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eMule 0.49c ZZ-R V2.7

eMule ZZ-R V2.7 by morph4u



ZZ-R V2.7
+ Fix for Simple Cleanup
+ Added forgotten Community setting in default Permissions Options
+ Changed/removed TransferWindow sideframes [idea jerryBG]
+ Fix StatsInterval (was not saved)
+ Fix SplitterControl for ATWL with Commlist
+ Fix SplitterControl for QueueListPerFile with Downloaded History
+ Removed ini+ class (cause no utf8 support)
+ Codechange to remove delay after closing Optionswindow
+ Codechange to support utf8 in nickname again
+ Push to Upload in Downloadlist
+ Drop Single Client



FileShareHost: eMule0.49c-ZZ-R_V2.7.rar 4.92 MB | DDL

Thanks a lot!

PrefBar 4.2 for Firefox 3.5 - Quick access to all importand functions


The original preferences toolbar was designed to give the user more control over the pages viewed, and to allow the power browser to use mozilla with greater ease and efficiency than ever before. The PrefBar 4 takes this concept to a whole new level; along with the standard preference checkboxes, the new version includes utility buttons, user agent spoofing, web links, and more, served on a fully customizable toolbar with a side of white rice. It's even possible to use PrefBar to create "macro buttons" to run nearly any code you want..

The current version of the PrefBar is 4.2, build 20090629. It should work with SeaMonkey 1.0.5 to 1.1+ and Firefox 2.0 to 3.5+.

Alpas, Betas and Nightlies are not supported. Mozilla Suite is not longer supported!

Install PrefBar!


What's New

  • PrefBar 4.2 available
    PrefBar 4.2 is available, now. Most important changes:
    • It's possible to add SOCKS proxies to the Proxylist
    • PrefBar 4.2 works with Firefox 3.5
    You may have a look at the Changelog for more info.
    2009-06-30 - Manuel Reimer
  • Several new buttons uploaded
    I've uploaded three new buttons, I've been working on. Please check them and tell me, if you have any problems.
    • Page2Image Button
      This is next version of the old "Page2Jpeg" Button. It'll also save your currently visible page to one big image file, but lets you choose between JPEG and PNG for the output format.
    • New Windows Checkbox
      This, most probably, is the most important new button. Anything, it does, is to allow you to choose where to open new links, by disabling nearly all ways, a webmaster can use to cause your browser to open new windows.
    • eBayNegs Button
      If you have a eBay article page open in your current tab, then this button quickly opens a list of all neutral and negative feedbacks of the eBay member, selling this article.
    2009-03-10 - Manuel Reimer
  • New documentation area, first Howto uploaded
    I've modified the "documentation" navigation entry, above, to have a "sub-navigation", to allow me to store even more documentation for end users, and in future even for developers.
    So far, a new "Howtos"-area is placed there next to the "PrefBar Help", which always had been there.
    The first Howto is one, which shows how checkboxes may be colored, depending on their switch state, using CSS.
    2008-12-12 - Manuel Reimer
  • Uploaded new Button: Validate Buttons 1.0
    A new button file to validate your pages is available here. It contains one button to validate HTML and one to validate CSS.
    2008-10-23 - Manuel Reimer

Official builds

PrefBar 4.2, german and english language

Translations to other languages

Note to translators: If you have translated PrefBar to your langauge, then please tell me (Manuel Reimer, see Members) the URL to your project page, to get your project page linked here.

Opera 10 build 1615

A new build is ready.

Search engine synchronization should be working again now, but those who are upgrading from certain previous Opera 10 builds (including the Unite labs build) may have problems with some search engines not being synchronized. If this happens, try to set opera:config#OperaSync|SyncClientStateSearches to 0 (no restart required).

Note: This build may not be available for automatic updates right away, and all Solaris builds and some FreeBSD builds are missing.


