Monday, November 26, 2007

Xunlei Thunderbolt (Thunder) v5.7.4.404 rabbit [TuZi Thunder Mod] optimized version

Thunder v5.7.4.404 Ads FreeRabbit [TuZiThunder] Mod version modifications to the Original Thunder

* All advertising removed from official procedures
* Interface cleaner, no dogs search
* Non any third-party software bundle
* Solve some of the wrong antivirus software

Update Message: super rabbit is doing more products, although it may be amended version only, but all is the beginning, we will be adding their own content, with no guarantee that all rogues, and provide convenience for Netizen is the rabbit's purpose.

Thunder (2007.11.20) Update:
* Search box classification increased video search
* Enhanced Virus warning function, multi-engine scan result of feedback
* Amended the security components may lead to Thunderbolt automatic withdrawal -BUG
* Amended to delete emule task may collapse -BUG

Download: TuZiThunder5.rar (6.16 MB) - TuZiThunder5.exe (6.22 MB)

Thunder Config only:AYU Config Thunder v5.7.4.401
Thunder + Config files: (Thunder) + Ayu Config

English Translation Language File and FAQ's visit:
Xunlei Translation Pack V2.0B edited by Linkinpark

I am using Xunlei Thunder English Translation

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