Sunday, November 11, 2007

eMule 0.48a TK4 2.1d

The TK4 Mod is a set of modifications, to the eMule P2P client.Including Virus Scan, Forceshare, Additional Credit Systems, Simple Compressibility Evaluation, Filename Disparity Check, 1 to 3 block request conversion and Netfinity's Dynamic Block Reques

Main Features:
  • Header View+ Allows Viewing of the Header of a downloading or completed file and attempts identification. 1.5e bug fix 1.5f
  • Statistics Functionality Enhancements Additional display options and functionality 1.5b
  • Permanent search filters Permanent search filters option 1.4g
  • IRC Colour and text formatting Adopted in Official eMule from version 47b
  • IP Filter update Updates you IPFilter using it’s own thread, Monthly Auto update option New Ver 2.0a
  • Slot Focus Basic Slot Focus. Concentrates bandwidth on the slot(s) that can best use it 1.4c
  • Download improvements Prevent slower client’s locking out faster clients + Netfinity’s Dynamic Block Requests 1.5b
  • Upload improvements Added no sleep for uploadthrottler thread, Code by lupzz 1.4g
  • Virus scan AntiVir 7 Premium support added 1.5d
  • Forceshare *Re-evaluated and redesigned version 1.3a
  • Credit Systems + Credit systems and Anti-leech, Eastshare system updated from latest Eastshare 1.4g
  • Hidden Hides/unhides eMule via user defined hot keys
  • Simple Compressibility Evaluation Saves wasting CPU cycles. Bug fixes! 1.5b Important note
  • Filename Disparity Check (FDC) Indicates when a file has a very different name. *Improved* 1.5a.
  • IP2Country Shows country flags from IP for clients and servers,(code from Eastshare/Morph/eXtreme) 1.4b
Version 2.1d - Base eMule 48a 7-09-2007

Added: Support of Comodo Antivirus.
Added: KAD search keyword field and keyword deriving code.
Fixed: Preset filters checkbox position when search tab is vertical.
TK4 Mod Change log to see fixes added etc. (HTML).

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