* Search engine synchronization should now be working again
* Added "robots.txt" to prevent search engines from indexing Unite services by default
* Fixed several Opera Unite crashes


User Interface

* Set Large Images=0 for native skin
* Fixed the Pagebar Skin so that it does not have a negative padding left
* Fixed Bug DSK-232501 (Crash when activating message from mail notification while cert approve dialog is open)
* Fixed Bug DSK-249063 (unremovable English entry in Spelling > Language should be grayed out): The preinstalled dictionaries will now have full name in the choose default language page in the wizard
* Fixed Bug DSK-250617 (Text overlaps in UI)
* Fixed Bug DSK-255452 (New initial BitTorrent dialog leaves unnecesary short space for checkbox label): Also fixed so it is an Ok/Cancel dialog
* Fixed Bug DSK-255971 (Session not saved when closing Opera)
* Fixed Bug DSK-256929 (Bookmarks visited/unvisited icons hardly distinguishable)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257266 (Missing padding on hover in main menu)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257336 (First pixel at the left side of the menu button doesn't activate the menu button)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257343 (Progress indicator height inconsistency)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257346 (Pages in Window menu no longer reachable by their number)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257349 ("new tab" button too high up in tab bar wrapped to multiple lines)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257355 (Panel buttons overlap search field's focus ring)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257378 (Dragging produces text-only buttons): by Reverting Fix to Bug DSK-257195 (Panel header text becomes unbolded when customised)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257439 (Disabled UI buttons should probably have dimmed text color)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257593 (Adjust memory/cache changes)


* Fixed a memory leak
* Fixed Bug CORE-20064 (Event.origin on message events returns origin of current window and not the origin of the message)
* Fixed Bug CORE-21557 (Move media player plug-in doesn't paint until window resize)
* Fixed Bug CORE-22049 (Certificate with HTTPS CRL URL to site with same CRL and certificate warning trigger run-amok dialog opening)
* Fixed Bug CORE-22293 (moveTo inconsistencies on some platforms)
* Fixed Bug DSK-252565 (Click on link at TV2 crashes Silverlight in Opera)
* Fixed Bug DSK-257534 (Disabling spell checker in multiline edit boxes crashes Opera)

Opera Unite

* robots.txt now added, with search engines disallowed by default
* Fixed Bug CORE-19330 (Possible to embed unite:// on http:// pages): also made sure that unite services can not manage each other
* Fixed Bug CORE-21620 (Webserver crash)
* Fixed Bug CORE-21680 (Incorrect escaping/unescaping of characters in WebserverRequest.uri)
* Fixed Bug DSK-247847 (Wrong handling of "username too short" error from auth server)


* Set max values for the automatic memory cache
* Fixed Bug DSK-249688 (Systemwide settings are not read)
* Fixed Bug DSK-254706 (/settings command-line flag is not functional)
* Partial Fix of Bug DSK-257293 (Opera fails to find any mails after 9.64 to 10 upgrade)


* Correctly specify Linux 64-bit Qt4 when uploading crash logs
* Fixed Bug DSK-256111 (Webserver doesn't serve proxied requests in Qt4 builds)

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


Please redownload Firefox 3.5 Final

< !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "" >
< xmlns="" lang="en-US" lang="en-US" dir="ltr">
< head >
< title >Redirecting to< /title >
< /head >
< body >
< type="text/javascript">// < ![CDATA[ // redirect to window.location=""; // ]] >< /script >
< noscript >
< style="font-family: georgia, serif; margin-left: 150px; margin-right: 150px; font-size: 110%; ">< style="font-size: 150%;">Firefox 3.5 is coming soon!< /h1 >
<>We're just as excited as you are about the upcoming release of Firefox 3.5, but there's still a bit more left to do before we're ready. We're asking for our users and fans to < href="">be patient< /a > and wait until Tuesday, June 30th when you'll be able to download Firefox 3.5 for free from < href="">< /a >. If you can't wait, you can download the < href="">release candidate< /a > for a sneak peek.< /p >
< style="font-size:75%;">While we ask our users to not download directly from the FTP site, if you have a reason to do so, please < href="">continue by FTP< /a >.< /p >
< /noscript >
< /body >
< /html >


It's Time for an Upgrade

Firefox 3 is faster, smarter and — most importantly — much safer than your version. Download it today!

Try the new Firefox 3.5 release candidate

The checksume, filedates installed, and setup + signature stamp are the same as RC3?

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Final Released

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Final Released Downloads are on ftp/http release folder available.

