Tuesday, November 27, 2007

eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE

eMule 0.48a CN 6 Build 189 SE

EMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE version (version of the National Day, Chinese donkey wish more powerful and prosperous motherland) Statement: The Chinese donkey CN MOD official version of the TAG is [CHN]. In our version is not any third-party software bundle! Please download from the official China donkey Site this version.

Sockets.cpp may lead to a collapse
Statistics inside joined the eMule Compat client statistics
The velocity of some minor amendments
The crash bug has been found.

Upload selection algorithm perfect
- LowID clients in the waiting will be chosen repeatedly to resolve the issue of fairness LowID
- Repeatedly chosen by the client in the back LowID even with greater access to upload queue may
- Queue will be waiting in the queue and upload client as a Pool (Pool) to random distribution of credit
- Upload concept of virtual waiting at the same time and for the client to upload queue
EMule all Mersenne Twister random number by a Random Number Generator
Amendment Funny Nick non-functional issues
Amendments to the remote client completion percentages of errors
An official amendment to the wrong address kad read the configuration file compatibility issues Vista
A small amendment to the official error
Joining Advanced Client Identification (Enhanced Client Recognition [Spike2])
Join Connection Collision correction (from MorphXT)
Code cleared
Join BetterClientAttaching (from Neo mod)
Many small Performance Optimization
Double-click download files that the collapse of bug
The velocity of subsystems that all the bug
Further optimization of the ability to upload
Join AICH security checks (from eMuleFuture)
Only in the absence of effective AICH hash of circumstances AICH hash request (from eMuleFuture)

Amendment dlp unable to set up the issue of preservation
Amendments known interface bug
Judge amended version of the bug,
CN mod tag unique donkey list shows
Join algorithm options and the expansion of the largest number of upload options
Amendments to open the closed firewall port bug, joined the windows2003 system support.
Join the minimum amount upload

* China donkey Bang
* Friends function
* Excluding official upnp, joined cn version UPNP
* Amending Part Search
* Ip corresponding function
* Update IP2Country counterparts latest data
* Amendment IP2Country previous judgment spaces mistakes, Unicode support for data
* Dlp function
* Highlighted lowid .....
* ModTag, up / down directly in the client software part View (transmission interface and customer details)
* ClientDetailDialog call IP2Country and landscaped interface
* A bug with friends list
* A bug with dlp
* Test team found a number of issues


Download: eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE.rar (5.38 MB)
Mirror: eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE.rar (5.38 MB)

ed2k link:
eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE.rar
eMule 0.48a CN-6 Build 189 SE src.rar

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