Saturday, July 26, 2008

eMule 0.49a ZZUL BastarD 1.9.4 beta1 No Ratio EdiTion

Here comes eMule v0.49a ZZUL BastarD 1.9.4 beta1 No Ratio EdiTion
Mod by B4n$h33 & croma - W italia

ZZUL Mod 1.9.4 beta 1 by CiccioBastardo Based on ZZUL 0.49a code by zz No Ratio modded by B4n$h33 & croma


eMule 0.49a ZZul Bastard 1.9.4 b1 No Ratio.rar 1.68 MB - Mirror
Bedankt, Grazie, Спасибо, Danke, Gracias, Thank you Guys

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Grarcia said...

About this sick very ill comment I got here posted with many dirty word in english following from spain/portuguese translated some more about wishing to get cancer and black truck together that we destroy emule. There was a page or two only signs accross the keyboard written/typed.

However I want to responce to that.
1. No Ratio or 1/6 kb up/down ratio
wont destroy not do anything to emule edonkey network.
2. Nice for you to be a highspeed user might be 3 or more my down with 1 or 2 and more mb/s upload speed to a payable price which is in your country below the rent of a room price/month even on a village. Cause of this you did possible never come in the situation to have modem like speed to other continets over distances accross the world where emule is more used while your speed to there is fine. Try emule with 56kb/s modem like speed to all emule sources to get a download finished. You will now understand that 1:3 ratio is done for ISDN standarts in Europe 64kb up and down or us with little bit less on ISDN lines from the late 90's beginning of year 2000 where no dsl was available but ISDN was national wide standart in privat housholds. Get a picture if ISDN is reserved for companies. DSL reach the speed only natinal wide fully and speedtest to brazil, germany (nuernberg) is most of the time no more than 80 kb - 150 kb s down forget about upload it can be 10, 20... Do you wanna ban all these users from using emule network cause of the standart ratio limitations?
Non of these users will ever can download 100 mb filesizes or whole CD images. Most will use emulee to download single songs in 3 - 10 mb sizes.
If you can give upload do. If you have to pay for bandwidht or reach quick the bandwidth limit per month calculate with the right usage (this can be done with so called leecher mods to adjust it).
So be happy to be a international highspeed user and your country have per telephonline more than one isp's available so that you can make the choice of package and change isp if it doesnt fit to your needs. I understand your isp speed is possible promised to be global not only local (national guaranted).

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