Saturday, February 27, 2010

eMule 0.49c SharkX v1.8B4

SharkX v1.8B4 - 22/02/10

(based on AcKroNiC v5.5B4) changes :

change : add hidden option (default true) for not dropping complete sources (taz)
remove : code change on server lost (reported to cause crashes)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

innounp 0.29 | Inno Setup 5.3.8

innounp, the Inno Setup Unpacker
Version 0.29 by quickener
Supports Inno Setup versions 2.0.11 through 5.3.8



Inno Setup 5.3.8


Y!TunnelPro 2.5 Beta Build 618 By FLZ

1. download and install the original version setup
2. replace the file YTPro.exe in \Program Files\Digital Asphyxia\Y!TunnelPro 2.5\YTPro.exe
Program: 2.45 MB

YTPro 2.5 Build 618 by FLZ.rar 506.02 KB

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CCleaner 2.29.1111

Release notes

* CCleaner v2.29.1111 (25 Feb 2010)

- Improved speed when loading Cleaner screen.
- Improved Registry Cleaner speed when displaying issues.
- Improved Registry Cleaner performance when fixing issues.
- Changed Wipe MFT Free Space to run before Wipe Disk Free Space.
- Improved Include and Exclude screen when browsing for folders and files.
- Added Recursive support to Custom folders in Include screen.
- Added support to specify multiple file types for Custom folders in Include screen and INI files.
- Improved how Language Resource DLLs are loaded into memory.
- Improved application detection algorithm.
- Improved internal communication between process threads.
- Improved file scanning when scanning system folders.
- Improved Windows 7 and IE8 support.
- Minor GUI text changes.

Full version history
Download other builds:

Friday, February 19, 2010

eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE- 20.02.10

eMule0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE-


+ Minor fixes for oldstyle statistic window cause smaller borders

+ Some cleanings around the last update

- Removed HTML friendlink

- Removed Connection Wizard



JMule 0.5.8 - ed2k client in Java

JMule - is a Java based client for eDonkey2000 networks. Using JMule, you will be able to share your files with anybody in the world. This client is completely free and the source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The name JMule means: "J" comes from Java and "Mule" is an animal like a horse or a donkey.

The list of features

* allows to share files with anybody in the world
* is completely free. JMule is also completely free of any malware
* each file is checked for corruptions while downloading to ensure an error free file
* to find the file you want, JMule provide an advanced search service
* is a cross-platform file sharing client that runs on multiple platforms
* user interfaces: Swing and SWT

JMule 0.5.8 has been released, everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this version because it contains many serious bug fixes. Below is the full changelog :
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed bugs in Kad publisher [binary256]
FEATURE: SWT UI | Added a new column on Kad tasks table : Info about the current running task [binary256]
FEATURE: Core | Switched to AspectJ 1.6.8 [binary256]
FEATURE: Core | IPFilter added [javajox]
BUGFIX: Core | Correct upload bytes count is shown for each uploaded file [binary256]
BUGFIX: Core | Fixed many bugs related to Kad manager [binary256]
BUGFIX: Core | New management for upload client's queue added, now more peers concurrently can upload [binary256]
BUGFIX: Core | Internal port for peer management is used instead of external [binary256]
BUGFIX: Core&UI | The stats for server count and peer count are shown on "Statistics tab" [binary256]
FEATURE: UI | Many "micro" UI improvements [binary256, javajox]


older test builds:

Y!TunnelPro 2.5 Beta by FLZ

Y!TunnelPro provides enhancements and protection for users of Yahoo! Messenger. This includes enhanced privacy settings for all aspects of Messenger, boot code filtering, visual enhancements, SPAM Filtering, and full integration into Yahoo! Messenger.

One new key update included with version 2.5 is an all integration system that provides a highly stable and fault tolerant method of communication between Yahoo! Messenger and Y!TunnelPro.

Y!TunnelPro also includes several features to enhance your chat experience such as auto-completion of user names, SPAM Challenge user verification for instant messages, updated activity and diagnostic log windows, an all new auto update module, and major additions that integrate with Yahoo! Messenger.

Some of the features included with Y!YTunnelPro include:


Easy to use!
Select the filtering options you want and Y!TunnelPro does all the work.

Yahoo! Messenger Integration.
Y!TunnelPro integrates with Yahoo! Messenger allowing quick and easy access to commonly used features.

Automatically receive updates and fixes.
Y!TunnelPro can optionally be set up to automatically check for and download updates containing enhancements, fixes, and additional protection against malicious and abusive users.