Firefox 3.5 Final for Windows All Languages:

Download Links
English en-us: Setup 3.5.exe Setup 3.5.exe

German de: Setup 3.5.exe Setup 3.5.exe

France fr: Setup 3.5.exe Setup 3.5.exe

Italian it: Setup 3.5.exe Setup 3.5.exe

Spain es-es: Setup 3.5.exe Setup 3.5.exe

Brazil PT-BR: Setup 3.5.exe Setup 3.5.exe

Polish pl: Setup 3.5.exe Setup 3.5.exe

Russian RU: Setup 3.5.exe Setup 3.5.exe

Language Packs:

Firefox 3.5 Final for MAC

Firefox 3.5 for Linux:

others browse in ftp to:

The Website isn't ready yet.
Changelogs release of firefox 3.5 final:

http redirect to

64 bit Firefox builds:

Skip Redirect 1.0 Firefox Extension

Skip Redirect 1.0 Firefox Extension
Skip Redirect 1.0 Firefox Extension
Compatible from Firefox 2.0 to 3.6 Minefield Alpha
Tested with latest Builds
Converted form UserScript, small bug fixed.
Skips up to all Redirection URL's as in Forums/Blogger Website scripts to found and link to the direct link instead.

Works great with TinyURL Decoder with full Linkbee support (Greasmonkey UserScript)
to get this result with direct download links (no visit links):

Skip Redirect 1.0 Firefox Extension
Download/Install: skip_redirect_fixed_TeL.user.js

skipredirect.xpi - Source | As UserScript: - source:
(With full Linkbee support)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

WebMail Ad Blocker 2.5 Light

More screen space for your messages! Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and Gmail advertisements and donation links from addon take up a lot of space even if they get blocked by other addons because they leave unused empty space.

Version 2.5 — June 17, 2009 — 86 KB - Homepage: (

Works with:

* Firefox: 2.0 – 3.6.*

-Changed the logo
-Removed the donate link in the Add-ons manager
-Bug fix: Sometimes menu items on left were not being hidden

Light (by Creative Jimmy Design):
- Removed the donate links in the other Settings and in code // Click About Extension shows the donation
- PNG opti the Graphics
- Removed Blank lines

from Version 2.5 — June 17, 2009 — 86 KB to Version 2.5 Light — June 17, 2009 — 10 KB
more than 8 times smaller

install/download: WebMailAdBlocker.xpi

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yoono - Socialize Your Browser 6.0.1 without Ads in Sidebar

Yoono - Socialize Your Browser - without Ads iFrame in sidebar, to display full high

All your social networks and instant messaging in one easy to use browser sidebar. Get all your friend updates, update your status and share stuff easily across Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more - all at once! Simplify your online social life.

- Removed 1 x 1 pixel
- Removed Ads iFrame
- Removed all other Advertising cases

Result: The sidebar is full usable in full high and not half cutted due the Ads on button

without Ads:

with Ads:

Homepage: -

How to Remove the Ads by self:

open the xpi file with 7-zip

under .xpi\chrome\m\\

open sidebar.jar and edit under \sidebar the file sidebar.html

eg: addon-1833-latest.xpi\chrome\m\\sidebar.jar\sidebar\sidebar.html

remove the following code in sidebar.html (no spaces after < and before >)

 < div id="ad" class="skin-bgA" style="height:0px" >
< div id="text-ad" >
< div id="ad-img" >< img id="ad-img-img" src="" alt="" height="1px" width="1px"/ >< /div >
< div id="ad-title" class="tag-color1" >< /div >
< div id="ad-descr" class="reco-link tag-color0" >< /div >
< div id="ad-bottom" class="skin-bgA" >< /div >
< /div >
< div id="banner-ad" >
< iframe id="ad-iframe" >< /iframe >
< /div>
< div id="prod-ad" >
< div id="prod-ad-img" >< img id="prod-ad-img-img" width="54" height="54" align="left"/ >< /div >
< div id="prod-ad-title" >< /div >
< div id="ad-foo" >
< img id="prod-ad-store-img" width="35" height="10" align="right"/ >
< div id="prod-ad-price" >< /div >
< /div >
< img id="prod-ad-rating" align="left"/ >
< /div >
< /div >

or comment out this codepart by surrounding with < !-- code part -- >
Install/Download Ads Free | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror

