Sunday, July 20, 2008

DreaMule 3.2 size optimized, components updated

DreaMule 3.2
A sample this Splashscreen have 13326 bytes size
The sample in the Forum:
comes in the same dimension size with 33100 bytes size its 19774 bytes bigger, more than 2 times.

In Original DreaMule contains near 2 MB graphic in its exe filesize ~ 7MB
Tons of graphics where without compressing, reducing quality. A hit on save the graphic files are each becomes some kb smaller.
Here a light optimized Version where only 15% of all Graphic files been optimized to smaller filesize embedded in the emule program exe.
Optimizing all graphics will reduce another 300, 500 - 700 kb of the exe filesize.
However more than 350 KB have been reduced by optimizing only the main graphics without any icons lib sorting or ripping graphic files. Some WebBrowser Icon libs from VeryCD eMule Mod are possible uneeded (not used) in the program exe.

emule.exe from 6,38 MB (6.696.960 bytes)
to emule.exe 6,08 MB (6.385.664 bytes)

with Icon libaries sorted out: emule.exe 5,56 MB (5.830.656 bytes)

Unrar.dll updated from 3.60 to recent version
Ip-to-country.cvs from 2007 to 09. June 2008 most recent
ModIconDLL.dll from 2007 to 2008 version

DreaMule v3.2

dreamule_3.2_bin.7z 6.22 MB - Mirror

Icons sorted:
dreamule_3.2_bin_icon_opt.7z 6.11 MB - Mirror

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