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eMule 0.48a Pruna Mod 2008 v3 (Korea)


eMule Pruna Mod version improvements
Pruna Plus Version 3.35 2006.11.28 - Pruna engine eMule 0.47c Update
-- Search server problems caused by an error additional security protocol
-- UI improvements Pruna
-- 98/XP Pruna integration

Pruna Plus Version 3.34 2006.07.07 - plus fast and convenient file [Quick Menu] additional (batgichang)
-- Private management capabilities further fake file list
-- Plus module bug fixes
-- More bug fixes

Updated information on Pruna Plus v3.34
[2006.07.20] block zip files containing the source (court ruling)
[2006.07.20] Plus we can not detect some error correction (Unicode)
[2006.07.24] mp4 audio files to be recognized as error correction
[2006.08.04] [option] - [security] Add Tab
[2006.08.04], who was down file [search], color separations

Pruna Plus Version 3.33 2006.01.09 - plus additional features links
-- UI improvements
-- Insufficient capacity of error correction
-- More bug fixes

Updated information on Pruna Plus v3.33
[2006.08.03] [option] - [security] Add Tab
[2006.08.03], who was down file [search], color separations
[2006.08.03] [kwikmenyu] MORE

Pruna Plus Version 3.32 2005.11.04 - upload bug fixes
-- Search module, plus improved performance
-- More bug fixes
Pruna Plus Version 3.31 2005.09.30 - plus module update
-- Search module update
-- More bug fixes
Pruna Plus Version 3.30 2005.08.30 - Double plus additional features
-- Plus a module to improve performance
-- UI improvements Pruna
-- More bug fixes
Pruna Plus Version 3.29 2005.08.16 - plus engine updates
-- More bug fixes
Pruna Plus Version 3.28 2005.07.29 - Sign bug fixes
-- Plus engine updates
Pruna Plus Version 3.27 2005.07.25 - UI improvements chatgichang
-- Plus download engine improvements
-- Other beogeusujeong
Pruna Plus Version 3.26 2005.07.15 - Updater module replacement program
-- More bug patch
Pruna Plus Version 3.25 2005.07.08 - such as improved file search UI (Receive integrated into the window)
-- Plus download engine improvements
-- Login module modifications
Pruna Plus Version 3.24 2005.06.25 - plus additional features such as file search
-- Download plus sequential change
-- Plus download files automatically stopped when the next attempt
-- Stop all the files are automatically retry 1-minute intervals
Pruna Plus Version 3.23 2005.06.17 - plus performance patch
-- More bug patch
Pruna Plus Version 3.22 2005.06.11 - 98/me Plus feature only add
-- 98/me installation and integration xp/2000
-- More bug patch
Pruna Plus Version 3.20 2005.05.24 - known as bug patches and improve UI
-- Plus service (high speed) to mount the module can receive a quick delivery service.
Pruna Version 3.11 Beta 2005.05.06 - known bug patch
Pruna Version 3.09 Beta 2005.04.29 - modifying the file hashing module
Pruna Version 3.07 Beta 2005.04.22 - saved search histories modification
-- Sort search by type of modification
Pruna Version 3.05 Beta 2005.04.15 - in the stabilization Windows 98/Me
-- Window automatic execution at the start of bug fixes
-- Some users when running Windows 98/Me fix errors
Pruna Version 3.03 Beta 2005.04.06 - window98 / me fix errors
-- Several beogeusujeong
Pruna Version 3.01 Beta 2005.03.31 - 3.01Beta [98 / Me solving bug] releases
-- 98 / me bug fixes
-- 3.0b bug fixes
Pruna Version 3.00 Beta 2005.03.25 - the latest engine updates (eMule 0.45b)
-- Use convenience-oriented UI changes
-- Improved stability / search speed improvement
-- Unicode support
Pruna Version 2.79 2005.01.26 - other than the default folder for installation on the path of bug fixes
-- When running from a specific computer error correction Pruna
Pruna Version 2.78 2005.01.20 - connecting module replacement auto server
-- Updated list server
-- Updated list of files, fake
-- Modify Broken English
-- Updated list of servers optimize support if necessary
-- Automatic update support Pruna
