Thursday, July 10, 2008

ReGet Deluxe 5.2 Build 330 Final DevBuild

ReGet Deluxe is a modern dowload manager, running on Windows XP and Vista, offering a rich feature set to help you improve speed and organize your downloads, wherever they are from web, ftp, local network shares or media-streaming servers with support for even more protocols coming soon.

It is extremely easy to setup, it integrates well into popular browsers so the downloads are transferred to ReGet Deluxe automatically, it can download a file simultaneously in a number of sections to improve speed of your downloads and provides you with categories should you want to automatically organize your downloads into folders. Wherever you have a dial-up (modem) connection to the Internet or super-fast cable or ADSL, ReGet Deluxe will fully utilize the bandwidth of your connection and download files in a blast!

But there are some advanced features too -- like complete customization, scheduler, macros, MSIE Spy, FTP Explorer, broad support for proxy-servers and authentication, partially downloaded files preview and recursive web-site downloading.

What's new
[07 July 2008] Build 330 (ReGet Deluxe 5.2 DevBuild) and ReGet Deluxe 5.2 Build 330Final
Included new plugin for Mozilla Firefox 3 (back compatibility with Firefox 2)
Included new plugin for Opera 9.5 (back compatibility with earlier versions)
[17 October 2007] Build 323 (ReGet Deluxe 5.2 RC3)
ReGet does not crash on deleting running download with file, if download was paused before.
[11 October 2007] Build 321 (ReGet Deluxe 5.2 RC2)
Installer procedure improvements.
New connection profiles.
Update system fixes.

Download: reget_deluxe5.2.0.330.rar 2.93 MB - Mirror

Activer only: reget.deluxe. 42.50 KB - Mirror

Default Registrator with Path auto search: reget.deluxe. 18.00 KB Mirror
18.00 KB Only, always the icon's and Graphics

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