Monday, November 5, 2007

VMUnpacker V1.4

This tool based entirely on the virtual machine technology, the various known to the unknown shell Shelling treatment for the virus in the analysis or unpacking protected exe and dll files of samples Trojan Shelling processing. Since all code are running in a virtual machine, the system will not cause any harm. VMUnpacker for the first official public version of the current use of internal enhanced version of the Super unpack.avd the patrolmen can identify more species of all types of exe / file protectors procedures, with more Shelling code. See Note compression package.

V1.4 main changes:
1. new 24 kinds of shell Shelling program.
2. the amendment morphine Shelling, that the dump its methods.
3. perfected the introduction of full-backup function.
4. the introduction of PE optimization function, significantly reduced the volume of documents after Shelling.
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Download VMUnpack 1.3
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VMUnpacker V1.6

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