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eMule 0.48a eXcalibur 1.6 - VeryCD Mod

eMule eXcalibur v1.71 更新说明
eMule eXcalibur 1.71 simplified Chinese version (updated 20080703)
Author: Wind marks the date :2008-07-01
Font size: Small Medium Large
Has been suspected of other eMule client excessive number of miscellaneous functions, I need to use or lack of features, coupled with the occasional need to network within the Internet functions, the final decision based on VeryCD modify the source code to meet their own needs. EXcalibur is such a A product. Current version, 1.7, based on VeryCD Mod 080627 source code.

Okay okay, is still on the test period has been the drop to cnBeta ... to the next delivery to have friends, you can contact me about it Xiangen »

eXcalibur VeryCD Mod is based on a modified version, in other words the Mod Mod. intention is the development of a smaller paper size, retain VeryCD Mod in the network within the Internet function at the same time, other Mod absorb the advantages and characteristics of all May enhance the stability and increase the more useful features. Mod this major emphasis on conventional applications, rather than advanced applications. If you need advanced features such as strong releases, manually a4af, queue, and so on a number of features, please use the Xtreme or StulleMule.

2008.07.03 v1.71
[+] Memory of the closed proceedings when the window pane and log functions (Options -> High)
[+] Memory backup to the choice of file types;
[+] Before reuse the profile (of course, part of the new options or recommend that users need to configure the light of their own);
[+] Whether or not to the friend to friend points to reduce the queuing time (Options -> High)
[+] Do you want to download peer points between each other can be used to speed up the pieces of paper streaming speed (Options -> High)
[+] Boss Key features, can quickly hide the main window and tray icon, if mini-mule or options window is shut down automatically; (Options -> conventional)
* Support includes Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Fx combination of keys and a separate F4, F6-F11(F1-F3, F5, etc. hotkey has been shielding)
[+] Support from the Boss Key mode settings when the restoration of the main window display window and mini mule and (Options -> High)
[+] DLP + upgrade to the DLP + v3116 Reload;
[+] In the log file Notifier.ini led to the lack of notice can not pop up the task bar prompts the question;

[F] does not prohibit changes due to rename the bulk size of the window display does not lead to corresponding normal controls (thank Kokura highest)
[F] document Notifier.ini repair due to the wrong path set (usually because of the use of the original configuration files) and lead to pop-up tray notification error, (thanks to Kokura highest)

Other minor code to improve ...

Want to test your own friends to address speculation Download


Compared to the change VeryCD 080627 ([-] delete function [+] Add [F] repair error):

