Saturday, November 10, 2007

Diskeeper Pro Premier Retail v10.0.608 [last retail]

Diskeeper Pro Premier Retail v10.0.608

This Version is newer as 10.0.606 and do not required online activation!

works on x64 and x32 up to sp3

Available Patches:

Diskeeper Corporation recently became aware of a minor security flaw that has existed in Diskeeper since version 9.0. If you are using Diskeeper or Diskeeper Administrator 9.0, 10.0 or 2007, we recommend you install this patch to correct the problem.
This patch installs quickly, and any earlier Diskeeper settings will be retained. Follow these steps to install the patch:
Note: Make sure you are logged onto an account that is a member of the Administrators group.

Download Diskeeper local patch (Versions 9, 10, 2007)
Download Diskeeper Administrator (Versions 9, 10, 2007)

Browse to and double-click the patch file you downloaded from Diskeeper Corporation.
Follow the screens displayed, clicking "Install" or "Next" as prompted.
This patch will install on all current builds of Diskeeper versions 9.0, 10.0, and 2007. If you attempt to install this patch on an unsupported build of Diskeeper, a message will be displayed instructing you to update to the current build for that version. Use the Updates and Upgrades feature to obtain a no-cost update for your version of Diskeeper.

It was recently discovered that the Diskeeper service (DkService.exe), which listens on TCP port 31038 for requests from Diskeeper Administrator, can be improperly targeted to collect information such as the Windows drive, path, and version. The name, path, version and memory address of loaded modules can also be gathered. Malformed requests can also cause a denial of service of the Diskeeper Service.
This patch fully addresses this issue.
Note that the use of a firewall to block access to port 31038 is an alternative solution to prevent the potential targeting of the Diskeeper Service. However, blocking this port will disable the ability for Diskeeper Administrator to legitimately communicate with the Diskeeper client. The recommended solution is to install the Diskeeper Security patch. Also note that communication on this TCP port from external sourceswill commonly be blocked if a corporate firewall is in use.

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