Friday, November 23, 2007

µTorrent 1.8 alpha 6415

Changelog uTorrent 1.8 Build 6415:
2007-11-21: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6415)
- Change: add resource version info properly, so Explorer tooltip works
- Change: turn banned dlls in to vebose log messages and notes on the crashdump dialog
- Change: Local peer discovery can now be controlled per-torrent through torrent properties
- Change: Various changes to file retargetting feature based on user feedback
- Change: Various changes to transfer tab text layout based on user feedback
- Change: Added ability to autosize first column in the new add torrent listview by double-clicking the header divider
- Change: Hide path column by default for now in add torrent listview
- Change: The add torrent listview now remembers the column state (which columns are visible etc.)
- Fix: crash bugs in selecting RSS feed from category view, and sorting RSS items
- Fix: some minor memory leaks/size issues
- Fix: remove noisy logging
- Fix: crash bug with SOCKS5 proxies, and a problem with SOCKS4 proxies not connecting
- Fix: Loading of single file torrents from custom-set complete directory
- Fix: minor DHT improvement, prevents early termination of queries
- Fix: Loading of torrents from certain directories (alpha-specific)
- Fix: Total size refereshing in add torrent dialog when path is changed (alpha-specific)
- Fix: Correct initial values of second tab of the torrent properties dialog (alpha-specific)
- Fix: Various issues of reloading HTTP seeds when changed from torrent properties
- Fix: HTTP seeds of torrents editing through torrent properties is now remembered between sessions
- Fix: Loading of single file torrents from custom-set complete directory (very old bug, existed back to 1.6 and possibly before then)
- Fix: Fix a bug where the value in the filename box would get appended to the folder name in the new vista open dialog
- Fix: allow WebUI port and BT port to be the same without error (same as not setting the WebUI port)

--- 2007-11-15: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6171)
- Change: Adding trackers via RSS autodownload does not override original label
- Change: Help option in Help menu now downloads and displays utorrent .chm manual instead of launching online FAQ
- Fix: extremely rare and extremely old crash bug with timing out disk jobs

--- 2007-11-13: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6104)
- Feature: Support for file:// URLs
- Feature: Use RSS feed title as alias if available
- Feature: Last Active column
- Feature: Use RSS feed TTL value if available
- Feature: RSS title parsing available for all torrents in main window
- Feature: Codec parsing from title
- Feature: Smart episode filter will download repack for most recent episode with rss.smart_repack_filter
- Feature: More support for http web seeds including support for torrents with multiple files, torrent creation with web seeds, and changing web seeds on the fly via torrent properties
- Feature: Elapsed time column
- Feature: Program start time in statistics window
- Feature: Improved hashfail banning system (special thanks to the Azureus devs for describing their method)
- Feature: Faster resume after a crash (does not re-check finished or flushed files)
- Feature: Support FAST extensions
- Feature: Basic auto-download setup available while adding RSS feeds
- Feature: Metadata extension
- Feature: Support %s (search term) and %v (version identifier) in search engine list
- Feature: Support .btsearch files to add to search engine list
- Feature: support for relative paths with .torrent files
- Feature: Improved uTorrent UPnP mechanism. Should map correctly on routers that only send NOTIFY packets, uses XP API where functional, and maps UDP port now too
- Change: User-Agent for web usage is now "BTWebClient/" plus uT version
- Change: Added a tracker and transfers tab to help spread out the information a bit
- Change: uTorrent now fetches paths using shfolder.dll so that it can get the correct APPDATA path for Windows 95. If you are on a similar system you will need to download shfolder.dll from Microsoft if you do not have a later version of Internet Explorer installed.
- Change: Change addtorrent dialog treeview into a listview so it can be sorted + have a selection rectangle et al.
- Change: uTorrent now uses the user's download folder on Vista by default, rather than the custom %HOMEPATH%\Downloads
- Change: utorrent.exe now has version, company, and product metadata
- Change: prio_first_last_piece now prioritizes first and last megabyte of file instead of only the piece on the edge
- Change: diskio.sparse_files is now enabled by default
- Change: RSS feeds listed in category view, items in main window
- Change: Removed now-redundant feeds and releases tabs from RSS Downloader window
- Change: RSS button on toolbar now brings up Add Feed dialog
- Change: rss.filters_use_default_dir determines if default download folder is used for filter matches when filter or settings do not specify a download path
- Change: do not use adapter subnets to detect local peers. seems to result in many false-positives
- Change: Add torrent uses .torrent storage path as default search path
- Change: allow a manual reannounce every max(60 seconds, min_interval) where min_interval is from the tracker
- Change: remove non-US supporting site from search list
- Change: queue RSS feed updates
- Change: ";" no longer separates skip files in Create Torrent since it is a valid filename character in Windows
- Change: no more blank white screen when the WebUI is not installed, instead an informative message and a link (also 404s for other resource requests)
- Fix: Implement ability to change trackers for a torrent from webui
- Fix: When creating a .torrent file, all files are now sorted regardless of file system
- Fix: Logic error where it would not copy the .torrent to the storage path if only part of the path was matched
- Fix: Bug where BT backend didn't take into account alt .torrent storage path
- Fix: "&" characters in label names within the main download list context menu no longer become accelerators and display normally
- Fix: Last line of ipfilter.dat is loaded if it does not end with a carriage return
- Fix: Close file handles during hashchecking, instead of all at the end
- Fix: Properly open RSS releases with quotes in title
- Fix: Fixed several cases where UPnP would not unmap the portmapping on exit
- Fix: when a modal dialog is active other windows that are not its parent can recieve input - Mirror: utorrent-1.8-alpha-6415.upx.exe

Anyone experiencing crashes please run the uncompressed version: - Mirror: utorrent-1.8-alpha-6415.uncompressed.exe


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