Saturday, November 17, 2007

Torrent Search Bar - Just a Google custom search

Torrent Search Bar

Avoid to install Toolbars!
Many of them do not only backdoor and traces tracking from user input beside them main function.
A good sample is
It just use the Google Search results of selected websites with this code:

Google CSE Search Box Begins < id= " searchbox_007543263361953292879:ip0b-z8nzwc " action = " " >
< input type=" hidden " value= " 007543263361953292879:ip0b-z8nzwc " name=" cx " >
< a href= " " >
< img class= " subscribe-button " alt=" Subscribe " src= " " align= " right " border= " 0 " > < / a >< input size= " 40 " name= " q " >
< input type= " submit " value= " Search " name= " sa " >
< input type= " hidden " value= " FORID:1 " name= " cof " >
< / f o r m >
< /a >remove spaces!

< a h r e f = " " > < / a >
To point out:

Here the code snip set for your site to download:


Anonymous said...

So is this safe to use then? I've been using this TS for years because of the ease of use by selecting whatever torrent site I like to go after entering it in the search query. Please advise. Or is there a way to snip the backdoor stuff out.

Anonymous said...

sure not safe. I will easy create with firefox toolbar search a custom search engine to the existend default once like google, yahoo, msn...
Go to the firefox search engine page, follow instruction how to create/add a custom search engine.
For IE it works different.
The google ads from this site advertiser you can put out on top.
In the download document are all infos but you can even collect all your favorite websites (torrent sites) into one search request.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to extract all the given sites already currently on TS search engine to place it on FF search engine instead? Alot of work to retype them all or c&p them for that matter. To me it's alot anyway :/

IlLusioN said...

Try this:
To create the site list domains what you want to search for example:
and so one

than follow here:

Add Rollyo to your Firefox Toolbar

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot scritpz for the help and the site has been most helpful with coding etc. I can't thank you enough for providing this service. I think I'll just edit out the unwanted from the TS since I don't only use the sites searching, but also the e-mail function, privacy function, the links function to other member pvt sites plus the additional extensions like calc, notepad, msn etc that I can add on.

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