Tuesday, July 1, 2008

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.3 080701 Beta

VeryCD easyMule 1.0.3 080701 Beta
VeryCD (eDonkey) eMule easyMule 1.0.3 0800701 beta [2008-07-01]
Changelog: 01-July-2008
* Speed up the process launched eDonkey
* Dynamic Optimization log memory output, saving memory
* Fixed bug: the task of downloading large files can not delete or remove abnormal
* Fixed bug: Sometimes the file name to download task was wrong to rename
* Fixed bug: set-up options in the ED2K and HTTP / FTP monitoring settings sometimes Failure
* Fixed bug: Start download site address changes, caused not be able to download the original integrity of data
* Fixed bug: clients.met damage caused after the crash
* Fixed bug: After the download is complete, with a special version of antivirus software caused the collapse of the procedures
* Optimize the process: the new mandate download large files, you can immediately rapid withdrawal does not create procedures Jiangsi
* Other code to improve optimization and stability of a number of repair

easyMule have support for HTTP/FTP downloading, the BHO is required for download with this transfer protocols from websites!

Creates 4 or more registry entries by executing emule.exe. BHO, Webbrowser context menu, Autostart: emule autostart.
It's unliked. There should be at least a dialog question if user want autostart run this emule mod and allow by user request for set Browser menu entries dialogs with the user interrupt question install bho or not. Some may not want to assign it as download manager with the file types as default!!! This importand feature is missing in all VeryCD mods!!! It does the entries by executing, run emule.exe without user interrupt all over again if not permanent block it by using a second application to monitor the emule mod for doing registry entries!!!
You can run SpyBot - Search & Destroy 1.6 before executing emule.exe to forbid set this registry keys or other registry changes monitoring programs.

Version for Western Letters:
used FONT 8, "MS Shell Dlg" in the Menu / Dialogs by default
Download BIN: easyMule-080701Beta-Bin.rar 3.12 MB

Download BIN:
ed2k: easyMule-1.0.3-VeryCD080701(绿色安装包).rar
Download as Installer:


Discussion Beta Project site BBS:

To not come in an endless loop start up of emule.exe cause of crash reporter instruction:

This Hello Tag and Modstring from easyMule (last final, non beta version) match in the lengh exactly in AeOnFlux Mod and can be put with hexedit as well to the private emule Morph and some Xtreme based builds.

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