[-] Built-in browser program to enhance stability;
[-] To download documents related to the completion of feedback information to VeryCD server functions;
[-] Search keyword filtering;
[-] And installation of automatic update function;
[-] IE BHO menu and right-related functions;
[-] In the search window to visit VeryCD site search function;
[-] Community points function;
[-] PopMule function;
[-] Transfer window pop-up menu in Jinshan drug Pa Cha Du-line functions;
[-] Default toolbar style, eMule restore the default toolbar;
[-] Error reporting module;
[-] Transfer list and share lists, and search the list of the "Notes" column;
[-] Laws Update link check invalid;
[-] Has been useless client filtering;
[-] Users were forced to add the label [CHN] and [VeryCD] functions;
[-] The minimum 30 K upload or download speed limit of the 1:4 ratio of the function (resume official version of the speed limit set);
[-] PNG format flash-screen picture flash back to the original screen image;
[-] Multi-language selection, retaining only English interface;
[+] Transfer window color display LowID user function (from Xtreme)
[+] Transfer window and share the bulk of the window to rename function (from Xtreme)
[+] All the window display complete version of the client information (client version + Mod version); (from Xtreme)
[+] Custom TCP protocol encryption length of string attached to the embargo against ISP (from Xtreme)
[+] Transfer list show other client completion percentage (from Xtreme)
[+] Color to share files in the list has not yet been completed in order to distinguish the paper (from Xtreme)
[+] Recognition eMule Plus client, no longer appear as eMule Compat; (from Magic Angel)
[+] Detected vampire mule can automatically call a custom string to notify users of blood-sucking mule and (from Magic Angel)
[+] Add automatic backup integral document, configuration files and documents Part of the function (from Magic Angel)
[+] Add always show the system tray icon function to facilitate adjustment of the speed limit at any time, (from EasyMule)
[+] Output from DLP information and detailed log output, may choose to show only single DLP detection information (from EasyMule)
[+] Reduce the high-speed upload / download data compression and because of the CPU utilization (from MorphXT)
[+] Integrity of the anti-vampire (DLP) to support the code and reduce injury (aMule, MLdonkey, etc.) code;
[+] Sharing window on the PMP, FLV, DOCX, XPM, SQX, APP, ODS, ODT, WPS, and other types of identification documents;
[+] Initial run automatically set some parameters to reduce the allocation of difficulty;
[+] The use of an external interface language documents show that some finished log;
[+] Quick call DLP_Updater.exe online update DLP module (Tools menu -> DLP + online update);
[+] Merger Xtreme related to find the source code to find a better source;
[+] Share the list right-right-menu ed2k link directly copy the document;
[+] Output DLP detection information to logs \ antiLeech.log (optional);
[+] Mini mule into long strips (reservations upload / download speed display and function button) to reduce the occupied area of the screen;
[+] Transfer window shown below queue charts and graphs of vampire mule;
[+] Known to line up windows and window pop-up menu, Add / Remove friends;
[+] Tools -> IP filtering rules to add window Quick Edit / override button;
[+] Enhance the DLP punitive options, optional settings in order to prevent the queue, integral home, and slow increase in the proportion of designated points;
Note: stop the queue: The vampire mule into the queue; zero points home: vampire mule can enter the queue, but has always been integral to 0;
Reduce integral: vampire mule can enter the queue, but the unit time was integral to the normal client is the designated ratio;
[+] Optimize connection VeryCD / IA / Popgo servers, without inserting the corresponding tab connected server;
[+] The opening of the credit system and mandatory safety certification avoid misuse uncheck the other client was punished;
[+] Advanced options can be defined in the process shows the date and time format;
[+] Client information displayed in the window DLP testing and operation types;
[+] Single file of the buffer increased to 40 MB limit to meet high-bandwidth users need to adjust the (occupation has become a memory);
[+] If the crash was not re-run coverage by the last normal backup documents;
[+] WinSock2 support;
[+] Since the definition of the vampire mule client to stop time (2-12 hours).
[+] Stop the offensive client (crazy request documents / Send message, invalid or frequent replacement ID);
[+] IP changes (Diaoxian-even) in the queue automatically notify all the client and re-request all sources;
[+] Replacement and re-edit of the icon resources procedures to reduce the file size;
[+] Conversations automatically prevent damage to the transmission of client data blocks (from Xtreme)
[+] Manually from some source to stop receiving data (from Xtreme)
[+] Memory is no longer in use AICH Check Code (from Xtreme)
[+] Share window display download history (from Xtreme)
[+] Connected to the network or upload / download speeds into the system when the ban standby;
[+] Delete more than 20 documents list only 20 documents before the confirmation dialog to avoid shoring;
[+] Non-default choice when the incoming directory which has prompted it to share documents;
[+] Strengthen Vagaa client filtering;
[F] system tray menu after adjusting the speed limit can not be saved settings;
[F] location and size of the control of resources calls do not match;
[F] the remainder of the output is not in line with China's user habits, and dismiss the remaining size of the display;
[F] window in the "me" and "network information" window Chinese character too small;
[F] agreement in connection linking the potential transmission of the conflict and not enough strict definition of variables;
[F] DLP for loading, overloading, not to display the error message;
[F] will occasionally start a "server is running in the" Tip of the problem;
[F] transfer window in the list of the various agreements encryption and security authentication icon does not show the correct mistakes;
[F] in the Vista system on the part of the directory and Kad compatibility issues;
[F] with the sources added keyword eD2K links error;
[F] subject to change after the share files list directory tree icon shows abnormal and open the file directory is not normal;
[F] transfer list QR sort incorrect;
[F] anti-vampire information panel at a exported information can not be highlighted;
[F] send a blank shared directory;
[F] AICH, CBB, DeadSource deal with the collapse of the code hidden dangers;
[F] Unicode search window box in some systems can not automatically check;
[F] can not be manually lifted to stop vampire mule;
[F] CXImage image processing library upgrade to v6.0 image processing to solve the problem;
[F] update for libpng to v1.2.28;
[F] filter ed2k link in the control characters;
[F] repair startup with deleted categories of problems;
[F] enable / disable queue list does not show in time to refresh the list of issues and do not show the floating button prompts the question;
[F] ed2k link address in ed2k: no longer case-sensitive;
[F] standby or hibernation after the resumption of automatically re-connect to the network (server / Kad);
Other minor code improvements and improvements ...
*vampire means Leecher in translation using google translator

English Version Please!!!

eMule v0.48a eXcalibur 1.6
eMule Project:
Modded By 风之痕 [ ] Based On VeryCD 080326 Source Code
eMule is Mule, Not Donkey. ^_^


Mirror Site:
eMule DLP 国情版 v3116 Build 2008.06.29 - 风之痕
2008-06-29 MD5:bc20ea7e37d30ab12dc36e3f89eb0bd9
Download: 38.50 KB

eMule_v0.48a_eXcalibur_v1.6.rar 2.90 MB
eMule_VCD_Mod_080313+.rar 1.66 MB

English Lang File???

Valued Netizen in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia,... Please use on the Chinese sites to English if transaltion required

Thats the best thing ever done based on VeryCD, ripped all useless stuff include Webbrowser and without the stupid BHO (eMule do not need a Browser Helper Object, its not a Website Downloading Manager to use Vladimirs Reget VB script in every Chinese DL Software tools include all BitTorrent Clients - cant count anymore where no BHO is included FlashGet, BitSpirit, eMule VeryCD, eMule easyMule, PlayMule, BitComet,... al the same BHO get link system)

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