Unequaled Chat Protection!
Places a barrier of protection between you and abusive users. This helps protect you against boots, invite bombs, lags.

Duplicate line and flood filtering.
Not everyone uses proper netiquette when participating in chatrooms. Repetitive messages, "screen clears", and flooding of chatrooms with random messages are filtered so you don't see them.

Enhanced privacy.
Y!TunnelPro includes privacy features that go beyond those included with Yahoo! Messenger. Enhanced privacy allows you to decide if you want to receive private messages and invites from people on your buddy list, people in chatrooms, and from people that you do not know.

Font and Text Effects Filtering.
Effects such as fading and alternating text colors and large fonts can disrupt chatrooms and in some cases can make if very difficult to read the text of the sender. Y!TunnelPro can optionally filter the senders text to remove these settings.

"Spam-bot" blocking.
Y!TunnelPro aggressively monitors the content of private messages sent by other users and will automatically block messages that appear to be generated by an automated "spam" bot.

Enhanced chatroom and private message windows.
Y!TunnelPro can optionally enlarge the chatroom and private message text entry area and the list of users participating in the chatroom making it easier to enter text and see who is in the chatroom.

Ad Remover.
Remove unwanted and possibly offensive ad banners from chatroom and webcam windows.


Y!TunnelPro 2.5 Beta Build 616 By FLZ

Y!TunnelPro V2.5 Build 616 now available!
05 February, 2010

A new version of Y!TunnelPro is now available for download. This release includes updates to correct a handful of minor issues reported in Build 614. In addition to these fixes we are happy to announce the addition of a new anti-boot feature called the Protocol Shield. This new feature utilizes a variation of Messengers protocol which blocks many of the popular server side disconnect exploits currently in use.

Y!TunnelPro 2.5 Beta Build 616 by FLZ.7z
1.92 MB
Y!TunnelPro 2.5 Beta Build 616 by FLZ.rar 2.74 MB (rar sfx)

Y TunnelPro V2.5 Build 616 cracked by Jatt (Loader only)
Y!TunnelPro V2.5-Build-616- loader 3.61 KB



Y!TunnelPro V2.5 Build 614 Now Available
02 February, 2010

Y!TunnelPro V2.5 Build 614 is now available for download. Build 614 includes several minor enhancements and a handful of fixes related to issues reported in previous releases.

* Updated the buddy list handler to address some minor issues dealing with extremely large buddy lists.
* Updated the Ad blocker to better deal with certain ads. These updates also address some users were having with the chat window acting sluggish or unresponsive.
* Updated the text entry handler to address an issue with chat commands such as "/join" being truncated.
* Fixed a problem with the main filtering engine to address an issue with some elements not being removed from users text if certain font filtering settings were not enabled.
* Fixed a problem with the font/typeface filtering which prevented the minimum font size from being applied to chat, conference and private messages.
* Fixed a problem in the buddy list which caused it to incorrectly report the number of pending buddy requests and size number of users on the ignore list.
* Updated the integration module to address an issue with Y!TunnelPro specific menus from being incorrectly drawn.
* Fixed a problem that causes the tooltips for the Enhanced Emoticon Chooser to be displayed when when the mouse is moved away from the window.
* Updated Spam Filtering preferences to include an option to display blocked spam in the mini-activity logger. This setting is stored in the system registry differently than in previous versions and is currently not migrated during installation. If you previously had this setting enabled you will need to go into preferences and enable it.
* Updated auto-update settings so they are now on by default. Note: this only affects first time installations.
* Updated the integration module to provide better support for language packs and international versions of Messenger. This update allows you to use versions of Messenger that are specific to your geological/national region.
* Added an additional chat command "/ib" that allows you to ignore a user and force the ignore message to be broadcast to the chat room even if the feature has been disabled in preferences.
* Added a new filter to remove "tattoos" from chat messages.
* Update the spam sentry/live user verification to display status information in the mini-activity logger.
* Updated the integration module so that the 10 most recent rooms are easily accessible at key points for joining a room. Currently you can access the recent rooms list from the following areas:

o The "chat" menu in the Messenger buddy list.
o The "chat" menu in chatroom windows (right under the Favorites Room entry).
o By right clicking the "Select Chatroom" button in the enhanced chatroom toolbar


2.23 MB

make sure to extract rar exactly to this path:
\Program Files\Digital Asphyxia\Y!TunnelPro 2.5


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YInformer is the award winning, ultimate Yahoo Messenger (YM) buddy/ID scanner. This program will allow you to scan your YM buddies or any YID to see if they are online, even if they are in invisible or stealthed! It also has the option to see if the target has their webcam being broadcasted in Yahoo Messenger.
For best results, it is highly recommended to use the latest production version/build of Yahoo Messenger.
This will send (depending on the scan type) specially created packets to send to the target ID. The packet that is sent will return some data back and YInformer will parse that data to determine the online status of the target and/or the cam status, if selected. Depending on what is returned, it will then show if the target is online or really offline. If said target is invisible (stealthed), it will show them as online!


