Tuesday, November 13, 2007

µTorrent 1.8 Build 6102

The biggest changes were full Vista support and the removal of the 65,536 piece limit for torrents.
Also added was support for finding local peers (peers on the same LAN) and optionally not having any upload restrictions for them.
It is also possible to turn on automatic updating for betas now, found in the "Other" section of the preferences.

Changes in µTorrent Version 1.8 Beta build 6102
- Feature: Support for file:// URLs
- Feature: Use RSS feed title as alias if available
- Feature: Last Active column
- Feature: Use RSS feed TTL value if available
- Feature: RSS title parsing available for all torrents in main window
- Feature: Codec parsing from title
- Feature: Smart episode filter will download repack for most recent episode with rss.smart_repack_filter
- Feature: More support for http web seeds including support for torrents with multiple files, torrent creation with web seeds, and changing web seeds on the fly via torrent properties
- Feature: Elapsed time column
- Feature: Program start time in statistics window
- Feature: Improved hashfail banning system (special thanks to the Azureus devs for describing their method)
- Feature: Faster resume after a crash (does not re-check finished or flushed files)
- Feature: Support FAST extensions
- Feature: Basic auto-download setup available while adding RSS feeds
- Feature: Metadata extension
- Feature: Support %s (search term) and %v (version identifier) in search engine list
- Feature: Support .btsearch files to add to search engine list
- Feature: support for relative paths with .torrent files
- Feature: Improved uTorrent UPnP mechanism. Should map correctly on routers that only send NOTIFY packets, uses XP API where functional, and maps UDP port now too
- Change: User-Agent for web usage is now "BTWebClient/" plus uT version
- Change: Added a tracker and transfers tab to help spread out the information a bit
- Change: uTorrent now fetches paths using shfolder.dll so that it can get the correct APPDATA path for Windows 95. If you are on a similar system you will need to download shfolder.dll from Microsoft if you do not have a later version of Internet Explorer installed.
- Change: Change addtorrent dialog treeview into a listview so it can be sorted + have a selection rectangle et al.
- Change: uTorrent now uses the user's download folder on Vista by default, rather than the custom %HOMEPATH%\Downloads
- Change: utorrent.exe now has version, company, and product metadata
- Change: prio_first_last_piece now prioritizes first and last megabyte of file instead of only the piece on the edge
- Change: diskio.sparse_files is now enabled by default
- Change: RSS feeds listed in category view, items in main window
- Change: Removed now-redundant feeds and releases tabs from RSS Downloader window
- Change: RSS button on toolbar now brings up Add Feed dialog
- Change: rss.filters_use_default_dir determines if default download folder is used for filter matches when filter or settings do not specify a download path
- Change: do not use adapter subnets to detect local peers. seems to result in many false-positives
- Change: Add torrent uses .torrent storage path as default search path
- Change: allow a manual reannounce every max(60 seconds, min_interval) where min_interval is from the tracker
- Change: remove non-US supporting site from search list
- Change: queue RSS feed updates
- Change: ";" no longer separates skip files in Create Torrent since it is a valid filename character in Windows
- Change: no more blank white screen when the WebUI is not installed, instead an informative message and a link (also 404s for other resource requests)
- Fix: Implement ability to change trackers for a torrent from webui
- Fix: When creating a .torrent file, all files are now sorted regardless of file system
- Fix: Logic error where it would not copy the .torrent to the storage path if only part of the path was matched
- Fix: Bug where BT backend didn't take into account alt .torrent storage path
- Fix: "&" characters in label names within the main download list context menu no longer become accelerators and display normally
- Fix: Last line of ipfilter.dat is loaded if it does not end with a carriage return
- Fix: Close file handles during hashchecking, instead of all at the end
- Fix: Properly open RSS releases with quotes in title
- Fix: Fixed several cases where UPnP would not unmap the portmapping on exit
- Fix: when a modal dialog is active other windows that are not its parent can recieve input


Download µTorrent 1.8.6102:
IP Filter Updater

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