Thursday, July 17, 2008

FlashGet English AdsFree + AntiVirus Module Program exe updates

2 Mods:
Mod 1 with toolbar:
douple graphics res relinked in menu syntax, dial. res. (caution if compress, redir graphics cant compress bmp section).
This makes the 2x and more present capacity of the ressource inside the exe superfluous and have been reduced to 1 item in code rebuilding the whole model frame.
size: from more than 3 mb to below 2 mb

Mod 2 without toolbar:
top toolbar menu placed to side drop down

No it's not MyCrack, seen his creation but there is no need to use fake upx signature to inject for any/NO reassion to protect freeware. See in/outgoing connection by flashget.exe if you use MyCrack's Chinese mod. To put the toolbar res into garage Module if its installed is in my meaning useless doing. But see by self using connection logger/monitoring if you use: 网际快车 (FlashGet)MyCrack去广告版 V2.13.0.1202:

About UpdateHelper.dll:
use any valid PE file even smaller even better and rename it to UpdateHelper.dll the flashget folder. A sample is include. MS DOS stup dummy may work. The file is not needed as active working dll. Flashget check if its present, thats all.

How to fix by click/on click take over flashget file extensions to download:
Go to Options, Monitor > Below Event: remove all whats in there. ? and other rules will take wrong links as a downloadable file. Replace it for example with:
Enable Monitoring for this extensions:


Download FlashGet.exe only and batchfile to disable/enable FlashGet on the system
Replace in FlashGet install Folder:
Flashget.rar 1.07 MB - Mirror

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