot
- Toolbar downloader
- Google Analyses in code
No popups and others should be appear

No Ads no Comm:
BitCometBeta_20080708_noAds.rar 4.68 MB

No Ads:
BitCometBeta_20080708_nosetup.rar 5.11 MB

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