Friday, July 4, 2008

eMule VeryCD 080313 modified version (last updated 20080411)

eMule v0.48a VeryCD 080313+
eMule v0.48a VeryCD 080313+

VeryCD without Webbrowser and Browser Helper Object (BHO) = Clean
Latest DLP AntiLeech added, MultiLanguage Supports eMule Language folder

In the use of the modified version of the VeryCD Mod before you understand that this is not the official version of the VeryCD Mod!!
In this note does not refer to the VeryCD Mod VeryCD launched EasyMule, not to modify the main program EasyMule Mod alternative paper!

Usage: You need to be installed VeryCD Mod official version, then use compressed eMule.exe provided in the official version of the replacement VeryCD eMule.exe can. (This will not affect your points / credit and other set of parameters.)

[Edit Description:
VeryCD 080313 based on the official version of the modified source code used to compile a VS2003 VeryCD Mod, while maintaining the original VeryCD Mod within the network penetration, and other outstanding features done on the basis of the following modifications:
1. Complement the original VeryCD Mod of the DLP in the lack of detection handshake agreement to support the code (DLP Mod v3112 support over the detection method);
2. Complement the original VeryCD Mod in the lack of information on the detection of DLP refuse to support the code;
3. Modified source code for eMule and lifted the DLP with the poor of MLDonkey / aMule client of manslaughter, and so on (this issue at all in both Mod)
4. Anti-vampire logs will no longer be there to lift the shield to "back door" phenomenon;
5. Client sent to other users of the machine will also display the name for the anti-vampire random string and Mod version (similar to the user name Xtreme effect) to prevent other client forged client identification to avoid detection;
6. In order to achieve the anti-vampire while maintaining the function and with other versions of the client VeryCD compatible, the modified version of the Mod logo has been changed VeryCD 080313 +;
7. Delete Failed to connect to server up to a certain number of defaults to the upper limit of 99 in order to avoid poor conditions of network time server or some problems caused server list server less and less;
8. Modified the original VeryCD Mod other client's display, show only the original version of the client, the client version will now be displayed and Mod version information;
9. Compulsory main window display server, Kad, IRC, statistical data, such as columns;
10. That the main window in the "me" panel and "network information" window in the Chinese character too small problem.

11. Need to control access to upload a few open config \ preferences.ini, hand-edited UploadClients = 0 of 0 for the channel number you want to, for example, to mean that up to eight at the same time to eight users to upload data, appropriate Control access to upload a few quick help train a source of this feature for VeryCD Mod official version that is the function. Of course, can also Options -> find the corresponding expansion of the configuration.

You use the original VeryCD Mod and anti-vampire very concerned about the proposed update to a modified version of this and keep pace with the latest version of DLP Mod use, can effectively shield the original can not stop stealing their own user name and client name and send spam, such as various types of news Vampire mule.
Reprint, please note the contents and keep this document, thank you!

April 8 at 13:47 restored a nickname for the detection of small mistakes, please download friends before re-download the cover.
April 11 to add bulk to rename the file functions, procedures to ensure the stability of the abolition EXE compression.

Download the source code: Finishing is still in testing stage, and then released.

Latest AntiLeech DLP:
DLP Updater: 68.69 KB

Download Address: Click here

Download: eMule_VCD_Mod_080313+.rar 1.70 MB

No longer updated. > eXcalibur 1.7 is in Beta

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