Friday, November 16, 2007

AntiARP-DNS V3.9.0

AntiARP-DNS V3.9.0In your campus network your network is frequently dropped calls? Whether frequently visited Web pages or can not slow? Whether frequent IP conflict? Whether your network by network management software speed limit? (ARP attack now common software: Poly Health Network Management, P2P Terminator, network agents, network scissors in hand, LAN Terminator and so on ...)
The above problems belong to deceive the ARP attack. ARP attack in the absence of deception before the data flow: Gateway <-> this machine. ARP spoofing attacks, the flow of data into: Gateway <-> attacker <-> this machine, this machine and all communications gateway between the data will flow through the attacker,
Therefore, the "subjugation" of the inevitable.
So there will be a AntiARP - DNS, Hei hei. Campus Network strongly recommend the use of a friend, can effectively solve these problems, its effectiveness.

History updated record:
2007-11-16 Ver: 3.9.0 Hainan joyous festival edition
1. the amendment N_BUG
2. powerful optimization code
3. the real-time optimization of memory and CPU allocation system under conditions of adequate resources to perfect the system 15% of the speed! Driving faster than open.



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