Thursday, November 8, 2007

P2P Webportal v2.1 ASP script

requirements: ASP/Access
release date: 2007-11-8
Member registration system, Guest book, Voting, bbs, Top today, Top overall, Skins, Sitemap, Friendsite, Online Media Player, HTML wysiwg Editor, Author Picture management, Advertising Plugin, Search, Announce, rss, wap, upload movie, softw. pic with watermarking on server, watermarking media clips, swf content clip creating, Survey,....

2.1 Update:
>> Optimized playback speed of at least watch upgrade 20% of the speed!

Version 2.0 Update:
>> Home increased cache technology, reducing the server load.
>> Title-defined function increase in pp023_config.asp Lane configuration.
>> Optimization call broadcast address speed, speed up the process of players.
>> Can not completely solve the recent broadcast questions, thank you all for their support.

homepage & demo url:

Gb2312.xml lang file cn, need to be translated for other lang.

installation script included

more info

pp023cn.rar (5.48 MB)

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