Wednesday, July 30, 2008

eMule 0.49b Beta2 No Ratio

eMule 0.49b Beta2 No Ratio
eMule v0.49b Beta 2 without Ratio

Ratio removed:
No required minimum upload (1kb/s) Independend from the download speed settings limits

Icons and Connection Wizard Graphics are blue:
No icons removed, Icon set with a Blue one replaced incl. vista Icon, About JPG little bit optimized save some space in the file, Minimule Animated Background is Blue / The eMule's Eyes are already blinking a bit faster ;)

About Screen shows info No Ratio inst. of unknown1

Download: 2.69 MB

Patcher alone
small changes to remind/show which emule you run in Taskbar > About scoll Text instead of unknown1 > No Ratio

Changed bytes are:
    RAW Offset   | Old Byte | New Byte
00095018 73 EB
00095019 10 3A
00161B65 75 E9
00161B66 71 42
00161B67 8B 01
00161B68 1D 00
00161B69 7C 00
00161B6A 57 90
00161B6B 7B 90
00161B6C 00 90
003354AC 55 4E
003354AE 6E 6F
003354B0 6B 20
003354B2 6E 52
003354B4 6F 61
003354B6 77 74
003354B8 6E 69
003354BA 31 6F

Download eMule 0.49b Beta2 NoRatio Patcher only: emule.0.49b.beta.2.ratioremover.patch.exe 15.00 KB - DDL

I would appreciate it if KiDr0Ck0 have a look to the bytes offset changes by this eMule Version. I want also thanks to HOT for testing eMule0.49b Beta 1 Ratio Remover.

eMule 0.49a ZZUL 20080512-0047 No Ratio

by Banshee (B♠n$h33) & croma - W italia
eMule 0.49a ZZUL 20080512-0047 No Ratio.rar

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