Thursday, July 3, 2008

BitSpirit Ads Free *Updated*

Changes Installer:

Custom Installation + Full Installation contains:
- MyUPnP, Discover Universal Plug and Play devices and Map ports, remove mapped ports
Latest Version 21/07/2005 unpacked aspack cleaned (old Version build was 29/04/2004)
Tasks by setup optional:
- Webbrowser Integration with BitSpirit (BLink.dll, bsurl.htm) BHO: CLSID\{9AEC27B0-A82D-4706-BBD6-69DE5DCFACB1}\InprocServer32 Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\bsurl.htm Contexts BLink.dll
- Install Outdated (other Language Files) Translations / English, Polish, Chinese, German is up to date and will be installed

Installed size (UPX Edition) with all 3 new Language files, Polish, German, Chinese -English is GUI default: 2,55 MB
Without uninstaller, splash.bmp and language files, it will be include torrent builder application as little as ~ 1,60 MB small size BitTorrent Client. Without Sounds nad Torrent Builder 1,18 MB, based on upx version with Tango Theme.
Next to uTorrent the smallest BitTorrent client!

Download with BHO:
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-BHO.exe 2.41 MB
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-Tango-BHO.exe 2.38 MB
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-Tango-BHO-upx.exe 2.53 MB

Without BHO / RegKeys auto add in BitSpirit.exe:
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-NoBHO.exe | Mirror | 2.41 MB
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-NoBHO-upx.exe | Mirror | 2.56 MB
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-Tango-NoBHO.exe 2.38 MB
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-NoAds-Tango-NoBHO-upx.exe 2.53 MB

BitSpirit miniWithout Installer and extras:

BitSpirit mini

(extracted 1,18 MB): bsv3.3.2.255.EN-Mini.rar | Mirror | Mirror | 968.27 KB
Without BHO:
bsv3.3.2.255.EN-Mini-noBHO.rar | Mirror | 968.54 KB

Without BHO means no Browser Helper Object will be installed / entry set into the windows registry

Tool MyUPnP:
New Version: MyUPnP-new.exe 936.00 KB

Old Version: MyUPnP.exe 932.50 KB
new icon set - MyUPnP.exe 883.50 KB

Changes : Detection scan faster

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