Older Version Portable: YInformer.rar 4.37 MB

.____                        .__                  
| | ____ ____ ____ | |__ ___________
| | _/ __ \_/ __ \_/ ___\| | \_/ __ \_ __ \
| |__\ ___/\ ___/\ \___| Y \ ___/| | \/
|_______ \___ >\___ >\___ >___| /\___ >__|
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
_____ .___
/ \ ____ __| _/______
/ \ / \ / _ \ / __ |/ ___/
/ Y ( <_> ) /_/ |\___ \
\____|__ /\____/\____ /____ >
\/ \/ \/

Online ASCII Generator

YTK Enhanced 2.6 Build 96 Beta by FLZ

YTK is a Security Application that runs alongside Yahoo! Messenger in order to enhance its functionality, remove unwanted annoyances (Adverts) and protect the end user from malicious Instant Message/Chatroom activity such as denial of service (booting). YTK protects your privacy by verifying inbound communications against it's privacy settings and an internal ignore and safe list.

YTK Enhanced Version 2.6 Build 96 Beta Release Notes:

--> Replaced all of YTK Enhanced's [5] system tray icons (spiral images) with über high-quality perfect ones. ~Special thanks/props to Mikey (Venom) for remaking them!~

--> Made the secondary MUD webcam lookup server '' the current default (the most reliable at present) selection.

--> Updated the Copyright info for 2010.

--> Fixed a bug in the Webcam Lookup Server Selectors so they now save properly if changed to non-default selections.

--> Fixed an *annoyance* when YTK shows add requests being rejected in the alert bar. The status of the rejection being printed to the alert bar as successful/failure (user rejection confirmation) now only appears when the Deny-a-Buddy window is open.

--> Reworked Webcam Presence Verification Scanning (WPV/WPS) for fake cam [porn] bot detection in several areas. This is now finalized and will work better than ever due to some much-needed adjustments. Users being scanned are now tracked (kept state for), unnecessary scans have been eliminated, and the whole system is now much smoother than it was before. Full logging in the event logger is now done for each user scan operation as well.

--> Fixed a bug with rejected Webcam View Request Attempts not being printed to the event loggers. The alert bar and event loggers will now both display this information (specific rejection data for normal rejections and "timed out" rejections).

--> Fixed a bug in Webcam Presence Verification Scanning resulting in the scanner picking up your own name in the chat room and scanning it.

--> Fixed the avatar checksum packet zoning so it's no longer blocked when sent from buddies and safe list users (they're now blocked only if they're sent by chat users and unknown users).

--> Fixed the Yahoo! Messenger [YM] Update Server Selector so it now saves the server properly.

--> Fixed a bug in the handling of legacy add buddy request packets so both the sender and recipient names are parsed correctly and an automatic rejection is sent when necessary (based on your invitation zone settings for add buddy request filtering).

Full Changelog:

YTK Enhanced v2.6 [Build 96] by FLZ

Portable (no install): YTK_Enhanced_Beta_Build_2.6.0.96.rar 2.97 MB

Full patched setup: YTKEnhancedv2.6Build96BetaFull.exe 3.27 MB

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opera 10.50 Build 3260

Crash fixing, performance work, and widgets in a panel

Windows MSI / Windows Classic

BleachBit 0.7.3

BleachBit quickly frees disk space, removes hidden junk, and easily guards your privacy. Erase cache, delete cookies, clear Internet history, remove unused localizations, shred logs, and delete temporary files. Designed for Linux and Windows systems, it wipes clean 70 applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Flash, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Adobe Reader, APT, and more.

Beyond simply deleting files, BleachBit includes advanced features such as shredding files to prevent recovery, wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications, and vacuuming Firefox to make it faster.