Pruna Version 2.70 2004.06.24 - with convenience-oriented UI changes
-- Optimize Operations / improve stability
-- Comprehensive information display and display basic information for each additional annaechang
-- Add variety annaechang
-- Changing the way geomsajung display annaechang
-- Wombayireoseu, malicious code, strengthening Search Filtering
-- Examine the underlying transport speed optimization
-- Automatic upload speeds when downloading additional regulation
Pruna Version 2.40 2004.03.09 - add various annaechang
-- Optimize Operations
-- Improved stability / search speed improvement
-- Adult improved authentication methods,
-- Fake Materials (false data) track renewal
Pruna Version 2.32 2004.02.23 - fake materials and data interception capability virus
-- Adult Resources set up blocking capability
-- Fake Materials (false data) track renewal
-- Improved stability
-- Additional features simple set-up
Pruna Version 2.25 2004.01.14 - improve stability / UI fix the problem
-- Modify the issue of adjusting the speed limit options
-- Chat modify related functions
-- Downloads tab fix the problem
-- Filtering wombayireoseu file search
-- Advertising file search filtering
-- Additional modifications menu
-- Window skin and fix conflicts
-- Simple / advanced further by UI
Pruna Version 2.10 2003.12.16 - upload, download related optimization
-- Failure to complete the file name does not automatically change the file further after completion
-- UI error correction and change
-- Error correction options chat / chat server base changes
-- Other filtering indecent slip further
Pruna Version 2.05 2003.11.27 - a new feature built-in automatic inspection false material
-- Improved stability / UI cleanup and fix
Pruna Version 2.04 2003.11.17 - English Preview and modify files problem
-- Category virus scan the files in a folder in my fix problems
-- The command button UI cleanup
-- Black list servers handling exceptional circumstances
-- Add a tab file downloads category UI changes
-- Improved stability
Pruna Version 2.03 2003.11.15 - user-friendly interface and feature-oriented interface Applies
-- Once the best source collection and management to improve performance
-- Improving the download speed
-- Emule mod of the Capabilities to strokes and improve
-- Improvement and change management server connectivity
-- Optional add-ins blocking adult material
-- Capabilities to delete history files and search histories
-- UI bug fixes
Maximize storage problems surface modification
To fix the problem at the start of the tray
Modifying the sound notification options-related issues
Modifying chat window-related issues
Adding the word delete individual history

-- Blacklisted due to a false connection, the server automatically check and add capabilities to connect to another server
-- Modify the memory-related problems
-- Improved stability
-- Error in the server list server fix this problem disappear
-- Stop the status of the add-error correction
-- Abnormal shutdown behavior modification window when changing themes
Baempeu media development - the first version of the deployment 2003.03 .-- - November 2003 baempeu media to change the name of Pruna
-- March 2003, a donkey-compliant client eMule based on the kind of media development baempeu

Homepage Korean Emule Pruna Mod:


Bin: eMule Pruna Mod 2008-3_bin.rar 2.81 MB
Server met:
Pruna_2008_3.exe 3.86 MB 3.01 MB

older Versions
Pruna_v311b_Installer.exe 4.35 MB 3.78 MB
PrunaPlusv3.33Installer.exe 7.09 MB
v_3.30.exe 7.03 MB
v_3.29.exe 7.07 MB
Pruna 6.94 MB
Pruna_v279_1004_Installer.exe 3.05 MB
v3.11 Beta: Pruna_v311b_Installer.exe

older Versions: myfolder or

more mirrors

use universal extractor to get from installer bin (the content extracted without running setup) Korean Sites extensive force to download any activeX plugins by searching this downloads together include cnet korea.

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