Saturday, November 24, 2007

BitSpirit v3.3.2.100

- Clean interface
- Multiple simultaneous downloads
- Disk cache mechanism
- Fast job resume
- File selecting support
- Powerful file manager
- UPnP portmapping
- Instant Messaging support
- Gzip Data compression
- Flexible speed control
- Scheduled downloading
- Integrated with IE
- Shutdown computer when done
- HTTP/SOCKS4/5 proxy support
- High speed
- Very low CPU & Mem usage

v3.3.2.100 official version of BitSpirit
Amendment: Amendments to the v3.3.1 in the mission when not adjusted documents priority (never downloaded to download) in certain circumstances handling cross-data block incorrect;
Amendment: Add task Form disk cache too small cap issues (procedural default automatic disk cache not the problem);
Amendment: in the course of frequent adjustments download documents priority (download / no download), in certain circumstances may lead to failure to complete the task (to complete halt after the start);
Improvements: the final stages of perfecting download download strategies, and because the wrong data or other problems caused by the long delay in completing tasks;
Improvement: At the same time a number of task order paper checks;
Improvement: A new version of the blacklist system can be set up to the blacklist time (10 minutes, 1 hour, tasks such as running during Prohibition);
Improvements: view of the current instability in certain client frequent data transmission errors, intelligent positioning error of their sources and automatically join one hour blacklist;
Improvement: increase "Remember automatic shutdown option" option, when not selected, the next procedure after commencement of proceedings automatically canceled automatically shutdown;
Improvement: Other user experience and procedures of the Stability minor improvement;
V3.3.2.100 official version of the Download link:
Chinese version:
Multi-language version:
IP database (English):
IP database (Traditional):
Note: IP database will be downloaded extracting bits Wizard QQWry.dat copy to the plugin installed subdirectory under the directory. Users can also use, downloaded other updated version of the IP database.


MD5 (WinMD5)
The main program (BitSpirit.exe 2.93MB): 34E157944F631B8F9BE34D32B6597B1E
Chinese version (SetupCN.exe 2.41MB): F62312179F65A0DF34B677F75BAB6784
The international version (SetupEN.exe 2.52MB): 9C5EA1F80C94B45D38D8B4E8BD6DFFE6
Size: 2.55 MB



BitSpirit exe update from 23.11.2007

FIX: CPU freez, high cpu load, some minor bugfixes
BitSpirit Developer FAQ and BBS:

Download updated BitSpirit exe: (1.3 MB) - Mirror

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