By usage of German Translation on windows OS (windows xp sp3):
Selecting by Yahoo messenger all Logs and Cache, erase the Message Archive / History (Nachrichten Archive) = Chat Logs?
Lose all stored Passwords when selected which includes usernames/pass by Extensions:
Waeve Synch: Password, username and Phrase
Twitter Extension Echofon: Login info password, username


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Yahoo Messenger 10 Advertisement Banner Remover and Tweak Tools

Ad Destroy 6.0 by Dermot

Ad Destroy 6.0 has been released and available in downloads in 32bit and 64bit Versions

Ad Destroy 6.0 is compatible with all official builds of Yahoo Messenger 10

If you use 9.0 or below, check for older versions of Ad Destroy.



Remove Advertisements
Enable Polygamy
Enable Smiley Search
Disable Buzz! Sound
Disable Yupdater
Disable smileys
Disable Audibles
Remove Plugins area/Y!Mobile/Y!insider
Disable Chat Abuse Link
Toggle Nicknames/Usernames
Enable Messenger Debug Options
Disable Yahoo! Messenger at Startup


1) Ad destroy will Prompt UAC if on Vista or Windows 7
2) Make sure it picks up your current installed Messenger Version
3) If you get a patching error, use browse and try patch again!
4) Use version fix if your version is wrong!
5) Will only remove the buddylist ad out of builds 10
5) Yes i have removed support for older builds and old beta builds
6) Transition Ad is not removed!
7) Some options are able to be toggled!
8) 64 bit users please use program files x86 folder if not auto done!
9) Please use send bug report if bug persists!
10) Please Post errors and issues @


151.20 KB 151.62 KB

Ad Banner Remover Plus Version

Advert Options:

Main Messenger Advert - Removable
Change Room Banner - Replaceable
Chat Room Advert - Removable
Webcam Adverts - Replaceable
Video Call Advert - Replaceable

Other Options:

Enable / Disable Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger 10, 9, or 8
Disable "Automatically start Yahoo Messenger" - When Windows Starts
Enable/Disable Smiley Search - Yahoo Messenger 10 Only

Yahoo UI Options:

Yahoo UI Options are for Yahoo Messenger 10 Only

Remove Insider, Email, Mobile, and Voice buttons
Remove Insider, Email, Mobile, Voice buttons and Plugins Toolbar
Remove Insider, Email, Mobile, Voice buttons and YUpdates Tab
Remove Plugins Toolbar and YUpdates Tab
Remove Plugins Toolbar
Remove YUpdates Tab
Remove Contact Card
Remove All
Restore All Changes




1.21 MB

Patched Ads Free YahooMessenger.exe v10.0.0.1102 by Dedndave
offset 74C9Bh: 84h -> 85h

2.24 MB

Patched Ads Free + No Plugins in GUI, Enable debug
YahooMessenger.exe (v10.0.0.1102)

1.47 MB

Y!AddsBlocker by Islam Group

Blocks some Ads also in Windows Hosts file - Backup your hosts file, it will be replaced!! Program extract in system32\drivers\etc\AutoPlay

Sys write access locks the file: urls.xml in folder \Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\cache

ATTRIB -R "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
ECHO "" >"%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
ATTRIB +R "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml"
cacls "%PROGRAMFILES%\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml" /E /P %username%:N

3.40 MB extracted: Y!AddsBlocker.7z 2.48 MB

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Final (Offline Installer) and other Yahoo! Tools

Opera 10.50 Build 3257 (some bugfixes after Beta 1 rel.)

Windows MSI / Windows Classic

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tween - Twitter Client

Tween is a desktop client application of Twitter.

This is my favorite Twitter Desktop Client without the needs to install Adobe Air!
Many features, check it out!


Release Note (Tween -
It is mainly bug fixes.

Release Note (Tween development version -

Release Note (Tween development version -
API Fixed a problem that does not speak in detail mode links
Tab in the Edit menu → fix rules does not work

Release Note (Tween development version -
Admin bug fixes hashtags
Html search tab for lack of escape

Release Note (Tween -
Hashtags is related to bug fixes and changes.
After fav search tab, an exception bug fixes
Hash tagging behavior change around (in order to reduce the flooding)
Reducing communication load

OS: Windows2000/XP/Vista/7

Requirement: .NET Framework 2.0 (or later) (.NET/Mono)



Tween -

Extras (How to install click here)
Icon pack:

The icons using in Tween are created by Minami. (Thanks a lot!)

You can replace the icons in Tween.
Tween in, you can freely replace other executable file icon.

Sound Pack:

New sound for WAV files.
Copy the .wav file(s) into Tween Folder (same folder as the executable file is located), right-click menu will be able to choose a WAV file.