Yoono 6.0.1 Ads Free

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 rc 3

Firefox 3.5 RC3, the 3th Firefox 3.5 release candidate have been released on 24-Jun-2009
Mozilla Firefox 3.5 rc3
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de-DE; rv:1.9.1) Gecko/20090624 Firefox/3.5

More Info:
Release Notes:

Download from Release Folder (All Builds/OS/Languages):

Download from Nightly Channel (All Builds/OS/Languages):

64 bit Firefox builds:

RightToClick 1.1 + Skip Linkbucks, Linkbee, UserCash, Redirects, Control Meta refresh - Firefox Addon

NettiCat wrote for us a great Firefox extension.
Try to select and copy text here, or try to save the Firefox logo on the right side. You certainly will fail.
Hi hi base 64
Enables right click, selection, drag&drop, context menu where it is disabled by Javascript

Firefox already has some hidden preferences to enable the context menu for example. But that does not work everywhere or not at all.... This addon adds an icon to your statusbar which restores javascript-disabled features if clicked. Tested here!

NettiCat hat für uns eine tolle Firefox Erweiterung gecodet:

Sie stellt den Rechts-Klick, das Kontextmenu sowie die Option Text zu markieren wieder her sofern durch Javascript abgeschaltet.

Firefox hat bereits ein paar versteckte Einstellungen um zum Beispiel das Kontextmenü zu reaktivieren/JavaScript Funktionen zu begrenzen. Aber das funktioniert nicht immer und manchmal kann man dann noch nicht einmal Text auswählen.... Dieses Addon fügt ein Icon zum Statusbar hinzu und stellt auf Klick durch Javascript abgeschaltete Funktionen wieder her. Hier getestet!

Works great in combination with skip redirect and skip Linkbee (Greasmonkey and FF Versions), for example to get site content real download url's and past in download mangers.
Thanks for the Test Pages! <- To make all printed url's click-able, use in extension: Text Link, To print all uri's in context menu (as in screenshot_): Multiple Tab Handler


Install/Download v1.1: RightToClick.xpi

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Notepad2 4.0.22-beta1 | Notepad2 3.1.21 Custom

Why Notepad2?
Most editors are either fully-featured but slow or fast but useless. Notepad2 has a small footprint and is very fast, even when used on a very old machine; the only other text editor that I have used that starts up as fast as Notepad2 is Windows Notepad. Yet, despite its speed, Notepad2 has a lot of useful features, such as auto-indent, brace matching, syntax highlighting, and code folding (with the appropriate patch; see below). Most importantly, its startup speed is comparable to that of Windows Notepad, which makes Notepad2 an ideal Notepad replacement.

Notepad2 Homepage:
Download Latest Beta:
Download Notepad2 4.0.22-beta1 Binary Files [246 KB]
Download Notepad2 4.0.22-beta1 Source Code [206 KB]

Notepad2 Mod Homepage:
•For users of 32-bit Windows: download custom build based on 3.1.21
•For users of 64-bit Windows: download custom build based on 3.1.21

2009-06-22 (
* Base Notepad2 version: 3.1.21
* Base Scintilla version: CVS_20090622
- Updated Notepad2 to 3.1.21
- Updated Scintilla to CVS_20090622
- These patches have been incorporated upstream and have thus been retired:
- np2-3.1.21-ini_create_path.patch
- np2-3.1.21-disable_apache_conf.patch
- Improved the code folding patch
- Added a new command (accessible via menu, toolbar, or keyboard shortcut)
to toggle all fold points
- When searching text, finding a result within a folded section will now
cause that section to unfold
- When code folding is disabled, all fold points will unfold
- For users who use Notepad2 as a "soft" Notepad replacement (the default if
my installer is used), the Notepad2 jump list in Windows 7 will now
populate correctly
- Changed the icon to make Notepad2 more distinguishable from Notepad; the
new icon is a mirror image of the NT6.x Notepad icon, so that on NT5.x,
users can distinguish the two through the style, and on NT6.x, users can
distinguish the two through the directional orientation of the icon
- The comment character used for toggling comments in Apache conf files has
been changed from ";" to "#"
- Pressing Ctrl+F while the Find dialog is open or Ctrl+H while the Replace
dialog is open will now set the focus to the find/replace text box

