Tuesday, July 29, 2008

eMule 0.49b Beta 2

As a reminder, the mainfeatures of the 0.49 series are:
Major Kad protocol improvements, like kad obfuscation, better NAT handling, direct callbacks, flood protections, protection against routing attacks, etc. Several changes to the message system to get rid of spammers (by Captchas) and stay in touch with friends with dynamic IPs. Several GUI improvements like storing searches between eMule sessions, a searchfilter for shared files, improved Vista support, etc. A reworked and improved UPnP implementation. And as always fixing bugs and adding other small changes. For all the details, check out the complete changelog below!

eMule 0.49b BETA2
- Jul, 28. 2008 -
.: Added deleting of single entries from AutoComplete drop down lists by pressing the DEL key.
.: Added a new search method option "Automatic" which lets eMule choose which search method to use. eMule will select either Servers (Local) or Kad, based on which network we are connected to and some other indicators if connected to both networks.
.: Removed a general exception handler for the Beta version. This means eMule crashes instead of ignoring unexpected errors, which however is needed so we actually can find such bugs (if any exist) in the crashdumps.

- Jul, 26. 2008 -
.: Implemented a special nodes.dat version, which is more suited for mass distribution without causing significant additional traffic for the included nodes. This hopefully allows us to add a nodes.dat to the installer, so that new user can connect to Kad without having to connect to servers or downloading a nodes.dat themself

- Jul, 15. 2008 -
.: Implemented an alternate method to estimate the total user count in the Kad network, which is not based on our local routing table. Its experimental and only shown in the network dialog (double click the world icon in the status bar)
.: Adjusted the displaying of the user count by not showing numbers for a network we are nto connected to

- Jul, 14. 2008 -
.: Fixed a minor bug with kad obfuscation when contacting answering unbofuscated hello-requests
.: Made sure that only one challenge to verify a contact is sent at a time to the same IP


Download: eMule v0.49b BETA2 - Binary
SRC: eMule v0.49b BETA2 - Sources

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