Monday, July 21, 2008

cFosSpeed 4.25 build 1431

cFosSpeed 4.25 build 1431 issues with QoS Service in Router
2 Bugfixes after cFosSpeed 4.22 build 1406 25-Jun-2008

Changelog since 4.22 build 1406

cFosSpeed 4.25 build 1431

x L7 protocols SSL_C, SSL_S and SSH sometimes switched between _BULK and
regular versions periodically. This has been amended.

cFosSpeed 4.24 build 1420

x The saved "spd dump -save" setting was never read. Fixed.

cFosSpeed_4.25.1431 x86 + 64 bit.rar 4.35 MB
cFosSpeed_4.24.1420 x86 + 64 bit.rar 4.36 MB

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Anonymous said...

Does not work with D-Link router internal QoS Engine. Shut DSL connection down every x minutes by p2p + ftp > 450 connections/s. Disable cfosspeed trafficshaping doesnt help. disable d-link QoS engine works again or uninstall Cfosspeed driver does work and solve it.

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