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher dUP 2.20 Beta 5 [24-Jun-2009]

diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher [dUP]
Version: 2.20

-multiple file patcher
-create Offset and Search&Replace patch/loader
-compare files (RawOffset and VirtualAddress) with different filesize
-text patcher
-registry patcher, also for loaders
-attach files to patcher
-get filepaths from registry
-usage of CRC32 and filesize checks
-patching packed files
-compress patcher with your favorite packer
-saving projects
-use custom skin in your patcher
-add music (Tracker Modules: xm,mod,it,s3m,mtm,umx,v2m,ahx,sid) to patcher
-multilanguage support
-and many more...

Version History
-added wildcard support for textpatch module
-windowresize bugs fixed
-minimize patcherwindow with rightmouseclick
-added new "event" module for patcher
-bugfixes in textpatch module
-bugfix: executing attached files
-bugfix: problem with nested environment variables

dup2.beta.rar           24-Jun-2009 15:57  184K  | Mirror: dup2.beta.rar 	184.07 KB 	
submitted via post to blogger due TH access problems   

ExeinfoPE v0.0.2.4 with 512 sign by A.S.L.

Exeinfo PE v0.0.2.4 with 512 sign 2009.06.06

+ added Mole Box fake sign
+ added 7zip ripper
+ added detect MS C++ v.10.0 visual studio 2010
+ added non exe detection : gzip, bzip

fixed - version info expanded Activmark detection to v.6.x
fixed digital sign bug (-size)
fixed RDG ver.
multiscaner - out of bounds(0) removed
red color fixed in Reserved - Form2

file types added:

NOT EXE - Flash v.7 CWS format .swf
NOT EXE - audio .mo3 format - (Module with MP3) -
NOT EXE - .MNG (Multi-image Network Graphic Animation - anim .png) format
NOT EXE - .mp4/m4v - generic detector
NOT EXE - SQLite Data Base format -

New Sign:

508. VMware ThinApp 4.0.2 - 20.02.2009 - Copyright 2006-2009 VMware, Inc. -
509. MPRESS v2.12 -> [v2.12] - MATCODE com PRESS for executables (C)2007-2009.05.11 MATCODE Software -
510. WildTangent Game wrapper 2.2.0.xx - -
511. RealArcade Wrapper (.garr)
512. GPScript Programming Language v5.0 - 2007.11.20 - Copyright(C) 2001 - 2003, GPcH Soft -

ASL Homepage:
Download: | Mirror:     540.28 KB

submitted via post to blogger due to access problems   

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OptiPNG 0.6.3

OptiPNG: Advanced PNG Optimizer in version 0.6.3 with security updates.
OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses image files to a smaller size, without losing any information. This program also converts external formats (BMP, GIF, PNM and TIFF) to optimized PNG, and performs PNG integrity checks and corrections.
If you wish to learn how PNG optimization is done, or to know about other similar tools, read the PNG-Tech article A guide to PNG optimization.

How to use:

more info read Related projects on the Homepage.

Version 0.6.3 18-may-2009
+ Upgraded libpng to version 1.2.36-optipng [private]
!! Fixed a use-after-free error in the GIF reader.
(Thanks to Roy Tam for the report, and to Bryan McQuade for the fix.)
! Flushed the output log to display the current trial in real time.
This only worked on Windows in the previous version.
(Thanks to Vincent Lefevre for the fix.)
! Fixed an error in reporting unrecognized file formats.
(Thanks to [LaughingMan] for the report.)
- Removed the requirement to "fix" TIFF files that contain unrecognized
metadata. (Thanks to Piotr Bandurski for the suggestion.)
* Simplified the option abbreviation rules. Option names can now be
abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix, as in X11 applications.

arrow Downloads:

Program exe and Source code downloads: - no problem by compiling with vs2008 and 2010 = optipng-0.6.3-src + exe vs2008.rar

Get Paint.NET!
Plugin dll for [outdated]
November 30 - updated to OptiPNG 0.62, some minor changes

A must have to optimize and reduce file sizes for saving png images not only for website developers also for program authors which code png images into there programs!